I Never Thought I’d Agree with the Federalist….

The Federalist Society is an organization composed of politically conservative lawyers; Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito have been members, reflecting the legal orientation of the membership.

I have found myself disagreeing with the positions of the Society far more frequently than I have agreed, but I completely agree with a recent essay by Paul David Miller, titled “The Moral Collapse of the Republican Party,” published in its magazine, The Federalist.

Miller calls the party’s embrace of Trump “an obvious, avoidable, epic blunder.”

Embracing Trump, as almost all the party’s leaders have done, is a colossal, world-historical, vast mistake; an inexplicable failure of moral courage; and a repugnant act of institutional suicide. It is shocking to see such rampant self-destruction sweep through the ranks of a once-great party.

After providing a “roll call” of sorts, in which he identified political figures who have obediently endorsed Trump, Miller notes that most of the holdouts–Romney, the President Bushes–have ended their political careers and have nothing to lose.

By embracing Trump, the Republican Party embraces the man, the ideas, and his fate. Whatever legitimate grievances underlie Trump’s appeal—such as frustration with the pace of globalization, or with the culture of political correctness—have been tarnished by Trump’s overt hostility to basic norms of republican government. The party has given away all the high ground it had against the increasingly illiberal and autocratic progressive left by nominating the only person in America who embodies an equally clear disregard for equality under law.

If Trump loses—which he probably will—the Republican Party will lose with him, and it will deserve its loss. The down-ticket damage will be all of Trump’s doing, with the party’s open complicity, and much of the gains at the state and local level in recent years will be undone.

If Trump does lose, and if he takes a significant number of down-ticket Republicans with him, many Americans (including this one) will breathe a sigh of relief. But that outcome is by no means assured–and that’s what keeps me up at night.

It is worse if Trump wins (and I think he has a higher chance of winning than most polls say): a Trump victory vindicates Trumpism—already dangerously on the rise—and permanently transforms the Republican Party into the party of white grievance, nativism, and belligerent nationalism. America will no longer have a party of limited government and classical liberalism. Losing the presidency but recovering a party dedicated to the ideals of ordered liberty is far preferable…

[W]hat surprises me is that they want the Republican Party to win no matter what the party stands for, even if the party flirts with white supremacy and proto-fascism. I held out the hope—now, I see, hopelessly deluded and naïve—that politicians understood that there is a line you don’t cross; there comes a point at which principle really does come before party; that the good of the nation should come before partisanship; and that when your party starts to go off the deep end, you jump ship.

Many of us have done just that–we “jumped ship.” Some earlier, some later, depending upon when we saw the party becoming something very different from the responsible center-right party America still needs. We can only hope that–faced with the reality of Trumpism–many more follow. Before November.


  1. Sheila,

    “We can only hope that–faced with the reality of Trumpism–many more follow. Before November.”

    Don’t bet on it. Mark Shields on PBS last night, said it best thru his commentary that things were looking favorable for Donald Trump because of international and domestic terrorism. On top of that, you have a major split in the Democratic Party because of the continued support of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

    The younger Sanders supporters, unless there is a major change, will not be supportive of Hillary Clinton. They will take their chances with the possibility of a Donald Trump as President and hope to win the next time, not knowing there probably won’t be any next time.

  2. I hope more normal folks do whatever they can to elect Clinton. This one REALLY matters.

  3. Thank you Sheila.

    A surprising article given it’s source but it does show that there are still many sane conservatives out there. It’s purely the thirst for power, the sense of getting revenge for being out of power at the hands of an “illegitimate” President for eight years, putting party and special interests over country and all of us that has driven the Republican Party into a realm outside the bounds of political and social sanity. I’m sure that there’s a lot more to it but this is all that I have time to key.

    I just hope those that regularly read “The Federalist Papers” actually read and take to heart Mr. Miller’s article.

  4. I believe a President Trump will be the LAST of the Republic as it stands. The country will fall like Rome with a dictator like Trump whose only goal is to make himself rich, powerful and the laughing stock of the world as a big fat failure in democracy. He will take America down with him to the depths of hell. We will need to rewrite the constitution when he fails everyone and everything. We do not want this man with the nuclear codes, no thanks.
    Never Trump.

