Despicable and Inexcusable

When I sat down to write about yesterday’s vote in the U.S. House, I discovered that Paul Waldman had beaten me to it, with a column so detailed and scorching that there is no way I could equal it.

Waldman titled his piece “Every Republican Who Voted for this Abomination Must be Held Accountable.” His words fairly sizzle on the screen–and for good reason.

I won’t mince words. The health-care bill that the House of Representatives passed this afternoon, in an incredibly narrow 217-to-213 vote, is not just wrong, or misguided, or problematic or foolish. It is an abomination. If there has been a piece of legislation in our lifetimes that boiled over with as much malice and indifference to human suffering, I can’t recall what it might have been. And every member of the House who voted for it must be held accountable.

Waldman starts with process criticisms: the GOP passed this bill without holding  a single hearing on it. They were desperate to hold the vote before the Congressional Budget Office could issue a report describing its effects. Hardly anyone had an opportunity to read the damn thing. And as Waldman points out, “all this despite the fact that they are remaking one-sixth of the American economy and affecting all of our lives.”

In contrast, the Affordable Care Act (which Republicans constantly claim was “rammed through”) was debated for an entire year and was the subject of dozens of hearings.

Waldman notes that every major stakeholder organization vocally opposed this bill:  the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the AARP, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and on and on.

But then he gets to the horrifying details. Quoting from his exhaustively researched article:

  • Takes health insurance away from at least 24 million Americans; that was the number the CBO estimated for a previous version of the bill, and the number for this one is probably higher.
  • Revokes the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid, which provided no-cost health coverage to millions of low-income Americans.
  • Turns Medicaid into a block grant, enabling states to kick otherwise-eligible people off their coverage and cut benefits if they so choose.
  • Slashes Medicaid overall by $880 billion over 10 years.
  • Removes the subsidies that the ACA provided to help middle-income people afford health insurance, replacing them with far more meager tax credits pegged not to people’s income but to their age. Poorer people would get less than they do now, while richer people would get more; even Bill Gates would get a tax credit.
  • Allows insurers to charge dramatically higher premiums to older patients.
  • Allows insurers to impose yearly and lifetime caps on coverage, which were outlawed by the ACA. This also, it was revealed today, may threaten the coverage of the majority of non-elderly Americans who get insurance through their employers.
  • Allows states to seek waivers from the ACA’s requirement that insurance plans include essential benefits for things such as emergency services, hospitalization, mental health care, preventive care, maternity care, and substance abuse treatment.
  • Provides hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for families making over $250,000 a year.
  • Produces higher deductibles for patients.
  • Allows states to try to waive the ACA’s requirement that insurers must charge people the same rates regardless of their medical history. This effectively eviscerates the ban on denials for preexisting conditions, since insurers could charge you exorbitant premiums if you have a preexisting condition, effectively denying you coverage.
  • Shunts those with preexisting conditions into high-risk pools, which are absolutely the worst way to cover those patients; experience with them on the state level proves that they wind up underfunded, charge enormous premiums, provide inadequate benefits and can’t cover the population they’re meant for. Multiple analyses have shown that the money the bill provides for high-risk pools is laughably inadequate, which will inevitably leave huge numbers of the most vulnerable Americans without the ability to get insurance.
  • Brings back medical underwriting, meaning that just like in the bad old days, when you apply for insurance you’ll have to document every condition or ailment you’ve ever had.

One significant item Waldman’s list omits: the measure also defunds Planned Parenthood.

Every single Indiana Republican voted to do this to the American public and the citizens of Indiana.

I expected those votes from Rokita, Walorski, Banks and Bucshon, and I’m disappointed but not surprised by Messer and “Tennessee Trey.” But I am disgusted by Susan Brooks, because I’ve known her a long time; unlike her colleagues, she’s highly intelligent–and she knows better. I’ve watched her abandon integrity in vote after vote (during her first two years, her voting record was virtually indistinguishable from that of Michelle Bachmann.) I’ve watched her hide from her constituents during the recent Congressional recess. And now, I’ve watched her obediently vote with the lunatic caucus of her party for legislation that is not only absolutely indefensible, but will disproportionately harm women. It makes me physically ill.

Again, Waldman says it best:

Perhaps this bill will never become law, and its harm may be averted. But that would not mitigate the moral responsibility of those who supported it. Members of Congress vote on a lot of inconsequential bills and bills that have a small impact on limited areas of American life. But this is one of the most critical moments in recent American political history. The Republican health-care bill is an act of monstrous cruelty. It should stain those who supported it to the end of their days.

