This Is a Test

History doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but close enough.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to an article from the LA Times that began

The year was 1915, and the strange new newspaper in Aurora, Mo., had grown so quickly in its first four years that rail officials had to build extra tracks for all the paper and printing materials suddenly rolling into town.

The Aurora post office, according to one account, more than tripled its staff to handle mail to and from the publication’s astonishing 1.5 million weekly subscribers — a circulation that dwarfed the largest daily newspapers in New York and Chicago.

Hatred had become big business in southwestern Missouri, and its name was the Menace, a weekly anti-Catholic newspaper whose headlines screamed to readers around the nation about predatory priests, women enslaved in convents and a dangerous Roman Catholic plot to take over America.

Eventually, that virulent anti-Catholicism (and the anti-Semitism that usually accompanied it) subsided.

Racism–America’s “original sin”–has proved harder to eradicate. When President Obama took office, racist sentiments that had largely been confined to family dinners, “humorous” emails and small town bars once again erupted into so-called “polite society.”

And that racism has now joined with seething anti-immigrant, and especially anti-Muslim, xenophobia.

Yesterday, at Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall posted a thoughtful–and frightening–piece about Donald Trump and the pernicious influence of the Fox News “worldview.”

I know I’m preaching to the choir when it comes to noting the factual shortcomings of Fox News. But this is why this isn’t really about Trump. Trump’s genius — and I don’t use that word loosely — is that he is an intuitive. He can feel the public mood in ways that none of these others can. I don’t think Trump began his campaign with really any of this. “Mexicans” were his thing. But even that was I think largely shtick. Terrorism and Muslim-hating wasn’t his thing. But like a gifted jazz musician, he can pick up the rhythms of whatever group he’s sitting in with, adapt, improvise and take them further. Yes, he’s almost a Coltrane of hate and incitement. But it’s not about Trump. It’s about his supporters. A big chunk of the Republican base is awash in racism and xenophobic hysteria. And this is the food that they feed on every day. It’s a societal sickness and we can’t ignore it.

It’s one thing to discuss this emerging fascism in the abstract; it’s heartbreaking to confront it personally.

I have a young colleague who joined our faculty right after earning her doctorate about five years ago. She’s a sweet, delightful person–not only a good teacher and researcher, but an unfailingly collaborative and helpful co-worker. Since moving to Indiana, she and her husband have had two little girls.

She’s Muslim. And she’s terrified.

She’s gotten hate mail. In a masterpiece of understatement, she says she’s found the rhetoric “very hurtful.” She and her husband are increasingly afraid to go out. As she told me yesterday, people in her suburban neighborhood and at the University have been supportive and welcoming, but it only takes one –one (armed) unbalanced person to respond to the rhetoric and do the unthinkable.

She may stop wearing her headscarf. “I have small children.”

I came home and cried.

We are about to see whether Americans have learned anything from history–ours or others’. We are about to see whether we can isolate and contain this virus. We are about to see whether America is truly better than this.

Edmund Burke said it best: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

This is a test.


  1. Let me say again; I am afraid, I am very afraid. But let me be more specific; I am afraid not only for myself and my family, in-laws and friends who are considered to be “different”, I am afraid for others such as Mr. Marshall’s young colleague who are afraid to leave their homes. I cannot help but question what our honorable and esteemed U.S. Representative, Andre Carson, is dealing with in Washington, D.C. – the seat of hatred, racism and bigotry in this country. It is the “seat” because this is where the GOP leaders of hatred, racism and bigotry are working from and working to gain full access to the White House. Only we can stop them and their forward motion from succeeding and we can only stop them by VOTING in every election, not only the presidential. They have inroads at all levels of government due to those who sat home on election day but never ceased their whining, crying, pissing and moaning about conditions around them.

    Pence has announced he will not stand in the way of public assistance to the Syrian family who, after two years of investigation, were brought here by the Catholic Archdiocese. BFD! He did this NOT due to being big-hearted but because our laws did not allow him to prevent their coming. What are they faced with here in Penceland, Indiana? How can we help those who are forced to cower in their homes with their children? How the hell do we rid this country and the entire media of Donald Trump; the anti-everyone else cheerleader?