  5. And just why do we need to be “Center right?” We’ve been right wing for decades, and it’s time to go to the left. Trump is a walking disaster, to be sure, but so is Clinton.

  6. As long as the oligarchs like the Kochs keep buying right wing politicians this country will continue downhill and at an increasing speed. They spend their money very wisely to target citizens with their extreme propaganda that convinces people of the lies they want them to believe. They must be enjoying all of the destruction they have done to America while they reap the spoils.

    Until we can stop their profiteering and expose them to everyone, we don’t stand a chance at opening the eyes of the angry republicans who have been unable to understand where their destruction is really coming from.

  7. Nancy,

    “Until we can stop their profiteering and EXPOSE THEM TO EVERYONE, we don’t stand a chance……”

    That might be impossible, but it is our only chance.

  8. I am optimistic and predict that it will be all downhill for Donald Trump from now until the election. The media which has relished the eccentricity of Trump until his nomination will exercise responsibility and present the true picture of who he really is. He will be exposed in a manner that only his most loyal of supporters will trust. Reasonable members of the public, of which there are many, will drift away as the campaigning becomes serious. Matters such as Supreme Court appointments, foreign policy, domestic economic policy, bigotry, and hate will be subjected to intense scrutiny. I would expect the down ticket activity in the Republican party will become chaotic and not work in his favor. Reason will ultimately prevail.

  9. “The time has come, the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things’
    Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax —
    Of cabbages — and kings —

    from “Through The Looking-Glass” by Lewis Carroll

    The Trump party has spoken, stating what the party stands for; which makes as much sense to us as the above quote by Lewis Carroll. Do his supporters fully understand what he is telling them to do?

    Last night the Democratic party spoke loud and clear; while still disagreeing and dealing with major problems, the basis premise is – UNITY. Let us hope, in our minds and in our hearts, last night was the beginning of our unity and seeking those who “jumped ship” from Trumpism and welcome them on board the Democratic road to the presidency.

    Nancy; we can only stop their profiteering by electing Hillary (even those of us who still prefer Bernie) to the presidency. They are exposing themselves 24/7; some supporters will recognize them for who and what they are and may join us in our positive form of unity. Others will be lost forever to Trump’s camp; they have been there covertly all along – there are none so blind as those who WILL not see.

  10. Closely held beliefs are impervious to facts. Those angry people who support Trump will not be swayed by logic or reason. One thing they will do is vote.

  11. Peggy,

    “Those angry people who support Trump will not be swayed by logic or reason.”

    Exactly right. They only way they will change is through FEAR, not logic or reason.

  12. I really can’t stand David Brooks, and if I saw George Will on the street I’d gladly push him in front of a bus, but I have some grudging respect for them both due to their willingness to call out this ridiculous creature running under their party’s banner. Andrew Sullivan, too, although he never really was a Republican.

    The Know-Nothings that will vote for Trump are culpable for ignoring the little Civics knowledge they retain from High School, but yes – the congresspeople & party functionaries who are still on board DO know better, and would rather keep their cushy jobs than display any backbone. I’m sure most of them hope that Trump will lose, they’ll keep their seat, and all this will blow over; but any sign at all of support for Trump is going to come back to haunt them. I hope.

  13. Nancy,

    “as long as the oligarchs like the Kochs keep buying right wing politicians this country will continue downhill and at an increasing speed.”

    “Until we can stop their profiteering and expose them to everyone, we don’t stand a chance at opening the eyes of the angry republicans who have been unable to understand where their destruction is really coming from.”

    It might be impossible, but that is our only chance.

    I will post this every 30 minutes for a while, just to keep things straight. If anyone has a problem with that let me know what it is? I’d like to know what other realistic choices we have. And, if there is a valid one, I will ride off softly into the sunset.

