What Can One Person Do?

Early Wednesday morning, I got a call from my 14-year-old grandson. He wanted reassurance that there are limits to what Trump can do, that “checks and balances” will contain him. He wanted to know what I thought would happen now.

He wanted to know just how frightened he should be.

My grandson is a freshman at an excellent high school in downtown Indianapolis. Before high school, he went to a magnet school, also downtown. His friends include African-Americans, Latinos and Muslims. Some of his classmates’ families immigrated to the United States. He is Jewish. During this ugly, divisive campaign they’ve all heard what will happen to “their kind” when Trump is President.

So many parents asked the principal of his high school what they should tell their children about these threats that she sent out an article from the Huffington Post, addressing that question.

Tell them, first, that we will protect them. Tell them that we have democratic processes in the U.S. that make it impossible for one mean person to do too much damage. Tell them that we will protect those democratic processes ― and we will use them ― so that Trump is unable to act on many of the false promises he made during his campaign.

Tell them, second, that you will honor the outcome of the election, but that you will fight bigotry. Tell them bigotry is not a democratic value, and that it will not be tolerated at your school.

I encourage those of you with children and grandchildren to read the entire article. But all of us who value fundamental American values of inclusion and equality–whether we are young or old, whether we have children or not, whether we are part of a minority group or as WASPy as they come–must resist the urge to “go along” with Trump’s efforts to undermine those values.

Many years ago, there was a television mini-series about the Holocaust that my mother and I watched with my children. After one episode, my mother said –with great conviction– that, had she been a German, she would never have gone along with the Nazis, that she would never have participated or stood by silently.

As I told her at the time, I wish I could be so sure of how I would have behaved. It’s one thing to sit on a couch in a free country and speculate on your response to a situation you don’t face, but when fascism (or any sort of authoritarianism) begins, it’s deceptively easy to convince yourself that this is just a “hiccup”–that really bad things aren’t happening, that the “other guy” would have been as bad or worse.

It’s so tempting to close your eyes to injustices aimed at other people. After all, we have lives to live, errands to run, houses to clean, offices to go to. How many of us would really, actively resist fascist measures that didn’t immediately or directly threaten us or our families?

It appears we are going to get the chance to answer that question.

In the wake of this horrific election and what a Trump Administration portends, every person of good will must resolve right now to be one of the “good Germans,” to be like the people who didn’t go along, who didn’t close their eyes, who didn’t make excuses for the early scapegoating, nativism and bigotry that ultimately enabled genocide.

This is a test. I can only hope we studied for it.


  1. Where were the “checks and balances” when Congress refused to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court? Where were those checks and balances when Republican states were gerrymandered to such a degree that any future opposition was defeated before it got started? Those very same people who have maneuvered us to this point, both at state and national levels, are the ones now in total control of this country.

  2. Giuliani was on Fox after the protests started. His response was the protesters were a bunch of spoiled crybabies. Volley one. I have to think that the dark money is about to run the table in what used to be the United States of America. The idea of Giuliani holding a cabinet post (Attorney General) is a frightening prospect. Secretary of State Gingrich. Homeland Security Christie. There isn’t an honest SOB in the bunch and they’re supposed to be the “change” that their supporters voted for.

    The checks and balances are gone; this administration will mark a new low in ethics; I wouldn’t expect any legal actions against them as the administration owns the justice system. Two years until congress stands for an election and voters have the opportunity for a correction. Given the results on Tuesday, I hold little hope that those who clearly voted for “change” (and simultaneously against their own long term best interest) will recognize or acknowledge their mistake.

  3. As I have mentioned before, putting it to the Jews is one thing; putting it to the African-Americans and Latinos is another. One makes partial sense, the other less than none or equating more to insanity.

    The Occupy Movement was not for real, the riots we are witnessing are for real. They won’t abate. Too much is on the line.

