They’re All Nuts

The other day, I spotted a bumper sticker that really says it all: “Any Sane Adult: 2020.”

It isn’t just our demented President. It’s his whole sorry crew.

Initially, I thought Scott Pruitt was just corrupt–bought and paid for by the fossil fuel companies he used to represent. And he certainly is corrupt, but the sleaze is only part of the problem. It appears he is as delusional and grandiose as Trump.

A recent profile of Pruitt in Mother Jones is chilling.

Pruitt’s quieter style masks the extent to which his approach to governing is the practical implementation of the president’s wrecking-ball rhetoric. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to “get rid” of the EPA “in almost every form.” In just his first year in office, Pruitt has already made stunning strides in that direction. He’s dismantling the Obama administration’s landmark Clean Power Plan, which imposed greenhouse gas limits on fossil-fuel-fired power plants. He has slashed enforcement efforts against polluters and tried to repeal rules meant to safeguard drinking-water supplies. He has threatened to roll back fuel economy standards. He’s moved to weaken new rules for smog, coal ash, and mercury pollution, poorly enforced a new toxic-chemical law, and refused to ban the dangerous pesticide chlorpyrifos. He’s taken aim at dozens of lesser-known rules covering everything from safety requirements for replacing asbestos to emergency response plans in hazardous chemical facilities.

Pruitt has chased away longtime EPA staff and dismantled scientific advisory boards. He has put representatives of fossil fuel companies in charge of key environmental decisions.

Pruitt has been almost cartoonishly contemptuous of the EPA’s work, pushing draconian cuts to the agency’s science, climate, regulatory, and enforcement offices. Meanwhile, in just his first year, he has reportedly expanded his around-the-clock security detail at a cost of at least $2 million annually. He spent $25,000 on a secure phone booth inside his office, at least $12,000for flights around the country between March and May (each of which included a leg in Tulsa), $58,000 on chartered and military flights over the summer, and nearly $40,000 on a trip to Morocco to promote natural gas exports. His frequent first-class trips with his security detail have added more than $200,000 to that tally.

Pruitt cites his evangelical Christianity to justify his environmental positions, especially his climate-change denialism.

But his biblical references are not restricted to climate change. Pruitt’s two guiding stars—evangelical faith and political zeal—sometimes seem interchangeable. In October, when he announced a controversial new “conflict of interest” policy barring researchers who receive EPA grants from serving on the agency’s science advisory boards, he quoted the Book of Joshua: “Choose this day whom you’re going to serve.”

The GOP is filled, of course, with politicians who twist biblical references to advance whack-a-doodle positions.

Pruitt evidently sees no conflict between his brand of Christianity and unethical behavior. Recently, there have been revelations about a sweetheart deal for a room in a Washington condominium owned by an energy lobbyist. One reporter noted that taking what look very much like bribes from energy lobbyists “is just par for the course for Pruitt.”

Pruitt wanted the EPA to purchase a “time-share” in a jet airplane for his personal use (and was evidently miffed when he was told it would be prohibitively expensive). He disregarded rules to give large raises to personal cronies he’d brought on staff. Newsweek reports that Pruitt uses high-ranking EPA investigators– who are supposed to be delving into environmental crimes– as his personal security detail.

“This never happened with prior administrators,” a former official of the agency’s Criminal Investigations Division told The Washington Post, which first reported the news. “These guys signed on to work on complex environmental cases, not to be an executive protection detail.” The Post report suggested that the EPA would spend $800,000 for “the security detail’s travel expenses” this fiscal year.

The corruption and grandiosity are appalling, but those pale in comparison to the damage he is doing to the environment. CNN recently obtained a secret memo detailing Pruitt’s new control over enforcement of the Clean Water Act.

In a new directive, Pruitt says he–and he alone– will make final decisions under the Act.

Pruitt has explicitly stripped authority from his staff and regional administrator and turned himself into America’s Water Czar. By secret fiat. If anyone wants to open a coal mine, pesticide plant, or factory farm, they no longer have to show that their actions won’t damage local streams, rivers, lakes and aquifers. They just need a nod from Pruitt.

Evidently, Pruitt doesn’t have grandchildren who will have to drink water, breathe air, or live on a ravaged planet.

I wonder where I can get that bumper-sticker……


  1. The speed at which Pruitt is dismantling regulations is dizzying. It will take much much longer to repair the damages he is inflicting on our planet and citizens.