  14. I spend a lot of time thinking about the Republican party – I do not know why, I just do… I do live in an area that is basically two types of elected officials: non-partisan and Republican. So perhaps that is a factor but I honestly don’t know why. But I often try to figure out what the hell that party is all about. I do not think it is a “moral” collapse rather an “intellectual” one. Now, I say this only because I certainly do not find the Democratic party to be a “moral” party by any means. But I do sense that democrats are not afraid of knowledge-based decisions. The Republicans seem incapable of such rational thought and, in fact, quite willing to do irrational things more often than not. As one example, I will only ask you this… what is the intellectual reason to spend eight years just doing absolutely nothing but objecting to every thing this President has proposed? My point is that without the ability to understand the choices we make, it is easy to make a bad choice. Once that occurs, we might find ourselves in a place or position that is without morality or different than our desired morality. But then it is too late.

  15. It is an oddly undermining message to the Sanders supporters when long time conservatives write in terms of principle opposing fascism and the loss of rationality.

    It indicates some tremendous success at demonization by the unrelenting hate Hillary narrative / a false equivalence undeserved.

    It also puts to rest a critique I’ve seen lately that rest on the premise that there is no coherent center of the electorate. That we’re all radicalized, polarized beyond mutual recognition. We’re not.

    Two peculiar rationales pop up under such dissonant circumstances. One as Neal notes is about fairness. Yet we know fairness has next to nothing to do with it. In our micro cultural environments rules of fairness exist and are more or less accepted by its members, enforced and adhered to but this is not as true nationally as once it was. Our diversity is now far harder to corral into a unified movement. A pace of change argument, a width if not depth of information glut and a lag in capacity to assimilate the explosion of sources for both.

    The other that again popped yesterday, simmering under the surface like soon to pop blisters is the misogynistic claims of “vaginavoters” having more loyalty to gender than commonality and goes like this.

    A gender values battle supersedes alternative concerns – oddly – regardless of religion -although notably more severe among the more religious. Young women or those feeling the sting of non-monagmy, labeled “cheaters and liars” regardless of what else, is so egregious that anyone caught, must be released forever from the “of good character” stream. Somehow their personal belief – not so uncommon – is that little else matter in light of such behavior. This despite the facts of infidelity, alternative tacit agreements or acknowledged ones, place of family in the hierarchy or priority list. Thus Bill is a miscreant but Hillary is evil in enablement. Along with the false equivalent narrative and despite personal adherence to that same scrutiny or standard, its enough for some to lose their equilibrium. They simply do not forgive themselves or others for sexual perceived misbehavior. Siloed in tight. The right generally sees sexual dalliance as sin, the left as unethical if inclined to harsh judgement. Less than fully human.

    Likewise I suppose is a variety of lessor crimes against humanity landing at Clinton feet is past error. “Super-predator” is one. No matter that Clinton worked passage of crack and powder cocaine penalties and the black caucus was onboard for the ride. Or “corporate whore” which is obvious by fundraising despite money spent battling the corporate stronghold within the Republican Party, support of the CFPB, massive reform efforts and tax policy or spending consideration. Trade deals evil. But give me my 2 buck gas, Alibaba and food at 10% of median family income levels, education loans at income based repayment plan rates and now headed for drastic write downs or even free.

    No need to even mention military policy. Women cannot be counted in there. So it’s said – both incompetent and hawkish – nonproliferation treaty be damned. Bring them home. Isolate, disengage and get the money.

    Why indeed. It’s the numbers. The never take yes for an answer crowd exercises ultimatly a libertarian excess untethered to any communitarian concerns. Predominately white and educated, driven by self interest more than mutual interest, willing to slap it’s own allies leaving the Trumpism either alone or worse, indicating a willingness to punish disagreement by seeing it triumph.

    I’ll vote the blue nominee. Elect a team, seek omens right ac and judges that bridge in them where many issues are eventually encompassed, work for down ballot races, and leave coalition divides for after November. One gigantic battle at a time please. It’s a bit slower but surer path to take a larger number with you on the progressive path.

  16. Seek women’s rights and judges that believe in them. Autocorrect even after initially correct text gets me too often.

