When Ignorance Met Lunacy

Every day, life in America gets more surreal. (Not “When Harry Met Sally” surreal–more “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” surreal.)

Almost every day, there is a departure from the White House. Although no one currently serving there is particularly knowledgable or professional (or, from all appearances, literate) some are reasonably sane–and they’re the ones who have been leaving. Yesterday, it was McMasters–one of the two normal military figures who were supposed to be protecting the nation from Trump’s nuclear fantasies.

If McMasters’ ouster wasn’t worrisome enough, we have learned that he will be replaced by John Bolton, a belligerent chickenhawk who is certifiably loony-tunes.

So here we are. We have a Congress dominated by a Republican Party that is a cross between a cult and a criminal enterprise; a President who hasn’t the foggiest notion what government is, or is supposed to do, and who is uninterested in learning; a looming trade war we can’t win that is likely to devastate the nation’s farmers, among others–and now, a not-insignificant threat that the U.S. will precipitate a nuclear war.

In a column for the Washington Post, Joe Scarborough (formerly a Republican congressman) called Bolton’s appointment a “fitting coda” to the failure of conservatism.

One hundred years ago this week, the founder of modern American conservatism was born into poverty in Plymouth, Mich. Russell Kirk’s “The Conservative Mind,” published in 1953, laid the foundations of a modern conservative movement that dominated the second half of the American Century. But 65 years later, Kirk’s classic work reads instead as a damning indictment against the very movement he helped launch.

The central thesis of Kirk’s philosophy was that “the conservative abhors all forms of ideology” and subscribes to principles “arrived at by convention and compromise” instead of “fanatic ideological dogmata.” Six decades of Republican overreach and corrosive causes have instead led to the rise of Donald Trump and a foreign policy run by John Bolton, an economy guided by Larry Kudlow and a legal team led by conspiracy theorist Joseph DiGenova.

Bolton will be Trump’s third national security adviser in 14 months, but unlike his predecessors, he may last; his history suggests he has a lot in common with our intemperate, reckless and profoundly ignorant President. As Scarborough reminds us, Bolton has called for the preemptive bombing of North Korea and Iran. He has defended his role in taking the U.S. into the Iraq war–a war that was the worst U.S. foreign policy disaster since Vietnam–and had the chutzpah to call Obama’s 2011 decision to bring U.S. troops home “the worst decision” made in that debacle.

This was the predictable outcome of my Republican Party aligning its interests with the most cynical political operators of our time. The Atwaters, Manaforts, Gingriches and Roves leveraged a weaponized media culture that reduced politics to a secularized religion and consolidated political power and material wealth in the hands of its richest donors.

Meanwhile, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how much damage is being done every day by Trump and the most inept and corrupt Cabinet in my lifetime, Congressional Republicans continue to obediently enable this farce of an Administration. According to 538. com, all of Indiana’s GOP Representatives enthusiastically support Trump’s “agenda.” Two of them–Susan Brooks and Larry Bucshon–have voted with the President 98.6% of the time.

There are seven months until the midterm elections. Assuming we make it to November without experiencing a nuclear winter, we absolutely must give control of the House and Senate to the Democrats. Are they perfect? Hell no. But at least they’re mostly sane.


  1. Sheila,

    “This was the predictable outcome of my Republican Party aligning its interests with the most cynical political operators of our time. The Atwaters, Manaforts, Gingriches and Roves leveraged a weaponized media culture that reduced politics to a secularized religion and consolidated political power and material wealth in the hands of its richest donors.”

    In addition, they also have WEAPONIZED a MIND VIRUS released from a CAMOUFLAGED PLATFORM….. A new strain of the HITLER VIRUS of HATRED that has gone from a national epidemic to a world-wide PANDEMIC.

  2. I live in a very rural community. I was a farmer for most of my life. My mind twlls me to feel sympathy for the farmers due to the damage this trade war will cause. However, my heart doesn’t feel any sympathy for them at all because most of them voted for 45 and have consistently voted for the ultra conservative members of Congress and our state legislature.

