What Now?

The last week or so has been an absolute tsunami of disappointments, bad news and terrifying omens.

The Supreme Court punted on gerrymandering, and issued several horrifying decisions: it upheld Trump’s travel ban, required public sector labor unions to represent non-member workers  who don’t pay for that representation, and upheld Ohio’s draconian voter purge program, among others.

Every one of those decisions will benefit the GOP in the midterms, and every one of them was 5/4.

Mitch McConnell undoubtedly feels very proud of himself, but the price of those legal victories–won with a “stolen” seat– was the legitimacy of the United States Supreme Court. Americans simply don’t know what a dispassionate Court composed of properly appointed, nonpolitical jurists would have decided, and they are convinced that the Court is now ideological rather than judicial.

Then, of course, we got the news of Justice Kennedy’s (long-rumored) retirement, and McConnell’s gleeful promise to seat a replacement (who will have passed the litmus test) before the midterms.

All this is on the heels of the humanitarian crisis at the border–an entirely unnecessary blot on our national honor (assuming we have any left) brought on by our racist President.

So what now? What should we expect?

Perhaps I’m wrong–I so frequently am–but I think we are heading for a period of civic disturbance that will make the 60s pale in comparison.

I just don’t think good Americans–and I remain convinced that good Americans are the majority–are going to passively watch their country taken down the road to fascism (as Madelyn Albright recently warned). We aren’t going to watch children being separated from desperate parents, Social Security and Medicare being raided in order to fund tax breaks for the already obscenely rich, or an economy that had finally recovered being trashed by tariffs imposed by a petulant and ignorant blowhard.

Americans aren’t going to sit still while that blowhard continues to embarrass the country, insult our allies, cozy up to (and probably collude with) our enemies, and divide Americans from each other with an unremitting barrage of racist, misogynistic rhetoric.

Trump’s constant (and ungrammatical) self-glorifying tweets may play well with his base, but they nauseate the rest of us.

The midterm elections will be critically important, but even if a “blue wave” materializes, we will in all likelihood no longer have a court system that defends stare decisis and the rule of law. We will still have the pent-up anger of hardworking Americans who have watched an already inadequate social safety net eviscerated in order to bestow extra dollars on people who don’t need those dollars. We will still experience the fury of women who are being told that they are less than equal, and that the government controls their bodies. And we will still have to deal with the frustration of citizens whose votes are suppressed, aren’t being counted, or are being discounted.

Those and multiple other civic frustrations are already beginning to erupt.

I don’t pretend to know how this will all play out, but I’m pretty sure it is going to get ugly before it gets better. America is in one of those periodic struggles for its soul–a struggle between the “good guys” who care about the common good and their fellow Americans, on the one hand, and the Trumpers who care only about themselves on the other. My bet is on the eventual victory of the good guys–but I know that a hell of a lot of people are going to get hurt in the meantime.

We need to just hang on. The next few years are going to be rough. And dispositive.


  1. It may be more than just a few years as he’ll probably be replacing Justice Ginsburg also.

  2. If the rest of the good guys feel like I do, they are looking for a safe harbor in another country which isn’t ruled by a dictator like Trump. I no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. trump, Pence and McConnell are poised to run the table and bend the US into something that we won’t recognize – the realization of the libertarian vision of their handlers.

  3. To bring yesterday’s subject matter to life, and for movie buffs who like
    “oldies but goodies” I suggest viewing “The Last Picture Show”, “The Grapes of Wrath” and others.

  4. Maybe it is to save money until closer to the vote, but I haven’t seen anything resembling a gender neutral white knight on the horizon and we need many of them. I feel like it might take fire to fight fire and I just don’t see any fire. Perhaps it is just because Indiana is so red that it is impossible for a Democratic philosophy (and party) to develop, but Jim Harper is the only Democrat that has even exhibited a pulse. That won’t turn much blue and it sure won’t unseat Susan Brooks, which is one battle I would really like to see develop into something hopeful.

