The Enemy Of My Enemy…

E.J. Dionne had an interesting column in the Washington Post a few days ago.

He was analyzing the relationship that has recently been uncovered between Russia and the American Right–not just the NRA (fascinating as THAT is) but also the Evangelical Christian community. There’s been a lot of focus on that community’s support of Trump, but very little commentary on its seemingly bizarre relationship with Russian operatives.

In truth, there is nothing illogical about the ideological collusion that is shaking our political system. If the old Soviet Union was the linchpin of the Communist International, Putin’s Russia is creating a new Reactionary International built around nationalism, a critique of modernity and a disdain for liberal democracy. Its central mission includes wrecking the Western alliance and the European Union by undermining a shared commitment to democratic values.

I think that one key to the referenced “disdain” for liberal democracy is resistance to the “liberal” part–not to liberal politics as we understand that term today (although the Right opposes that liberalism too), but resentment of the 18th Century liberal restraints on what the majority can vote to have government require of everyone else. In other words, the limits on majoritarianism imposed by the Bill of Rights. But I digress.

Dionne notes that Putin’s affinity toward the far right makes sense, because his power rests on a nationalism rooted in Russian traditionalism.

And the right in both Europe and the United States has responded. Long before Russia’s efforts to elect Trump in the 2016 election became a major public issue, Putin was currying favor with the American gun lobby, Christian conservatives and Republican politicians.

In a prescient March 2017 article in Time magazine, Alex Altman and Elizabeth Dias detailed Russia’s “new alliances with leading U.S. evangelicals, lawmakers and powerful interest groups like the NRA.”

I thought the most telling paragraph in the column was Dionne’s explanation of the Evangelical/Russia bond.

Evangelical Christians, they noted, found common ground with Putin, a strong foe of LGBTQ rights, on the basis of “Moscow’s nationalist and ultraconservative push — led by the Russian Orthodox Church — to make the post-Soviet nation a bulwark of Christianity amid the increasing secularization of the West.”

There’s an old saying to the effect that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I have never understood fundamentalist Christians’ seething hatred for the gay community–as many pastors have noted, the one (incessantly recited) bible passage about a man lying with another man is vastly outnumbered by the biblical admonitions they cheerfully ignore about feeding the poor and helping the widow and orphan, etc.

It’s hard to avoid the suspicion that these Evangelicals use the Bible the way a drunk uses a street lamp–for support rather than illumination.

Be that as it may, evidently all Putin had to do too woo Evangelicals was discriminate against the people they’d love to oppress if only that pesky Bill of Rights and old-fashioned American notions about civil equality didn’t get in their way…

The deepening ties between the Russian government and elements of the right should give pause to all conservatives whose first commitment is to democratic life. The willingness of traditionalists and gun fanatics to cultivate ties with a Russian dictator speaks of a profound alienation among many on the right from core Western values — the very values that most conservatives extol.

Of course, the people who support Trump and are willing to get in bed with Putin (and I mean that in the most heterosexual possible way!) aren’t genuine conservatives. They have no discernible political philosophy–just a deep-seated resentment for people unlike themselves, and a well-founded fear that the dominance they once enjoyed is rapidly evaporating.


  1. Your last paragraph sums it all up. They are afraid of losing their status as straight White Protestant Christians. Not only are they opposed to 18th century Enlightment liberal values, they are opposed to majority rule. They fear they are no longer the majority. You only need to watch TV commercials to see who Madison Avenue is targeting. It’s not just straight White Protestant Christians.

  2. Has anyone in America listened to the interviews and forums where Vladimir Putin has spoken?

    He’s not a stooge, and I give him about an 8.5 on intelligence while Trump gets around a 2.5. Anybody with a brain can manipulate and anticipate Trump’s strategy. They can also look at the “alliances” and “NGOs” headed by the USA to see their real purpose.

    Russia is NOT a security threat. The USA is a security threat to Russia and the world. Remember that, because that is the key to geopolitics. All states use propaganda or PR to advocate their position in the world.

    The actual role of the press is to call bullshit.

    Sadly, they’ve had to sell out to make a profit. In the meantime, the media has lost our trust and become the scapegoat.

    Russia dislikes NATO…I wonder why!

    When the Berlin Wall came down which senior Bush claimed as a victory, Nato made promises to Russia….”Not one inch east of this wall shall we invade.”

