Well, No One Ever Accused Pence of Being “Politically Correct”…

The Donald’s 2016 Presidential campaign is looking more and more like a really bad comedy–one of those films that tries to be clever and just ends up being an embarrassing groaner. Or maybe the appropriate comparison is to a train wreck.

Whatever it is, you want to look away–to just hide somewhere until the whole thing is over–but you really can’t take your eyes off the continuing farce…

The latest speculation is that The Donald might tap Indiana Governor Mike Pence to run as his vice-president. According to the Indianapolis Star, the two met over the weekend.

Marc Lotter, Pence’s deputy campaign manager, was not able to say whether the two talked about the possibility during the meeting.

“They talked about policies that are working in Indiana and the future of this country,” Lotter said. “Nothing was offered during the meeting, and nothing was accepted.”

Pence endorsed Trump in May, after first endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz ahead of the state’s May 3 primary election. Cruz dropped out of the race the day after losing Indiana to Trump, who received 53.3 percent of votes.

“I’m fully supportive of our presumptive nominee, and I do think Donald Trump will do well in the State of Indiana,” Pence said at the time. “I’m going to campaign hard for the Republican nominee because Indiana needs a partner in the White House.”

If they discussed policies that are working in Indiana, it was a very short meeting.

A political commentator on CBS, asked to discuss Trump’s likely VP choice, noted that Republicans who would be remotely credible had all made their disinterest in going down with this particular ship quite clear. That leaves Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie…and Pence. (Interestingly, all three have approval ratings in the 30s–just like The Donald.)

Evidently, the “calculus”–if anyone on the Trump train can spell calculus–is that Mikey would help shore up the religious right vote. (He certainly wouldn’t help with women or minorities or those pesky “elitists” who want their elected officials to understand the Constitution.)

Pence cannot run both for re-election and the Vice Presidency, so if he’s tapped and amenable, he will have to withdraw his gubernatorial candidacy.

I find this scenario fascinating and oddly satisfying. It would spell the end of Mike Pence’s political career (one small step for mankind…). A last-minute switch of the GOP’s candidate for Governor would probably assure John Gregg’s victory in November. It would give a lot of Hoosier voters an additional reason to reject Trump–not that they don’t have plenty of reasons already.

Most of all, I would love to see the inevitable political ads featuring clips from Pence’s disastrous RFRA interview with George Stephanopolous.

“Now George.” “Now George.” “Now George.”  Not a Sarah Palin performance, perhaps, but close enough.

This all really is like very bad comedy.


  1. I try to view these political issues and decisions from both sides; the possibility of Pence as Trump’s running mate is one of those issues/decisions which demands serious consideration from all of us. We can view it as a possible nightmare or a dream come true IF Pence removes himself from the gubernatorial race.

    A nightmare if he joins Trump and they win the election.

    A dream come true if he joins Trump and they lose – and we kill two dodo birds with one election.

    Of course, Pence joining Trump puts the entire Republican party in Indiana in a state of flux; who will the GOP force on us as his replacement? Either way; we here in Indiana are in a “Wag The Dog” situation, an entirely unfunny attempt at political comedy.

  2. Pure speculation on my part, but I believe the state GOP would welcome the exit of Pence in the gubernatorial race. Bosma has already staked out his claim (Howey Politics 7/5/2016).

    I would prefer he stay in the race and get his hiney handed to him at the polls.

  3. I can’t imagine Pence would be Trump’s VP. That move would make sense if he was polling badly compared to Gregg, but Pence is still up. Why hitch your wagon to Trump, whose election is still pretty unlikely, when it looks like maintaining a governorship is a lock?

  4. Pence has been on the wrong side of policy and needs to be defeated in Indiana whether for governor or veep. He has not, however as far as I know, stooped to the name calling nastiness of Trump. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around evangelicals and Pence embracing Trump as their candidate. I’d rather trust a snake. My apologies to those animals.

  5. Besides the fact that Sue Ellspermann did not see eye-to-eye with Pence on all social issues, isn’t it possible she was shown the door because Pence anticipated this opportunity and wanted a stronger lieutenant (i.e., a man, and one who is a powerful GOP insider) in place before election season? She didn’t have to step down just to compete for the position at Ivy Tech; she had to leave because there was a strategy in place. If Pence is the VP candidate, Republicans will not line up for John Gregg in November. In fact, some who may have planned to vote for him will gladly vote for Eric Holcomb instead. And then Pence will be out of a job for a while . . . until he runs for the Senate, or takes over the helm at Liberty University or some similar institution where his medieval ideas are shared.

  6. When will the democratic party in Indiana present a candidate that is actually a liberal? I don’t think for a minute that Pence would lose to Gregg.

    But if Trump does pick Pence, I will be dancing in the streets come November especially if they lose! bawaahaaaaa I see Trump picking a woman to counter the Hillary ‘woman’ vote. Kinda like McCain did in ’08. Still losers.

  7. I laughed out loud when I read your statement that Pence’s and Trump’s meeting being very short if they discussed policies that were working in Indiana because that it the exact same thought that I had.