  5. Sheila writes, “I think we are heading for a period of civic disturbance that will make the 60s pale in comparison.”

    It will last more than a couple of years…some have predicted a decades-long struggle as we wind down our post-industrial capitalistic society and search for what’s next.

    When I read the comments about suicide yesterday, all I could think about what Albert Einstein’s 1950’s dictum, “Why Socialism.” When he referred to socialism, he meant a planned economy that served the people. We are a wealthy nation but also very impoverished. Nikki Haley refuted the United Nation’s report about the poverty in the USA. She, along with the rest of the dupes in Washington running USA, Inc., are delusional.

    Human beings are BOTH independent and social creatures. We need a system which supports them both — not one that pits man against man. The competition of a market-driven society was well thought out by Karl Marx and Albert Einstein.

    Einstein called both capitalism and communism, “Evil.”

    Because they both serve half of our God-given instincts. The winners keep patronizing the losers with, “We did it, so why can’t you?”

    They also started on 3rd base with fewer hurdles to jump over.

    And yes, Ayn Rand’s philosophy works excellent for the Koch brothers and all their politicians. Ayn grew up in the communist USSR where those in power stole her father’s business. Communism emphasizes the collective over the individual. It was only fitting that her resentment against communism would drive her toward rejecting the collective, in favor of the “rugged individual.”

    Capitalism embraces the “rugged individual” and rejects the collective. The USA has been sliding down the Happiness Index for years. Societies that emphasize both sets of instincts are happy, while those focusing on one or the other are not.

    If we look at education and even religious models, what’s the common denominator? Competition. How many denominations of Christianity claim to be the right one?


    How many schools are better than the other? Hell, if you’re born into a particular neighborhood, chances are much higher that you’ll be a winner vs. a kid born in another community. That’s sad, but we’ve become that divided. Entitlement.

    The collective neurosis we all feel are these two God-given innate instincts battling one another…a self-centered human being vs. a longing to be part of (social). Our systems are designed to reject the social. What percentage of workers are in unions today? What has happened to church attendance? Society is warring factions because too many people dismiss their social instincts…even at their peril.

  6. Things are getting worse. That may be an improvement when the people get angry enough. Meanwhile, mass shootings are the norm, organized labor is dozing, air and water are the property of the oligarchy and they are having a heyday with abatement of hard-earned regulations, natural resources continue to be depleted – the policy is “reap the rewards now and worry about the consequences later”.
    Keep it up GOP and suffer the consequences of civil unrest NOW. Youth, Women, tariffs, tax cuts for some, guns, crumbling infrastructure, erosion of the USA image abroad, sneaky “deals”, dyslexic potentates.
    Keep it up GOP, we the people are coming to get you. Watch the election returns on November 6th and get deserved GOP comeuppance.

  7. The eyes of both parties will be on Joe Donnelly as never before with the coming resignation of Justice Kennedy; Donnelly is the Democratic party’s weakest link and the Republican party’s favorite Democrat. Whatever shall he do? Here are my thoughts; if Justice Kennedy could be convinced to remain on the bench till after the election (a fair decision after McConnell’s refusal to follow the Constitution by even holding a hearing on President Obama’s nominee); we might have a slight edge in November. That doesn’t appear to be a possibility; if Donnelly AGAIN supports Trump in this issue, do we still vote for him, hoping that his Democratic party affiliation (in name only) will hold the party in good stead if we oust some Republicans from Congress?

    Last week I received Donnelly’s “2018 Indiana Issues Survey Supplement”; it consists of TWO questions, with optional choice responses, for him to concentrate on in this campaign for reelection. 1.) What message resonates most strongly with you? and 2.) What do you think is the most effective way to reach Hoosiers this fall? The bottom of this “survey” has the usual money-seeking form which tells us how many of these “surveys” a specific donation amount will pay to mail out. “Make your check payable to: Donnelly for Indiana”

    I am not returning the survey or sending another donation but will keep it as a reminder of how weak our state Democratic Senator Donnelly is regarding service to his constituents.

    “What Now?” for this nation and what is next for Indiana?