    When the farmers start openly complaining about their peril people like me will ask them about who they have been voting into office and how their choices have affected not only them, but everyone else too.

  3. That old story about the farmer having to use an axe handle on the stubborn mule’s head to motivate it to keep pulling the plow comes to mind. Trump and his minions constitute that axe handle on the American people who voted for him and still support him. He’s always been someone who destroys everything he touches. Now, he is destroying those who supported him. Why?

    Profoundly ignorant doesn’t begin to describe this creature’s pathology. He simply cannot abide sanity. If he listens to Bolton, our young men and women will be thrust into harm’s way for no apparent reason other than to slake the demons of madmen in the White House. Then, he’s in so much legal trouble, that he has to create the “ultimate distraction” that he thinks will save his sorry ass from impeachment and jail.

    If there was a God, he/she would have his/her face in his/her hands sobbing: “No, no, no! This is not what my creation intended.”

  4. As a nation, we’re now ENCLOSED in a STAGE MANAGED RE-CREATION of NAZI GERMANY. We have no other choice than attempting to break out of it. It won’t be easy.

  5. Ah, if only a god exists to help us. No mythical being can solve and cure human error. We’ve created this mess by cupidity and mendacity. Allen Francis, MD, started writing “Twilight of American Sanity” before Trump declared his candidacy. Chapter 1 is entitled “Trump isn’t Crazy, We Are.” He quotes H. L. Mencken – “As democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents, more and more clearly, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

  6. Marv,

    Oh, sure. This is exactly the formula Hitler used to create his cabal of evil men. Trump is recapitulating that scene, except he’s not nearly as smart as Hitler was. Hitler had a grasp of how to lead, while Trump is just a brash, mindless fool.

  7. Vernon; the way I heard that old saying regarding the mule and the ax handle, it was used to first, get the mule’s attention. Trump’s attention is always focused on that unseen mirror he looks into, enjoying the view of himself speaking as world leader, spouting wisdom and salvation for all who will follow him. His attention span ends when he stops speaking because he is no longer the one speaking. Haven’t you been watching him in the news the past 40 years or so? Nothing has changed except his now total power over Congress and this nation rather than merely his wives, varied bed partners, duped business owners and his protective lawyers.

    “Every day, life in America gets more surreal. (Not “When Harry Met Sally” surreal–more “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” surreal.)”

    At this point, I would add the movie, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”; sadly, we have no Nurse Rachedd to turn to for help. Ill-advised as that help may be. Can Joe Scarborough’s comment regarding, “…Bolton’s appointment a “fitting coda” to the failure of conservatism.” be compared to George W.’s choice of Dick Cheney for his Vice President? Bolton and Cheney both have the balls to push their president to declare war; in this case, it would be a repeat performance by Bolton with the inclusion of nuclear weapons which Trump has been itching to use since before his nomination.

    “When Ignorance Met Lunacy” is far too mild a term at this juncture; we have moved far, far beyond that state of mental instability. We have now reached the point when the American Psychiatric Association MUST recall their admonition to all licensed psychiatrists and mental health experts NOT to diagnose Trump without one-on-one examination. Damn the “Goldwater Rule” and full speed ahead. Those experts who bravely came together to use careful wording to publish their combined diagnoses in “The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump” are to be commended and to be allowed to make public what “we the people” see before us every day from Trump…and from Congress. Combined, Trump and Congress have formed a duly elected and authorized “Snake Pit” which will lead to the death of democracy and millions of innocent lives. Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have their fingers poised above that red button on their desks and neither of them need little more urging to press it.

  8. Vernon,

    “Hitler had a grasp of how to lead, while Trump is just a brash, mindless fool.”

    Agreed. How about a comparison with the movie character: DR. STRANGELOVE?