If Hoosiers (and other Americans) don’t begin working right now to defeat every single Representative who voted for this cynical assault on decency and basic humanity, we deserve what we get.


  1. So who can realistically defeat Brooks? Find the candidate, and they will get my money and my time. I’m more done with her than you can imagine.

  2. If the same representatives who voted for this bill get re-elected in 2018, it’s time to consider moving elsewhere. At that point I can’t imagine anything but an accelerating fall to the bottom. Where are the democrats?

  3. Yes, let’s find a candidate to run against her, I too will give them my time and money.

  4. Indiana has always been a pitiful source of Democratic party leadership; never more than today. Our lone Democratic Senator is a primary example; our strongest Representative is Andre Carson who has leadership abilities but must constantly fight two strikes against him – he is a Black Muslim. These qualities should not matter in America but we are all aware that they do; again, never more than today.

    The Republican committee which was formed to derail President Obama at every turn lead the Trumpcare vote, he remains their primary target. The slim margin “win” yesterday to repeal the ACA was a vote against our first Black president, President Obama, the Democratic party and the millions of American citizens who will pay the ultimate price (if passed by the Senate) are simply seen as being expendable losses. I watched MSNBC this morning as I coughed up mucus due to my worsening COPD, having no idea what would be left of my Medicare. My elderly family and friends stand to lose even more basic assistance; other family members and friends who are already near to being beggared by their health care and medical costs are in deep jeopardy.

    Those Republicans must now return to their home states and face their constituents who elected them for protection but have been victimized by their partisan vote to pass a bill few have read, understand or care about the repercussions of their action. They will keep their jobs…at least until election day. Will the Democratic voters be led to the polls by stronger leadership or will those such as Brian Bosma begin his 33rd year in the House in 2018? He had his first opponent last year; a novice then but gaining strength now. Her name is Dana Black; she is but one option we must support at the polls.

    I came up with some ideas for protest posters but have concerns regarding the use of brand names of products being a problem. “We carry our only protection against Trumpcare, a large jar of Vaseline (or tube of K-Y Jelly) and refuse to bend over”.

  5. Susan Brooks is the Dolores Umbridge of Congress. She smiles sweetly while she comes up with another method of torture for her constituents.

  6. My best guess is that the Senate will delay passage of this bill for a while, then the start date will be set sometime AFTER the 2018 elections. Republicans know Americans have short memories and even shorter attention spans. They’re counting on both of those things to keep them in power.

  7. These are people desperate for validation of their ideology and their leader–ANY validation. In pursuit of this, they have revealed themselves as ghouls who do not care one whit about their constituents or the nation and they should be voted out of office in 2018. At the same time, Democrats need to better understand the voting population, stop being “snowflakes” and face the reality that nothing is free. If we do not get good centrist leadership from the Democratic party (it will never come from the Republicans), it might be time to start thinking about emigrating to Canada.

  8. “Allows insurers to charge dramatically higher premiums to older patients.”

    I can only assume this means another increase in my monthly Medicare deduction from my Social Security check. This year my Social Security increased by $2.10 (an odd amount); my Medicare increased by $6.10 which decreased my Social Security check by $4.10, down to $805 monthly. By what percentage are seniors currently paying more than others and is that quote “5 times more” the total increase including the current amount or is it an additional “5 times more”. I don’t understand – do any of the Republicans who authored or voted for it? We know Trump has no idea.

    We need to be “working right now” to also defeat every Republican Senator. McConnell “said” they would not vote for the current AHCA but he did NOT say their possible changes would make it safer for the American public. He cannot be trusted any more than Trump or Ryan. Let us not make the same mistake they did with their premature “victory lap” (reportedly a beer party in OUR White House Rose Garden); no blind assumptions or premature cheering till we learn what the Senate plans are…or if they actually have any. The Democratic Senatorial leadership is weaker than the current House representation.

  9. I believe the biggest challenge is and will be finding really bright young men and women that truly have civic responsibility and the greater good in their hearts and minds…like Bernie Sanders, who clearly is not beholden to the money and power that comes from being a pawn of the big money special interests on their way to building a personal fortune.

    Finding people that care about others demonstrating the practice of admirable principles representing the majority of their constituents in this day of deceptive, selfish, corruption and character assassination epitomized by our most unpresidential president may be very difficult.