  17. We can’t treat Trump and the Vichy Republicans who have hitched themselves to his wagon as exceptional cases among current GOP legislators and candidates. He is not so much an anomaly as the product of a reactionary trend. The civic cancer he represents is systemic. None of the Republican governors who have damaged their states acted alone; they were aided and abetted by the GOP majorities in their legislatures, ranting against all of the things Trump assails, and exploiting the same fears and prejudices. The GOP is no longer a party, it’s a mob. It’s not enough to just stop Trump. The down ballot GOP candidates have to go, as well. The “Never Hillary” faction may be correct that real reform is needed, both in the party and the political process as a whole, but that’s not going to happen with a Trump/Pence (let’s not forget that unqualified right-wing opportunist) White House and GOP controlled Congress and states (and subsequently, a Supreme Court and lower federal courts packed with right-wing ideologues). If you just can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary, at least split the ticket and vote Democratic down the rest of the ballot.

  18. “as long as the oligarchs like the Kochs keep buying right wing politicians this country will continue downhill and at an increasing speed. Until we can stop their profiteering and EXPOSE THEM TO EVERYONE, we don’t stand a chance at opening the eyes of the angry republicans who have been unable to understand where their destruction is really coming from.”~Nancy

  19. “The “Never Hillary” faction may be correct that real reform is needed, both in the party and the political process as a whole…”

    Patrick; neither can this happen over the next 104 days, we must fight to prevent Trump and Pence from reaching the White House, then begin to rebuild the party and the process before the next presidential election. We must take care of today’s problems today; there is no instant gratification no matter how loud either side yells. And if Trump/Pence win; we can only hope to rebuild our party – we won’t be allowed to change the process which got them elected.

  20. If you’d like to expose the oligarch Koch Brothers and their ALEC organization which provides model legislation for all state legislatures (privatization of schools, prisons, and public utilities like Flint’s water supply); voter suppression; anti-environmental and anti-labor laws; looser gun laws; anti-civil and human rights; shifting taxes from the richest to the poorest taxpayers; and more), then please come join a rally tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3:30 on the south lawn of the Indiana State Museum.

    ALEC is holding their national convention in Indianapolis this week. They operate mostly in the dark. The rally will focus a healthy dose of sunshine on their agenda for public education and other issues.

  21. JoAnn,

    “We must take care of today’s problems today; there is no instant gratification no matter how loud either side yells. And if Trump/Pence win; we can only hope to rebuild our party – we won’t be allowed to change the process which got them elected.”

    And I strongly suggest you can’t accomplish that goal unless you ALSO listen to Nancy. You’ve got more than one problem that you have to deal with:

    “as long as the oligarchs like the Kochs keep buying right wing politicians this country will continue downhill and at an increasing speed. Until we can stop their profiteering and EXPOSE THEM TO EVERYONE, we don’t stand a chance at opening the eyes of the angry republicans who have been unable to understand where their destruction is really coming from.”

    Sometimes we’re inflicted with more than one malady. And we’re forced to treat both at the same time. That’s clearly the case in point.

  22. Nancy Papas,

    I wish I could be at the anti-ALEC rally tomorrow. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. Why don’t you try to convince the protestors that they need to organize? You have to start somewhere. Using the internet, things can grow at an exponential rate. Sounds like the place to start. I’m with you all the way on this one. I’ll be glad to help in anyway that I can.

  23. What works is Democracy. What doesn’t work is extremism. It’s possible for extremism to overtake democracy.

    That explains the suicide of the Republican Party. And like most suicides, it’s permanent.

    Will the Democrats be the next victim?

    Democracy is based on negotiating and compromises. It’s the willingness to state your position then listen and search for common ground. It’s intellectual, communicative and polite (that’s why extremists hate what they call politically correct). It’s what Sheila, but not everyone, does here.

    The next few days will determine how resistant the one remaining political party is to extremism.

    Last night the infection was revealed and the party people who were not infected treated the wound masterfully IMO. There’s a chance that democracy’s natural immune system is still up to the task and the infection will go away rather than fester.