  9. I knew a lady once who had a way with words. She said God kept putting a certain person in front of us until we learn the lesson we’re supposed to learn. Are we learning?

  10. Ooooo, Sheila, … it looks like we are sooo screwed. I know much of what I have written is pessimistic but it is meant to counter complacency by igniting debate and hope – wrenching it out of the depths of the soul to say “NO you are not right! WE CAN DO BETTER!”… and we can I know it. Please just keep making us aware and reminding us – there is sanity to be found – but it is usually best looked for in people who pause before they speak (to think about a proper response) and who have the understanding of what it is to hold dialogue and debate, and who even KNOW what the Constitution SAYS! and some American History!.. We are confronting people who cannot even properly SPELL! But what grinds my gizzard is how in the hell they are getting away with it! Man – I don’t care what you call yourself ya know as long as you call yourself an American! And get off your dead ass and get out in the streets! Write them letters and yell into the phone! REAL LOUD! They are going to hear us – one way or another! and we better make it sooner than later! Go Sheila!!! Stomp that foot and raise that voice. It is time us old folk got good and damn mad! Trump&Pence for Guantanimo in 2018!

  11. Morning comment,curtailed meeting place,free speach again,lost.sort of….
    craigslist,has suspended its adult meeting place,,,
    but! theres hope!
    if you go to Houma ,La and look at the community section,,tap on rants and rage….
    yes,America, we can all see the foul comments,rants,and ignorance plaguing our public sphere! obviously without a education level here…
    i was quite amused at some, obama is a ,whatever you thought was impossible, and hilary is
    no human,,and its almost laughable… i returned fire, evidently,opposing views are immediatly flagged,and removed,Imagine that! The real Americans suppressing other views, now how down home happy can one country be… I guess adult free speach, can be overtaken by slander,degrading and out right subversion of our country, by ignorant people,who havent read a newspaper,or book since school days..live well, die well, i guess…
    since we all have some sort of knowlege,sorry if mine is the working class at times…this is just
    another lose we all have to endure,,,, mind blowing eh?P.S. i will update, im going to a back woods bar down here tonight for some beer and music…. maybe ill see a,,,,,,,,,,,but im sure it wont be knowlege..

  12. We’re still playing by the rules. Rules don’t seem to interest Trump. Are we learning yet?

  13. Let’s just all be careful not to experience “outrage fatigue” before November. Yes, I realize the Democrats aren’t perfect, but given the current situation, I recommend you hold your nose and vote for them. Maybe we can get Dodd Frank back, pass a Dream Act, pass a weapons ban on ARs and similar guns, and maybe get a hike in the minimum wage. It may not be the Utopia some dream of, but it’s a thousand times better than what we’re getting now.

  14. While Trump spent the better part of the past week creating diversions to the news coming forth about his infidelities to the country and his wife, the Republican Congress passed an omnibus spending bill devoid of the things Trump and his followers wanted. He doesn’t get his wall, he doesn’t get to defund Planned Parenthood, and he has to enforce new sanctions on Russia to name a few items. The Congress played their cards in such a way that the bill hit the President’s desk with no time to argue or else have the government shut down.

    They might not be publicly speaking out against Trump yet, but the Republicans are using their power to shove back.

  15. It all comes down to EVIDENCE. Is Donald Trump a danger to himself and/or to others? With Trump, it has to be proved outside a courtroom. The possibility exists, it can be done. I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been involved with at least a 100 mental illness commitments as an attorney.

    However, talking without evidence can make one feel better, but it has no societal value.

  16. What’s interesting about the trade war is China says it will place a tariff on pork. China owns one of the largest pork producers in this country…Smithfield. Does that mean they will only place a tariff on all pork producers besides the one company they own?

    Once again, Trump’s presidency is doing more for progressive politics than even I imagined. Watching the Democratic Party trying to straddle the fence while it’s moving every day is hilarious. They hope Trump keeps moving to the right so they can follow.