    “We need to just hang on. The next few years are going to be rough. And dispositive.”

    What are we hanging onto?

  8. It is already way beyond ugly. The ugly showed when Obama was elected and has snowballed since then. Drumpf did say that we would have law and order recently. I’m thinking he has an idea to declare martial law and make himself a dictator.

  9. As summer’s end nears, watch for the onslaught of GOP talking heads spew their public relations propaganda in their effort to improve their disgusting images. Bunches of them will be crowding the airways in an effort to drown out any recounting of all their missteps.
    It’s already started with Melania Trump visiting the southern border. The campaign managers are going to try to rein in DJT to prevent him from undoing the expensive work of re-birthing the entire Trump administration.
    Watch for it. It’s going to be a circus with plenty of manure.

  10. There is a tipping point in any situation. I feel we have passed that point.

  11. Can we get a REAL Democrat to run in November to compete with Joe Donnelly?
    Is “GOP-LITE” Donnelly our only choice? When can we get a look at the Senate candidates on the November ballot. Meanwhile do you know what Donnelly’s positions on critical issues are? Do you know his voting record so far? His opinions on issues?

  12. United States Senate election in Indiana, 2018 – Wikipedia


    The 2018 United States Senate election in Indiana will take place on November 6, 2018. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly is running for reelection to a second term. Donnelly will face businessman and former State Representative Mike Braun in the general election.
    ‎United States Senate election … · ‎Todd Rokita · ‎Luke Messer · ‎Mike Braun

  13. Amongst other things that bothered me was Chief Justice Roberts opinion in the Muslim Ban case when he wrote that Koramatsu not only was “out”- agreed – but that its reasoning never was part of the Constitution. This could be a springboard for more cases to be overturned because they never were part of our Constitution.

  14. Todd’s comment is on point. Unfettered capitalism is a catastrophe because it leads to major winners and abandoned losers. Compassion is not a factor. Unfettered Socialism is also a non-starter. In that system there is no place for winners at all. The answer is the combination of both so effectively applied in major European nations. There must be both a chance to advance, and protection for those unable to do so. All the rest is chaos.

    It is terrifying what is happening to this (my!) country. Thoughts and prayers are not the answer–Doing the hard work is. Please, please, please, vote blue in December–and help organize others to do the same.

  15. We only need one of two Republican women in the Senate to be true to her principles and vote against any nominee who would overturn Roe. Then we also need to turn the Senate in November to stop the takeover of the courts by true believers. Your vote was never more important.

  16. What now? Simple in my mind: we get out and VOTE! From there we find out what has been mapped out.
    Look, unless large bodies of public movement get up an say NO to the fascism, you can bend over and ask for another!!! This fat baby is crying like a mousillini bitch and no one stands up to him: it is about time WE did. Mitch McConnell decided trump is king – Jeff Sessions thinks he is Harry J. Anslinger, and his nubbs thinks he should have people stand when he enters or speaks!I think it is time the ‘king’ got his ass dethroned and all his little demons. And don’t ask me what I think should happen ‘next’!


    I S S U E S

    Mike Braun is an avid Hunter, NRA member, and 100% pro-second Amendment.

    CREATING JOBS FOR ALL HOOSIERS Government is not the driver of new job creation or economic prosperity. And too often it gets in the way with onerous regulations and sky-high taxes. President Trump’s work to remove burdensome red tape and lower taxes for families and businesses are a start, but now is the time to double down on empowering the private sector and job creators.

    We need a tax code that is simple and fair. We must repeal Obamacare, not repair it, to rein in costs and expand healthcare options. And we must ensure that American jobs are filled by American workers, not outsourced to other countries or given to illegal immigrants.

    DRAIN THE SWAMP Washington is chock full of politicians who talk a slick game, but comes up empty when it comes to getting real results. These politicians have done nothing to increase the prosperity and safety of our families and instead rigged the system to benefit the politically connected and themselves.

