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Can you stand one more post about Mike Pence?

Yesterday, a friend shared an email she received from our former Indiana Governor and current Trump toady/VP candidate.

The fundraising plea came as Pence spoke to ALEC, telling the corporate interest group that “I was for ALEC before it was cool!” (Ahem–breaking news, Mike: it still isn’t cool.) ALEC has been behind state-level voter ID measures, draconian immigration-enforcement laws and “Stand Your Ground” legislation–not to mention an anti-environmental agenda centered upon denial of climate change and support of fossil fuels. Those positions have prompted a number of  companies–including Google, AOL, Yahoo, Yelp, eBay, BP and Facebook–to leave the organization.

Pence has always had close ties to ALEC and the Koch Brothers. Other positions he has taken since joining the Trump ticket, however, represent a dramatic change from previous postures. For example, Mr. Conspicuous Piety seems positively eager to support a twice-divorced, foul-mouthed, belligerent buffoon who models behaviors inconsistent with both the culture-war positions for which the Governor was previously known and the civility he actually practiced.

(Speaking of civility: For sheer chutzpah, its hard to top Pence’s recent criticism of Democrats for “name calling.” Psychiatrists have a word for that: projection.)

What really sent me over the edge, however, was the text of the fundraising email shared by my friend.


I can’t wait until we have an America we can both be proud of again.

When we have a President who looks out for Americans first.

A President who rips up trade deals that kill American jobs. A President that builds a wall and places our National Security first. A President who will Make America Great Again!

I can’t wait until we have a leader like Donald Trump as our next President.

If you can’t wait either, then I need you to donate today so we can make that happen.

In fact, Donald Trump told me that up until Sunday, he is going to personally match your donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $1 million.

So friend, if you are like me and you can’t wait until we have a President who puts America first, then let’s work together to take our country back today.

Since this plea was written in a foreign language–Lapdog–I hope you’ll permit me to translate.


I know I used to be a proponent of free trade, but I’m carrying water for Donald Trump these days, so now I’m all for ripping up trade deals. I’m flexible.

I know I’ve spent years  preaching American exceptionalism, but Donald says America is weak and in terrible shape, so I am obediently parroting that line, too.

On the important issues, after all, Donald and I have long agreed.

Donald and I agree that we need to Make America Great Again because a President who is African-American could not possibly put America first. We need a President more like Putin. Strong.

Donald and I also totally agree that we need to take the country back from the minorities and immigrants and uppity women who are ruining it. We need to return to the good old days, when just being a straight white guy entitled you to run things, and those “others” knew their place.

And I hope you noticed my reference to Donald’s money. That’s the proof that he is qualified to be President. (And don’t go drawing negative conclusions from his refusal to make his tax returns public. If he says you don’t need to see those returns, then you don’t need to see them.) Being a rich white guy is how he knows he’s superior to everyone else, and entitled to be President, even though he is admittedly a monumental, delusional ignoramus.

One thing Hoosiers have learned since Donald Trump swooped in and saved Mike Pence from looming electoral defeat: these two truly deserve each other.


  1. Marv,

    I don’t care about BSH having issues or not. What I do care about is when a commenter comes on and personally attacks other commenters. Especially when the attacker has no basis to be attacking others.

    Pence’s constant claim to be a ‘Christian first’ does not fit at all with his actions and speech. He is anti-abortion (or as some would like to call it – prolife), yet he has cut funds in programs that are vital to single mothers and children. That is not “pro-life” at all. He even took funds from TANF and spent them on a bogus program from a PA company. The program’s method is to talk pregnant women out of abortions and tell them that abstinence is the only way to avoid pregnancy. He did not ask for the opinion of the state legislature to enter into this contract. He did it all on his own, in secret.

    I, along with many others on this blog, could go on and on about Pence’s actions and statements that completely defy his claim to be a Christian. The most recent and most egregious action being to align with Trump, after being given the opportunity to potentially run the country himself. He was against Trump and Trump’s life choices and behavior until there was something in it for him. Then all of that was forgotten. Pence has no right to claim that he is a Christian.

  2. Nancy,

    “I don’t care about BSH having issues or not. What I do care about is when a commenter comes on and personally attacks other commenters. Especially when the attacker has no basis to be attacking others.”

    I didn’t mean you don’t have a right to be really “pissed-off, especially, with the word “tacky.”

  3. Marv,

    The people that choose to attack other commenters on this blog are the “tacky” ones. That is why I suggested that BSH take a good long look at herself in the mirror and recognize herself for who/what she really is.

  4. I believe we are all stressed to the point of easily losing our tempers and lashing out; I have posted words I later thought could have been said in a less angry way. We have a right to be stressed, we have been pushed and shoved and fed lies and misconception and are facing a presidential election with questionable options; one of which should NOT even be an option. The GOP, being in control, has sold us out to corporate America with questionable defense from the Democratic party and a borderline mental case with a blatant racist campaign foundation and an already dangerous pseudo Christian running mate may soon take over the helm. Are we doing exactly what they want us to do; turning on each other and losing sight of their upward progress? Are they already winning? I have at times been physically sick and am living in fear at all times. Let’s regroup, take stock of what we have on our side and work with it. Let’s also concentrate on the state level offices which are as important as the presidential candidates for, if we do not change the current Congress, it won’t matter who moves into the White House. The world is watching; our allies are as aghast at this situation as we are and our enemies are laughing and waiting for the opportunity to strike while we flounder. God help us all; who will the world powers look to for strength and guidance if the zealots elect Trump and Pence?

  5. Good words JoAnn. Probably nobody understands all of the dynamics that got us here but no genius is required to predict the consequences of leaving here on the wrong horse.

  6. JoAnn,

    “I believe we are all stressed to the point of easily losing our tempers and lashing out”

    I’m not stressed out at all and I am not at the point of EASILY losing my temper and I don’t think Nancy is either. Nancy and I see things a little differently than you and Pete. I appreciate the thought, but I don’t need anyone to speak for me.

  7. You know, the Koch bros said if they take over state governments, it won’t matter who’s in the White House. The Kochs are trying to take over city councils, school boards, local courts. Keep it in mind.

  8. JoAnn,

    “Marv; I wasn’t speaking “for” you, I was speaking TO you and others.”

    Thanks for the clarification. However, it amounts to the same thing. We’re not in agreement.

    You want to “speak to power” but I also believe we need to “stand up to power.” That’s a big difference. It’s more physical. And it looks like we will continue to fight over this as we have been doing the past year. That’s the big advantage of Sheila’s Blog. Where else could we do that?

  9. Teach the truth with larger classes if necessary. Do not politicize or religisize our classes unde any circustanses. Those poor kids that attend religious schools grow up into Trump sympathiezers and voters, unless they are cautious.

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