    Guess what?

    We lied. There are plenty of maps showing how we’ve built military bases in Eastern Europe all the way to the Russian border.

    If you don’t think the EU was a target of Russian, you’d have to be an idiot. As we’ve learned the past two years, guess who the driving force behind the EU is?

    America needs to learn to lead internationally, but we are nowhere ready because our systems at home emphasize “winners and losers”.

    It’s funny when young they taught us about teamwork. “We can accomplish more as a team than individuals.”, but guess what, our actual national and international systems teach winners and losers…dominate or be dominated.

    We are all headed toward a globalization stage where collaboration is imperative. We can’t have winners and losers…we must all be winners, and we can do this. However, our systems and culture prevent this today. Changing them will take time, but with today’s tech, it’s not that far off. 🙂

  3. “Of course, the people who support Trump and are willing to get in bed with Putin (and I mean that in the most heterosexual possible way!) aren’t genuine conservatives. They have no discernible political philosophy–just a deep-seated resentment for people unlike themselves, and a well-founded fear that the dominance they once enjoyed is rapidly evaporating.”

    Sheila’s copied and pasted paragraph above proves that old adage, “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.” more true than ever before in our history. I grew up in a staunch Republican family, in a staunch Republican neighborhood; even as a child my basic instincts were that there is something wrong with the level of hatred for total strangers in the form of racism, bigotry and sexual discrimination – before I knew the word “discrimination” or its meaning. I was the “black sheep” of my family and lost family and “friends” as my understanding of “Love thy neighbor.” and “Do unto others…” grew. All these years later their discrimination and hatred continues and continues to grow.

    “The Enemy Of My Enemy…” “…as many pastors have noted, the one (incessantly recited) bible passage about a man lying with another man is vastly outnumbered by the biblical admonitions they cheerfully ignore about feeding the poor and helping the widow and orphan, etc.” Today; those self-proclaimed conservatives/evangelicals are the ones who are increasing the number of poor in this country as well as depriving the widows and orphans of assistance to simply survive as the wealthy continue to thrive as they view the poor, the widows and orphans as enemies of Christianity and the government. Neighborhood outreach by most churches is virtually non-existent today; they claim poverty as they become more and more the recipients of our tax dollars.

    Republican family and friends view all who do not agree with their views as their personal enemy; we simply try to get them so see logic and reason and why democracy is the lifeline for all. Those who are “The Enemy Of My Enemy…” are dwindling in number and power; which brings me again to this November 6, 2018, mid-term election and how vital it is to the nation and the world who is watching and waiting for the outcome. We have moved far beyond political differences in the past two years; we are now in a survival mode for humanity…not a political party.

  4. I am developing a “deep seated resentment for people unlike myself”. The evangelical far right consists of extremely ignorant and disguating members of our society. We need to fight them with their own weapons and start discriminating against them for their horrid beliefs.

  5. Those same Evangelicals who hate the gays have no problem dining at the Red Lobster, despite the Biblical admonition in Leviticus (11:9-12) regarding eating shellfish. Reliance on the Bible for public policy is truly a bad idea. It should be noted that most societies developed pretty much the same set of basic mores: Don’t kill; Don’t steal. I think it was William James who said, “A good man in one society would be a good man in any society.” Religion is, in the end , irrelevant.

  6. Is there some way we can gather them all up and ship them to Russia to enjoy their cracker paradise? It would cause problems, of course, like, for example, there would be virtually no population in rural Indiana. The fields would fall fallow, Notre Dame football and Indiana basketball would no longer have fans, and the country music industry would collapse. But I think it would be worth it…

  7. “Russia is NOT a security threat. The USA is a security threat to Russia and the world. Remember that, because that is the key to geopolitics.”

    Todd; you must be oblivious to where that statement places you in the scope of preserving democracy, the Constitution, America and all Americans. Russia has always been a security threat to this country; recognized as such by every leader in both parties until Trump.

    “America needs to learn to lead internationally, but we are nowhere ready because our systems at home emphasize “winners and losers”.

    America WAS leading internationally until January 20, 2017; you have placed yourself squarely in the Trump/Putin camp and seemingly unaware the current “systems at home” are squarely in a “lose – lose” situation due to those who refuse to see Russia as the threat it has always been to this country and much of the world. Those of us who are struggling to “accomplish more as a team than individuals” have been forced into the position of trying to teach that lesson to some of our own team if we hope to accomplish that Blue Wave in November to begin overcoming the threat of Russia and end Trump’s blatant collusion with Putin.