  10. And Peggy Hannon may well be correct. So it means that these issues must be kept front and center up to the time of the elections.

  11. Any Republican in a seat that’s even slightly vulnerable has to know they’ve just voted themself out of a job. Why would they do this, it’s just plain dumb. I saw the Waldman piece last night too, it’s great.

  12. What was it the democrats in the House sang? Yeah. I am singing that. So how do we excite the democrats in Indiana and get them mobilized?

  13. I’m happy to report that my Republican representative, Leonard Lance, voted against AHCA. That was the result of having several very large town hall meetings with constituents and polling a much larger number of voters in his district with about 72 to 24 opposing AHCA. That, my friends, is how things should work in a representative democracy. Unfortunately, most Republicans voted against the will of their constituents for selfish and self-centered reasons. For shame on them.

  14. I always read, but rarely comment. But I’m so happy to know that I’m not alone in seeing Susan Brooks for what she is that I had to chime in. And Julie’s comment above wins the Internet for today: the Delores Umbridge of Congress indeed.

  15. Can a Democrat win in Indiana? I’m not sure one can. I have never seen such blatant disregard for the will of the people. Power and greed of the few, consistently win over the many.

  16. I urge you to write your Congressman if they voted for this bill. I wrote the following and emailed it moments ago.

    Dear Congresswoman Brooks:

    I am amazed at your vote on the healthcare bill yesterday. You should be ashamed of yourself. It is one of the most cruel, mean, and utterly hateful acts I have witnessed from this Congress. And knowing YOU will never fall victim to its abuses simply because you have voted yourself a golden Cadillac of coverage many of your constituents could never afford, is evil incarnate. You represent the worst in our society, Congresswoman, and I am tempted to brand you as evil incarnate.

    I will pray for your soul which is probably a foreign concept to you as no Christian would ever support this legislative abomination.

  17. Repbublicans not only threw millions off healthcare but also bankrupted millions as well. As I blogged a few weeks ago, this healthcare bill was not about health care per se but is rather a tax bill. The major provision of the so-called health bill was a 300 billion dollar gift to the rich. There were no committee hearings, no CBO scoring, and most of those voting for it hadn’t even read it. They had orders from on high to obey the dictates of the caucus leadership, or maybe a new bridge promise for their district or whatever. The one-sixth of our economy devoted to health care is appoaching 20 percent of our overall economy, a huge and increasing sector, and the deficit is guaranteed at least a 300 billion dollar increase as a result of the tax giveaway to the rich masquerading as a health care bill.

    Fortunately, and while it may be DOA on arrival even in a Republican Senate, I expect instead to see the Senate change some of the provisions and send itback to the House, upon which such changes (and our massive town hall complaints during the interim) may cause the House to give it up and it will never become law – or at least in its last form as submitted by the Senate to the House. Trump and his cronies yesterday were celebrating their great victory as a fait accompli and done deal when, in basketball terms, they are just ahead at the half. This game is far from over. Here’s another thought > That even if this legislative monstrosity passes anywhere near its present form even a gerrymandered House may change in 2018 and we can begin to unwind this piece of trash for a new president to sign after the 2020 election.

    I had read Waldman’s effort before reading Shelia’s piece this morning, and he and she are spot on with their respective commentaries. The Republicans have now shown us what they really believe and I hope at each of their next town halls back home they have about 100,000 people there to wish they goodbye. Such a show of electoral force cannot change their votes already given, but it may give them something to think about when and if the Senate sends the latter’s version of the so-called healthcare bill sent to them for resolution and could well change enough votes so that this horrid bill never becomes law though, even if that should happen, they should be voted out of office in any event. They are not fit to serve, much as their president by fraud is neither fit nor entitled to office.

  18. Unfortunately, I believe that this vote is a necessary instigating and organizing step that will lead us to where we need to be….universal coverage.

  19. One of the reasons the GOP circus is such a cruel hoax is that it didn’t even pretend to address any real problem. It is a sham ceremony to accomplish one goal. To separate the name “Obama” from “care” at the expense of throwing the start of absolutely necessary US health care reform under the bus.

    The problem is that only the very wealthy can afford the health care system we have. Therefore the oligarchs have to pull the plug on the 90% of Americans who cannot afford it. Such a magnificenly unamerican idea needs to be approached with great stealth to avoid costly riots. The DC circus is entertaining the public as an earlier civilization did by throwing some of us to the lions.

