A Message for Subscribers

Growth has its challenges…

Those of you who “subscribe” to this blog–who receive an email notice when a new item is posted–may have noticed that over the months, as the number of subscribers has grown, those notifications have come later in the day. The platform being used to send them could only handle 80 or so an hour.

My webmaster–aka my long-suffering and patient son–has migrated the subscription list to a different emailer. Some of you may have noticed a change or disruption this morning, when that change was made. We think we’ve addressed those issues, but please contact me if you fail to receive future email notifications.


  1. Glenn–Subscribers get a daily email with a link to that day’s post. You have missed it if a day goes by without receiving that email and link.

  2. Happy to hear that your problem is due to having too many subscribers. Yours is a worthwhile blog. I wish many more would read it.

  3. This subscription is well worth it, regardless of the time of day that I receive it. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you, Sheila. People like you fill the void that newspapers used to fill years ago, to inform and comment on important social issues and to provoke thought. There is nothing more important in a democracy.

  5. Thank you Sheila for the heads up and also for your fine blog. What you post daily is always thought provoking, very timely, and always informative. Thanks again!

  6. Over the years I’ve forwarded your email to friends across the country, many of whom subsequently subscribed. A number also see your messages on Facebook. I wouldn’t be surprised if your blogs reach more folks than the Indianapolis STAR. Keep up the GREAT work. You’re my daily breath of fresh air.

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