    If the treatment proves effective one of the people who can take credit is Obama, not the usual one this time.

    We’ll see what today brings. Negotiation or stridency.

  24. The facts speak for themselves, the Republican Party has been supremely successful. The US Senate 54 Republicans vs 44 Democrats; US House 247 Republicans vs 188 Democrats. Since 2009 the Republicans have gained 13 Seats in the Senate and 69 Seats in House. The Republicans have elected 31 Governors and they control 68 out 98 legislative chambers at the state level.

    I read an interesting article recently where the Republican Plan was to capture the states, by funding the campaigns in the states. As of June 2016, there were 7 Democratic and 23 Republican trifectas. A trifecta is when one political party holds these three positions in a state’s government: The concept of the trifecta is important in state lawmaking because in many states, the governor, senate majority leader, and house majority leader play decisive roles in the legislative process. You can whine all you want about gerrymandering, but gerrymandering is only possible when you have electoral control and the Republicans won.

    So who had the National Democratic Leadership during the time of Obama’s presidency?? Tim Kaine from 2009-11, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) from 2011- 16. Tim Kaine ring a bell, he is Hillary’s selection for VP. Clinton said Sunday that DWS will serve as “honorary chair” of her campaign’s 50-state program and continue to serve as a surrogate for her campaign nationally and in Florida. One of the Left Wing sites I visit had as their banner headline on the resignation of DWS and her appointment as honorary chair – Mission Accomplished.

    The Democratic Party had a chance to go with Bernie and change course. We cannot do that. Here in Indiana Baron Hill was selected in the primary to run for US Senate, but Evan “Duck and Cover” Bayh decided he wanted the job again so Hill stepped aside. John Gregg another blast from the past is running for Governor – Again.

    In most elections the independents determine who wins. Does anyone think Evan Bayh or John Gregg or going to light the fire, more like smoldering embers.

  25. Marv; I agree with you and Nancy but, isn’t maintaining a Democrat president in the White House, voting out Republicans in Congress and repealing Citizens United what needs to be done to BEGIN destroying the current oligarchy, it’s system and the current election process? The few who may not know or understand the seriousness of Citizens United, the Koch brothers, NRA, Tea Party involvement (ownership) in government seem to be those following Trump and Pence. We cannot pound information into their heads and force them to understand; the information is in the media in different formats daily but they rely on Trump’s acceptance of it all without question. Years ago a friend gave me an apron stating, “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think.” Somehow that seems to apply here. How do we reach the typical Trump follower?

    I grew up in a staunch Republican family and my father explained how government works in very simple words, “The good things that happen under the Democrats was started by the Republicans; the bad things that happen under the Republicans was started by the Democrats.” I have tried repeating this to other staunch Republicans expecting a laugh, intelligent and educated people; they agreed with my father. He was borderline wealthy due to sound investments under Bill Clinton after losing lots of money under George H.W. ($8,000 in one day on one investment); he never made the connection…or refused to admit there was a connection.

    Dad died in June 1998; I used the same financial adviser to invest in two $20,000 Mutual Funds, I gained $2,000 within about 18 months and one Fund was paying me a monthly dividend of $124. George W. had been in office less than 18 months and I had lost $6,000, the $124 monthly dividend dwindled away to the point I was being charged a fee (deducted from the Mutual Fund principal) for making that investment. It took almost eight years to recoup almost $3,000. My staunch Republican cousin stopped speaking to me when I complained. These are the people who are unreachable; they support the current oligarchy system and will rush to the polls to vote for Trump and Pence on November 8th.

    Yes; you and Nancy are right in your assessment but you need to follow it with some instructions as to how to accomplish this feat.

  26. Last night I envied the reporters roaming the convention and asking random people questions.

    My choice would be to ask those opposing TPP which specific provision they thought was going to lose which specific economic segment here how many jobs? And, how is the world made better by artificially keeping those jobs here?

    Or, those who felt silenced – what do you think that the primary vote would have been if those dozen emails in question had not been written?

    Democracy hires experts to handle the most complex questions of our times. Extremism preys on fear, hatred, and ignorances.