    One thing the D’s will agree on is WAR and Intelligentsia. Even the dimwitted GWB enjoyed national support for his Wars Against Evil Doers.

    People complain about losing their guns but have no problem being fondled or unpacking their bags for a stranger before boarding a plane.

    Where does the ignorance stop?

    We don’t have conservatism. We have Neoliberalism. The end goal of Neoliberalism is the banishment of the public sector. Make everything part of the free market and let Americans vote with their dollars.

    Why do you think the Koch’s meet behind closed doors?

    They are doing more damage to our government, our country than the Taliban ever could. North Korea and Iran pose no threat compared to Neoliberalism.

    Albert Einstein urged us to end imperialism or the “predatory phase of capitalism.”

    As long as the Banksters keep talking about “growth”, guess what?

    The lunacy will continue…

  17. its a good thing to see this site has people who care,and see over the top. Thanks all, after my
    studies last night, its good to see i can be around stable minds,and issues…

  18. Parents who have sons and daughters who are thinking about joining one of the armed services:

    Sit them down, and explain to them why you strongly recommend they not join any of the American military forces at this time.
    Explain the actions and results of John Bolton’s past activities to them.
    Dying to defend the nation is honorable if it actually has to be done. But, there is no honor in willfully dying at the wishes of incompetent maniacs who with every decision and order they make and give, bring the youth of this country closer to death for their own selfish reasons.

  19. Marv; considering your knowledgeable comments regarding evidence as to Trump’s danger to himself or others, you of all people cannot deny we see evidence of his danger to others daily. Some days repeatedly or different groups at different levels of danger from his actions. Having working for attorneys, in Indianapolis Police Department and the Probation Department; I am aware of the “72 hour hold” law to force an individual believed to be dangerous to undergo examination by qualified experts. In Florida, where he planned to spend this weekend, it is called the “Baker Law”. Pence and Congress refuse to use their Constitutional powers – and responsibility – to remove him from office; who outside Trump’s family would legally qualify to request a “72 hour hold” on a man who is a danger to the world but evidenced no danger to himself other than garnering the hatred of millions who would remove him by any means possible? I have been in a position to have to provide documentation from family and friends to courts to obtain these legal holds.

    How do we get that required evidence for our self preservation, protection for the general public and the world at large, from an obviously mentally unstable man…no matter what job he holds?

  20. JoAnn,

    “Marv….How do we get that required evidence for our self preservation, protection for the general public and the world at large, from an obviously mentally unstable man…no matter what job he holds?”

    You get the required evidence by TRACKING the Movement Trump is leading from the BEGINNING including his participation in the past few years.

    Then you TREAT the problem by taking him before the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION and prosecute him like he was one of the WAR CRIMINALS in the dock at the Nuremberg Trials.

    However, to be safe and not sorry, this all needs to be INITIATED before John Bolton takes office on I believe April 9, 2018. After that date freedom of speech can no longer be assured. Don’t forget the fate of EUGENE DEBBS!!!

    REFERENCE: “The Advent of Netwar” [prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense] by John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt (RAND, Santa Monica, CA, 1996).

  21. Politically we now have the potential emergence of a trio of Neo-Con War Mongers: Mike Pompeo, Gina Haspel and now John Bolton. Bolton is one of those Chicken Hawks – His bravery increases with his distance from the battlefield.

    Bolton like Trump was draft dodger.

    The Johnson and Nixon administrations’ decisions to rely largely on the draft rather than on the reserve forces, joining a Guard or Reserve unit became a way to avoid service in the Vietnam War. Bolton enlisted in the Maryland Army National Guard in 1970 rather than wait to find out if his draft number would be called. He wrote in his Yale 25th reunion book “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_R._Bolton#Personal_life

    Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, who was tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, sent Haspel a letter demanding she detail her role in detainee interrogations and the destruction of the CIA tapes, as well as asking whether she was ever “in a position of authority to stop, or prevent the future employment of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.'”