    To make Washington work again, the swamp must be drained. Career politicians from both parties need to be replaced with citizen legislators with real world experience who will always put the interest of Hoosier families and businesses first. And we must pass term limits for politicians now.

    REFORM HEALTHCARE Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster for Hoosier families and businesses. Despite the promises of Washington politicians, premiums went up, families lost their doctors, and insurance options disappeared. There is no repairing this broken law; the only option is to repeal and replace every word and regulation.

    Rather than a top-down, government-run healthcare system, the Mike Braun believes in common sense alternatives that will reduce costs and increase access to care. These include allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines and allowing small businesses to pool together to purchase insurance at lower prices.

    REDUCE GOVERNMENT SPENDING Washington’s out of control spending must be stopped. The big spending politicians from both parties are mortgaging our future. Due to their failures to get serious about budget deficits, the national debt stands at more than $20 trillion – that’s $70,000 for every American citizen!

    It’s time to force the Washington politicians to get their fiscal house in order by reining in spending and balancing the budget just as every Hoosier family and business does. To ensure Congress gets this done, there should be no pay for politicians if Washington does not pass a budget.

    PROTECT OUR BORDERS The single most important obligation our government has is to protect its citizens. But for decades, the Congress has failed to meet this duty by refusing to address the southern border, allowing illegal immigrants and illicit drugs to pour into our communities.

    The time for inaction is over. President Trump was right. We must act immediately to secure the border by building a wall, crack down on criminal illegal immigrants and the Sanctuary Cities that protect them, end chain migration, and demand that every business verifies the immigration status of its workers to protect American workers.

    STRENGTHEN OUR MILITARY From North Korea to Russia, despots and dictators are increasing instability and danger throughout the world. To combat the rising tide of uncertainty, a strong American military is needed more than ever before. Mike Braun supports making sure our troops have the tools and equipment they need to protect America’s interests abroad and defeat ISIS terrorists where they live.

    THE RIGHT TO LIFE Mike Braun is a father of four grown children and many grandchildren. The right to life is deeply important to him and in the Senate Mike will support legislation that says that life begins at conception.[9]

  18. I am not so certain that Americans will engage in the public upheaval Sheila predicts. The national attention span is so short that even if public demonstrations occur, there will not be the sustained energy necessary to keep the demonstrations going. The Women’s March last year was huge, but it has not been duplicated. The march for science was big, but it has disappeared from everyone’s radar.

    Meanwhile, working families are spending most of their mental energy trying to make ends meet and hoping that they do not encounter a financial crisis because of an illness or a transmission falling apart. They don’t have the luxury, the privilege of engaging in the public discourse needed to sway the nation back onto a better path. (Little wonder so many Republicans oppose raising the minimum wage.)

    I predict Joe Donnelly is going to lose this fall’s election. His “I work for you, not either political party” sounds nice but it doesn’t appeal to voters’ values–which is what they vote on. The majority of people in Indiana consider themselves to be conservatives, so Mike Braun is calling himself a conservative. With that one word, he’s telling Hoosiers that he shares their values. Still, I will vote for Donnelly reluctantly only because if he happens to win, his victory is one more seat needed to make a Democrat the Senate majority leader. We have to realize we’re not voting for Joe Donnelly or Mike Braun. We’re really voting for Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell. If you’re tempted to stay home in November, tell yourself that you’re voting to try to oust McConnell from his position controlling the Senate’s agenda, rules, and practices. (Hm, I may have just talked myself into caring again.)

  19. OMG. What? You support Braun? Oh, no, you are pointing out why a thinking person can only vote for Donnelly.

    OPPOSE SUSAN BROOKS. Elect DEE THORNTON. Flip the 5th District.

  20. Perhaps I’m just a negative Nancy, but I sincerely doubt there will be any uprising or push back/correction to the left.

    The democrats have been abysmally bad at, well, everything. They lost 1,000+ seats during the Obama years, lost the house, lost the senate, lost the presidency, lost almost every governor, etc. And still, somehow, they have no message to run on. “let’s impeach that guy” is not a platform. “But, i’m not him!” has never (ever) won an election. Also, democrats always (with something like 99% certainty) stay home during a midterm. So – I would anticipate a blue puddle at best come November.