    As the average education falls further and further behind the entirety of human knowledge more and more knowledge predators will appear on the scene selling the snake oil that benefits them most.

    We need to learn to replace cynicism with skepticism.

  27. Nancy Papas,

    I have tried to arrange my schedule to allow me to be there tomorrow, but it just isn’t gong to work since I live so far away. If you are going, I hope that you and all of the other protesters are given enough attention to get more than a 5 second blip on the news.


    I wish I could come up with instructions for how to change the minds of the republican masses that are unaware of who has been ruining their lives, but so far they have their minds completely closed to hearing any ideas for positive change. They have been thoroughly brainwashed.


    You should move to Indiana so we can all work together. That way you can leave the Jacksonville troubles behind you in the dust (or sand).

  28. JoAnn,

    “Marv; I agree with you and Nancy but, isn’t maintaining a Democrat president in the White House, voting out Republicans in Congress and repealing Citizens United what needs to be done to BEGIN destroying the current oligarchy, it’s system and the current election process?”

    I agree 100%. I can’t speak for Nancy. But I also agree 100% with Nancy’s comment today. I believe Nancy and I might see some things that you don’t. We all have different backgrounds. Sheila discussed this reality a few weeks ago and mentioned that it might cause her to miscalculate.

    No final calculations or plans can be made until the Democratic Party’s National Convention has come to a close.

  29. Louie,good post. If anyone is responsible for more Republicans being elected it is DWS.

    Here’s a good quote from Julian Assange wrt the subject:

    “Well, I mean, that’s interesting. We have seen that with a lot of other publications. I guess there’s a question: What does that mean for the U.S. Democratic Party? It is important for there to be examples of accountability. The resignation was an example of that. Now, of course, Hillary Clinton has tried to immediately produce a counter-example by putting out a statement, within hours, saying that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a great friend, and she’s incorporating her into her campaign, she’s going to be pushing for her re-election to the Congress.
    So that’s a very interesting signaling by Hillary Clinton that if you act in a corrupt way that benefits Hillary Clinton, you will be taken care of. Why does she need to put that out? Certainly, it’s not a signal that helps with the public at all. It’s not a signal that helps with unity at the DNC, at the convention. It’s a signal to Hillary Clinton partisans to keep on going on, you’ll be taken care of. But it’s a very destructive signal for a future presidency, because it’s—effectively, it’s expanding the Overton window of corruption. It doesn’t really matter what you do, how you behave; as long as that is going to benefit Hillary Clinton, you’ll be protected.”

    Of course,the narrative has been..but….but…Republicans. The truth is the Democrat Party is in a crisis. Moreso than the Republican Party. Of course,again,those comfortable enough within the Vichy Democrat demographic are unwilling to admit it. They can only counter that Trump is a dictator. Says who? There’s a reason why the apparatchiks must focus on Trump…..Because Clinton is a bad candidate. Republicans believe in what they say–no matter how wrong. Democrats have no beliefs anymore. They’re for sale for the highest bidder. I am now an independent. I’m done with the Democrat Party. I will vote for Stein -if applicable, and vote against all of Hillary’s super-delegates.

  30. Let me ask you William, what do you think the Democratic Primary vote count would have been if those dozen staff emails had not been written?

    I personally reject giving Russia power over our elections.

  31. Wrt TPP,Pete,we know you hate working people. Those jobs might be worth saving to someone else besides yourself. Many comfortable Caucasian Liberals forget that a large part of labor is black-labor. Of course,Democrats only use black America for window dressing. The New Democrats (former Republicans) hate labor. They hate labor with a vengeance. Even moreso than Repubs hate any given ethnic minority.How many among this forum live in genuine diverse neighborhoods? Not most,I’d bet.

    As far as Russia influencing our elections,give me a break. Tell it to the ghost of McCarthy. Now,the Democrats are going to bring back McCarthyism. Ain’t that a hoot?! The Democrats are bereft of any credibility and real consequence at this point. Brand loyalty is a shitstain on the body politic.