  2. Yes; I’m back! A few days ago I posted some information on Facebook in the “what’s on your mind” section; only got one “like” from a good friend so I’m going to try posting it here.

    I will wish “Merry Christmas” to my Christian family and friends but I refuse – REFUSE – to wish “Merry Christmas” to my Jewish and Buddhist friends, I will wish them “Happy Holidays”. I also will not send a “Merry Christmas” greeting to my Muslim U.S. Representative Andre Carson. To do so is not only inappropriate but politically INCORRECT!

    Those who insist we wish every living soul “Merry Christmas” are spreading bigotry; they are not spreading Christian good wishes during this holiday season. But…try to get them to understand that is like trying to explain to his followers why Donald Trump needs an in-depth mental examination.

  3. For starters, here is something we can all do to stand against the bigotry that has broken out openingly in our country. Call them on it. Openly and honestly. Here is my all time favorite response to someone who is speaking or acting out their hate. I look them straight in the eye and in a calm voice I say, “Why John/Mary I thought you were a better person than that.” You do not have to say another word. You will no doubt not change their minds, but you will give them something to think about, and if my experience with this is true for all, you will at least have their respect and not hear such garbage out of their mouths again.

  4. I am so sorry your young co-worker has to endure this hate. The “R” party has (in my lifetime) always sought out an “other” for “us” to hate. It seems one of their few organizing principles. Communists, Blacks, Gays, Mexicans, Now Muslims. Every election brings out a new “other” for them to rally against. One bright spot. 43% of America identifies as “R”. Trump gets at best 30% of them. That makes just under 13% of America. This hateful boob is getting far too much free media. Trump sits at home in his pajamas and does the talk shows by phone. Really? Who else does that? This guy is a buffoon and needs to be shut down. 80 years ago People thought that funny little German man with the odd mustache was nothing to worry about. Turned out he was a real problem for the whole world. No political party should have a hateful buffoon as their candidate.

  5. I was out on an appointment in a rural area meeting with some seniors in the topic of all the terrorist attacks and everything came up near the end of the appointment unfortunately. My elderly client informed me matter-of-factly that Bloomington was teeming with jihadis. I was floored.

  6. patmcc is spot on at the end of his/her comment about the “funny little German man”.
    I have never liked D. Trump because of his self aggrandizement, narcissism, inability to admit to errors or mistakes.
    When he first made his comments about Mexican immigrants my radar went into full operating mode.
    I am the daughter and niece of WWII Vets. My uncle was a German POW. As a result I have been very curious about the history that led to the war. I have always been interested in human behavior, culture, religions, etc. That has led over the years to trying to understand how an enlightened, educated, advanced nation like Germany could have accepted and voted for someone like Adolph Hitler. I’ve read his personal propaganda piece “Mein Kampf” and am doing so again. I am currently reading “The Mind of Adolph Hitler” – the report created by Walter Langer in 1943 for Bill Donovan, the head of the OSS (the precursor of the CIA). I am also reading “Hitler’s Charisma- Leading Millions into the Abyss” by Laurence Rees who is a WWII and Third Reich historian.
    Donald Trump has many of the same character traits of Adolph Hitler: the intuitive ability to read people and feed them what they want. He is able to appeal to them on a dark emotional level. He lies, but will never admit it – he’s always right. He’s all about “winning” at any cost by any means necessary. He has identified scapegoats that people can project their anger and fear onto.
    What he advocates is a creeping American Fascism and he scares the crap out of me.
    Some historians, journalists and politicians are finally beginning to call him out, but it needs to be clearer and louder.
    Here’s what I would like to see:
    1. I really want historians to really apply what we learned about the rise of Hitler and the N.A.Z.I. party to power to today’s situation and clearly draw the parallels and dangers.
    2. I really want to know more about who Donald Trump is and how he became who he is – info from family members, business associates, classmates, etc. Much like Walter Langer did.
    What is the mind/ psychology of Donald Trump.
    3. I want the Republican party to cut their dependency on the kinds of voters who support Trump, make the MORAL choice to reclaim their political soul and REPUDIATE Donald Trump and his ilk – which includes Ted Cruz.