    It does appear that Iran is a clear target – Israel and the Gulf Oil States dictatorships have hyped up the Iran “threat”. North Korea with it’s nukes is simply too dangerous a target.

  22. Monotonous,

    “It does appear that Iran is a clear target – Israel and the Gulf Oil States dictatorships have hyped up the Iran “threat”.”

    You’re probably right. Like you said “Iran is a clear target.” Along with Steve Bannon, Trump likes to drag the Jews into this stinking mess to take off much of the heat.. We now have Aaron Kushner portrayed as the Devil in a portrait by Jim Carey and about 99% of the world is hating us for the Trump administration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. What’s next?

  23. I would like to thank all of today’s participants for providing an impressive supply of negative Donald Trump descriptions. I was about to run out. Lately, I’ve been using “full-time professional jerk off.” That may be a little harsh. Or maybe not.

  24. My stretch goal for Agent Orange was no nuclear wars. The odds have just turned decidedly against reaching that goal. Mr Hitler just hired Mr Himmler.

    The race is on between that end, an effective sweeping indictment by Mueller, and a November clean sweep by Ds. The timing Is impossible to predict for the first two but there’s only one that is a positive end to the the republic’s death spiral.

    All Ds this year.

  25. JoAnn,

    My reference to the axe handle analogy was that Trump is the axe handle that finally has gotten the attention of the American electorate. That, plus what our beautiful children are doing today around the world confirms this analogy.

  26. Marv, “positive thinking” is a necesssary prerequisite for effective action, solutions rather than victimhood. Those who feel defeated typically are defeated.

    It’s also a prerequisite for unity, supportive association with others who also choose survival.

    I have always been taught that what living here conferred on us was most importantly was democracy. We the people hire and fire representatives who govern. It’s our sword and shield.

    It’s necessary to either fire or prosecute the current bunch installed not by democracy but by propaganda. I don’t think that we should put all of our eggs in Mueller’s basket.

    The risk of not starting all over again are, in my opinion, infinitely greater than a clean sweep of the party at the epicenter of the propaganda that challenges democracy.

  27. I must admit that when I heard on the news did Trump had appointed John Bolton to be his next National Security Advisor I held my hand in my hands and yelled NO, NO, NO!. Bolton is by far the worst possible choice to be an NSC Advisor or to have any other high ranking position in any government that deals with foreign policy formulation. Bolton is the consummate chicken hawk unlike so many other lawyers that grew to become great advocates for diplomacy and international cooperation. Bolton follows the beat of a completely different drummer in advocating sustained confrontation instead. Yesterday I heard former Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns describe Bolton as someone who, when he does negotiate, expects 100% approval of his ideas which doesn’t bode well in any sort of negotiation with a foreign power or for that matter any normal human being.

    Bolton has advocated for preempted military strikes against North Korea and he’s made it very clear that he would have no qualms whatsoever in initiating a conflict with Iran. He will very likely try to wreck the current nuclear agreement with Iran even though we are only one of several other signatories in that agreement which means diplomatic conflict with our Allies as well as with Russia and China over this issue will be likely. He’s made it very clear he has no use for negotiations regarding a potential Palestinian state, the two state solution, or any other peaceful solution that does not completely favor Israel when even Israel realizes that there has to be give and take on that monumental issue.

    Bolton’s personal demeanor is rude and abusive and so blunt that he is hard to work with and, again, incapable of conducting negotiations on a level that would be required of an NSC Advisor such as every other NSC Advisor that has preceded him have been able to do. His job will be to ride roughshod over individuals with big egos and a lot of conflicting ideas and come up with a synthesis that makes sense and that can also be made operational successfully. He doesn’t have the personality nor the mindset to do this part of his job; the most important part of his job.