  4. With all due respect to honorable police officers, there are many deputies and officers who welcome authoritarianism, who think the badge is a license to bully people who are unable to fight back. As police salaries have fallen behind inflation, the quality of police, especially in smaller communities has declined. Trump has given violence and hate permission to go public. I don’t know how we are going to counter this but it is something we have to face.

  5. I think of two things right now. One is Walt Kelly’s line: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” and the other is my mother’s favorite adage: ” God helps those who help themselves.” We like to believe that we have rights because they are enshrined in a document or because someone else fought for them. We have them because we are willing to fight for them; we lose them the moment we are not.
    I believe it was Jo Ann Green who, in a past post, said that the Founding Fathers who gave us the vote in order to protect our freedoms and our nation. That is not correct. What they gave us–and what we have long since forgotten–was a democratic philosophy of civic activism. By being active in political affairs we eliminate the documents protecting us because we become that active document. I don’t know about you folks but I for one didn’t feel I had much control over the Democratic Party in this race: I don’t know any party officials, didn’t have any voice in the nominating process, etc. What I got was a tepid candidate with reheated platform from the 90s (oh, lest we forget, a DNC chairwoman who was plotting to block Sanders’ nomination). Representative government is a government which now represents someone else, just like the supposedly “free press,” checks and balances, etc.
    I haven’t done anything politically active since the late 60s and 70s (the antiwar movement), for which I am more than a little bit ashamed. I have no idea how to “get politically involved”
    at this juncture, but this must be explored. If we want the country to be democratic we need to work to do just that. A good bit of the rancor of this past election season stems from the fact that many people feel abandoned by the political process. Not just Trump voters but Clinton voters and non-voters (the response I received from many about voting for Clinton–among both women as well as men was, “Just hold your nose …. ” Not a very inspiring recommendation. We need to get passed “somebody owes me something” or “I have rights” to going out and securing them.

  6. I stand strong with Theresa Bowers and Marv Kramer today; the two paragraphs from the Huffington Post are bullshit meant to placate Americans – not only the commenters on this vital daily blog – but all Americans while we are at a weak point, trying to recover. All of those “checks and balances” went by the wayside when the GOP supported Donald Trump as their nominee for president and the Democratic party REFUSED to nominate Bernie Sanders as the right choice for Americans. The “checks and balances” have been ignored and denied by the current Congress and SCOTUS. Our government is not to be believed any more than the pictures of President Obama and Donald Trump as “besties” after their initial meeting yesterday.

    Somehow; what I read as the blatant truth of this entire presidential campaign and the ultimate loss of sanity, logic and common sense in government can be found in the column “Separating blame, responsibility” by E.J.Dionne of the Washington Post in the Indianapolis Star this morning. It must have slipped past all editors of the Indianapolis Star and Gannett, Inc., to have been published here. I will quote only Mr. Dionne’s final paragraph in opposition of the two from the Huffington Post.

    “I find it hard to accept that my fellow citizens in such large numbers embraced a man so threatening to our standing in the world and so cavalier about our basic rights. But we cannot allow fear or anger to drive us from the field. If ever our nations needed a determined, thoughtful and creative opposition, it is now.”

    We must now create our own “checks and balances” as our “determined, thoughtful and creative opposition” to the newly elected facist regime.

  7. As a reminder – and warning – Trump has stated he wants to abolish the federal Department of Education. He will have that Constitutional right if Congress supports him.

    Any “checks and balances” on the agenda with our Republican Congress remaining in charge?

  8. Illegal alien , like Islamic terrorist is a word that just will not be uttered from your trendy elites. Tell your grandson the truth – If his friends – regardless of “race” , color , creed , or country of origin are legal , THEN THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. if THEY ARE not LEGAL , THEN THEY are HARDENED criminals , and should be detained in The Carlyle Group owned FEMA Death CAMPS .
    Unless like Islamic Terrorist , and Illegal alien , you don’t believe they exist.