    Will I get to see any of these 3 things. I don’t know. The Republicans have demonstrated in my lifetime that all they care about is having ALL the power in Washington and are not really concerned about solving real problems.

    I’m VERY, VERY worried about the soul of my nation!

  7. Henry Ford published the ‘Dearborn Independent’ from 1919 until 1927. It was virulently anti-Semitic and wildly popular throughout the Midwest. It was also where Adolf Hitler got a lot of his ideas regarding the treatment of Jews in Germany and then Europe. Hitler and the German National Socialist party even awarded a medal complete with gold swastikas to him for his achievement. Ford essentially forced his dealerships to distribute the newspaper through his automobile dealers with an eventual circulation of rough 900,000. It is absolutely stunning to read. While Ford eventually apologized for his actions and his newspaper, as the result of numerous lawsuits and public condemnation, the historical record remains.

  8. So Trump and Republicans in general (who don’t have the votes and are engaged in the politics of fear in order to win the presidency) think they know how to scare voters? If we are into the fear business, perhaps we liberals can do them one better in the fear game, like, what if there is no presidency to accede to by reason of a disappearance of social cohesion?

    Buffoons like Trump, the political Elmer Gantry, seem to somehow bring out the latent fires of racism in Americana that have been simmering just below the surface for lo these many years, and having seen that it works for his narrow purposes, Trump has expanded his “vision” from hatred for Mexicans to Muslims or any other grouping or subset he doesn’t like, always with the weapon of “political correctness” as a response for those who disagree. What he doesn’t seem to realize (if he cares) is that the fire he has lit in his cave is escaping into the wind-swept prairies, a fire that could tear the country apart as our social cohesion vanishes. We exist as a society only because of a certain commonality of purpose expressed through a government supposedly grounded in democratic values (though we may disagree on details), and if social cohesion evaporates it could do so in tandem with implosion and breakdown of government and rapid decline into Third World status, so much more is involved here than who is elected in 2016 or the color of Trump’s hair or even his outrageous racist and anti-religious chatter. The survival of our country as a viable state may be at stake if social cohesion goes south since there will be no common agreement among its citizens on why to even have a country, and America, that great experiment in democracy, will have succumbed to the “rule or ruin” extremist crowd (or mob). Welcome to #1, China! Top that one, Trump!

  9. Jan; I am re-reading “Voyage Of The Damned”, the story of the German ship St. Louis transporting 937 Jews from Germany to Cuba – who refused them entry. As did South America and the United States, all fearing there were Nazi spies among the Jewish passengers. I have read it before but am having great difficulty this time; the ghosts of the Nazis controlling the voyage is overshadowed with today’s Republicans, forcing me to stop till my mind-set will let me get back to it. I will make it through again; maybe learning more about what today’s Republicans have in store for us while doing so.

  10. Ignorance + Economic Downturn + Bigotry = Violence

    SCOTUS took a punch to the chin yesterday when
    Justice Scalia announced that Black Students maybe
    more suited to a “less advanced” college. I wonder
    if citizens can get a fair hearing in the Supreme Court
    anymore …

  11. All I can say is that I have heard so many Progressive liberals who (like I) support Bernie Sanders in the primary, but have said they will vote for a third-party candidate or just boycott the election if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination.
    Should they do that – regardless of OUR disdain for The Donald – there is a very good chance that he will become President Trump.

  12. Re: Ms Kennedy’s young colleague

    I can understand the young woman’s fear and her thought about removing the hijab (headscarf) in an attempt to halt the hateful threats she’s received.

