1. I just knew that sooner or later it would happen. Sheila and Bob having their morning coffee on a sidewalk in front of a café just north of Mass Avenue……Lights, Camera, Action…..they both raise their steaming cups to the civic literacy app to end all apps. And it’s all in the family. Beats driving over and parking at IIUPUI any day!

  2. You deserve to be a very proud mother! I plan to get this app and thanks for letting us know about it. I will be sharing this info with my friends.

  3. Sheila, can you ask your son to email me? I tried to register on the app and my email address is taken. I am guessing he has it registered on his website and I cannot remember what my user name and login info are. Thanks!

  4. Sheila, I am just curious. Is there any screening of those who want to use the site, such as loonies, russians, white nationalists. People who might disguise what they were about and misuse the site. Contact info, etc. might be a problem. However, the contact part that you like sounds great. I am just worried about security. Thanks, your son sounds like a very can-do person. I hope he succeeds.

  5. Hi Rose,

    All the normal protections are in place, but anyone can open an account if they verify the same info as anyone else (email). I am working on a Terms of Service document to exclude anything related to violence or hate speech or fake/misleading info, so should be able to remove posts and people that fall into that category.

    Hope this addresses your concerns.

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