  9. To All,

    Before we can do anything we must get in touch with the political reality of RACISM especially the BLACKMAILING OF THE JEWS, PLAYING ONE MINORITY GROUP AGAINST ANOTHER, MUTATION OF ANTI-SEMITISM INTO RACISM, CODING, and OTHER DECEPTIVE DEVICES that have been used from the very beginning. We have many, many, problems in America, but racism is #1 and that’s the main reason for the fix we are now in. Could there be any other explanation for someone like Donald Trump being elected President?

    I would strongly suggest that going to another Michael Moore movie concerning the problems in the “rust belt” isn’t going to be the answer to our problems. It will only make it more difficult to face up to REALITY. To attack cancer, you don’t start with a band-aid. You first diagnose what is the ROOT CAUSE of the disease. And then hope to successfully treat it.

  10. Theresa Bowers – the points you have made are the exact reason why so many of us are both sad and angry.

    My only hope is that the younger generation will rise up in two or four years and bring sanity and positive changes that are needed so badly.

  11. The final arbiter of just what it means to have voted for a mentally defective person could be an invitation from Trump to Putin to ride along with him in the inaugural parade waving at the adoring masses. One has to protect his Russian investments and remain competitive with Russian oligarchs, you know, and not let this presidential thing distract one from the ultimate quest for bigger profits. Government? Let Pence run things. Just what we did and didn’t do Tuesday and the real world results we will face are still unknown, but crooks in government are likely to deliver crooked government as a matter of course. I await attempts at privatization of every program where there is a pile money in evidence, accelerating wage inequality, reduction in corporate taxes – the usual. Let’s fasten our seat belts and robustly defend what is left of our tattered democracy because it’s going to be a rough ride until we get another shot at these Gilded Age money changers two years from now.

  12. Nancy,

    I think the younger generation is already rising up. I’ll be joining them this Saturday at 5 PM at the State House to rally against Trump’s election. Then on the 17th I’ll be at the meeting for women who want to organize against Trump at 5:30 PM at 11411 N. Michigan Road (ARN Funeral Home).

  13. The checks and balances are useless if those in charge have abandoned them in spirit and rejected the authority of the law to guide them, as the Republicans almost already have. And I think in any authoritarian style takeover the people of the U.S. will be pushovers. You may think the “patriots,” the people with military experience, the county law enforcement, and others will stand up to force, but if that force is represented a as redeeming or purifying element and has the air of authority they will be joined by those with the same instincts that caused them to vote for Trump — the FOP endorsed him, remember? The country folk will fall in line and the concentrated populations of the cities will fall quickly to militarized forces and martial law. Remember the Patriot Act? Our unconstitutional and parasitic intelligence and military complexes? Habeus corpus is already suspended for “terrorists,” my friends. Perhaps the time to fight has come and gone while we were watching the Kardashians. At least the pipelines will be built on time.

  14. Nancy,

    Theresa is right. That means the PEOPLE are going to have to apply the “checks and balances,” not in two or four years, but now. That’s what the marches are all about. But it is going to take much, much more for a significant number of Americans to AWAKE to the political reality that we are facing.

  15. Over it,

    We are having the same nightmare. What makes so many think that in two years we will even have another election?

  16. Theresa; have you thought about contacting Dana Black to let her know where you will be and what you will be doing on both days? We MUST create a new, strong Democratic party and the first person I thought of was Dana; strengthening and organizing against Trump and strengthening her next bid for Brian Bosma’s House seat. Just a thought!

  17. Let’s don’t make the same mistake again. At least I hope we don’t. We’re dealing with a fascist movement in its early stages. It has achieved an election success through massive deception. But it is a MOVEMENT. It will be moving like a “Blitzkreig” after the Inauguration. It can only be stopped by a COUNTERVAILING MOVEMENT. The Democratic Party needs to be revamped, but it’s not a countervailing force and will never be one. Let’s try not to STRAY from the HARD TRUTHS that got us into this perilous situation.

  18. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Martin Niemoller said it better than I ever could.