    As a female, my experience from travel leads me to suggest that the young colleague’s thoughts about removing her hijab are valid thoughts that ultimately may prove advantageous for her, her family, and her career. When traveling in predominately Muslim countries, I’ve always worn a headscarf as a show of respect for the particular country’s cultural standards for females. That did not make me a ‘sell out’, but rather indicated that I was polite and respectful of the cultural standards for the specific country. I did not wish to stand out as different, as disrespectful, or as clueless.

    I believe it was either St. Ambrose or St. Augustine who suggested, “If you should be in Rome, live in the Roman manner; if you should be elsewhere, live as they do there.”

    During the last few years, I’ve noticed several pictures of Hiliary Clinton wearing a hijab while meeting with predominately Muslim groups abroad. I thought her gesture showed respect for the particular Muslim community’s wish for women to display modesty by covering their heads and moreover showed that she did not wish to stand out as different.

  13. I am a Muslim Hoosier who has lived in Indiana for 23 years (more than I have lived in any other place). Indiana is a different place. I have felt these hating sentiments in both parties. It is more pronounced on the Republican side but the deafening silence of candidates like John Gregg and the Indiana Democratic Party make me very afraid. I worry for my wife who wears the hijab and my children who are proud of their Muslim American identity. To tell them to be silent when people say bad things about our faith is not a sustainable and healthy solution.

  14. A test, I greatly fear, we will flunk. Genetics I assume. Still, the solution is rapidly approaching. Visit your local Walmart. You’ll see those who either hate everyone or no one! Hmmmmm.

  15. This post and the resulting comments just make me sad. BUT, they also make me more committed than ever to denounce bigotry and hate wherever it shows itself. This state turned itself over to the KKK in the last century. You can bet that the sentiments that allowed that hate to rise are still there and taught daily in many households, fed by incessant hate media of all types, and justified by isolated events that haters generalize to all “others”.

    VOTE but more than that. Find and encourage candidates in local elections who speak out against the xenophobic, misogynistic, racial hatred that is spewing poison into the body politic. We could lose our voice and vote to fascism or worse. It has happened before and can certainly happen again.

  16. Indiana is a Red State, so say 50% of the voters are Republicans. If Trump has 30% support, he has 15% of the voters. Sounds like a small number, but in the early 1920s, the Klan had about 30% of the voters and counted the Governor and half of the legislators as members. My Grandmother recounted to me stories of a burning cross being placed in her yard because her family was Irish Catholic. Bigotry needs to be called out and rejected including the Mike Pences of this State.

  17. The Donald has cancelled his trip to Israel to meet with that bigot over there and I can’t be happier that he is having to postpone or cancel his trips abroad. Don’t come over here Trump. We have enough problems with tracking down the terrorists in Geneva (happening now).

    If you want a perspective from Europe, just know that American news is everywhere here. You may not get world news like we do (We have Euronews which I recommend highly) but you get national news mostly and what we are seeing is…sad, distressing…depressing and unavoidable.

    There are many charities here doing everything they can to get donations for the refugees and have been quite successful in helping them. I’ve gladly donated what I could spare.

    Turned on the BBC news America the other night when I couldn’t sleep and the journalist was aghast at Trump’s claims to close the border for the Muslims. I see many Muslims around here and they are family oriented and quiet and I don’t have a problem with them. I feel sadness for your colleague Professor. I would have gone home and cried as well.

    Trump does not represent me and I’m pissed off that he is being given so much press worldwide that I am afraid to be considered one of them…omg, NO. I will condemn him forever.

  18. AgingLGrl, you wrote, ” I see many Muslims around here and they are family oriented and quiet and I don’t have a problem with them.”

    How do you know these people you reference are Muslim?

  19. Screw ’em.

    We are Americans. We don’t run, we’re not afraid. We will not be intimidated by ISIS, by Ebola, by Trump or Carson, by Netanyahu or Putin.

    We welcome our neighbors from both north and south. We lead the fight to save the planet.

    We live as Americans. All of the races, religions, and ethnicities of us.

    We are and will be free.

