Religion And Moral Authority

Americans face daily reports of truly outrageous (and often previously unimaginable) things this administration is doing. In our name. To our shame.

Nothing we have seen thus far, however–not the disregard for poor Americans, the efforts to ensure that healthcare will continue to be a privilege rather than a right, the dismantling of environmental protections, the attacks on public education and the rule of law– not even the greed and stupidity of the looters who currently rule us–has been as morally repugnant as the Trump Administration’s practice of separating children from their parents at the border.

The pictures of screaming children being torn from the arms of their parents are enough to rip your heart out.

In a column for the Guardian, Marilynne Robinson asks a reasonable question: in the face of this assault on decency and humanity, where the hell are all those “family values” Christians?

She begins by explaining what is happening

As a matter of recent policy, agents of the American government take children from their parents’ arms at our southern border. They are kept at separate facilities for indeterminate periods of time. The parents are jailed and the children are put in the care of non-governmental agencies, sometimes in other states. It is hard to imagine that the higher rate of incarceration and the new system of calculated injury to children would not soon overwhelm existing arrangements no matter how many shelters and beds are provided for a frightened, heartbroken population of the very young, whose miseries are intended as a disincentive to future potential border-crossers.

The only nod to shared humanity in this policy is an obvious understanding that a child’s grief is a particularly wrenching experience for a parent, powerful enough – so the designers of the policy clearly believe – to weigh against the threats to that same child’s safety and health and prospects for a better life that bring parents and children to the American border. This effect would be much heightened by any parent’s knowing that the one sufficient comfort for any child in almost all circumstances, and especially one like this, is to be taken into his mother’s or his father’s arms.

Robinson notes the hardening of American partisanship and the not irrelevant fact that what is left of the GOP is mostly an amalgam of gun owners, people “who claim to be religious,” and people who resent immigration. (What she doesn’t say, but should have acknowledged, is that “resentment of immigration” is more often than not a euphemism for deep-seated and virulent racism.) As she does acknowledge, there are profound differences of worldview between those who fall into those categories and the rest of America–these are fearful people, and Trump has continually stoked their fears of the “other” with his anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric.

Behind much of this is a spurious Christianity that has spread through the culture on the strength of the old American habit of church-going, and which propounds a stark vision, the embattled faction of “the saved” surrounded by continuous threats to their souls – otherwise known as the American population at large.

Obama was impolitic, but not wrong, when he suggested that frightened people cling to their guns and their bibles. Robinson points to the irony of self-described “patriots” who hate the country, and self-identified “Christians” who insult and deprive the poor and the stranger.

Those “Christians” (note quotes) are Trump’s base and enablers. Their overwhelming hypocrisy is the reason  so many Americans, especially young Americans, are rejecting religion. After all, the only justification for organized religion–at least, the only justification that makes sense to reasonable people–is that it is capable of prompting moral behavior.

Of course, history teaches us that religion is also quite capable of excusing atrocities.

When clear-eyed people see religious dogma being used to support adherents’ delusions of superiority, when they see it used to justify and excuse behaviors that all good people condemn as immoral, is it any wonder they see it as a cynical prop to tribalism rather than an appeal to the “better angels” of our humanity?

“Religious” folks who are conspicuously silent when children are ripped from the arms of parents who are seeking sanctuary–who show no compassion for people fleeing intolerable situations in an effort to give those children a better life–aren’t worshipping any God worthy of the name.


  1. We live in a political world
    Courage is a thing of the past
    Houses are haunted
    Children unwanted
    The next day could be your last

    We live in a political world
    Everything is hers and his
    Climb into the frame
    And shout God’s name
    But you’re never sure what it is

    Bob Dylan

  2. Yet, American businesses would suffer if migrant workers didn’t come to America so they could be taken advantage of to pick our tomatoes, apples, and tend to our meat packing CAFOS and production facilities. They have to tolerate horrible working conditions for less than minimum wages because they are illegal.

    I wonder how many good Christians in Indiana will stand outside the Red Gold plant and protest for these poor immigrants?


    Yet, quietly, these migrant workers qualify for food stamps, cash and medical insurance. Texas relies on them as well and sends many off to the oil rigs. How many of the good Christian folks in Texas protest Exxon-Mobil?

    Or, do they all keep quiet because they like cheap gas and food prices?