    Has anyone else noticed that Pence has been in hiding for the past 2-3 weeks? He makes sure that he is nowhere to be found when the @#$% is really hitting the fan. Then, when things cool down just a little bit, he climbs back out of his hole and hits the trail in Trump territory to praise his boss. He has been campaigning for his own 2020 run right under his boss’s nose. Mueller cannot complete his investigation soon enough to suit me. I want to see Pence taken down with Trump.

  2. And when this bunch is turned out, what they are doing will last a long time. Who will ever again believe that long standing policies and consistent beliefs will ever again be dependable? Any time an electoral accident may happen is another reminder that the USA has become an unstable partner to hook up with whether economically, or in defense policies, or in the protection of human rights — or anything?

  3. Nancy,

    “Mueller cannot complete his investigation soon enough to suit me. I want to see Pence taken down with Trump.”

    Agreed. I would also add Steve Bannon to the ROTTEN DUO in order to make it a perfect POLITICAL TRIFECTA.

  4. The apartment deal was even more sleazy than first reported. He paid $50 a night for a room in a two-bedroom apartment owned by the wife of an energy lobbyist. But he only paid the money for the nights he spent there. As it turns out, his daughter used the other bedroom while she was being an intern at another federal agency, so Pruitt had the apartment (not just a room) continuously, for $50 a night. In a desirable neighborhood in Washington, DC. And a flack in the agency said that that was the going rate.

  5. Ethics; the choice to do the right thing even when no one is watching. A simplistic definition of the word but “ethics” is not known in the vocabulary of any of the current administration. They have no reason to hide their life-and-death destructive actions for who is there to stop them?

    “Evidently, Pruitt doesn’t have grandchildren who will have to drink water, breathe air, or live on a ravaged planet.”

    There really is no “waiting period” for these dangers to appear; we have been living with them for decades. Areas in this country have been ravaged for many years; before the EPA and during the time there were regulations which were ignored to increase profits. Love Canal, Kerr-McGee, Three-Mile Island, Pacific Gas & Electric, Beatrice Foods and our own Johnson County childhood cancer cluster; all of which are still hazardous. Fukashima hazards are still spreading through Japan, into the ocean and many dangers making their way to the western shores of this continent. About Three-Mile Island; those dangers were much higher than reported to the public and the spill was near the Hershey Chocolate factories and the farms where their cows produced the milk which went into production of our beloved chocolate. Hershey instructed all milk from those cows be dumped for six weeks as a precaution…but how and where did they dump that hazardous milk?

    The Keystone Oil line carries – and frequently DUMPS – hazardous waste in areas of this county to carry oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico where it is loaded to be shipped to China. The only “benefit” to this country is with the temporary jobs to construct the line and we are left with the half-assed attempts to cleanup the hazards. We are now seeking to pump oil from our own oceans to meet our needs and destroying our own ocean life as we do so. Trump’s ignorant, money-making repeal of EPA regulations is causing destruction that can never be rectified. There is no way to renew total destruction of our land, our waterways and our oceans. The half-life of plutonium is 25,000 years; no one has yet discovered a safe way to store or destroy plutonium. And that F#+king wall will not protect us from Trump’s fictional scary Mexicans.

  6. JoAnn,

    “Ethics; the choice to do the right thing even when no one is watching. A simplistic definition of the word but “ethics” is not known in the vocabulary of any of the current administration. They have no reason to hide their life-and-death destructive actions for who is there to stop them?”

    You’re right again.

    We must learn from the Germans of the Nazi Era before it’s too late.

    The following is from “The Revolution of Nihilism: Warning to the West” by Hermann Rauschning [who at one time was a member of Hitler’s inner circle and understood the mind of Adolph Hitler better than anyone] (Alliance Book Corporation, New York, 1939) p. 117-119:

    “The dictatorship will be overcome without doctrine—not in the nihilist sense but the reverse, the readiness to accept and incorporate all that is constructive and creative. There is beginning to grow up what I might call the ETHICAL FRONDE. Against this fronde [front] the totalitarian policy of National Socialism will come to grief. A state, a society, a nation, even the smallest community, has no lasting quality it is without an ethical basis. A totalitarian dictatorship of pure violence is possible on the basis of nihilism, but it destroys it own foundation in proportion as its principles become general among the masses. The fronde that will become dangerous to the dictatorship is not a monarchist or Conservative one, one of the workers or the middle classes, one of soldiers or patriots or of youth; it is an ethical revulsion, common to all of these groups, which will only proceed from the spirit of Christianity. This is certainly not a political attitude , but it is much more. How it may grow into a political resolve, or simply a firm spiritual conviction and power of moral resistance, depends on many things, material and spiritual.”