  19. The one thing I am doing today is mailing letters to my congressman and senators, reminding them of their duty to represent me and ensure all have equal protection under the law. They must do that, no matter their political persuasion, and I will be holding them accountable.

  20. “putting it to the Jews is one thing; putting it to the African-Americans and Latinos is another. One makes partial sense, the other less than none or equating more to insanity”

    Putting it to the Jews makes partial sense? WTH? Spoken like a bad German.

  21. I have been faced with a reality in this election.

    I grew up on a farm near a rural community, and since returning from four years in the Marine Corps have lived the rest of my life in cities. This election was the first one that really focused my attention on the differences in those environments, and the ways that difference has driven our politics for years. Guns, abortion, budget, welfare – all of these issues take on totally different importance in those two worlds. We are an urban nation. We have a rural government. The electoral is biased toward rural states.

    Unless we can learn to address this divide, and come up with a united approach to issues, we will have a very hard time balancing proposals and actions by government or individuals.

  22. The Constitution is a piece of paper. It only rules those who accept it. What it says about government is useless if democracy elects those with no respect for it.

  23. Comment from Bernie Sanders – > “It is an embarrassment, I think, to the entire of [the] Democratic Party that millions of white working-class people decided to vote for Mr. Trump, which suggests that the Democratic message of standing up for working people no longer holds much sway among workers in this country,” the progressive senator and one-time presidential candidate told the Associated Press.

    “You cannot be a party which on one hand says we’re in favor of working people, we’re in favor of the needs of young people but we don’t quite have the courage to take on Wall Street and the billionaire class,” he continued. “People do not believe that. You’ve got to decide which side you’re on.”
    Here is a comment from Robert Reich >> As a first step, I believe it necessary for the members and leadership of the Democratic National Committee to step down and be replaced by people who are determined to create a party that represents America – including all those who feel powerless and disenfranchised, and who have been left out of our politics and left behind in our economy.

    The Democratic Party as it is now constituted has become a giant fundraising machine, too often reflecting the goals and values of the moneyed interests. This must change. The election of 2016 has repudiated it. We need a people’s party – a party capable of organizing and mobilizing Americans in opposition to Donald Trump’s Republican party, which is about to take over all three branches of the U.S. government. We need a New Democratic Party that will fight against intolerance and widening inequality.

    We shall see when the DNC in March 2017, party officials hold a full DNC meeting to elect a new chair what direction will be taken. Will it be another Corporate Establishment Hack (like Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Donna Brazile) or a Real Liberal Progressive.

    What is interesting is in 2008 according to what I can find 131,473,705 voted in the Presidential Election, in 2016 the tally so far is 127,384,501 voted for President.

    Obama in 2008 received 69,498,516 votes vs McCain’s 59,948,323. Obama received 65,915,795 votes in 2012 vs Rombots 60,933,504, total votes 128,768,072 for President. For 2016 Clinton received 60,555,017 vs the Trumpet’s 60,088,797, with 127,384,501 total votes cast for President.

    Some how and for some reasons the Democrats lost nearly 9,000,000 voters in the Presidential Election from 2008 to 2016 and roughly 5,000,000 from 2012 to 2016.

  24. Cathy,

    “Putting it to the Jews is one thing; putting it to the African-Americans and Latinos is another. One makes partial sense, the other less than none or equating more to insanity”

    “Putting it to the Jews makes partial sense?” WTH? Spoken like a BAD German”

    No. Spoken like a half-Jew. It made partial sense to the Germans. [They had a very successful scapegoat, but their nation was destroyed for using it] I agree It made no sense to the Jews. I’m focused on the Germans, it doesn’t do any good to focus just on the Jews. Anti-Semitism is a problem for everyone, not just the Jews. Without opposition, it will lead to “democracide” just as it did in Germany. See my site: http://www.Democracide.info. That’s one of the reasons we’re in this “stinking mess.” All we know about the Nazi movement is the gas chambers. It might do us all well to understand how we got to that stage.