    We’re not a moral nation and our flag represents nothing but cloth made in China. Our country was built on greed and slavery. Nothing has changed much.

    The South incarcerates black men by the thousands and then uses them on work camps for free labor to area employers and the government.

    Moral Nation?

    Once again, religion is for the common people to keep them from getting the idea they are getting an old fashion screwing by the Aristocracy. Some of these Christians might decide to start chopping off heads and use their guns on the thieves occupying the ruler’s castles.

    They are given commandments to obey and told that God will provide for them. Tell your mortgage company that you’ll pay them once you get god’s check.

    Sociopaths don’t have a conscience, so morals mean nothing to them. Jeffrey Sachs has mentioned many times that all he sees arriving in Washington are “sociopaths in suits.”

  3. Paul Tillich: When religion goes bad it doesn’t simply move from good to a little less good, it becomes demonic.

  4. I believe from experience America’s followers of the gospel of prosperity are not Christens but feel good protenders caught up in the religious circus with acts, bands and hell fire and brimstone to those not in the arena with them. They are preacher to that they are the patriots of America that they are the moral compass of America and God entitles them and only them to receive America’s horn of plenty.
    I have said that if ever cough on a battle field with the devel and his army or demons on one side and the Army of the Gospel of Prosperity on the other side, you must attack in both directions because both have come for you soul and both want it for no good.

  5. For once I agree completely with Todd’s comments today.

    I have a friend who is a Lutheran minister who boldly says, “I work for God, but there’s nothing like a church to ruin a perfectly good religion.”

    Yes, the moment someone or some movement starts spouting how wonderfully religious they are, it’s time to grab your wallet and get the hell away from them. The GOP has been heading down this slimy road of hypocrisy for a long time. The Democrats, once the conservative party, has only recently gained some sense of their errors regarding application of Christian tenets.

    I just finished reading an article about how Hitler and the Nazis came to power on the platform of prejudice and racism. The Nazis were openly hateful of “the other” and persecuted them until entire nations were reduced to rubble. It’s also clear that Trump Nation is heading down that same road with their pathological hatred for immigrants. It seems that Trumpism is recapitulating Nazi-ism shamelessly and by the numbers.

    Can the return of concentration camps be far off? Oh. Wait. That would be our prison system.

  6. Children are already being ripped from parent’s arms in locations other than our southern borders; Trump’s roundups accomplish that. How many immigrants are now in hiding with and without children to prevent arrest and deportation? How many Americans are aiding immigrants who are their wives or husbands, parents or grandparents and who have children they are protecting? Some of those “children” are now grown with children of their own to protect.

    Todd, we have already seen some of those American businesses begging for help as crops rot in the fields. No migrants to harvest them and apparently American workers believe it is below their dignity to pick the foods they eat, they would rather go without work than to work for wages beneath their believed worth.

    Yesterday I again watched the incredible movie, “The Diary Of Anne Frank”. Before, I have always watched in awe of the strength of those in hiding and the friends who protected each of them and felt there was hope for humanity; and as Anne believed that there is good in all people. Instead I watched with a sense of fear for those in my own country, America, who are in hiding, being hidden by family and friends to protect them from Trump and his minions. My sense of foreboding for this entire country deepened and in my mind I heard those Gestapo sirens coming closer to my own hidden loved ones and all others who have done no wrong but have worked to earn a meager living and put those earnings back into our economy. Wanting only a chance to become part of this country.

    Trump wants a wall to wall out Mexicans; he has already walled in countless numbers of immigrants of all nations and religions, sans those stone walls such as around the Warsaw ghetto or the double, razor-wire fences and guard dogs around concentration camps and gas ovens. We nurtured and held the current Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen to our national bosom; allowing them to reach the heights of Hitler’s Gestapo and now must figure a plan of escape. No allies will come to our aid with Trump in the White House and internal and diplomatic relations will not improve under Pence. The United States of America has become a White Nationalist ghetto and, like the targeted groups throughout Europe before and during WWII, we must take up the only weapon available, that of our vote, to the polls this November to begin our escape. There is no true religion and no morality in our current leadership; all three branches of our government has been usurped by wealth, ignorance and hatred, denying Americans our Constitutional rights by denying the Rule of Law as established in the Constitution of the United States of America. That includes our long established right to provide sanctuary to those escaping tyranny and death.