    Admitting that supposedly market based health care is unworkable is impossible for Republicans. Nobody should ever hope for a solution or even progress from them. Their toolbox doesn’t contain a single tool too address the problem.

    This then is the time in history when we choose. Follow Republicans into ruins or take back the country.

  20. I’m feeling the same about this bill as I did after election night when #45 said that he will represent all Americans. What a con job that guy is. I”m sad, nauseous and worried about not just the Obamacare recipients but what it would do to all of us with employee healthcare coverage. I can’t imagine the misery and there will be deaths, many deaths if this thing passes in the senate which I don’t believe it will.

  21. Paul Waldman wrote in his article: >> It is no exaggeration to say that if it were to become law, this bill would kill significant numbers of Americans. People who lose their Medicaid, don’t go to the doctor, and wind up finding out too late that they’re sick. <<> Bill Nye said, “Objective truths have become set aside and diminished and lawmakers are acting like a strong belief in something is as valid as careful peer review.”
    2.) Campaign Contributions and Lobbyists. Both Republicans and the Corporate Establishment Democrats are infected by this bacteria.
    3.) Laziness – It is too much effort to educate, and lead. Easiest course of action is to do nothing.
    4.) I have got mine, too bad about you, if you cannot afford Heath Care.

    Todd Rokita on his Web Site under Health Care has this to say: “Although not perfect, the United States of America has the best health care system in the world. This is the direct result of a market driven economic engine, which rewards innovation”. His Web Site does not cite any factual data. Belief “Trumps” objective factual data.

  22. Monkey see; monkey do. Every time the Republicans display a new, outrageous action, the Republican office holders have a press conference that features a giggly group of their brethren waving their tiny little fists. In the ensuing group photos is a weird looking character with orange hair. It shouldn’t be any surprise that the Fake President Trump is the guiding force behind every rotten trick the party pulls.

    Trump is either fearless or clueless and doesn’t seem to care what his opponents say about him. That’s not true of the rest of his party members. If they have someone else to blame, they’re willing to stick their necks out … an inch or two.
    In my opinion, the Democrats should concentrate on Trump. If he folds, so do the rest of his cronies and croniettes.

  23. The Republicans in Congress just wrote their own opponents’ 2018 campaign ads. “No access to mental health care, but better access to guns.” Politicians have long counted on our inattention and short memories. I think they underestimate our resolve.

  24. Here’s what I would like Susan Brooks to explain: her public statement is supposed to ensure us that this bill protects those with pre-existing conditions.
    Let’s review: the bill originally introduced in March made massive cuts to Medicaid, allowed older folks to be charged much higher premiums, and changed the subsidy calculations to be much stingier to the older and poorer folks. But it left in place the community rating and essential health benefits standards. And the Freedom caucus refused to get behind those major cuts because it didn’t go far enough.
    So after 3 amendments, largely allowing states to opt out of community rating and the ten essential benefits, while adding back some fig leaf “protection” for those who might be harmed, in amounts that are totally inadequate to make a real difference, now the most extreme conservative members of Congress are satisfied (at least enough to support the bill).
    Now one of two things are true: either Susan Brooks thinks that the Freedom Caucus is a bunch of ignorant rubes, who can be persuaded to support a bill with higher federal spending than the original, altered in a way that doesn’t really remove protection for the most vulnerable. Or else she believes that her constituents are stupid enough to be persuaded by her reassurance that this bill will keep us protected.
    Which one is it Susan – Do you think that they are stupid, or that we are?

  25. Sorry my number 1) reason did not post.
    1.) Bull-headed ideology. That is the belief the Free Market Profit based model is always the solution. Bill Nye said, “Objective truths have become set aside and diminished and lawmakers are acting like a strong belief in something is as valid as careful peer review.”

  26. The Republican bullet point and the Trumpet’s was always to crush ACA as it was associated with Obama. Not content with obliterating ACA, a new plan with a license to profit even more from sickness had to be devised.

    I wrote a letter to Susan Brooks back in early March about Heath Care. I pointed out with FACTs, that the USA had the most expensive Health Care System on earth and yet according to various sources such as the World Health Organization (2015), the USA ranked 31 st in the world for Average life expectancy at birth in years, out of 183 countries . The point of the letter was to strongly consider the models other countries have for Health Care and HR 676.