    But, I do understand your displeasure. However, no apology for the TRUTH. The Jewish Establishment, just like the other minority groups, has had problems with it, which I can understand, but that doesn’t mean that I have to join in.

    Strategists in the Republican Party have used a “Nazi playbook” for a long time. Using minorities along with the Jews as scapegoats in America makes NO sense. The Jews in Germany were less than 1%; African-Americans and Latinos make-up about 40%. The Jews weren’t able to do anything about it. That’s not the case with African-Americans and Latinos. That was my point. I was speaking as an American or American Jew if you like, but not a Zionist. If you have been a daily commenter on the blog you would have understood it.

    By the way, while I was in Dallas, I was the Spokesperson for the American Jewish Congress as well as the Jewish War Veterans, along with representing the Presbyterian Church.

  25. I’ve been following this blog recently though have never posted a comment. I appreciate Sheila’s insight and am grateful to read responses from people who are much smarter than I. If anyone is so inclined, thought I would share the link to an article which helped me understand (a little)….how we got here.

  26. Louie; a quote from another column in the Star today, “Trump united the forces of populism” by Andrea Neal, columnist for the Indiana Policy Review.

    “Exit polls showed Trump captured 50 percent of the union vote in the Midwestern Rust Belt, which Democrats assumed belonged to them.”


    In the same article she states “Mike Pence hit the nail on the head. On Sept. 8, while speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, he declared that the spirit of 1980 was back and that Donald Trump would win the White House.”

    At lease he admitted the Republican party is moving us backwards; just didn’t admit the truth of how far back they are moving us.

  27. Was digging through some papers the other day, and found an essay I wrote as a junior in high school. It advocated for abolishment of the Electoral College, because the reasons it was instituted in the first place no longer applied. Laurence O’Donnell did an excellent piece last night on how this could be accomplished without a Constitutional Amendment, and that is by states enacting statutes that require the electoral college voters to mirror the actual votes, which 11 states have already done. He pointed out that if 4 more states had already done so, we wouldn’t all be suffering migraines and dyspepsia and fearing for our future. He also pointed out the disparity in Electoral College representation. Wyoming has 3 votes. If California had an equivalent number of representatives based on population, it would
    have almost 200 votes, rather than the 50-something it has. Given that this injustice produced UNA as President, change isn’t going to happen any time soon. How far into the hole do we need to go before real change happens?

    I wish I could believe that UNA will rise to the challenge, but last night he apparently got his Twitter account back and tweeted that the protesters were put up to their demonstrations by the media. In his egomaniacal mind, it isn’t possible that people are actually upset that he beat out Hillary even though she got more votes than he did. News outlets reported that the Russian government confirmed that it had been communicating with UNA’s campaign all along, just like the Democrats said. Also reported was the fact that Trump has assembled a group of the most hawkish generals he can find. You just know that someone in the Middle East is going to flip us off, and the military industrial complex is just itching to get things going strong again. Our sons and daughters will die and be maimed for life. I’m sure that the banks and Wall Street have already figured out how they’re going to screw us next. Just hope you’re not too old to start over, because you might have to after your investments tank and taxes go up.

    See, if UNA was just a mouthy guy that went a little overboard sometimes, I wouldn’t be as concerned, but he honest to God has deeply ingrained personality flaws and lacks the temperament to be a President. He will delegate, and those surrounding him aren’t good people either. Maybe he’ll keep his campaign promise and Giuliani will have the FBI slap the cuffs on Hillary on Inauguration Day. Maybe that is what it will take to wake people up.

  28. JoAnn, as a Boomer and Union person from late 1960’s and early 1970’s I watched the Democratic slowly but surely abandon Unions. Oh the Democratic Party took Union Campaign Contributions but not the Union cause. Bill Clinton IMHO with NAFTA and Permanent Normal Trade relations with China wrecked what was left of our consumer goods production industrial base.