  7. I use to wonder how the citizens of Germany could stand by and let some of their people get carted off to work and death camps. I don’t wonder anymore. I’m witnessing act one of a re-play of the worst immorality that Western Civilization has ever seen.

  8. “They all know it is there, all the people of Omelas. Some of them have come to see it; others are content merely to know it is there. They all know it has to be there. Some of them understand why, and some do not, but they all understand that their happiness, the beauty of their city, the tenderness of their friendships, the health of their children … depend wholly on this child’s abominable misery.”

  9. Todd couldn’t have said it better. Thank you. Bob G.’s quote from Tillich is also right on point. We should be careful, though, when we condemn all Christians. The Catholic Chuch (full disclosure–I am not a Catholic) has spoken out loudly about Trump’s immigrant policies, and the more liberal, but sadly shrinking denominations such as the United Church of Christ have also taken the side of right in this argument. Trump is abominable, and as I have spoken and written elsewhere, the most frightening words one can hear are, “I’m a good Christian, but . . . “

  10. Is there a study that verifies the oft repeated statement, “Americans won’t pick crops?” What factors lead to this situation, if true? Mobility? Seasonality? What are the facts? Is government capable of organizing native born citizens in worker groups and moving them about the country; pay them a living wage with benefits? I cannot imagine such a system. Would it create a caste system which would include WASP & OTHER RELIGIONS? STEAM programs don’t include traveling harvesters do they? It’s easier to harass ‘those’ people than to create a type of Civilian Conservation Corps or WPA. China is using the army to recreate forests. Leaders must use their brain power to recognize the enormity of the effort to produce food and solve it. It likely will be limited to our youth. Where would they live in the off season? What would be the cost? It would require single payer health care. Social Security would need to be revised. OR, change our attitude and bebevolently regulate the influx of brown people all the while providing a living wage and benefits for them.

  11. While we recognize the “government” acting to remove children from their parents and imprison both in separate locations (even in different states!), we ignore the fact that there are real people who actually enlist to do this immoral work, some doing it with enthusiasm. Who are these people? Our family, friends, neighbors? If self-proclaimed “christians”, their actions speak louder than words. They are cruel and soulless, possibly soiciopathic, with not empathy.

    Every person who reads this blog, should immediately contact their Congressperson and Senators to call them to account for their inaction to stopping this atrocity. We are complicit if we ignore it. I, for one, do not want that stain on my hands.

  12. Sheila I’m wondering why my comment wasn’t published. I’ve been a subscriber for years. What was the problem?

  13. There is an excellent book that explains the how and why of religious hypocrisy and lack of true moral authority, and the resulting damage that all religions have done to humanity. The book is titled “The End of Faith”, written by the neurobiologist and philosopher Sam Harris, and is even better than the books by Dawkins and Hitchins. Unfortunately, belief in non-evidentiary thought systems isn’t going to go away, and can be overcome only if people are willing to use their reason, which most find too difficult. I do think most humans have an intrinsic biological sense of right and wrong, and all we can do is wait until the revulsion at the practices of our federal and state governments rises to a level where it demands change. Let’s hope that is in November of 2018!

  14. Wray–As I explained when another frequent commenter asked this question, I have no idea why the platform holds some comments for approval. Initially, I thought perhaps it was when the comment had a link in it, but that doesn’t appear to trigger the hold. Just know that I don’t make that call…

  15. Thank you for reminding me to make ANOTHER call to Senators Lindsey Graham & Tim Scott (representing my state, SC) about this horrible situation. Whenever I call though, I feel that I am talking to the deaf (especially Graham where I have to leave a message).
    We should be marching in the streets over this!

  16. Wayne Moss @ 8:32 wrote>> Is there a study that verifies the oft repeated statement, “Americans won’t pick crops?” What factors lead to this situation, if true? Mobility? Seasonality? What are the facts?<<<<<

    Even though I grew up in the South Chicago area, just to the south were truck farms – a farm devoted to the production of vegetables for the market. Every year the Hispanics would arrive to pick the crops. They lived in what could be described as hovels – trailers or some type of flimsy shacks on the farms. Men, woman and children would be out the fields. When I asked my dad, where they went in the late fall and winter, he said they followed the crops.

    Now some of these migrant field labors decided for some reason to move from farm labor to factory work (when we still had factories). I suppose, the reasons why "Americans won't pick crops", would be low pay, hard physical labor and seasonality.