  8. What always gets me is that “Christians” can be so unlike Christ! His admonitions to “judge not lest ye be judged” and “Love others the way that I have also loved you” seem to be unheard of! Are Evangelicals really Jews in disguise? They seem a lot more interested in the Old Testament’s guidelines than in following Christ.

    Over It — too funny!

  9. “Are Evangelicals really Jews in disguise?”

    Kathy; that comment is totally anti-Semitic, shame, shame, shame!

  10. “The historic function of fascism is to smash the working class, destroy its organizations, and stifle political liberties when the capitalists find themselves unable to govern and dominate with the help of democratic machinery.”

    “Fascism: what it is and how to fight it” by Leon Trotsky (Pathfinder, New York, 1996) [from the back cover]

    I’m capitalist like I said, yesterday. However, we have much to learn from Todd, even if he is a “Stalinist” as Vern has earlier described him.

    Being afraid of the truth, will get us nowhere.

  11. Todd Smekens, that is a very interesting post and follow up to Sheila’s column. Well stated.

  12. Stimulating essay and comments; helps me cope with current global situation. Please keep kind and civil while we all learn more about tolerance.

  13. I seem to have a major problem of communicating on this blog. I believe it is caused by the fact that most of you have been land locked.

    On the other hand, I have lived on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville Beach; lived on the shore of the St. John’s River in Jacksonville; lived on a lake while in law school; and while living in Dallas for twenty-five years, I practiced law on two lakeside communities and lived at a third, Chandler’s Landing.

    More importantly, while growing up in Jacksonville, I learned seamanship while racing my Lightning Class sailboat: “Decision” on the St. John’s River.

    TACKING (sailing)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    TACKING or coming about is a sailing maneuver by which a sailing vessel, whose desired course is into the wind, turns its bow toward the wind so that the direction from which the wind blows changes from one side to the other, allowing progress in the desired direction. The opposite maneuver to tacking is called jibing, or wearing on square-rigged ships, that is, turning the stern through the wind. No sailing vessel can move directly upwind, though that may be the desired direction, making this an essential maneuver of a sailing ship. A series of tacking moves, in a zig-zag fashion, is called beating, and allows sailing in the desired direction.

    This maneuver is used for different effects in races, where one ship is not only sailing in a desired direction, but also concerned with slowing the progress of competitors.

    I would strongly suggest that the U.S.S. Democratic Party start TACKING before it is TORPEDOED by the U.S.S. Republican Party commanded by “Seaman” Donald Trump. I warned about this eventuality, a day or so ago.

  14. Here’s a truncated essay from our friend Gerald Stinson who will probably comment on today’s blog:
    Let’s call it what it is.

    Russia did not “meddle” in our 2016 election and they are not
    “meddling” in the 2018 mid-term, nor will they “meddle” in the 2020
    election. No, this is not “meddling” — it is an attack on the
    fundamental structure of our nation by an enemy nation intent on
    destroying us. This is war.

    The Trump campaign and now the Trump crowd did not “collude” with
    Russia. No. What the Trump campaign did and what Trump and his people
    continue to do is:

    Conspiracy. They are conspiring with an enemy nation to destroy the
    fundamental strength of the USA.
    Aiding and Abetting. They are assisting an enemy nation in their war on us.

    And, no, Trump is not “rallying his base.” What he is doing is
    obstruction of justice, jury tampering, and fomenting violence.

    Call it what it is.

    UPDATE. Oh, please. Let’s stop this pointless haggling over the
    definition of “war.”

    Perhaps I should have quoted Ian Fleming:

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

    It’s “enemy action.”

    So, by extension, giving comfort to the enemy as Trump does with Putin and Russia constitutes treason. Treason is punishable by, among other things, death. I guess it’ll take falling bombs and obliterated cities for us to feel “threatened” by Russia, at least as Todd sees things.

    Oh, wait. Let’s just blame the media again. They’re to blame for everything wrong.

  15. JoAnn —
    “Are Evangelicals really Jews in disguise?”

    Not at all intended to be anti-Semitic. Please accept my apologies that it came across that way. Meant to point out that Evangelicals seem more interested in following the Old Testament directives than following the teaching of Christ.