    “It may well be that nothing but the plain evidence of the destructiveness of the nihilist revolution will furnish the ETHICAL FRONDE of which I spoke with active political determination. It may be necessary for the Catholic and Protestant churches to lie prostate before all men’s eyes as victims of this destructiveness. I do not myself feel that matters will come quickly to a head in Germany, though they may. But if they can at any time without the nation having to pass through the total anarchy of complete nihilism, it will only be through the active intervention of the ETHICAL FRONDE.”

    ni-hil-ism (ni’e liz’em, ne’-) n. [< L nihil, nothing] the general rejection of customary beliefs in morality, religion etc.
    ~Webster's New World Dictionary

    This isn't the first time I have posted the above on Sheila's blog.

  7. I wasn’t surprised when I read that Scott Pruitt is a proud evangelical. That’s why the Orange Ogre can’t fire him for his misdeeds and ethics infractions: Trump can’t risk losing the tightly knit “Christian” bloc.
    The title says it all. Evangelical “Christians” are so certain of their righteousness that they can do their evil deeds without condemnation in “heaven” while the rest of us are taught to plead humbly for forgiveness for comparatively minor infractions.
    What does that tell you about “heaven”?? That it’s a myth? In Pruitt’s case, the most heinous, criminal sinner who prays away his sins, has the talking points to prove his saintliness. He can do no wrong. He’s a Pig at the Public Manger by tacit approval of Trump and deaf and blind voters.
    Watch and wait in November and in 2020. Pray for the end of this national insane disaster.

  8. I laughed as Pruitt told a Faux News intereviewer that $50 a night was the market rate for his trendy Capitol Hill apartment. That might work in the worst parts of Anacostia, but not in that neighborhood. $5,000. per month is market rate there. Maybe he could work out a deal for a room at Trump International Hotel. It’s only a couple of blocks from that condo and he does know the owner.

  9. If you think that Pruitt has done damage, Zinke is right behind him. The scientists working in the Interior Department, including the USGS, have been directed to eliminate any references to climate change in their publications or press releases. The same goes for Perry at the Energy Department. Men who have everything to gain personally are punishing and purging those who are the most expert at safeguarding the country’s air, land and water for current and future use.

    In a clear case of maleficence, bottled water distribution has been halted in Flint MI because the “problem” has been fixed according to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The residents who have yet to have pipes replaced are on their own apparently. I wonder how things are in East Chicago. Would you trust the officials who report the issues resolved? Not me.

  10. Don’t forget that it was the egregious Carl Icahn who gave his blessing to Trump when hiring Pruitt for EPA chief. The corruption is broad and wide, especially since Icahn benefits greatly from Pruitt’s destruction of regulations.

    The scum of this administration is wide, thick and putrid. We have become the world’s largest banana republic in the shortest amount of time imaginable.

  11. Nancy, you asked…I have noticed Pence’s stone face behind Trump at some events so he evidently crawls out of his lair when beckoned and told where to take his position. You can say this; he’s patiently waiting in the wings. He must know some of us are trying to stop his campaign. When we’re not looking I’ll bet he’s strengthening his deaf and blind base at “revivals”. Amen??
    Down with the GOP – they breed Pences, Pruitts, Trumps, Rubios, Hannitys, Dobbs and more. Before November, please check and publish Joe Donnelly’s Senate voting record on Social Issues.

  12. Vernon,

    “The scum of this administration is wide, thick and putrid.”

    What did you expect? What we are witnessing is only ORGANIZED CRIME taken to the highest level.

  13. I am impressed with Marv’s insert today on ethics and agree with all of it except that I think there can be a secular rather than a religious answer to Rauschning’s view of how a dictatorship can be ended. I think our current governance is, to say the least, unethical, and the religious answer of millions of our religionists is to capitulate or join in the feast of what is left of our democracy, hardly the outcome one could expect with Rauschning’s reasoning.