    Back when Raygun was still President there were still some remnants of the old Democratic Party to keep him check in the Senate and House.

    I suppose at some point the Chinese will remind the Trumpet they can ruin our economy if he gets frisky. The Chinese would hurt their own economy but the dictatorship there will have no qualms about crushing any dissent. The Russians would remind the Trumpet Western Europe could have a very cold winter if Russian gas production is cut back if he decides to try to push Putin around.

    Can you imagine all the Wall Street people like Goldman Sachs, etc., lining up for the Trumpets ear??? Privatize Social Security, Medicare, the VA etc., ohh what a pot gold the vampires of Wall Street must see, smell and taste. The Clinton’s will feel like they got left at the altar.

  29. First, I agree with those who have posted previously that there are now no effective checks and balances. The only thing that will prevent Trump and the Tea Party — Blow Up the Federal Government — members of Congress from running the entire table with every hair-brained right wing wish are the consciences of 4-5 Republican senators, who might still have one left. I don’t know if they are brave enough or strong enough to at least provide some resistance to the worst-of-the worst. Very slim peg to put your hopes on.

    Second, I’ve been struggling — in many ways — since Tues night. The way my mind works, and I think probably the minds of many others, when something bad or truly incomprehensible has happened is to keep mulling it over trying to make sense of it. What happened? Why did it happen? What does it mean for me and my loved ones and the rest of the country? Is there anything I — We — can do to make it better?

    Obviously, in hindsight, some of those questions are easier to answer than others, and the ones easiest to answer don’t and won’t change what is going to happen to us. I don’t know what any of us can do to prevent the really bad stuff from being done to the Country. Probably raise our voices, march and protest if and when necessary, help identify and find better candidates for the Democratic Party, vote in the next Congressional elections in 2 years. None of those things are going to stop Trump and the Tea Partiers from doing most of what they want.

    In the category of FWIW: As my mind has being trying to process the reality of a Trump presidency with control of both Houses of Congress and a soon to be right-wing controlled Sup. Ct., I came up with this dichotomy although it really does nothing to change anything.

    Trump is not dumb. But most of the things a President needs to know about and be able to deal with are things he not only doesn’t know about but never before even thought about. His whole life has been about himself and what will make him richer or more famous, and because he is white, weathy, and famous, he’s always been able to do and get away with pretty much whatever he wanted to (None of this or new or requires any great insight). But having said that, I don’t think he has any bedrock core principles or beliefs other than himself and maybe his kids. During his adult lifetime, he has been on every side of virtually every issue, sometimes more than once back and forth, perhaps even on the same day.

    Given his basic personality traits, I’m most terrified of what Trump will do in the area of Foreign Affairs, the on-going wars, the fight against Isis and terrorists. Despite his braggadocio, he hasn’t a clue about any of it, and Putin and the Russians have already manipulated him and will continue to do so. Not sure he even understands he is being used; maybe he thinks he’s using Putin. Based on his history in business, he will not listen to his military advisors — even he gets better Generals — if they tell him what he doesn’t want to hear. That’s really terrifying because of his control over the nuclear arsenal.

    But on all of the other domestic issues, I think Trump being President really matters in only one respect. He will not, IMO, check or veto anything the Tea Party might pass or do. Even if Trump is for some of the same things and even if he proposes some of them. The right-wingers in Congress were and are going to pass all of that stuff anyway.

    None of this will change or make anything.

  30. Louie I’m pretty sure that the electoral failures of the Democratic Party are due to their allegiance to the truth. They were and are being massively out lied by the GOP at all levels.

    What to do? Lie better and more often? A better solution would be to educate the electorate to be more proficient at distinguishing truth.

    Who’s going to do that now?

  31. Sure, Marv; and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

    Louie; the Democrats ignored unions and the Republicans passed law enacting Right To Work. I am from a union family; UAW all the way so it sickened me to see the unions die out to what remains today.