    The migrant labor could also be exploited. Attempts to Unionize in the late 1960's and 1970's were met with bitter resistance.

  17. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    That step is this Nov when we lay siege to this evil that’s been inflicted on our once great country so recently. We quarantine it. We isolate it.

    But we need to accept responsibility for the rest of the journey as well. It will be as long a journey as was the depth of our fall. The global memory of our fall will be that it was sudden but we know that’s not true – it’s been decades in the making and our recovery will also be.

    It’s time to demonstrate what we are made of and our willingness to preservere until the recovery is complete and as permanent as it can be.

    There will be rocks in this road. It’s clear that Donald Trump and the political party that he conquered will not go quietly into that good night.

    We will overcome… matter what it takes.

  18. I am a devout Christian. As Sheila said, one of the great tragedies of the current abduction of fundamental Christianity by the Trump right is that the hypocrisy prevents so many uncommitted from experiencing a loving God. This has many ramifications. The opioid crisis is an outgrowth of many things, including an absence of a hope, love and belief in a higher power. As the world saw a couple of weeks ago, Bishop Michael Curry, leader of American Episcopalians and my tradition, brought the world together for a brief moment in talking about the healing power of love. How many people know that here in red state Indiana we elected the first African-American woman to be Bishop of Diocese in the 200+ history of the American Episcopal Church?

    America was founded in great part by those who took their faith seriously enough to leave home. Faith in all its complexities is more of force in our culture than many Catholic countries. I fear Democrats run the risk of being anti-faith–rather than allowing space for progressive Christians to have a voice. Hillary Clinton was a devout Methodist all of her life. Yet, her campaign was terrified of using this in way to communicate who she was for fear of alienating the Democratic base. How many of those Methodist woman in MI, PA and WI would have voted for her if they really know the depth of her faith? If we are to find common ground, we have to clearly communicate which Christians we disagree with rather than lumping everybody together.

  19. Outrage is appropriate; especially when it takes the form of organizing for action e.g. Black Lives Matter and March for our Lives. Sadly, most (but not all) churches are sleep walking through this disastrous landscape. The exceptions deserve our support and gratitude.

  20. You might want to check out the front page story in The Arizona Star on Sunday June 3. It tells about a mother who went to renew her green card, was refused, and was sent back to Mexico. This left her SIX American born children here with her American husband. She has to wait 10 years to reapply.

  21. The April 9, 2018 cover of The Nation captured this moment well. In an article on immigration, the cover’s subtitle said, “For Trump, cruelty is the point.” That’s the case in his tirades against former FBI Director Comey. That’s his point in reducing health benefits to coal miners with black lung disease. That’s the point in Trump’s interactions with Jeff Sessions and practically everyone else he abhors. That’s the point in his treatment of Senator McCain as cancer eats at his brain. This list is, of course, endless. In summary, with Trump masochistic delight is nearly always the point. It even explains why he would like to go beyond torture when the opportunity presents itself.

  22. To Nancy
    I am glad you have a faith which sustains you. I have a faith in the Natural Order which is nothing like Christianity that sustains me. I believe that if Hillary had started a conversation about her depth of faith it would have turned off folks like me. So many of us non-Christians have been knocked over the head by Christian followers for our non-belief in Christ that we are now gun shy.

    I believe discussions about specific religious beliefs have no place in politics — in churches, church meeting halls and private homes, yes. Hillary could have met with Christians in their places of worship to get that message out. But not on the public, political stage.

    Broad topics like love, compassion and respect should be addressed everywhere. After all, isn’t that your point?

  23. Organized religion has been silent on the activities of the American War Machine since 1945. Organized religion has been silent also concerning Universal or Single Payer Heath Care in the USA. Organized religion is silent on effective firearms control here in the USA, except for completely useless thoughts, and prayer vigils.
    Project Blitz: The legislative assault by Christian nationalists to reshape America.

    A playbook known as Project Blitz, developed by a collection of Christian groups, has provided state politicians with a set of off-the-shelf pro-Christian “model bills”.

    Some legislation uses verbatim language from the “model bills’” created by a group called the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (CPCF), set up by a former Republican congressman which has a stated aim to “protect religious freedom, preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and promote prayer”.