    As to Pruitt, the water czar, long live the lead pipes in Flint! Let’s poison ourselves, our progeny and the world! God will provide! Pruitt is a tinhorn phony, an opportunist, and an unashamed lackey for the fossil fuel industry. He should be fired and may well be fired, but not because of his (literally) crimes in slashing rules and regs crafted to save our environment, because Trump doesn’t fire his appointees for crimes – he only fires them when they are caught. (See Flynn et al.) Pruitt is, politically speaking, a dead man walking, but merely firing him will not solve the problem. Knowing Trump’s proclivity to seek revenge, my greatest fear in this connection is that he will appoint someone worse than Pruitt to the EPA post. He’ll show those liberals who want breathable air for their grandchildren, by golly, because (since fantasy has now supplanted fact) he was elected “in a landslide,” the reader will recall.

    What to do? Remove Trump and work hard to blunt the initiatives that have been undertaken during his reign, including but not limited to those of trade, the environment, immigration, further expansion of the 22-some trillion dollar debt to pay off contributors to Republican reelections etc. It will be a bumpy ride at best, but history is linear, and if we are to save our democracy and reject authoritarianism we have little choice, so let’s resist every day and do our duty this November.

  14. Large Posters are appearing in Washington DC – >Though President Donald Trump on Friday declared that his EPA chief is “doing great job but is totally under siege,” Friends of the Earth was trolling the embattled EPA chief by posting signs around Washington, D.C. offering discounted rental deals like the one Pruitt received from a fossil fuel lobbyist.

    “LUXURY CONDO ON CAPITOL HILL: $50 A NIGHT!!!*” the signs, which popped up overnight, declare. “LIVE LUXURIOUSLY FOR CHEAP—JUST LIKE SCOTT!”

    The small print on the poster reads: “*Special rate void if not a Trump administration able to provide special favors. Property may be used to host GOP fundraisers.”

    The tear-off phone number at the bottom, it should be noted, apparently directs interested parties to the EPA Office of Public Affairs.
    A story from the Guardian:
    Evangelical leaders are planning a meeting with Donald Trump in June following continuing developments in the scandal over his alleged affair with pornographic actor Stormy Daniels, it was reported on Friday.

    Four anonymous sources told radio network NPR that the meeting was intended to address concerns about how the midterms might be affected both by the president’s divisive leadership style and his alleged sex scandals. A CBS News poll held from 8 to 11 March found 70% of white evangelicals approve of Trump’s job performance.

    Ralph Reed, chairman of the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition told NPR he does not expect the affair allegations to substantially reduce evangelical support for Trump in the midterms.

    “If these folks don’t turn out in record numbers in 2018,” Reed said. “It’s gonna be a long night for Republicans.”
    It would appear at this point Trump’s base the Rabid Reactionary Right will support him. As long as The Trumpet (aka Agent Orange) and his high priest Pence continue to be anti-choice, pro-NRA, and defund public schools in favor theocracy based schools they will support Trump.

    Those of us with rational minds may ask ourselves: How could these bible thumpers continue to support The Trumpet in the face of all of his sexual escapades??? These are the same people who believe in either a young earth, or some intelligent design and throw out ALL Scientific proof of Evolution. Rational thought cannot supersede belief. The Trumpet is a case of the ends justifies the means – and this case no matter how personally repellent The Trumpet is – It is hoped he can deliver Theocracy with Pastor Pence as his guide.

  15. Evangelical Christianity is a seething pile of scum and villainy(.) And they have proven that over and over and over again. I am looking for that one sane adult… by the way.

  16. I know that it’s too much to ask for but when this Reich is in the rear view mirror trials a la Nuremberg would be so satisfying.

  17. JD; thank you for the reminder of the continuing Flint, Michigan water tragedy. And I apologize to all of you for forgetting to include it in my list of the piling up of past and current hazardous waste conditions. It is upon their foundation that Trump’s coming disasters will be built.

  18. Gerald,

    “I am impressed with Marv’s insert today on ethics and agree with all of it except that I think there can be a secular rather than a religious answer to Rauschning’s view of how a dictatorship can be ended.”

    As usual I’m in agreement with you. I agree with you that if there is an answer it lies in the secular realm. From an ethical standpoint, I felt that I couldn’t delete the sentence. Rauschning was a very strong Christian and perceived religion to be the ultimate answer. Whatever the case, there’s still very much to learn from him.

    Thanks for helping me out on this one.

  19. Monotonous,

    “The Trumpet is a case of the ends justifies the means – and this case no matter how personally repellent The Trumpet is – It is hoped he can deliver Theocracy with Pastor Pence as his guide.”

    Do we need to say more? Let’s go out and enjoy the weekend. With Donald Trump in control, you never can tell, there might not be another one.