    I’m only 37 and the Supreme Court will be hard right during the remainder of my lifetime, I would think. Kennedy was a “swing” vote – kind of. He mostly was a right leaning fellow, but did come down on the correct side of a few important issues. The court will now be a hard 5-4 in every decision, instead of a slightly fluid one because a simple majority vote for a nominee means the republicans require 0 democrats. In fact, they can even lose occasional rational person Susan Collins and still win with 51 votes. That means you can guarantee that nominee doesn’t need anyone but a republican to win – so… I’m sure you can guess what that means.

    Voter apathy and limitless money have definitely won the day. Good game republicans. They played a much more ruthless version of the game and won it handily.

  21. welcome to corprate america, we have already seen more, like now, employees are required to ignore a legal holiday off, and work, like it never existed,or, corp america sees it a a cut in profits. seems trumps gang,has a idea, lets treat American workers like they do in china, we rule,you listen,and damn you if you dont like it,see, communisim is really synonymous with corprate america, and trumps buddies in congress…id like to reconize,kupper chevrolet in mandan north dakota for requiring its detail shop to be open on memorial day… like a legal holiday doesnt even exist,or why it exists..or,like in nodak, workers have no rights,and just allowed scotus to make all states right to poverty,the working class ignores why we celibrate our reason to freedoms.its sad the working class voting to screw themselves..

  22. No doubt things are bad, but not as hopeless as one would think listening to this blog.

    America is dealing with a wide spread NON-LINEAR political problem, but, despite Mike Pence, Indiana is not a vital NODE in the SYSTEM that is in control of the BODY POLITIC. Don’t be offended. The same goes for states like California and New York.

    Texas and Northern Florida are the two vital nodes as they anchor the “Bible Belt.” Like Nazi Germany, the problem has arisen from the provincial areas.

    In Germany, the vital node was Nuremberg. That’s where the Nazi movement got it’s start. It took many years before Berlin was, substantially, effected by the so-called: HITLER VIRUS.

  23. Dee Thornton, who is running against Susan Brooks and Liz Watson, who is running against Trey Hollingsworth, both Thornton and Watson are Progressive Democrats. Thornton and Watson both have face book and Web Pages to access.

  24. I always hear about Indiana being a Conservative State. I do not necessarily believe that. One huge problem has always been the Indiana Democratic Party has been afraid to run on a Progressive Platform.

    Joe Donnelly has had roughly 5 1/2 years to show some Progressive thoughts. Donnelly has been the No Where Man, during his term, taking a duck and cover approach, or hiding in a cave. I receive Donnelly mailers almost every other week. There is nothing of substance to his mailers, just a pitch for money.

  25. Sheila,

    “Those and multiple other civic frustrations are already beginning to erupt”

    “I don’t pretend to know how this will all play out, but I’m pretty sure it is going to get ugly before it gets better.”

    Why should Trump’s supporters worry about the above, since the opposition hasn’t given them any real reason to do so. Who is afraid of marches? I’m sure the BIG BAD WOLF wouldn’t be. Only a fool would be. This isn’t the 60’s.

  26. Good analysis, Todd, with the proviso that any ism will be contrary to the wishes of some. Indeed it has been a bad week for progressives, but let’s look at it another way > Such reverses only mean that we have more to surmount and that we must double down on surmounting them, like recapturing state houses to blunt gerrymandering in the upcoming decennial count, like electing a Senate that will blunt McConnell’s stacking the court with ideologues, like electing a House with the purse strings to blunt Trump’s wild spending sprees and off the cuff promises to fund this or that sans legislative scrutiny, like holding the line on ACA, Republican tax and budget orgies and giveaways to Wall Street etc., and incidentally, I think emphasis on recapturing state houses if important not only because of the upcoming decennial but also would provide an opportunity to repeal the “right to work” (or right to starve) laws that have infected even industrial jurisdictions in recent years.