  20. @Shariq, you bring up an interesting situation. As you noted, Republicans seem more overt in their distrust of the Muslim community; however, the Democrats are silent.

    I call that situation one of overt vs covert dislike. The overt people who dislike the adherents of Islam are easy to identify; on the other hand, the covert people are silent on their thoughts re: Islam.

    I suppose it’s simple to identify the overt folks who dislike Muslims for whatever reasons; they are upfront in their dislike of Muslims. But, the covert folks, those silent folks regarding Muslims, are your greater foes.

    There’s nothing worse than a covert bigot. They can hide behind big plastic smiles and big ‘attaboy’ slaps on the shoulder while at the same time stabbing you in the back while wearing a big old plastic smile.

    I’d prefer dealing with the overt bigots any day, any time.

  21. Shariq brings to light something that I have long thought: that there is little to no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties in Indiana. In order to run as a Democrat in Indiana, one must essentially be a Republican at heart, but be a little more moderate than those who are running as Republicans. I consider the Democratic and Republican parties of Indiana to be merely two sides of the same coin.

  22. I’m with Pete. This is my country. My constitution. My freedom. Screw Trump and the rest of the right wing that wants to take it away in the name of security.

  23. @Theresa Bowers, I’m playing the Devil’s Advocate with the following comment.

    Please remember that your constitution and your freedoms are the same constitution and the same freedoms of the right wing group.

  24. Sheila: “We are about to see whether we can isolate and contain the virus.”

    “Yet there must also be something more—-some political poison , some virus X–which has caused this deep loathing for American society, and even for America itself, among many of he young. Perhaps virus X is beyond the capacity of the middle-aged to understand, or the young to explain. But one thing seems certain. In time Virus X will work greatly to strengthen, not the New Left, but the extreme right. In Chicago for the first time in my life, it began to seem to me possible that some form of American fascism may really happen here.”

    The above comment was from Stewart Alsop after the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968.

    See “Taking on the World: Joseph and Stewart Alsop–Guardians of the American Century” by Robert W Merry (Penguin Group, 1996) p.470

    The virus of bigotry, aka Virus X, has been spreading non stop throughout the U.S. for almost 50 years. Through the efforts of Donald Trump, it is now mutating exponentially into a more virulent strain which will be more and more difficult to contain.

  25. @Theresa Bowers, in all respect, please remember that our constitution is a fluid document, not a static document.

  26. BSH: How do I know they are Muslims? Really? How many years have you lived abroad or on this earth? There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and I’ve only met or seen a few thousand in my lifetime but I believe that’s enough to see who they are! Peaceful People!

    There are only a handful of terrorists and yet, that’s all we hear about (in the Media) is the terrorists that happen to be Muslim. There are terrorists that have no god, too.

    What we need to ask, instead, is: when are we going to stop the hate?
    Humans makes me crazy sometimes.

    Stop the Hate!

  27. BSH

    “Marvin, as you know a virus needs a host to replicate. A virus without a host is soon extinct. ”

    You’re absolutely right. The virus has been fortunate to have Bunker Hunt and at least 50% or more of the Southern Baptist Convention to spread it’s toxic message. You must have the right platform or, as you have stated, the virus will disappear.

    This virus isn’t going away anytime soon. If I’m not mistaken, there are more Southern Baptists ministers in the U.S. than Catholic priests.

  28. BSH. All of us living under the same Constitution is factually obvious but realistically a myth. Most every right wing writing that I see makes it clear that how they regard the Constitution is entirely different than I do.

    They regard it as freedom for me at the expense of others. I don’t believe that’s possible. We are either all free or none of us are.

    This is not a detail. This is what defines America. Not the Constitution per se but what we believe and how we act on those beliefs defines America.

  29. I ran a test of sorts myself yesterday, on Facebook. An ugly graphic meme came my way. The upper half had a photo of ISIS black-clad members, menacingly brandishing their flags …the superimposed caption read: “IF YOU WAN TO DEFEAT ISIS”

    The lower half had a photo of President Obama, and just below his face…. “TAKE OUT THEIR LEADER!”. I reported it to Facebook because I thought it violated their ‘community standards’ and could be dangerous (it only takes one nut with a gun, as mentioned above, to perhaps take up the challenge). Facebook notified me that I should take care of it myself by either asking the poster to delete or by blocking the poster so *I* would no longer be offended by his posts.