  20. The only problem with all this is Trump’s administration is pulling the country so far to the right than any average corrupt politician will do. Replacing these buffoons with DNC appointed politicians might stop the hemorrhaging but any reactive response will still be right of the previous status quo.

    More time is a wasting…

    Now is not the time to accept a “sane corrupt politician”. We need a solid platform that moves the needle back toward the people and away from decades of fascism.

    “incremental changes” from this point is still lost ground.

  21. “Those of us with rational minds may ask ourselves: How could these bible thumpers continue to support The Trumpet in the face of all of his sexual escapades???”

    Monotonous; a few days ago I received an E-mail forwarding an article in The Atlantic, authored by Michael Gerson, “The Last Temptation: How Evangelicals Lost Their Way”. It was an extremely long diatribe which didn’t answer the question but was filled with historical information about evangelicals in general. I Googled Michael Gerson; a former George W. Bush staff member, speechwriter and member of the White House Iraq Group (WHIG), Karl Rove was also a member of the group. Gerson also authored articles “explaining” the need for our invasion of Iraq and the ensuring success. As my little, old Irish mother used to tell me; “Consider the source!” There is no explanation or reasoning for the current support of Trump’s blatant immoral actions; we have been seeing and reading about them for almost 40 years.

    “As long as The Trumpet (aka Agent Orange) and his high priest Pence continue to be anti-choice, pro-NRA, and defund public schools in favor theocracy based schools they will support Trump.”

    With all of their religious declarations and Bible thumping; they have yet to quote chapter and verse any quote from the Bible to back up their support for the rampant immorality in and supporting this administration.

  22. There is an editorial in the WP this morning about how mid-westerners have Trump all figured out and are thus continuing to support him. The writer focuses on Trumps bluster and wild promises that have yet to be realized. What the writer does not address is the evil work of those he put into place to head up all of the federal agencies. While most of the daily news headlines are about Trump, his appointees are doing incalculable damage to the country. Marty Baron should be ashamed for putting that piece of bs out there.

    I shutter to think what is ahead for us. I do not see a future without violence as desperate people reach their breaking point either economically or environmentally due to the total corruption of the government or the insanity of the religious right.

  23. Republicans have always been looney. Remember John Ashcroft? Remember how accepted it was when Nancy Reagan consulted psychics to influence Ronald wrt world events? Talk about stupid. It’s amazing how her ignorance was considered so acceptable at the time. Speaking of that absolutely talentless hack of an actor,anyone remember his drug czar,Carlton Turner? Turner believed marijuana use led to homosexuality.

    Republicans have always been batshit crazy. Stupid. Racist. Money,War and Status is all that matters. That’s the organization. It’s a zombie that just continues to consume–just like America. Although, it’s probably more appropriate to describe America as a prostitute well beyond her prime. Everyone knows this but her. I digress. Republicans are nuts. It has always been that way. It’s just that some of their behavior is now considered so out of fashion and gauche by the haughty arbiter scene. Next year,it could all be acceptable again.

  24. I wonder if he’s reporting the difference between the $50/night he pays for the condo and its fair market value as income. Not trying to stir up trouble, but he needs to follow the rules like everybody else…

  25. Jo Ann @ 10:01 am >> With all of their religious declarations and Bible thumping; they have yet to quote chapter and verse any quote from the Bible to back up their support for the rampant immorality in and supporting this administration.

    The Bible is chock full of immorality that is justified. Abraham married his half sister – Sarah. Sarah then offered her Egyptian handmaiden (read slave), Hagar, to Abram with the intention that she would bear him a son. Hager did have a son – Ishmael. Abraham later had a son by Sarah – Issac. Abraham was fully prepared to make a human sacrifice of Issac. So we have incest and infidelity.

    At Jericho – Following God’s law of herem the Israelites took no slaves or plunder but slaughtered every man, woman and child in Jericho, sparing only Rahab, a Canaanite prostitute who had sheltered the spies, and her family. (We would call this a War Crime today.)

    You can find almost any justification for crimes in the bible.

  26. Monotonous; I am somewhat familiar with the Bible and the immorality and violence throughout. Why are the religious leaders not quoting specifics from the Bible; newscaster and we here on the blog quote sources for our information. From their pulpits on Sunday mornings they spout chapter and verse to congregants and teach directly from the Bible in Sunday School classes and Bible study. But to uphold this immoral and destructive government and its current leaders, they offer no source other than their Christian/evangelical support. I don’t believe they want the public to look into the Bible for truths; but to just take their word that Trump is their chosen leader and to follow them in this belief.