    With this absolutely ridiculous appointment the chances that this country will be in some sort of armed confrontation with either North Korea, Iran, or some other global entity just increased geometrically. This also leaves the only bulwark to this insane appointment and all of its ramifications being General James Mathis, the Secretary of Defense. At some point, if he finally gets his fill of this madness which he’s been fairly isolated from so far and resigns, the only safeguard against making egregiously dangerous errors in foreign policy will be the Congress of all things. Look for several of the staff members of the NSC to either resign or be fired as this maniac takes office. Bolton is a very experienced bureaucratic infighter and he will strive to achieve his own way 100% of the time, being that arrogant.

    Most of the renowned wise men and wise women that have kept us from making even greater mistakes on the international arena than we have already by speaking up is dissenting voices are either deceased are retired and those that are following them do not have access to the long look that their decades of experience would normally bring. John Bolton does have those decades of experience but he’s like a ball in a China shop and even worse than that where he has his own ideological stance that he sees everything through instead of looking at the world where sustained diplomacy, compromise and interaction is the key to avoiding armed conflict keeping armed conflict where it should be as the last resort and not the point of departure.

    To think that Trump possibly made this appointment as part of a tantrum designed to get his way and eliminate any opposition or alternative thinking to his views based on thoroughly minuscule understanding of the global arena is particularly horrifying. We can only hope that later this year unless things start going south before then in a big way that we can end up with the Congress that will have a backbone and take a positive vote on articles of impeachment to get this turd out of office and establish normalcy and stability at the highest levels of our government’s particularly those that deal directly with national security policy and its formulation.

  28. All laws are reactions to situations where people imposed what was best for them on victims who suffered losses from them.

    In other words acts that needed to be criminalized to restore everyone’s freedom.

    The use of brainwashing unquestionably led to the current administration. Brainwashing by Russia, the NRA, the Republican Entertainment Network, evangelical churches, oligarchs, racial institutions, Cambridge Analytica, etc.

    Now that needs to become criminal to cover the new capability to do it.

    Was it based on existing laws?

    That’s Mueller’s to figure out.

  29. Vernon; my apologies for missing your ax handle reference. Blame it on my tunnel vision; I have a deep desire to use an ax handle (preferably the ax) on Trump’s head and thus, missed your very salient point.

    How I wish I could be with those wonderful children today; many of my doubts about our youthful generation have disappeared over this past month as I watch them take on all adults in their path to adulthood by a different route. They appear to have learned lessons adults have missed and as this government becomes more childish in their demands that it is their way or no way; with little if any regard for human life.

  30. JoAnn,

    Not to worry. I share your desires, vis-a-vis the axe. Too bad I’m too old to anything other than write and vote. I hope you will read my books (Amazon.com) to see how we’ve come to this point.

  31. I share the views of commentators today in re Bolton. Like most draft-dodging cowards, he is arrogant to a fault. However, there is something else to consider about this past week – the tariffs Trump has instigated against China. I have written elsewhere that that perverted use of trade for bullets will turn Iowa blue since China imports shiploads of soybeans from their fields. Trump does not see the bigger retaliatory war he is starting. Expect a recession if both agricultural and other export industries feel the wrath of Chinese tariffs. We’re talking hundreds of thousands or even more of jobs in the export industries far in excess of the domestic industries marginally helped by his tariffs on metals.

    Additionally, I wonder if the United States is a real party in interest in trying to assess damages for Chinese use of our industrial secrets. It was our multinational corporations and not the government that freely gave away their industrial secrets in return for cheap Chinese labor and necessary licenses to operate in China, so what is Trump doing in the act? Are we privatizing the secrets giveaway while the government demands recompense under some social banner? I thought Republicans thought that private enterprise arrangements are none of the government’s business. In other words and as translated, and before the appropriate tribunal, I question the government’s standing to sue.

    Bolton the draft-dodger, like Trump the draft-dodger, plays the bullying and arrogant game to overwhelm opposition with appeals to defend (or offend) a flag they refused to defend, which I find inconsistent and a stand Aristotle would not approve. Impeachment may be too slow – we may need to invoke the 25th in order to end or at least forestall disaster, as I’m sure Marv would agree.