    I really want to see Pence lose in Indiana and then watch him attempt to find out what it is like to search for gainful employment – anywhere in this country. Sadly, it amazes me that a loser like him ever achieved the office of governor. Now that loser is willing to sell his soul to have the chance at becoming VP. Can you even imagine how painful it would be for him to deal with Trump on a daily basis? That thought is actually satisfying.

    He knows that winning a re-election this fall in Indiana is a long shot, so he is looking out for himself in all regards, as usual. Any decent person running for re-election as governor would have refused a meeting with Trump, but Pence has proven over and over and over that he has no decency and is really only concerned about his own preservation.


  9. every single democrat eligible to vote must must must get to a voting booth on election day. this election is crucial. every vote is needed in every precinct and district. because the troglodytes certainly will. our very lives are going to depend on it. because drumpf with his finger on nuclear bombs to the possibility of 4 justices on the supreme court, to the state being handed over lock, stock and barrel to the kochroaches is unthinkable.


  11. I find it interesting that the criticism of Pence is not limited to policy differences. Most here seem to be appalled that he would consider another position while running for re-election. At least in Indiana, unlike Connecticut, he cannot appear on the ballot for both positions. Were you equally incensed when Joe Lieberman was simultaneously running for VP and Senate?

  12. Trump running with Pence? What a gift! A two-fer! There is a God! Let’s cross our fingers.

    Trump choosing Pence would only be consistent with Trump’s history of bad decisions designed to shoot himself in the foot. I’m still inclined to believe that Trump is a Democrat plant.

  13. Whether or not Trump is an embarrassment, a train wreck, or just bad news, we still must remember that he is so dangerous. I think that fact is partly because he spits out his little sound bites that can be captuted and brought home to be nurtured, enriched, and passed on to whomever will listen.

    The Democrats must establish a plan that cannot be confused with his. (I refer to the TPP stand.) All Democrats must be fluent in arguing why the TPP is not for the people. Would you, Sheila, like to write a paper or suggest a teach-in so that we can be fluent on this subject? Remember the fact that the corporate writers of the TPP have used the same method of induction and secrecy with legislators that ALEC did (and continues to do) for more than 20 years with State conservative legislators, to the devastataion of us all. We have to get this thing right, or else!

  14. So no matter what the outcome of the election we will have a republican governor.

  15. This is very much an aside and based on personal preference, so feel free to disregard. But, I dislike use of the nickname “The Donald.” I feel like it gives him more significance than he deserves and provides him with a kind of power like when Dumbledore simply used the name “Tom” instead of referring to “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “Voldemort.”

    Just plain “Donald” is a nice counterpart in a campaign where we routinely refer to “Hillary.”

  16. “kochroaches”. Word of the day. Thanks Keanna.

    A good reminder that the brothers Koch are still out there investing in chaos in order to maintain their lifeblood at the expense of everyone’s future.

    And the racists? Still there too desperate to show their superiority.

    And the sexists. Incredulous that some people actually believe that politics could be women’s work.

    Not to mention the good Brothers and Sisters, Christian soldiers all, ready and willing to follow their King into hell to defeat the infidels from the east and live as his subjects under Christian sharia law.

    And our economic aristocracy reclaiming their rights as masters, or is it masta’s, of the universe. The entitled elite.

    There’s also Billy Joe Bob who though on welfare now would be thriving if it wasn’t for that Mexican hoard willing to actually work for peanuts. Actually work!

    Then of course we can’t forget those whose patriotism is literally defined by their ownership of machines of death. The horsemen of the Apocalypse ready and willing.

    They’ve entered their choice, a Brooklyn thug qualified by the size of his ego and dreams of his man parts who actually took the money daddy gave him and over a lifetime hasn’t lost it all yet, trying to prove that if Sarah was qualified, he can be too.

    Of course the King has chosen them too, the floor sweepings of Democracy, as his loyal subjects, to raise up to the world how great he is.

    It’s the Circus de sludge, products of ubiquitous screens using entertainment as a lobotomy tool.

    Are there enough freedom loving democracy believing whole human beings left to reclaim America though disemboweled by clever redistricting?

    I believe so but look at the number of the living dead that we face.

  17. “Whether or not Trump is an embarrassment, a train wreck, or just bad news, we still must remember that he is so dangerous.”

    MaryJo; another THANK YOU! I got back on line specifically to ask if people/voters in this country realize that, win or lose, Trump’s supporters are a danger to all of us. If he wins the will be given carte blanche to escalate their outpouring of hatred and racism on all levels. Who will there be to stop them? If he loses; these same Trump supporters will be out for vengeance and retaliation in full force and if Congress and state level Republicans retain their hold, again – who will there be to stop them? We face violence whatever the outcome of the presidential race and they are everywhere, in great numbers. The current Congress and state level Republicans will have full control and can do much damage until January 1, 2017.

    Being Politically Correct has no place in their level of hate and violence, let alone their vocabulary. Win or lose, we need to resort to Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover’s level of paranoia and look for Trump supporters under every bush.