  16. Jo Ann –

    “Are Evangelicals really Jews in disguise?”

    In NO way intended to be anti-Semitic. Please accept my apologies that it came across that way. Wanted to just point out that Evangelicals seem to be more interested in following Old Testament directives when it comes to LGBT folks rather than the teaching of the Christ. I know many Jewish people who do not accept that Old Testament precept.

    Again,my apologies.

  17. I think that “Over It” gets the comedy award of the day.

    Human history is full of tales of how powerful people become who notice first the seismic shifts of technology. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs come to mind. Elon Musk and the Zuckerberg boy. Vlad the Impaler.

    He reinvented covert politics by perfecting cyber crime and militarizing social media. The spy craft will never be the same. It’s an entirely new cops and robbers arms race in which he starts in the lead.

    I’ve never figured out whether Vlad is primarily an oligarch or a dictator or a Russion nationalist. That amorphism makes him successful in all of those fields because nobody knows which motivation is in the forefront. Maybe it changes day to day.

    At the moment he owns America. Surprisingly that changed without shots fired but in addition millions of voters happy about it. Good and bad Christians. Business people. Gun nuts. Entertainers. So many happy people drugged on their own emotions by ersatz entertainment.

    Like with all conquests though there is also resistance. That is the army we must count on Nov 6. They have their strategy. The tactics will come. I’m thinking that my foot soldier mission will be driving people who can’t themselves to the polls. Not very heroic but useful.

    When we’ve won again I think that we can thank the deep state professionals in the acronym businesses for saving the country from an assault that only they saw coming.

  18. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. That depends upon the specific issue that has drawn me to consider expanding my enemy list. Lincoln (in another day and age) noted when asked how he treated an enemy that “I make them my friend.” That is a naive standard these days when considering making Putin our “friend,” as Trump is apparently trying to do. How can you possibly make Putin your friend when he is demonstrably set to destroy the democracies around the globe, including ours, or what is left of it?

    Let’s assume for purposes of argument that Putin succeeds; that the world’s democracies are destroyed, then what? Would the former democracies adopt isms such as that these days in the Philippines? Russia? Turkey? Cambodia? Hungary, and increasingly, America? Would we countenance murder of reporters and political opponents, suppression of the press and other media, mutilation of due process, equal protection, free speech, the rule of law, religious expression? The answer is yes, because having succumbed to dictatorship, we would be Orwellian slaves where even discussion of those old ideas which escaped Orwell’s Memory Hole would be held to be anti-Big Brother and punishable by “disappearance.”

    I believe in the principles of the Enlightenment, as did those who wrote our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and principles, unlike technology and innovation, are not up for grabs via runaway capitalists unless we are asleep at the switch and allow the Putins and Stalins and Bannon (the present day Rasputin to a wannabe Romanov Trump) to destroy them. Let’s robustly defend the most precious asset we hold in common from the Founders’ take on the Enlightenment, our democracy, one, as I often write, that is one of the last few things left worth dying for. So yes, Putin is my enemy, and any of his friends that want to do away with democracy are my enemies as well.

  19. “It’s hard to avoid the suspicion that these Evangelicals use the Bible the way a drunk uses a street lamp–for support rather than illumination.”
    This is not suspicion. It is fact. I know far to well. Among my other occupations I served as lay pastor in two relatively liberal (I use the term loosely) denominations for 17 years. I left because I had my fill of “Christians.” Evangelicals are on the surface “nice” people, but they preach, teach and pray hateful thoughts and ideas. Their leaders, Franklin Graham, for example, are disgusting, evil filth. To be sure, among them are some truly wonderful people, but sadly, as a group they have no idea who the biblical Christ is, and no desire to be like him. I have stated this before and it still holds true: “The most frightening words one may ever hear are, ‘I’m a good Christian, but . . . ‘

  20. I so wish I could edit my comments. LOL I meant “too” in my second sentence. Spell check is no good when I hurry. Sorry.

  21. Marv,

    At the risk of tweaking the ire of other readers, I AM concentrating on removing Trump from office as quickly as possible. This task MUST include ridding the nation of Mike Pence, as the resident Hoosiers have stated so often.

    I’m more worried about Trump commanding the military to defend HIM against the masses of US. If it comes to that, we’ll learn a lot about what patriotism is all about.