    The response was in essence, Brooks believes in limited government and restore the free market. The rest of her response focused on the failures of ACA. Brooks did not respond at all to why we cannot consider other countries Health Care Models.

  27. Keep in mind,these bastards made sure to exempt themselves from AHCA. Why? Because they know it’s horrible. They made sure that they got THEIRS. F**** you and everyone else.

    Do you enjoy paying for their munificent salaries and health care insurance for life (that’s effective and decent), while your so-called “health care” insurance is very expensive and pretty much covers nothing?

  28. Thank you Sheila and also Paul Waldman for calling this pile of total legislative tripe exactly what it is, an abomination. For these clowns to think that throwing 24 plus million Americans off their insurance is an acceptable solution to this country’s health care needs defies any sense of morality and charity. They are charlatans of a very high order and need to be thrown out of office, hopefully physically, at the earliest opportunity. They are not fit to serve or represent the people of the United States nor is the great liar-in-chief that just sold out and betrayed those who elected him to office as well.

  29. Did anyone notice the 30% premium penalty imposed upon those who opt out of coverage for a time and then wish to return?

    Joann, no one seems to understand that each time those of us under Medicare and Social Security experience a loss in income whenever we get an annual SSI increase. It seems any increase opens up the potentiality to increase our monthly Medicare premiums (yes, to those of you young’ngs, we do pay a premium each month, and another for Part D) to a much higher percwntage level than was allotted us in our mostly small CPI increase. This seems to be unaddressed even by AARP.

    Hope we can get out of our shock of each of these problems and into the solutions.

    Let us know who will be running against Susan Brooks……s/he will have my vote, backing, and volunteer time.

  30. Grrr. Try combining that with the actions of Gov Greg Abbott, the mean as a snake governor of Texas.

  31. Fine piece as usual. My only beef is with your praise for Brooks. I’ve never thought she was intelligent, much less “highly intelligent”. She is an automaton for the Republican machine who hides from her constituents and does what she is told because she’s so much in love with being a member of Congress, and is perhaps afraid of getting a real job that doesn’t involve politics. She hasn’t the guts to do the right thing, to question the Republican machine, and is there simply to deliver tax breaks to the wealthy, which is Trumpcare’s main objective. To me, intelligent is as intelligent does. Intelligence includes an appreciation for the significance of being a representative of all people in your district, and, in this case, Brooks’ vote could result in people actually dying. It would certainly mean people suffering, not just physically, but emotionally, due to fear of being sick and unable to afford care or being driven into bankruptcy. A basic human need would cost much, much more, and jacked up medical costs would affect people’s long term plans for things like retirement. But, hey, about 400 of the very wealthy in this country will get massive tax breaks, as will device manufacturers and hospitals. Brooks has proven to my satisfaction that she isn’t intelligent. Just another dumb, subservient, pathetic bottle blonde with a cheesy perm. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for her.

    There were many things that were disturbing yesterday, but the biggest one, for me, was the Dumpster promenading over the smiling faces of the Republicans in the Rose Garden, celebrating virtually nothing that is worthy of celebration. The bill that Dumpster twisted arms to get passed will never pass the Senate in its present form, so this was all just a show to stroke the ego of the petulant toddler who stole Hillary Clinton’s Presidency. He must appear, in his childish mind, to be a “winner”, so he stages a meaningless victory party. It’s pathetic, and any politician who participated, such as Pence, is equally pathetic for taking part in this farce. The rest of the world must be laughing at us. The smiling faces of those who voted to take health care away from millions will be used for campaign commercials come the next election.

  32. Anthem refuses to give up on their hostile takeover of Cigna. They have now asked the Supreme Court to hear their appeal. It seems that there are no limits to their greedy pursuit of a monopoly.

  33. People will not only die in increasing numbers if what the House passed yesterday (or its substantial equivalent)becomes law, and you can also expect a bump in bankruptcy petitions as those who are old and sick go broke, too. Thanks, Don. We’re sure glad you made sure that all Americans will be covered, even though those with pre-existing conditions. Of course, if I am old and sick and broke, I may have lots of trouble in coming up with 5-times the premium the other folks are paying are paying for coverage, and when you hook a big deductible on top of that, you have essentially broken your campaign promise to cover those who have pre-existing conditions at a price they can pay. You, sir, are a liar.