  32. OK Marv; what am I missing, what is it you and Nancy know that I don’t.

    To tell you the truth; right now I am far more concerned about the idiots who actually believe they are going to help Bernie by writing in his name or vote for the 3rd party. We can’t control or do away with the oligarchs before November 8th; we can try to get the idiots to understand not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump. How often on this blog did we comment and/or read that it was the Democrats who sat at home in 2009 who elected all those Republicans? They are all over the media today; even after Bernie told the world last night he fully supports Hillary. Now; you and I know that is NOT his first choice…nor is it mine. I think the best ballot the Democratic party could have is Bernie and Liz. But; I will join Bernie and, remembering that old Kenny Rogers song I will keep in mind, “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em!”

  33. Jo Ann,perhaps not referring to those with a differing method as idiots. How’s that for a start? For a bunch of so called refined/polite individuals,you read a lot like angry/misguided schoolkids. Come to think of it,buying into a Clinton presidency is a lot like buying an SUV because the Tv commercial shows the SUV climbing mountains and terrain you will never encounter from your own use! The Clinton–and Trump as well—might as well be dishwater soap. Both are being “sold” to the public in the same manner as soap. A gullible public will ignore the empirical history of the candidate and DEMAND that others TOW THE LINE and follow what THEY WANT/SUPPORT! Even though their stated beliefs would belie the actions of their favored candidate. That’s Stockholm Syndrome. Enough!

    Except some of us see the BS. Some of us are not willing to embrace brand loyalty. I will vote my conscience. It’s my vote. Not yours. You’re free to do as you choose with yours.

    Btw,Here’s a link that applies to most on this forum:


  34. Watching a Smithsonian piece on Washington, DC, I see that the anti-immigrationists of the day…here it comes…became the Know Nothing Party. Ron Skurat has already mentioned them today. And who says history doesn’t repeat itself? We are witnessing it now with Trump and his present-day version of the Know Nothings. We haven’t learned much in all that time, have we?

    I’m With Her! We truly are Stronger Together!

  35. William 1; here is a simple explanation for those idiots I referred to regarding their lack of understanding how voting works. It was posted by a friend of a friend trying to simplify things. “If you don’t vote, Trump needs 1 more vote to win.” If you vote for Hillary, Trump needs 2 more votes to win.”

    The friend of a friend didn’t want to confuse people by using numbers in the millions.

  36. OHHH Dear people buying into the despicable, dastardly, international hooligan Vladimir Putin is leading the orchestra in influencing American Elections. How dare he interfere in the internal politics of the Exceptional Nation??? Perhaps Putin has the latest edition of “Exceptional Nation” as an example: Iran 1953, Latin American throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, Vietnam, Chile 1971, Gulf War 2, Libya, etc., etc., etc. Funny how our commenters on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX are so intellectually vacant they cannot see the hypocrisy. Maybe they do, but that is not in the script that must be read.

    The so called News Networks are all providing the same bilge water reporting – Experts say, yeah those experts that live in the smoke and fog and told us Iraq had WMDs. Here is the script, from CNN – Yet many are already pointing the finger at Russia. But this doesn’t change the question voters in the United States should now be asking themselves: What could Putin be after in the U.S. election? Answer – In so many words and tortured logic the election of the Manchurian Candidate – Trump.

  37. The amount of believing here outstrips the evidence presented by a few orders of magnitude. Cynics not skeptics.

    I personally still believe in Democracy, that more of the time the informed out vote the un- or mis-informed when given a chance.

    I hope that the Bernie fans can fix their passion and focus on the Democratic Platform instead of whining that they deserve power instead of Democracy.

    Democracy has always been messy and totalitarianism orderly.

    We’ll get what we earn.

  38. Ah, Joann …

    “The Walrus and the Carpenter” one of my favorites

  39. I was an R for 50 years. After watching them do nothing but obstruct President Obama and his plans for four years I became a Democrat; they still did nothing but obstruct. I do not remember this country so divided since the civil rights era! We must defeat Trump before it gets worse! Wake up America!

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