    Yes, the news is not good, but now is no time to hide under the bed. It is time to resist all the more lest our fleeting democracy is no more. I, for instance, will be marching tomorrow against Trump’s kidnapping of innocents here in Michigan, and plan to fight all the harder to preserve our most precious asset held in common – our democracy. Join me and others who are invigorated by reverses. Let’s go!

  27. We in Indiana have our backs to the wall. Yes, Joe Donnelly is a s.o.b… but he’s our s.o.b. And most importantly, he is our candidate this time around. The primary is over. Donnelly is it.

    Vote for either a sure fire Trump supporter or the man who might throw caution to the wind and vote for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We will see what Donnelly is made of when the next Supreme Court Justice is voted on, and if Republicans have their way, that will happen before November. Then decide who you will vote for.

  28. Three years ago I published a book titled “Racing to the Brink: The End Game for Race and Capitalism”. Today’s blog and its collection of negative scenarios confirm the thesis of that book and its substance. Marv has read it. But, like Cassandra, nobody paid attention and the outcome will become tragic.

    If Trump allows the election to proceed in November, we’ll see what we’re made of. Otherwise, we WILL descend further into the pit of fascism and an oligarchy. Remember, George Orwell wrote “1984” as a warning, not a field guide. Well, here we are at the brink, and the edge under our feet is crumbling.

  29. Bernie Sanders and others are calling on Senate Democrats to take a page out of the Republican playbook and block whoever Trump nominates until after the November midterm elections.

    “We should listen to what Sen. McConnell said in 2016. President Trump should not nominate, and the Senate should not confirm, a Supreme Court justice until the American people have had the opportunity to make their voices heard in November”, Sanders has said.

    ‘Colossal Failure of Leadership,’ Warn Progressives, If Schumer Can’t Unify Democrats to Block Trump Supreme Court Nominee.

    Senate Minority Leader “is fully on the hook for ensuring that not a single Senate Democrat breaks ranks and hands the Supreme Court to Trump.” https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/06/28/colossal-failure-leadership-warn-progressives-if-schumer-cant-unify-democrats-block

  30. Donald Trump worships the ground Donald Trump walks on. There is absolutely no evidence Donald Trump likes anybody but himself. I would be highly surprised to learn that Donald Trump has read even one sentence in the U.S. Constitution. He hates women. He hates blacks. He should follow the advice his supporters chanted during the last Presidential campaign: “Lock him up.” It’s almost impossible to believe that some of the ordinarily bright readers of Sheila Kennedy’s blog would fall for the nonsense this man disseminates.

  31. From the Indiana Democratic Convention on Saturday, June 16th; “Indiana Democrats took aim at language in the GOP platform, which emphasizes that strong families are based on “marriage between a man and a woman” as they advocated for party pride at their state convention in Indianapolis on Saturday” “The broad platform focused on helping working families, protecting the rights of all Hoosiers, investing in public education and working toward election reform, among other points.” “Two amendments were added before the vote, including one condemning the separation of children from their parents at the border, a direct critique of President Donald Trump.” “Not focusing on divisive past decisions, such as if a person supported Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the primaries…” “…and every delegate approved the language by a voice vote…” EVERY delegate!

    This is a lot of information from the Indiana Democratic Party; what specific platform issues do we have from the DNC? Do we have any? Can they come together as our state party has done and make decisions regarding their platform and agree as one voice for the party?

    “We in Indiana have our backs to the wall. Yes, Joe Donnelly is a s.o.b… but he’s our s.o.b. And most importantly, he is our candidate this time around. The primary is over. Donnelly is it.”

    Theresa Bowers has made a strong point with those words; is it having “our backs to the wall” that forced the one voice for one party, which includes our own s.o.b. Donnelly, which brought them together? There is strength in numbers; currently, Republicans have all the strength in the numbers resulting from their gerrymandering and the their “states rights” version of the Electoral College…resulting in foregone conclusions. Rudy Giuliani sat grinning as he warned us two weeks before the 2016 presidential election that Republicans “have something up their sleeves and the election is in the bag by the Electoral College vote.” By the way; where has Rudy been the past few days since the internment of immigrant children hit the fan?