  18. Is there some sort of large platter we can put Mike Pence on, so we can present him to Trump? We’ll need to clarify our strict “No returns” policy on this.

  19. When the USSR collapsed, we found out that Joe McCarthy’s concerns, if not his methods, were spot on! It amazes me that you fear people anxious to try something different (Trump or Sanders) in response to a government that is not working more than you fear fools who want to give that government run amok more power. Anyone care to explain?

  20. Ken, I was angry that Lieberman was even a senator!

    I called his office more than once to voice my opinion on his awful stances.

  21. I just watched the Director of the FBI announce their findings on Sec Clinton’s email situation. It certainly supports her opinion that she was careless in supervising the technical aspects of her office. That technology is certainly miles over the heads of almost all of us but require those in authority to pay very close attention to experts and heed their advice.

    To me it’s climate change in microcosm. Experts know of what they speak. Those who don’t speak the same language are ill advised to follow their intuition when it is clearly inadequate to the situation.

    One certainly hopes that those succeeding her as Sec State don’t merely repeat the actions of their predecessors because the technical world pivots on a dime and what was becomes not what is instantly.

    As we find time after time after time political rumors cannot ever be relied on. As in criminal law only supported evidence is telling

    Of course the Justice Dept will take the evidentiary input from the FBI and decide on prosecution. In the meantime the campaign’s must go on.

    Let’s see if her campaign can stay on the high road of reliable information and avoid rumor mongering for it’s sure that her opposition cannot afford to.

  22. Ken, here’s the key.

    “government that is not working” as an opinion driven by cynicism is not worth responding to.

    Try facts, evidence supported truth.

    And remember that 2008 was the low point in the American journey so far. Prior to that we tried your ideas. Since, our ideas to the degree that Republican shut down Congress and Supreme Court allowed.

    Any reasonable person distrusts cynicism. That’s called skepticism.

  23. Of course now the leading rumor spread by those who deem themselves the popular ones will be that Bill Clinton is so persuasive that in a half an hour he can convince Loretta Lynch to ignore FBI gathered evidence and recommendations. Not only that he’s so blatantly stupid as to hold a private meeting in public.

    The problem is not that political parties turn in desperation to desperate measures. The problem is those whose nose is so deeply buried in the screen of their choice that they believe it to be the real world.

  24. Joe McCarthy’s concerns were spot on?

    I didn’t get that email.

    The bogie man was never positively ID’d although lots of folks were persecuted. It turned out to be the contemporary version of the Salem Witch Trials which were deemed a success by those perps too.

  25. Ken, it appears that the government is not working in the way that benefits you so lets keep government out of our lives except where it benefits you and all will be well.

  26. Irvin, just exactly what government meddling is it that you presume that I favor? The government is not working, period! We have seen our competitive edge in education to deteriorate since the advent of the dept of education. We have seen (until fracking) the country’s dependence on foreign oil more than double since the department of energy was created to reduce that dependence. We have seen the national debt quadrupled in the past 16 years, infrastructure falling down, dramatic decreases in percent of workforce participation rate. No slowing of the rising costs of healthcare with 8 million fewer people insured privately. and no progress on immigration reform. Nothing got better when democrats had full power and nothing got better when republicans took Congress. No one is competent, it seems to me.

  27. If government is not working, read Jane Mayer’s book DARK MONEY and you’ll see why. The vast right wing conspiracy just got vaster.

  28. Ken, nothing that I know of gets better without investing on it. No government, no business, no church, no family, none of the institutions that I’m aware of.

    Bush drastically reduced income to government primarily by tax breaks for his wealthy friends, spent like a drunken sailor on wars, and kept the economy overstimulated with near zero interest rates. The only thing that he did smart was time the collapse (you do remember 2008 right?) coincident with his departure.

    Obama restored over the same time frame what Bush destroyed. So we agree, bad government is unaffordable. It almost sunk the ship.

    So now you are saying let’s start the down cycle again. Low taxes, high military, shut down democracy and the commensurate freedom. Let Wall St have their way with us again.

    No thank you. Screw us once shame on you. Twice, shame on us.

  29. Ken; you stated Joe McCarthy was spot on, blatant public (live telecasting) government meddling into the private lives of hundreds of innocent people.

    You stated the national debt has quadrupled over the past 16 years; what amount has your personal debt (living expenses) increased over the past 16 years – what has your food debt increased over the past one year?

    Infrastructure falling down while sports venues increase and are well maintained with our tax dollars.

    Medical care and health care insurance has been increasing the past three decades; one problem is that primary physicians are no longer allowed to practice medicine, they are highly paid information and referral specialists, referring all patients to expensive specialists who require expensive testing. All of the began long before the ACA was a twinkle in President Obama’s eye – or the eye of Republicans who authored portions of the bill and tried during the Bush administration to get it passed under a different name.

    And all of the above was and is considered “Politically Correct”; now we have the addition of Trump who endangers the lives of entire groups of people. Will this country accept this form of Trumpism as politically correct government on November 8th? We will not know the answer to that until that night – unless we have another contested election with another bogus but somehow politically correct recount.

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