  32. Oops; forgot to make the comment which is the reason for getting back on the blog. Trump has removed Christie as head of his transition team and replaced him with Pence. Could something be afoot; did we only receive the abridged version of this change…pun definitely intended here.

  33. Marv foretold every bit of this very unfortunate turn-of-events. We are now watching a so-called “transition” team which is building the most godawful administration from as far back as Marv or I or any others of us who are of a certain age can remember. To add big insult to serious injury, Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has just been added to that team…er…gang of inept individuals. The saints preserve us!

    Marv’s right again in saying that here and now is the time! No more name-calling or we-shoulda’s or what-if’s. That all happened on Tuesday and Wednesday. Time for a plan, all you clear-thinking Americans who love this country as much as I do. There are more Elizabeth Warrens and Howard Deans out there. Lots of ’em! Believe it! It is time to get our poo-poo in perspective. In fact, we’re three days late already. To the work! We don’t have to take this lying down! I am hopeful that we have finally shot ourselves in the collective foot for the last time. This calls for serious, meaningful action (no violence), keeping in mind that we have all three branches of government to contend with, so this is no job for the timid or the spineless. Are you in?

    Thanks to Sheila, Marv, Nancy, Theresa, Peggy, and others who feel the same sense of emergency here! Ed, too, especially when he said that his admiration for Sheila is boundless. Lead the way, Sheila!

  34. I would like to thank everyone who has replied. All the comments have given me insight.

    Please remember the Cherokee Removal, also known “Trail of Tears”. The Cherokee won their case in the Supreme Court, yet they still were forced off their land. Neither Congress or the President respected the court’s ruling.

    My Dad almost became violent when I read “Mein Kampf”. I remember Dad said, “When Hitler come for the disabled, I said nothing. When Hitler came for the Jews, I said nothing. When Hiler came for me, there was no one.” I know the quote is not his, but he was the first to tell me. We need to speak or there will be no one to speak for us.

    Ronald Rodgers

  35. Betty,

    I agree with you 110%. We needed to have moved yesterday and started to re-organize, not around Bernie Sanders, who I admire, but around Sheila Kennedy, who I admire more. With all due respect to the State of Vermont, Indiana is much more strategic.


    Don’t you agree?

  36. Since our friends in the Republican Party are itching for a game of “Fascism,” I believe we should organize at the deepest level around a structure similar to the one created in Germany and much feared by the Nazis……THE WHITE ROSE.

  37. Marv and Betty; build a stronger Democratic party by seeking those strong officials (such as Andre Carson) and strong proponents of civic knowledge and involvement (such as Sheila Kennedy). If the weak links (such as Donnelly) cannot be strengthened, seek strong replacements but…where are they hiding? Marv; you are a source for those in your area who would add to the much needed strength of the Dems in your area. Sheila and Andre Carson are the only two strong Democrats I am aware of in Indiana; great as they both are, that is a pitiful accounting for the Democratic party in an entire state.

  38. JoAnn and Betty,

    There are two different things even though they have merged: the Tea Party Movement and the Republican Party. Traditionally, the Democratic Party has been the opposition party to the Republican Party. From my perspective, the reason Donald Trump was elected President was not because of the failure of the Democratic Party, but because there was no opposition to the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. It was a total failure of nerve. Until that changes, nothing will change. And I see or hear nothing on the horizon, just listen to Robert Reich who to me is one of the best the Democratic Party has to offer.

  39. I have been quietly absorbing every word from Sheila & the regular commenters for months, to educate myself & pass on what I can to others. I have to ask for your opinions on the concept of petitioning the electoral college to put Hillary in office. I’m including the link but if that isn’t appropriate I apologize. It gives me a glimmer of hope & is action that doesn’t have to wait until the next election but I don’t want to be encouraging others that we might have an opportunity if it is not actually possible. None of you have mentioned it, so it makes me wonder about the credibility. I would really value your input! https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19?recruiter=631862120&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

  40. I agree that the basic, root problem is racial bias.
    I saw it in 2008 and it is even more prevalent now.
    Many are fearful that “whites” will soon not be the majority.

