I’m Laughing So I Won’t Cry….

Increasingly, the most trenchant commentary on what passes for a political landscape these days comes from avowed comedians–especially satirists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. (Satire is really hard these days, what with walking self-satirists like Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, et. al. I find myself looking at headlines and saying “Surely that’s from the Onion…)

When it comes to climate change, Stephen Colbert may have delivered the best put-down ever of the “motivated reasoners” who deny that anything untoward is happening.

“I am not a scientist” is so worth watching!

If Nero could fiddle while Rome burned, we’d might as well laugh as the water rises….


  1. Education must be included in the political landscape these days due to the infighting and the need for funding quality education. I found two posts on Facebook this morning regarding a group who questioned students in a Texas college; results were appalling to say the least. They couldn’t answer who won the Civil War, what century it was fought in or give the name of our current Vice President. They aced all questions such as which TV program someone named Snookie is on and knew all facts regarding Brad Pitt’s love life. Wonder what we would find here at home; but I suggest we begin by questioning high school seniors who should know these answers – NOT regarding Snookie or Brad Pitt – long before reaching college age.

  2. Amen! Love your posts, Sheila. Such sane, rational and informative commentary is so refreshing!

  3. I find their news commenters are far more accurate than anything else out there, Rachell is my best source for indepth issues, but Stewart & Colbert are on target.

  4. Science is the discovery of what is. Pseudoscience the brand marketing of what some want to be.

    Take a look at these survey results from Yale School of Law.


    The question asked is purely – do you believe what climate science has discovered? You can see that the demographics are startling. Religious vs non religious folks are hardly different. Conservative vs liberal can be reliable distinguished by whether their belief in science or brand marketing.

    A repeat, in my opinion, of the Dark Ages demographics between The Church and then fledgling science. The times when people’s brand determine if they left here by natural causes like the plague or unnatural causes like beheading.

  5. Colbert and Stewart have the most secure jobs ever. For that matter, they could have started their programs in 1800 and never run out of material. The history of this country is not so incredible for the wise and insightful leadership over the years so much as it is a miracle that the whole works didn’t end 150 years ago. After the long line of narcissistic, foolish and ignorant people who have been ushered into office by an electorate with the same disposition, only to be interrupted occasionally by someone who was actually lucid and sensible, it’s incredible that the place hasn’t achieved the status of a smoking ruin before now. Actually, Pence, Rokita, Buschon and the rest are standing on the shoulders of “giants”, so to speak. Colbert and Stewart are just “living off the land”.

  6. Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.

    Mark Twain

  7. I think the best humor results from the juxtaposition of a credible analysis of a truly stupid idea.

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