  32. Gerald,

    “we may need to invoke the 25th in order to end or at least forestall disaster, as I’m sure Marv would agree.”

    I only disagree with you on the use of the word: MAY. It is our last hope to ward off disaster. We have to prepare a case NOW not later. We have enough evidence to successfully make our case. Initial ACTION is going to have to come from the private sector. We have to effectively organize. I doubt if there are any politicians left who are in a position to take the initiative. It’s up to us. We are talking about life or death. This issue is much more serious than the problems we have with the NRA.

  33. H. R. McMaster has no final ‘s’ in the spelling of his last name. It’s just McMaster. (It doesn’t really matter now, though, does it?)

  34. Gerald,

    “Bolton the draft-dodger, like Trump the draft-dodger, plays the bullying and arrogant game to overwhelm opposition with appeals to defend (or offend) a flag they refused to defend, which I find inconsistent and a stand Aristotle would not approve.”

    Both of them will buckle under the right kind of pressure. I’ve tested draft-dodgers before. My father was one of them. They will run.

  35. Gerald,

    Talking about CIVIC COURAGE, how is this for an example from Germany during the 30’s:

    Hans Litten
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Born Hans Achim Litten
    19 June 1903
    Halle an der Saale, German Empire
    Died 5 February 1938 (aged 34)
    Dachau concentration camp
    Nationality German
    Occupation Lawyer
    Years active 1928–1933
    Known for Subpoenaed Adolf Hitler to appear as a witness in a 1931 trial

    “Hans Achim Litten (19 June 1903 – 5 February 1938) was a German lawyer who represented opponents of the Nazis at important political trials between 1929 and 1932, defending the rights of workers during the Weimar Republic.

    During one trial in 1931, Litten subpoenaed Adolf Hitler, to appear as a witness, where Litten then cross-examined Hitler for three hours. Hitler was so rattled by the experience that, years later, he would not allow Litten’s name to be mentioned in his presence. In retaliation, Litten was arrested on the night of the Reichstag fire along with other progressive lawyers and leftists. Litten spent the rest of his life in one German concentration camp or another, enduring torture and many interrogations. After five years and a move to Dachau, where his treatment worsened and he was cut off from all outside communication, he committed suicide.

    A number of memorials to him exist in Germany, but Litten was largely ignored for decades because his politics did not fit comfortably in either the west or the communist postwar propaganda. Not until 2011 was Litten finally portrayed in the mass media, when the BBC broadcast The Man Who Crossed Hitler, a television film set in Berlin in summer 1931.”

    There is also a book under the same title: “The Man Who Crossed Hitler” available from Amazon.

    Litton is an example of courageous Germans who lived during the 20’s thru the 40’s who can give us the necessary examples of leadership that we desperately need, at this time, to combat the likes of a Donald Trump.

  36. They won’t buckle, and a Democrat landslide will not lead to his removal. Trump is following Plato’s transformation of a republic into tyranny to perfection. Next step is a war for the gullible public to rally around. But if he did feel cornered and threatened by congressional action, he needs only to turn to Twitter, declare that a coup is threatening “their” government, and urge his well-armed supporters to take over gov offices and media outlets. He can’t be removed slowly or by constitutional means.

  37. Joe,

    “They won’t buckle, and a Democrat landslide will not lead to his removal.”

    There’s a good chance you’re right. How about letting us in on your solution if you have one?

  38. Watch out for the “military parade” being ordered to turn on & take over the Capital. Congress needs to stand up now before it’s too late. We’re talking about elections, looks like it’s getting beyond that! Our elections are headed toward how Russia’s elections are!

  39. I used to vote for ideology and enthusiasm. Now I vote for sane? The nightmare is a festering hole of ever-rising swamp water. But I’m here, and I’m voting.

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