  41. MaryAnn,

    “Many are fearful that “whites” will soon not be the majority.”

    Thanks for clarifying the real issue we are now facing: Do we destroy America because of race?
    And what about the American Indians; How do they fit into this “lily white” theory of America?

  42. Does anyone disagree that it is time to play “HARDBALL.” This all takes me back to my youth. The stands were packed about 5,000 of them. It was the Annual All-Star game at the local ballpark named for the Black projects which adjoined it. Jacksonville was the principal town where the color line was being broken in minor league baseball. Hank Aaron, the former “Homerun King” came to play for Jacksonville’s minor league team, the Jacksonville Tars the next year. We are talking about the early to mid 50’s.

    To get back to the short story. My classmate, George Truett, at Landon Junior-Senior High School (he passed away a few weeks ago), pitches a no-hitter for three innings. It’s only a five- inning game because it was played before the minor league team took the field for the full nine innings. Since it was the Annual All-Star Game, George was pulled and who do you guess was called to relieve his no-hit performance. You guessed right. It was me of course. And I followed it up with another no-hitter for two innings. All of this received the major by line in the sports section of both local newspapers the next day. George and I were the town heroes for a day.

    The point I’m trying to make is that I’m very experienced under pressure and I’m “dead sure” that WE better do something about Trump/Pence and FAST. Does anyone disagree other than Earl?

  43. Mary Ann and Marv; speaking as a white woman, blue-eyed with German and Irish ancestry, I began questioning while still a child why “white’s” believe they are superior to all other races. In my teens, I began to question why the “white” missionaries traveled to other countries to cram Christianity down the throats of strangers rather than learn their beliefs and share that knowledge. My views of life, when I questioned family members, made me the Black Sheep of the family early on. I remain so today; have no desire to become what they believe I should be and I leave them to themselves. My conscience is clear.

    For years I have been seeing the widescreen view of this country and have the same questions, unanswered thus far and due to the results of Tuesday’s election, those answers will not be coming any time soon. I see news films with whites, Blacks, Hispanics, religious groups are not easily identifiable; but I see them protesting together, as one. I am against the rioting and violence, including unnecessary police intervention for violations such as “walking in the street by the mingled races”. For decades I have watched first responders at the worst of times (remember 9/11 when Rudy was our friend); mixed races and groups seeking to save lives of other mixed races and groups. Too many Trump supporters are blaming the riots on being “poor losers” regarding the election and forgetting his entire campaign foundation primarily based on his white hatred of those he considers “different” or “below him” as being human.

    Late yesterday afternoon I watched that old movie, “The Mortal Storm”, the story of the beginning of Hitler’s takeover of Germany in one small town and the resulting destruction of a family by their own members and former friends. Sound familiar? It has begun here already; days after the election results and weeks before the actual takeover of America by a tyrant and a pseudo Christian. I do not question the protests but I would certainly question if there were none. I am deeply depressed that, due to age and disabilities, I cannot go to the streets with my friends who are protesting – nonviolently in the manner of Rev. Martin Luther King who brought about the somewhat successful civil rights conclusion.

    I will obey Trump’s and Pence’s laws, ordinances, rules and orders and pay their taxes and higher prices with my shrinking income and hope for enough basic health care to keep me alive with declining health. BUT I WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO THEIR RACIST FOUNDATION WHICH WILL BECOME THE LAW OF THE LAND ON JANUARY 20, 2017. If there is an “underground movement” to strengthen the remaining Democratic elected officials and work toward preventing the reelection of Trump and Pence in 2020, I will gladly join them. Being white, whether a member of the majority or the minority, matters not to me. I have had decades of experience swimming upstream and marching to the beat of a different accordion. To paraphrase that great public school principal (Black if you have forgotten him), Joe Clark, “All I HAVE to do is stay white and die.”

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