They’re Out to Get Us..

According to a recent story in something called the Civic Tribune,

The internet is abuzz with reports of forced micro-chipping taking place in Clint, Texas. Dozens of families were said to be rounded up by American troops, and given the option of an RFID implant, or imprisonment for an indefinite amount of time.

Well, as you know, Obama is using Jade Helm to take over Texas. He also plans to confiscate everyone’s guns. The moon landing was faked. The government is hiding the remains of aliens and their flying saucer in a secret compound at Roswell. Agenda 21 is a U.N. plan to destroy American sovereignty…

According to Time Magazine, there are more people who subscribe to these and other loony-tune theories than most of us would guess. (And I thought Donald Trump was the most depressing aspect of contemporary American life…)

According to a pair of new studies published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, conspiracy theorists—and there are a lot more of them than you may think—tend to have one thing in common: they feel a lack of control over their lives.

Jan-Willem van Prooijen, associate professor in social and organizational psychology at VU University Amsterdam, has been studying conspiracy theories and those who believe them for six years. “When I started this research, one of the things that I really found astonishing was how many people believe in certain conspiracy theories,” he says.

Conspiracy theories often crop up during times of uncertainty and fear: after terrorist strikes, financial crises, high-profile deaths and natural disasters.

We certainly live in a “time of uncertainty.” The Great Recession, the yawning gap between the rich and the rest of us, the incessant news reports highlighting terrorism both foreign and domestic, and–perhaps most of all– the constantly accelerating pace of social and technological change have combined to create a free-floating anxiety to which few of us are immune.

Still, it’s hard to believe that social uncertainty really explains the Birthers….and the Black Helicopters…and the New World Order….and the “proven” fact that Obama plans to cancel elections and make himself President for Life…

The distance between feeling a loss of control and embracing bat-shit-crazy is evidently a lot shorter than we knew.


  1. Bat-shit-crazy you say? Maybe this explains Trump’s followers. And Cruz’s. And Paul’s. And Rubio’s. And … and … and ……

  2. The publishers of the “Civic Tribune” have probably become very rich off of their crazy subscribers.

  3. Here is a bio about one of the writers:

    ~ About Priscilla Mason (21 Articles)
    Priscilla Mason is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She’s received many accolades for her writing, specifically winning the Eugine Young Writers Fair, and appearing in the Women Of Literature North West edition 2013. Mason has had an interest in both writing, and the unusual, taking particular interest in Urban Legends, abnormal psychology, mind control projects, such as MKULTRA, and other subjects that some may call “fringe conspiracy theories”. ~

    The last part of her bio is particularly crazy, starting with ‘taking particular interest’…..

  4. It is my belief that those bat-shit-crazy conspiracy theorists are victims of the current GOP brain-washing and are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome due to the constant and repeated threats of physical and mental takeover by President Obama and Democrats. Jade Helm, the Great Recession, the widening gap between the 1% and the rest of us, confiscation of our personal weapons , President Obama’s imaginary take-over of the country theories, et al, are enforced by the current presidential nominees, led by “The Donald” and his billions. They are spoon-fed locally by our elected city and state officials and aided by gerrymandering and the media who seem to be “star struck” by celebrities and money and pass these theories along to waiting voters. Waiting for the next episode of “proof” of these theories like those of us waiting for the next season of “The Walking Dead”.

    The winter 2013 issue of Southern Poverty Law Center’s publication, “Intelligent Report”, has a major article about conspiracy theorist Richard Belzer. A fine actor whose career I have followed since he began decades ago on TV comedy central programs. He is one who is bat-shit-crazy; publishing a book in 1999 entitled, “UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Believe”. Using long-term, unfounded beliefs; the title is an attention-grabber and panders to those who are susceptible to such theories…knowing his name will attract them.

    My personal conspiracy theory fear is regarding my personal bank accounts and edging closer and closer to enforced automatic deductions and/or using on line bank accounts to manage my personal budget. This is pushed at us with receipt of every debt statement touting the simplicity and savings regarding paper and postage of paying on line. After being mugged last year I had a terrible time getting customer service reps at my bank to understand that I do not want to conduct financial business on my computer. Pointing out the computer hackers invading banks and businesses and the United States government computers, plus identity theft involving millions of Americans, is evidence of a conspiracy by individuals, not an organized takeover by President Obama or the Democratic party. This may be a money-saving benefit to banks; I was told that all businesses process electronic payments before crediting payments by checks and mailed in. I have received numerous E-mails from several banks, including my bank, stating there is “suspicious activity” on my on line bank account and I need to update my personal information. This opens the door to hackers is not, to my knowledge, instituted by this government. This is a form of control that will effect those who cannot afford computers, do not want computers or, like myself, do not trust conducting business on line. The blame for this form of control must be laid at the feet of someone; controlling our income has already been established, controlling our outgo is high on the list of banks with no regulation and big business to increase their already overfilled, tax free, coffers.

