1. The one good thing Trump has done is piss off enough people to make them start paying attention to politics.

  2. Will just thank that wise man and Sheila for her continuing to provide us with facts and their sources. Merry, Happy Chrismukkah!

  3. Remarkable! Thanks for the upper and looking forward to the challenge you lay before us daily. Thank you!

  4. Sheila,

    “So I’m sharing a news item that reflects the one truly GOOD thing that Donald Trump has accomplished, albeit accidentally–a reinvigoration of civic engagement, aka popular resistance, and excellent snark.”

    So in the end, maybe he turns out to be a Santa Claus who delivered to us the necessary MOTIVATION. Who else could have done that?

  5. I’ll just say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Here’s to a new year without outrage fatigue.

  6. I’ve often said, Trump will do more for progressive politics in his fours than HRC if she had won. 😉

    Let’s be clear, the aristocracy is running a scam on the working class in this country. HRC was a gifted liar who could make you feel good while being scammed.

    Mike Pence is another gifted liar and Evangelical. He can actually make you forget he’s stealing from you because God wants him to have the money.

    Donald isn’t a gifted actor. His lying is obvious. When he says, “trust me!”, you know he’s lying. There is a cute video circulating on social media about Trump’s devoted Evangelical base. These people are con men and con women so they’re gifted liars and have fewer morals than the CEOs who disbanded after Trump’s support of white supremacists in Charleston.

    I wonder if Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, is still smiling after famously saying, “Trump may be bad for America, but he’s great for CBS.” The damage being wreaked on the media giants will take a generation to straighten out if they can even recover.

    Americans are a gullible tribe.

  7. To those who attend church, temple, mosque or shrine and to those who do not and wonder why those who do do, and whatever your form of celebration of the season, Happy _______________ (Fill in the blank.) I admit to gloom over the past year and hope for doom the coming year, political doom, that is, for Trump and his sycophants. Happy New Year to all on our Julian calendar, and to those who are not.

  8. Dear Sheila,
    The most positive thing I can see is that people can still opine and discuss without flaming everything beyond the pale. And you bring a great deal of civility to bear upon a great many important issues – Thank you.
    I wish you and yours only the best this Holiday Season. “May you have all you really need; and may it be more than your heart ever wished for!”
    A reader in Northern Minnesota,

  9. This year reminded me that no matter how depressing the daily news, I control the next minute of my life. I can, if I choose, impact the next minute of someone else’s life. Think how many opportunities that provides. And it is how I ought to have been living anyway.

  10. Thank you once again, Shiela. This video did make me feel good and so did you. Happy Chrismakkuh!

  11. Todd,

    No, Todd. Hillary Clinton was not a gifted liar. She is a politician. She was not running a scam against the working classes. Her “scam” was to get nominated by the terribly mismanaged DNC. She and D. W. Schultz colluded, to be sure, but Clinton’s agenda was antithetic to Trump’s. Her style was antithetic to Trump. She and the Democrats ran a terrible campaign that didn’t employ the 50 state strategy that Howard Dean employed.

    The minority of voters could not have chosen a worse person to be President than Donald Trump. That’s on us. The voters stepped in a pile of shit. Yes, Clinton won the popular vote, but the outdated and dysfunctional Electoral College was the biggest culprit in getting the orange hairball in office.

  12. Happy Chrismukkah to you and your family, Sheila. You enlighten and engage all of us in so many ways. May the New Year bring us hope, strength, energy and love.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all of the commenters who give so much to challenge us daily to examine, research, remember and educate ourselves. Thank you.

  13. I will never take competent government for granted again.

    Happy holidays no matter your name for them.

    Here’s to a busy and successful 2018.

  14. Sheila and fans of this blog,
    Thanks for keeping us sane in the most trying year that many of us have ever seen. Tiny Tim said it: “God bless us everyone!” Happy Chrismukkah and a great new year. Vote, Vote, Vote. . .as though your lives depended on it. . .because they do!

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