    Trump – on his third marriage and mired in controversy after paying off a porn actress -has been a useful ally for Christian evangelicals, appointing more than 20 conservative judges, including filling the supreme court vacancy with conservative justice Neil Gorsuch.

    “Project Blitz” Seeks to Do for Christian Nationalism What ALEC Does for Big Business.
    In the context of Project Blitz’s 116-page playbook, however, they also reveal a sophisticated level of coordination and strategizing that echoes the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which infamously networks probusiness state legislators, drafts sample legislation, and shares legislative ideas and strategies.

    Launched initially in 2015, Project Blitz brings something new and dramatic to the Christian Right as it continues to mature as a political movement—especially in light of its electoral advances in state governments over the past decade. To that end, Project Blitz has also been organizing state legislative “Prayer Caucuses” since its inception.
    The Trumpet (Aka Agent Orange) with help from Pastor Pence to scam the gullible, knows their base. Even though Agent Orange violates many of the “core beliefs” of the Right Wing Reactionary Evangelicals, they have a symbiotic relationship. Actually given the Tele- Evangelicals scams, Agent Orange fits right in – promise them anything and send in the money.

  24. Kathy is right – “We should be marching in the streets over this.” We should also seek out where these kidnapped children are being held hostage and pull a Parkland, i.e., lie down on the streets and doors leading to such facilities to register our dissent over these gestapo tactics – and going to jail to register such dissent would amount to a badge of distinction and a group where one could expect to find a large number of Christians who have decided to live up to their professed beliefs as did their hero, Jesus Christ, as well as those of every other denomination and those of no denomination who are interested in saving our most precious asset held in common – our American democracy.

    If we let Trump play junior Adolf and pull this one off without paying a price we are inviting him to what? Decide by executive fiat that all Jews report to concentration camps? All Muslims must eat pork in a supervised surrounding? Think I’m overstating the problem? That’s what “the Good Germans” thought in 1933. With each new success this terminal racist wants another one. General strike, anyone, or would you prefer to sit idly by and await yet another executive edict as we watch our democracy go down the drain? Any organizers of dissent available?

  25. And, where are the Hypocrite-in-Chief, Mikey Pence and his wife? When they’re not traveling to Colts games just to get the pre-planned free publicity for leaving the game when the players took a knee, they’re attending fundraisers. Oh, and don’t forget all of the photos standing in solidarity with the fat Genitalgrabber-in-Chief while he signs one Executive Order after another, dismantling environmental protections and other regulations.

    I agree with George Will who opined that Pence is far worse than Trump, because he is a true Christian hypocrite. Although Trump claimed to be a religious man who attends church regularly, no one believed him. Even his supporters know he is a pathological liar. Not so with Pence, whose actions speak louder than words. Why won’t he condemn Trump for his personal conduct. Why won’t he condemn traumatizing innocent little kids? That might cost him votes. What I don’t understand is why those evangelicals don’t see this.

  26. Sen. Merkley (D) of Oregon was refused entry and confronted with police when he tried to visit a detention center for children in an old Walmart in Brownsville, TX, today.
    Call, email, write, visit your Congressional representatives in both the House and Senate. Do it!

  27. While I agree with some writers that their precious religion and faith shouldn’t be part of political landscape or conversation, Pence and the other right-wing, reactionary hypocrites have stuffed it down our throats. Their self-righteous bullshit is choking the life out of our democracy and the Constitution to which they swore an oath to defend. Too bad they didn’t read it first.

    The utter cruelty of Trump and his acolytes is coming to roost in the vacuum of inaction by the people of this country. I agree with Gerald that we should be demonstrating against this abomination of a policy and president EVERY DAY. But no…. Most people are too busy working two jobs to pay for their groceries, slurping their Bud Light and reaching for the TV remote or iPhone to escape the reality of seeing their country get hosed down the drain by truly evil despots yearning to rule the world. Don’t think so? Read any history about the rise and reign of Adolph Hitler and then think again.

  28. I grew up without any instruction in organized religion. I think I have come full circle since the 1960’s after attending a mainline seminary (ELCA Lutheran) in the late 1980’s and been in small dying Lutheran churches for the last 30 years.

    My message is simple and is as old as the bible. God’s love is about justice and justice is about love. Cannot have one without the other. In fact, they are synonymous. I preach and teach this every week. Not brain surgery.