  27. JoAnn @ 1:44 pm, You are looking for logic and a rational thought process, that is not found in the bible. Example – Thou shalt not kill – but here is plenty of sanctioned killing in the bible. You cannot have a heroic Moses leading the people with out a Pharaoh. Maybe the Trumpet is Pharaoh and Pastor Pence is Moses. Who knows??

    This is Cultural War for the evangelicals. No one knows for sure who said it, but there are variants to it – “The first casualty when war comes is truth.”

  28. deliberate attempts nonetheless, this plan, has been 40 some years in the making, intalectuals,think tanks, fraternities,back room deals. obviously, rob mercer isnt anyones fool, but if ya look at his track record,maybe hes ahead of the kochs. outright lying, deliberate ad making to convince weaker minds of the need to, overthrow our democracy,and give this country to monied interests. no less,,, and the argument isnt even a argument, its a total free for all with the billionaires. like we ,the people dont have a chance. keep walking the path thats been laid out, and see whos looking to be economic slaves to the money.. this isnt a cheap high for them, its a matter of like generals taking a country,and many generals,are in this also,they are just retired. maybe mcmasters is just going home to reap somemore? the rest of trumps staff, they pitched,and now run and catch… you see the news, how its sooo bad that they got caught,shame.. BS its a all a game. if the so called journalist of fox are so in tuned, then why hasnt the journalist who tell it like it is, dont pounce on thier game?(all of them) (unlike sinclair) we read, we are probably the better of the aware, but where do we make a stand,and how. we have the vote, but after ingrams lose of ad money,and trumps playing with tarrrifs, maybe the real hurt is to boycott any product, served on fox,and its affiliates,every damn one… or are we too silver spoon fed? i do a pretty good stand on communist stuff, you know, china?.. im probably not in need of a living standard where walmart is the only game in town. sure i pay more,shop more and get tired of asking online people ,, where its made? they seldom know, but will find out. why china,look at our present scam, now,look at how china manipulates its own.. and were smarter,you better clean off that mirror… reading chris hedges latest, well well,, seems the plan is all together now,we just stand here with our laundry around our ankles,and were still talking…, has a eye opener on rob mercer. ya might want to see how rob mcquire of open secrets got some insight of the real money used,with face and twit, to convince the weaker minds to vote… dark money, seems mercer just got paid back on that tax cuts,we watched,just sail through congress… look at today articles, seems all of a sudden,theres alot of real journalism,and real answers,after the damage is done… best wishes,,

  29. There is a length of time under this administration beyond which there would be no recovery for America as we or any other country would define it. I don’t know what it is. We may have already passed it. We may mitigate the threat before then. No matter what it is we have to believe we will succeed in avoiding it this time.

    If we believe this, the first milestone is November because the threat is more than Trump and/or Pence; greater than the clown cabinet, bigger than Ryan and McConnell, more pervasive than the House or Senate, beyond the R and D NC. At its core it’s even more powerful than the electorate. It’s as human as as rational thought.

    It’s entertainment. It’s falling for the fantasy that right is what each of us wants it to be; that we can all have our way. That all home teams can and will win the big one.

    It’s all bullshit brought to us by greed. Greed for power.

    There is only one possibility. We must wake up from the dream, the fantasy that we are all entitled. Powerporn.

    We either are only a piece of what’s greater than all of us or we are not capable of being so.

    The ball is in our court.

  30. Your sane man is found and is responding to the hysteria. Mr. Tillerson spent $12,000,000 on management consultants to shrink the size and stupidity of the State Department. Mr. Pruitt is getting the same bloat excised for peanuts. Acres of parasites have been or will be released to infest other parts of the economy. No one will miss them as his Nixon founded Department gets right sized. Interesting that Flint Michigan was mentioned, now isn’t it? Let’s hear that whole story someday when the hysteria subsides. Yea, the end of the world is nigh……

  31. What’s bloated is the army of authoritarians who lust for dollars in their wallet more than clean air in the lungs or potable water in their bellies.

    Taking without giving is not sustainable.

  32. The Gosar view seems to apply to loons and several on this thread. Leaping to defend Flint, Michigan and a “long trail of abuses” doesn’t seem to enter the bird brains. EPA has, in many respects, turned into a bad joke and needs to be fixed just like the FBI, the IRS, the DOJ, and other playpens of tyranny imposed on honest folk.

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