  32. Gerald and Vernon,

    I didn’t say not to march or not to vote. However, we need to do more than that. The marches were effective in the 60’s because of the threat of our losing much of Africa to the Soviets. We had to worry about our reputation in that area of the world. That’s not the case now.

    Trump and his supporters could care less about what anyone else thinks. They will only react to what effects them. Consequently, there is only one answer left…..You have to prove to them that they will ALSO be the victims of FUTURCIDE like everyone else.

    Approximately, 300,000 German Jews died in the GENOCIDE, as compared to the approximately 2,000,000 German CIVILIANS who lost their lives because of the actions taken by their, SHORT-SIGHTED, Nazi leaders.

    Trump supporters need to also……Never Forget!

    Vernon’s book is a start in the right direction. He best sets out the crime. Marching is motivating. No doubt, that’s of upmost importance. But we still have to prove our case of FUTURCIDE before the time runs out in the next few months.

  33. Sheila: kudos for an excellent piece today. I agree with everything you wrote, especially that there likely will be social upheaval. Decent people can only sit idly by so long and tolerate endless lying and human rights abuses before they feel compelled to do something about it, even if that “something” now, in July, means taking to the streets with signs.

    On the latter note: there are going to be anti-Trump immigration policy rallies in every State on Saturday. If anyone knows the time and place for Indiana’s rally, please post it. I want to go.

  34. I know it is a hard time to remain positive, watching the fabric of our wonderful Society being stretched until, sometimes, it rips. But for any of you out there who think that wiser, more reasonable heads won’t prevail, take heart. There are millions and millions of Americans who have taken to the streets in the last year-and-a-half, of all ages – especially the youth. And don’t forget the inspiring acts of compassion that erupted around the country when Trump first announced his travel ban. With no advance notice, and no communication amongst themselves, people everywhere showed up at the airports to support our visitors. People of good heart are everywhere. And they are seething beneath the surface, chomping at the bit, and carbo-loading for the big November explosion.

  35. Marv:
    Welcome back! I’ve missed you! You keep it brief and to the point. I like that! Now then, give us real, tangible ideas about what to do now, at mid-terms, in 2020 and beyond. Voting is a must. I get that. What’s the Big Plan for us that will actually bring results?

  36. Betty,

    “What’s the Big Plan for us that will actually bring results?”

    From my perspective, you’ve been the only person that has, continually, encouraged me for the past three years that I’ve participated on this blog. I, also, have another half dozen friends here and in Europe that I also rely on.

    We understand each other, even though we have never met or communicated outside of this blog. It comes from having a similar background which I have pointed out at least on one occasion. To generalize: its teaching, sports, and the one I haven’t mentioned before: understanding the “bible belt.” I assume the last from your comment about driving over to Oxford, Mississippi. I don’t believe anyone else on this blog has that combination. Without it, they will never support my efforts. That includes Sheila as well.

    My Big Plan is to organize a countervailing force that can compete with the likes of Charles Koch. From my perspective, if someone can’t pull that off, then there is no way to stop the daily devastation to what remains of our democracy. My partner, Professor Harvey Wheeler and I were preparing to do just that when he died in 2004. Nevertheless, I’ve carried on. Take a good look at http://www.StrategicPower.org, if you haven’t before. It’s clear that I don’t possess the academic clout that Professor Wheeler possessed as the Program Director for the, prestigious, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

    Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a try with PEISnet.world. It’s not online at this time. PEIS stands for Political-Epidemiology-Intelligence-Service. I believe that Professor Wheeler, if he was living, would concur with my final design, as he understood that no one has more knowledge of the mindset and the clandestine operations of the ruling racist and anti-Semitic oligarchy than I did, and still do.

  37. Just VOTE and VOTE the democratic ticket. Get all your friends to do the same. Our only hope;

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