  5. I think The Civic Tribune is satire. Their website currently includes articles like ’10 reasons Kim Kardashian is a role model for your daughter (and you) by ‘Chaplin Sandusky’, ‘Married Christians divorcing in protest of Gay Marriage’,

    Your thesis is still valid — you probably just want to point at the article which is the source of the civic tribune piece:

    United Media Publishing doesn’t appear to be a satire

  6. Leon; Civic Tribute is NOT satirical (click on the posted site access), below the title is the statement “Dedicated to the truth”. Below I have copied and pasted their self-published history. I’m sure Sheila researched before posting this as fact and, had it been satire, she would have stated so at the beginning of her blog.

    “Civic Tribune has a long, rich history of journalistic integrity. Founded in St. Pierre, France by Andre St. Pierre’s great grandfather Louis Bernard St. Pierre, it was originally entitled “La Tribune Civique” and debuted in 1940. La Tribune Civique went on to earn much acclaim for being the only paper in France that continued to be published during the Nazi’s occupation of their country. It is for this reason Civic Tribune frequently donates to charities which benefit Holocaust survivors and their families.”

  7. One of my cousins is a friend for life. However, he does engage in all these conspiracy theories and believes firmly that I ought to join him in this sort of “thinking.” So what do I do? I still love my cousin and we get along pretty well. At the same time I lean in no way to his delusions. There are enough observable, real threats that are clearly obvious than to go off on tangents.

  8. The Clint, Texas story is definitely fake. Checked with Snopes, as if it was important to do that. But it serves to confirm the weird perceptions of those folks, and how easy they are to set on fire.

    The problem with scare people is that they are unpredictable, except for the fact that they will run for “safety”. I’m afraid they are the types that will vote for a fascist who will “preserve their freedom”.

  9. Of course what we collectively know about the universe has never been greater. And doubling every decade or so going on much faster. So our knowledge is vast but not deep. It’s known by the few. We have knowledge inequality as profound as wealth inequality.

    Our system to correct that is education but our reluctance and/or inability to evolve that system is also profound. It hasn’t materially changed in decades.

    So a small part of all of us operates on solid knowledge of reality but the rest on mythology encouraged by shaman who manipulate their publics for personal gain.

    Can that change? It creates a profound level of dysfunction in society so we’d all (except the shaman) hope for progress. But frankly it seems a problem beyond our capability to solve.

    The problem will probably solve itself before we solve it. We will return to tribal mythology as the basis for survival. And these years will be recorded by history as the exceptions.

  10. Pete; I clicked on your site, Googled Wyoming Institute of Technology which was also said to be satire and that it didn’t exist. Below is all it would let me copy and paste from WyoTech. Maybe the site you listed is the satire? Just sayin’

    Call us (888) 360-5802
    Request Information
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    HS Grad Year:
    Active Military/Veteran: Yes No

    I agree that WyoTech may call and/or text me about educational services at the phone number provided, including a wireless number, using automated dialing technology. This consent is not required to attend our institutions.

    Just finished High School? Already have experience in the working world?
    Career Training in Construction Trades or Transportation Technology
    Most programs can be completed in less than a year and a half.
    Programs include:
    Automotive Technology
    Diesel Technology

  11. I just heard President Carter’s speech. Following that, the men who reflected on him and his speech used words like “spread honesty, decency, and democracy around the world”. The differences between Carter and the current crowd of hopefuls, particularly the circus peanut wearing a badger, are so glaring that it is unbelievable. I wish this gentle leader all the strength he needs to tackle his current foe–cancer.

  12. Betty, I watched this incredibly honest press conference and had the same thoughts. Not one of the current candidates, from either party, can hold a candle to Jimmy Carter.

  13. JoAnn, one of the things that I like about this site is honest discussion/debate. What the editorial mission of the Civil Tribune is apparently is a question to be resolved. That there are conspiracy theorists among us is pretty evidence based. Whether the two are connected is questionable.

    Interesting but somewhat inconsequential. But the gap between what is known by humanity vs is what any individual or group operates knowledge wise from is a critical societal problem. And demands the best progressive thinking from all of us.

    This site is dedicated to that. Admirable.