    For us who claim Jesus of Nazareth as our best human expression of God’s vision of justice/love, I do my best to “show up” and be seen and heard at ralley’s for livable wages and turning our NRA spears into plowshares.

    I remind our little congregation that Jesus didn’t live and die so his followers could build a social club building with a pointy roof! He lived and died CONFRONTING the prevailing powers (1%) with the uneasy truth. He asked (and is still asking) those to pick up THEIR cross and DO THE SAME.

    I have found that people in the “liberal” mainline traditions have a hard time hearing (much less live) the simple message. They learned in the 50’s and 60’s how to be “nice” Christians and, of course, learn your creeds and Sunday School picture stories of Jesus.

    Needless to say, not much was taught about the revolutionary humanitarian justice filled Jesus. Somehow that Jesus (and his radicalized parables aimed at the powerful and wealthy) didn’t sink in or never was presented at their pulpits or classrooms! Obscene.

    So, Gerald, I do show up. I am willing to be arrested for others. Count me in.

  29. PS- the book, “One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America,”
    by Kevin M. Kruse should be required reading about how Evangelical Christianity, starting in the 1930’s against the evil FDR programs, went to bed with Corporate America (and visa versa) and have been there ever since.

  30. The blog today has touched many of us in different ways but we appear to agree that “Religion And Moral Authority” have no valid connection to the current government.

    “Americans face daily reports of truly outrageous (and often previously unimaginable) things this administration is doing. In our name. To our shame.”

    While we have been doing some deep thinking and reaching some common sense conclusions, even with the disagreements which were voiced respectfully; insanity has been raging throughout the day. Trump has been tackling his own quarterbacks since his inauguration, he is the disc jockey for his musical cabinet chairs and the White House has a revolving door. No one other than Trump can possible feel secure with what is being done behind the closed doors of the oval office because no one has any idea what is being done till it is Tweeted by Trump…or announced to the world with no knowledge of his own administration. The Mueller Russian investigation is a witch hunt, there is no collusion, he has done no wrong but does have the power to pardon himself. He blatantly displays consciousness of guilt with every appearance, every statement and every Tweet. He is tearing this country apart and leaving us open to attack by our enemies and being threatened with in-kind treatment by our allies. And Congress sits mute and motionless; some simply serving out the remaining months of their term which may feel like a prison sentence by now. Other than those who are simply rats deserting a sinking ship. We see no end in sight and as Linda Ellerbee always ended her broadcast; “And so it goes.”

  31. Todd Smekens, I have to defend my hometown and the owners of Red Gold from your terribly incorrect assumption that undocumented workers are employed there and mistreated. Red Gold and many other tomato processing business that have been a part of the central Indiana economy for as long as I can remember have always used mirgrant farm workers to pick, pack and process their tomatoes. The town of Elwood, Orestes and Alexandria has a large Hispanic community as evidence of the migrant workers that have been coming to that area for decades to work and then eventually stay to estabish their homes. Red Gold has always supported farm workers of all nationalities and races and does not hire undocumented workers or treat any of their employees unfairly. You need to check your facts before making careless statements.

  32. Teresa, you’ve bought the propaganda. I’ve talked with the supervisor of the farms in Union City who tell me where and how their labor comes. His brother is in the human smuggling business because it is profitable and who exactly do you think pays him to take these risks?

    It certainly isn’t the poor migrant workers. There are countless documentaries about how corporations obtain their cheap labor…watch them.

  33. Todd I am intelligent and I can recognize unfounded claims and accusations. I also live in the real world and know lots of people at Red Gold and even lived right next to one of their workers cabin sites. There are bad corporate actors, but Red Gold isnt one of them. Try talking to real people that actually work at Red Gold.

  34. I have long held that we do not practice the religion of Jesus but rather one about him – one concocted by medieval monks and mindlessly practiced since, with some denominational (and political – see Henry VIII and present-day evangelicals) deviation from practices and views of such monks.
    The high court’s finding to which Sheila alludes today was a nothingburger. Nothing of substance was decided. The court only poked holes in how the inferior courts and commission committed procedural wrongdoings. Thus nothing substantial happened and, unfortunately, nothing will not likely be decided until a case comes up that is “on all fours” dealing with the commercial interactions between the straight, merchant and gay communities, and again unfortunately, I do not know of a case in the appellate pipeline that fits such description. If I am right, expect further delay.

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