  22. Not to be glib, but I think Colbert (or was it Maher?) was right when he said that “Trump is the enema of the people.” My goals are now pathetically simplistic – not to vomit when I hear Trump’s latest tweet or read about his deviant desire to grow ever more intimate with Putin. Will Putin sleep in the Lincoln bedroom when he comes o the White House? And will Trump let him rest in peace?

    The only thing that makes any sense is that what the evangelicals have wanted all along, and what gives them so much in common with the far right wing, is naked power. No values. No morals. No compassion or empathy. No patriotism. No love. No justice. No democracy. Just raw, unrestricted power.

  23. Sorry, but I have almost spammed this site a couple of times with reference to my website. The whole point being – you want to dismantle the lies and deceptions of religious entities that have literally stolen the hearts and minds of people with guilt and bribery and out right dehumanization? Then please: learn what the root of the matter is really about and get your head on straight! The whole root of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and all their offspring – sits in a set of images found within the text of the Hebrew Torah; it isn’t just for Schul anymore! And as a P.S. I would think that anyone claiming to know the Scriptures would at least want to understand the things in their original tongue. To say you are such and such and carry the book around or even use it for whatever rituals you hold – you would want to know what it is really based on, and what it really says including all that is contained in it. The Torah, is not what you have been told it is, that I can promise you. If you are interested ask Ms. Kennedy if she would share my email address with you. I have no interest in spamming someone else’s site or blog, I am just fed up with ignorance and it is time people learned a hard truth about our species and the world we are now in. Our time is short in this Universe if we don’t start waking up – now. Thank you for your time.

  24. Vernon,

    “I’m more worried about Trump commanding the military to defend HIM against the masses of US.”

    I’m afraid you’re right again. Once he TORPEDOES the Democratic Party, he will have no other recourse than to use as you have stated: “……the military to defend HIM against the masses of US.”

    That’s why I’m hurriedly putting into action: PSSI (Poliltical Sub-Suface Imaging) to counteract Trump’s unavoidable SUB-SURFACE attack. It’s like a combination of SONAR and MRI of our BODY POLITIC.

  25. I’ve always been fascinated by SUBMARINES. I witnessed the sinking of the GulfAmerica at the beginning of W.W. II. I was living at the beach with my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was on active duty with the Coast Guard. He was on duty when they discovered that Nazi saboteurs had come a shore from a submarine at Ponte Vedra Beach. They owned a duplex on second street with a view of the ocean from the second floor.

    75th Anniversary of the Sinking of the SS GulfAmerica:

    “The night of April 10, 1942 started as a typical Friday night for people in the Beaches area. Jacksonville Beach was teeming with crowds kicking off their weekend with a visit to the boardwalk amusements, attending a dance at the pier, or catching the latest movie at the local theater. At approximately 10 p.m., however, the night took a very different turn.

    It was World War II and wartime activity had picked up all along the Atlantic coastline. U-boats – German submarines – were frequently spotted only a few miles off-shore. One of their objectives was to diminish the supply of materials available for the U. S. military to use in the war. Until that night, the war still felt far away for the people of the Jacksonville area.

    Earlier in the day, a U-boat – U-123 – had spotted a U.S. oil tanker heading up the coast of Florida. The tanker, SS Gulfamerica, was on its way back to New York after its maiden voyage to pick up thousands of gallons of fuel from Texas. The precious cargo carried by the Gulfamerica made it an instant target for the U-boat, which stalked it up the coast of Florida. U-123 caught up to the Gulfamerica off the shore of Jacksonville Beach and opened fire on the ship.

    The tanker was easily visible to the U-boat against the lights of the beach city. Since the ship was full of fuel, a large fire quickly spread around the sinking boat as the crew hurried to escape the attack. Hearing the explosions out at sea, people all along the beach rushed outside to watch in shock and horror as the U-boat continued its assault on the ship. The captain of U-123, Reinhard Hardegen, recalled looking out at the beach and seeing people rushing out of hotels, their faces red from the light of the ship’s fire. They could see the crew members making their way out on life rafts or jumping into the burning water.

    Some locals like Townsend Hawkes later recounted their efforts to take smaller boats out to the scene in an attempt to rescue survivors. Navy patrol boats also arrived to pick up survivors and bodies. In a 1990 news article, Quartermaster Morris Smith recalled pulling in survivors who were covered in oil and badly burned. Of the 48 men on the Gulfamerica, 29 survived the attack, 12 bodies were recovered from the sea, and 7 were never found.