  34. Below I have copied and pasted a partial list from which many of you will probably find applies to your health…good luck

    * Here is a list of some of the most common pre-existing conditions that could skyrocket insurance costs under Trumpcare. I am on this list. Click to sign the petition if you or anyone you know is on this list.

    AIDS/HIV, acid reflux, acne, alcohol or drug abuse with recent treatment, Alzheimer’s/dementia, anorexia, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, bipolar disorder, breast cancer, bulimia, bypass surgery, C-section, celiac disease, cerebral palsy, cervical cancer, colon cancer, congestive heart failure, Crohn’s disease, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, heartburn, hemophilia, hepatitis, high cholesterol, hysterectomy, kidney disease/renal failure, kidney stones, leukemia, lung cancer, lupus, lyme disease, lymphoma, mental health issues, migraines, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, narcolepsy, obesity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, organ transplant, pacemaker, paralysis, paraplegia, Parkinson’s disease, pregnancy, rape, schizophrenia, seasonal affective disorder, seizures, sexual assault, “sexual deviation or disorder,” skin cancer, sleep apnea, stroke, ulcers … and that’s not all.2,3

  35. Here is a simple explanation of pre-existing conditions – no need to name specific illnesses or issues:

    ANYTHING AT ALL that you have ever received medical treatment for, whether it was at a physician’s office or ER or a hospital stay is considered a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies can and will demand access to your prior medical records. Pre-existing conditions will include the most minute of health issues that have been documented in your medical file(s). If caught omiting something on an insurance application they will drop your insurance completely.

  36. Just where are the facts that there were no hearings on this bill? I am reading article after article about many hearings. The hysteria needs to stop, people. This bill will be amended before it goes to the Senate. Where was your hysteria when Obama told everyone they could keep their doctor and stay with their same plan? Talk about lies!

  37. Becky; there were hearings on Trump’s FIRST VERSION of this bill which did not pass last week, not on this version which they received two days before they voted on it. The ACA has been blamed for all health care problems and costs; the state provided systems, employer provided systems and people who had carried their personally preferred coverage have been dealing with the same problems and soaring prices for years…long before ACA was even thought of. The health care provision has been argued and ignored since George H.W. Bush’s administration and never enacted till 2013 during Obama’s administration. It was made public by President Obama and the government at that time that there were areas that needed improvement but the Republicans REFUSED to work on making needed changes and instead spent the past few three years voting more than 60 times in their attempts to repeal ACA rather than make improvements.

    The Indiana Republican state health care system did not even allow people to apply for ACA unless and until they had been denied coverage by every company listed in the state system. Here in Indiana they first lost my daughter-in-law’s application which she submitted in October 2013, the start up date for enrollment and changes in health care every year. Mistakenly trusting the state of Indiana to provide coverage with a lower annual deductible than through her employer ( $450 monthly with $9,600 annual deductible) she dropped her family policy to apply through the state. Calling for information in December 2013 she learned they had lost her application so she reapplied; calling again in January to learn her status she was told no applicants would learn their status until April or May 2014…the deadline to apply to ACA was March 31, 2014. She then tried (January 2014) to apply to a specific company and was told Indiana health care system was accepting no more applications till after March 31, 2014 – again AFTER the ACA deadline. The end of June 2014 she was told she had been accepted with a provider for $1,200 per month and a $12,000 annual deductible, she of course refused the offer. In October 2014 she returned to her employer provided health care but because she had been without coverage for one year she was fined $900 which was deducted from her tax refund. ACA was in no way involved because she was never allowed to apply or to learn what they offered.

  38. Copied and pasted from a New York Times article on Facebook:

    “More than two-thirds of U.S. school districts rely on Medicaid funding to support special needs students. A Trumpcare provision that has gone largely unnoticed would change all that by allowing states to deny Medicaid eligibility to schools, the New York Times reports.

    That puts even well-intentioned states in a tough position as they look for funding to provide care to their many needy residents. The Republican healthcare repeal calls for a 25% cut to Medicaid, amounting to $880 billion over ten years, and also establishes a “per-capita cap” that would severely limit coverage for children and the elderly.”

  39. Susan, if your view really is “jaundiced” you should know that probably isn’t covered, either.

  40. Sheila your article/advocacy piece is really powerful. However, by itemizing important aspects of the legislation I personally find your column a very useful tool and will be using it. Thank you. It is now time for people like me to make good use of your writing in communicating with Rep. Brooks and others.

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