    Interestingly, FB routinely and promptly removes anything pornographic or sexual in nature. A clear public invitation and incitement to ‘take out’ the President did not rise to the level of obscenity, obviously. It’s Free Speech.

  30. Sheila: “We are about see whether we can isolate and contain this us.”

    Isolating the virus is fairly simple. At this stage, containing it is the big problem.

    When we’re talking about a platform for spreading the virus, envision the Southern Baptist Convention and Anti-Defamation League Alliance as a Trojan Horse with the ability to release a Virus X. I’ve explained the Alliance before. It’s a modus vivendi: “$$4Bigotry”

    Now think of two major Trojan Horse Command Centers with the COG (Center of Gravity) in Dallas, Texas and the Ground Zero for the spread of the virus in Jacksonville, Florida. Don’t forget the “Trojan Horses have wheels.”

    Back in 1992, the Ground Zero Trojan Horse for the spread of the virus was “wheeled from Dallas to Jacksonville via I-10 Interstate Highway” awaiting the award of an NFL franchise to give it credibility.

    So for the past twenty years the Ground Zero for the spread of the virus has been centered in the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville and their mini-conventions featuring their pedagogy of bigotry.

    That’s a general map of the Centralization of Bigotry Power in the good ole USA.

    The big problem is that now after more than twenty years, we have thousands of “little”Trojan Horses of bigotry, principally, throughout the South, Southwest, and Midwest.

    I envision this problem as just a game like American football: The American Fascists having an 8 point lead with 2 minutes to play in the 4th quarter. And now we have the ball on our own 5 yard line. First and ten. What play do we call? Let’s have fun.

  31. Those who criticize the GOP for discrimination and hate must remember the “Solid South” pre-Nixon. Those Dems are today’s gop.

  32. @AgingLGrl, as you wrote, “How do I know they are Muslims? Really? How many years have you lived abroad or on this earth? There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and I’ve only met or seen a few thousand in my lifetime but I believe that’s enough to see who they are! Peaceful People!”

    Calm down, girl. I asked a simple question. How do you know the people you met were Muslims? Did they announce their faith to you? Did you ascertain their faith via what method? Seriously, there are about 50 students in at the IU School of Dentistry who identify as Muslim; however, unless they announced their faith preference to me, I’d never know. They look no different than other students, they wear no identifying clothing that would set them apart as Muslim, and they behave in no manner that would set them aside as being Muslim.

    I’m simply curious how you knew for sure the folks of which you spoke were Muslim.

    And, yes I’ve spent time abroad, time outside the US in Europe and Asia. At this point, I’m thinking you’re judging me as a racist, an ignoramus from Indiana. Let’s put it this way, I live in Indiana at present, but I’m not of Indiana.

  33. We know this, Wayne, the GOP doesn’t seem to be aware of the changeover. Evidently I was doing my Independent voting during the transition period; thereby giving me the option of the “best of both worlds.” I miss having that choice; so will stick with straight Democratic ticket for self-preservation till the current insanity has been treated and cured. Although I am well aware that at 78, I won’t live to see it happen.

    We, meaning most responders here, refer to the Constitution when what we are questioning and/or arguing with are the Amendments. Original and those added by SCOTUS which have blurred the once open-to-interpretation meaning of Amendments and bent them to serve their own party religious beliefs and/or needs. The same is being done at state level in red states.

  34. Marvin, I have no platform, especially no religious platform. Freethought would be my particular platform if any platform were required for posting.

    I’m familiar with the Southern Baptist Church simply because I grew up in an area where the Southern Baptist Church ruled; however, I did not ascribe to their beliefs nor did I ever attend one of their churches.