    While the attack was swift, the tanker took several days to sink completely and the effect of the attack was lasting. A ban on nighttime lighting at the beach was issued following the event to avoid illuminating other American ships for the enemy. The war had reached the shores of Northeast Florida and the attack on the Gulfamerica was remembered by residents of the Beaches area for decades after.”

    You couldn’t go swimming for months, as the ocean floor was covered with oil. Little kids have a hard time forgetting events like this. Consequently, I’ve always been interested in SUBMARINES and their ability to maneuver UNDETECTED [except when under Sonar surveillance].

  26. Vernon and Marv; have you ever considered the possibility of the military carrying out a coup against Trump, Pence, Sessions and those former Generals in high government positions? The Veterans organizations against Trump make this a better possibility; they and the active military took their oath of service seriously, to serve and protect the Constitution and the United States of America. Trump considered it no more important than any of his marriage vows.

  27. Kathy McGrogan and Over It, Funny stuff! True, we are supposed to be under New Testament teachings these days. Supposed to be….

    Marv, Love ya, man, but not you with the line in your post…dotted or otherwise! Egad! It’s contagious! You know a lotta valuable stuff and share it with us, so the line is forgiven.

    Just so you know, the most recent dog whistle from Chick-fil-A as seen here in the Bible Belt: Sign out front has the usual Chick-fil-A wording with CLOSED SUNDAY added in big letters just beneath the name, just so ya don’t miss it. Holier-than-thou folks know no boundaries. Amazing that lines of cars continue around the building and barely into the driveway. It’s constant. Not mine!

    Tough shopping these days after we eliminate Papa John’s Pizza, Hobby Lobby, and Chick-fil-A – “CLOSED SUNDAY”. We take our lives in our hands even at good ol’ Kroger, where they’ll carjack ya while you’re gassing up or steal your keys, car and wallet.

  28. JoAnn,

    Yes, I HAVE considered a Trump military incursion into our government as a way Trump can suspend or destroy the Constitution and become a complete military dictator. Anything sinister from these assholes would not surprise me. Can you see Stephen Miller as Press Secretary? That sorrowful creature can’t even write a complete sentence, let alone speak one. Miller, Pence and Trump represent our equivalent of Hitler, Goering and Goebbels.

  29. Marv, Your commas pass muster. Good commentary today as usual. Others could spend time in Harbrace Handbook in the chapter on the use and misuse of the lowly semicolon.

    All commenters here are worthy and Sheila has the patience of a (New Testament) saint. Without her, we would all be completely nuts! Thanks, Sheila!

  30. Vernon; NO, our military attack Trump, a military coup like we have read about in places like Chile, Bolivia and other countries where their governments have sought and received U.S. aid. I watched the movie “Missing” over the weekend; the story of journalist Charles Horman’s murder in Santiago, Chile where he and his wife had gone to get information for a documentary. The American military, Army and Navy, attacked cities and murdered hundreds to protect our businesses in those countries. Charles’ father sued the Chilean and American governments and Henry Kissinger over the murder of his son; the case was of course thrown out of court. He sued again after the Freedom of Information Act went into effect; a Chilean general was convicted and they learned that our CIA had given permission for the murder – and murders of other Americans in the country at that time.

  31. Betty,

    I’m with you on “Sainthood” for Sheila. But, maybe the Nobel Peace Prize would be more appropriate. I’ve been referring my friends to this blog by calling it: “The New Radio Free America.”

  32. Vernon,

    “Miller, Pence and Trump represent our equivalent of Hitler, Goering and Goebbels.”

    You’re way off base on that statement. How can you say that? You’re slandering Hitler, Goering and Goebbels. We haven’t seen the Trump END GAME. At this point of comparison, I’ll take Hitler, Goering and Goebbels. I’m not joking.

  33. In “22 cells in Nuremberg: A psychiatrist examines the Nazi criminals,” published in 1947, the author and psychiatrist Douglas McGlashan Kelley found few differences between the war criminals he examined and many of the sociopaths that he had treated in the U.S.

    I need to find my copy; it’s around somewhere; the cheapest on Amazon is now $99.00.

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