  14. Applied Cognitive Psychology is like a medium, too — in with journals and periodicals. How could (Psychology)these people be experts on what conspiracists [yes, -racists] think and feel, act out in resisting Texas- style arrests and Cheney-style veterans education? LOL and OMG English lessons here, too, so kids can pass notes in choir practice? Even Japanese economists teach their travelers gun-slang — Freeze, for example, remember those headlines for the boy shot by a USA shooter. Or, the paraplegic father of an India-American whose spine was wrecked because he could not translate his answers into local aural lingo? Look at Indiana’s schools separate from Churches and professional Schools such as Seminaries, but superior in “Christian” education to the government-sponsored EOE places they work non-stop and non-profit. On the hand, we are losing those Cross Roads Representative numbers, but only to State jobs! Welcome WGU grads to the low payin-payout Veterans’ dependents’ insurance jobs in all the non-profit buildings! We’re not going to call Dr. A. C. Psychology to face Texas circuit “chip” brokers, either. Goes into those old African Did Nots.
    Yeah, they can run Schools, but they cannot hide them from pupils.

  15. Years ago I watched a TV Program on False Memories. The gist of the Program was a “How to, for planting False Memories” in people. It was totally amazing how easy it could be done. The people would plant a false memory in someone and then come back perhaps days or hours later and ask about the false memory. The person with the false memory would recall it and then the person who planted it would suggest more details surrounding it. The person who had been planted with the false memory now had a complete “story”. The narrator of the program said our brain will try to fill in the blanks and is thus susceptible to further suggestion.

    What was scary was how they demonstrated how Police, etc., could plant a false memory and with enough interrogation convince the person to make a totally false statement based upon a false memory.

    It is not a surprise that a person could be fed a false statement and then over time if it is reinforced can actually believe it.

  16. Theresa, thank you! It is very possible that we will not see the likes of this gentle, peace-loving President again any time soon. There are very few souls like that left on this Earth.

  17. JoAnn, really. Read the “about” and “sponsors” links at the Civic Tribune site: Le Figaro published continuously through WW2, and St Pierre is a small town in Normandy. Also, while absence of evidence does not constitute evidence of absence, a search of French Wikipedia shows no French billionaires named Louis Bernard St Pierre. Oh, and their sponsor is Reparations Cafe in Portland, where African-Americans eat for free (!)

    Satire/Parody, though I think Leon is correct that United Media Publishing is not; it’s the comments, rather than the postings, that seem to confirm this.

  18. So this site thinks that Oswald killed Kennedy?

    This site thinks Ray killed King?

    This site thinks that the FBI doesn’t have a Heart Attack Gun?

    This site thinks that the FBI didn’t poison alcohol during prohibition?

    This site thinks the NSA never taps phone lines?

    This site thinks that the U.S. military never planned to conduct terror attacks on the United States and blame it on a foreign power to start a war?

    There is some fascinating research by Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent the shows that the most earnest believers of “official stories” are the most irrational and the most likely to disregard fact and proof in favor of preserving and shielding a cherished belief.

  19. And does this site deny that the term “conspiracy theory” was created by the CIA in 1967 to discredit governmental critics?

    Does this site deny that the CIA created canned responses to be employed by assets to insult and silence governmental critics, including statements like “conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States…” ?

    If the above two “conspiracies” are true (you should look them up), it gets interesting. On November 24, 2014, Sheila quoted a Slate piece that read:

    “To believe that the U.S. government planned or deliberately allowed the 9/11 attacks, you’d have to posit that President Bush intentionally sacrificed 3,000 Americans. To believe that explosives, not planes, brought down the buildings, you’d have to imagine an operation large enough to plant the devices without anyone getting caught. To insist that the truth remains hidden, you’d have to assume that everyone who has reviewed the attacks and the events leading up to them—the CIA, the Justice Department, the Federal Aviation Administration, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, scientific organizations, peer-reviewed journals, news organizations, the airlines, and local law enforcement agencies in three states—was incompetent, deceived, or part of the cover-up.”

    Sheila followed up the quote by saying:

    “If believing in a conspiracy requires one to accept a long list of highly improbable/practically impossible things, why do so many Americans believe them?”

    If we are able to prove the “conspiracy” noted in the second paragraph of this post, then Sheila would be employing, substantially verbatim, a CIA-drafted canned attack on governmental critics.


    “Conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States…”


    “If believing in a conspiracy requires one to accept a long list of highly improbable/practically impossible things, why do so many Americans believe them?”

  20. Say what you will about conspiracy theories, but there is a question Americans should be asking, and it’s our national shame that we aren’t:

    Why won’t the government release the 28 pages of the Sept. 11 report that apparently regard Saudi Arabia’s role? Even the U.S. Senator who chaired the intelligence committee can’t get an answer — and is getting royally hassled for even asking.

    The interminable presidential campaigning and media fixation is nothing but distraction.

  21. Interloper; thank you for this. The presidential campaign is also taking attention from vitally important state elections in November. The media needs to be retrained – or reestablished with regulations and guideline.

  22. Gopper’s tremendous knowledge about conspiracies leads me to ask him whether he knows the truth about UFOs? Is there a government cover-up? What are they? Where do they come from? Any answers would be appreciated.

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