  35. ADD,

    Re: your message

    “Shariq brings to light something that I have long thought: that there is little to no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties in Indiana. In order to run as a Democrat in Indiana, one must essentially be a Republican at heart, but be a little more moderate than those who are running as Republicans. I consider the Democratic and Republican parties of Indiana to be merely two sides of the same coin.”

    ADD, your post is worthy of note. Yes, there is little to no difference between the Democrat and the Republican party in Indiana.

  36. From a less than historical point of reference have you noticed the divisiveness of our citizens was initiated by mr Obama. Let’s say rather than the late Pres Reagan who brought out best in us, Obama had a mission to bring out the worst in us. And it appears to be working. Laying the blame on the GOP is ridiculous. History once again will demonstrate that the Leadership of the KKK came from the ranks of the Democrat party. It was the GOP who brought hope below the Mason Dixon line in the character of Abraham dare you blame the problems evident in society today. The cause was brought to the WH by Obama and his ilk. The effect has been terrorism, distrust, murders and malfeasance of public offices. I am aghast that the GOP is being held complicit in the democrat failure in Congress. Obama not only supplied the funds and arms in the Middle East he refused to take action against Isis allowing children to b beheaded and thousands of Christians and Muslims being slaughtered. Terrorism is now on our homeland and Obama still refuses to support their to call a spade a spade and still prefers to support those who would destroy our culture. I would suggest the liberal bent take off their blinders and see and feel what America is becoming within the aegis of his lies and disloyalty to Freedom. God Bless America

  37. I’m reaching here; but I will make a wild a## guess that Gopper has returned in the form of as soforenko. He/she appears to be the unpleasant “Christmas-yet-to-come” that Ebenezer Scrooge couldn’t change.

  38. If Ms Kennedy blocked GOPPER, then his postings were blocked via his ISP (Internet Server Provider) address.

    My ISP is via Verizon Wireless Broadband and the specific Internet Server Provider address is: IP: 2600:1015:b007:bc17:30f2:eba8:e76f:3093.

  39. It’s standard issue GOP to blame racism on the blacks.

    They’ve instilled fear as their product to the point that they’ve created a whole party of abject cowards. They needs the NRA and our entire law enforcement and military establishments to protect them from all other races, creeds, beliefs, diseases, religions, countries, and to top the list off, science.

    Arm up men, and I use the term very loosely, some bogieman is going to get us or failing that, the sky will surely fall on us.

    I’m sick of their pathetic whining.

  40. I was cruising through Cable TV, and stopped at FOX News. As you might expect it was the usual steroidal frothing, loud, and rabid FOX dialogue about how “Moderate Muslims” must publicly don in effect sack cloth and ashes and condemn the Muslim Terrorists. CNN and MSNBC were slightly less over the top. They demand that “Moderate Muslims” all over the world absorb this figurative whipping in public. The McMega-Media have one concern ratings. I sat and boiled.

    How can there possibly be moderation in the Middle East when the USA and the West not only impose but send the most modern weapons of War to the dictatorships all across the Middle East. No free elections are permitted there and the USA and West say nothing about it.

    The Red baiting Republicans of the 1950’s may have died out but the modern Republican Party has found another target.

  41. BSH,

    “Marvin, I have no platform, especially no religious platform.”

    I didn’t say you did.

    What you did do was “open the door” in legal parlance to virus extinction:
    “Marvin, as you know a virus kills a host to replicate. A virus without a host is soon EXTINCT.”

    I’m saying, a virus can also become extinct without a proper platform. In this instance, we’re dealing with DOMESTIC VIRAL WARFARE and the platform is man made.

  42. Perhaps a minor point Marv but viruses can’t die any more than salt can. Neither is living. They can fall on hard times by not finding a way to reproduce but then they just wait until an opportunity comes along.

  43. @Marvin, as you wrote, “You must have the right platform or, as you have stated, the virus will disappear.”

    In response to your statement earlier today, I have no platform.

    If I per chance I opened a door to extinguish the virus, then I’m good with that.

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