What Now?

I cannot recall a time when so many Americans were this angry. Of course, I wasn’t around for the civil war, (although sometimes I feel that old.)

We have certainly been deeply at odds before. Mostly, our conflicts have centered on clashing worldviews: wars, religious conflicts, extensions of civil rights, reproductive liberty, dissent and patriotism.  But right now, the fury being expressed by so many ordinary citizens seems different in kind.

It feels very personal.

Americans still have different perspectives on the issues, of course–in spades. U.S. citizens are not just polarized; they occupy different, inconsistent realities. But I think there is another element to the anger I see, an element the Kavanaugh hearings have amplified.

Reasonable Americans (by which I mean everyone who is to the left of Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson) feel robbed.

There was the 2016 election, of course, in which the presidential choice of the majority was ignored, courtesy of an Electoral College that has outlived whatever utility it may once  have had.

There is the growing realization by urban dwellers that their votes–thanks to that same Electoral College– count for less than the votes of the far less diverse inhabitants of rural America.

And that’s when those urban folks get to cast their votes. Anger about increasingly blatant vote suppression tactics has been growing, too, especially among minority constituencies that have been robbed of their ability to redress their grievances via the ballot box.

Perhaps no robbery has rankled as much as the theft of a Supreme Court seat that–in accordance with American history and constitutional norms– should have gone to Merrick Garland.  The in-your-face behavior of Mitch McConnell poured salt on that wound. McConnell and the GOP made no effort to cloak their power play in even the thinnest of patriotic excuses; they didn’t bother to pretend that they were acting on some bizarre view of the national interest. Instead, they gloated publicly about their ability to abuse their power, and they were forthright about one reason for their unprecedented behavior: hatred of America’s first black President.

Women, of course, are routinely robbed of equality, respect and status in multiple environments, especially but not exclusively the workplace. Various religions counsel our submission, longstanding networks of “good old boys” dismiss and block our concerns and ambitions, the “powers that be” discount and trivialize our reports of victimization.

Moreover, to an extent only now becoming clear, we are viewed by far too many men as prey–objects to be harassed or assaulted with impunity.

Those on the right are no less angry–they actually may be more enraged–but the reasons are very different. These are primarily White Christians (disproportionately but not exclusively male) who have a well-founded fear that they soon will be robbed of their cultural dominance and privilege. They are reacting with fury to culture change and the increasing claims to a place at the civic table by LGBTQ, black and brown people, and women. Robert Jones has documented their resentment and rage in his recent book, The End of White Christian America.

The Kavanaugh hearings poured gasoline on all of those fires.

It was all there: the “old boys” once again dismissing the experience of a credible and accomplished woman, while simply ignoring the thousands of women who called and wrote and confronted them. The petulant,  entitled (and embarrassing) behavior of a privileged white guy outraged by the very idea that he might be called to account. The incivility shown to Democratic committee members by Kavanaugh, Senator Grassley and committee Republicans.

The hearing reopened the wound over Merrick Garland (not least because of the striking contrast in the two men’s judicial demeanor), and it reminded Democrats that–thanks to gerrymandering and the Electoral College– Republicans control  Congress and the White House despite the fact that a significant majority of the citizens who cast ballots voted Democratic.

Pent-up fury over all of this– plus the daily outrages of the Trump Administration– is likely to erupt in ways we’ve not previously seen.

I don’t know what comes next, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very ugly.


  1. “Ugly” is Chuck Grassley’s suggestion that the reason women aren’t on the Judiciary Committee is that they can’t handle the workload.
    Go get ‘im, Sheila!

  2. There is a major difference between a woman reporting a sexual attack to inform others and a legal accusation; being a member of #me, too, I recognized that she had no intention of filing charges. It was her belief that this country should know Kavanaugh’s heavy drinking habit and deplorable treatment of girls in high school, which continued and escalated in college and law school…all very publicly. How did those reported “5 or 6 FBI investigations” totally miss these blatant exhibits of Kavanaugh’s moral turpitude…or did they discover it and hid the information. Trump decided who would and would not be questioned and the brief time-frame for the “FBI investigation” after the Senate Judicial Committee questioning of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh’s 50 minute self-congratulatory statement prior to his questioning which led to a full display of the insecure, angry, whiney, blatantly partisan man who made the accusation of being the victim of a Democratic conspiracy, who will be seated on our Supreme Court for the remainder of his life.

    Again; being a member of #me, too -TWICE assaulted – I watched as too much attention was given to Dr. Ford’s statement as being the ONLY reason to vote “NO” against Kavanaugh’s appointment. It was used as another Trump led distraction for the truth of Kavanaugh’s basic personality which will pose a danger to this country; he SAYS he will not vote to repeal Roe vs. Wade or uphold denial of birth control, anti-abortion and/or anti-LGBTQ rights. He SAYS; remember what all he said about his academic history, his athletic prowess and his general wonderfulness as a man. We saw no evidence of his intention to keep his word on any of this and due to his long list of lies, why would/should we believe these statements.


  3. I see and feel that anger too. But more than that I feel a sadness… a deep, profound sadness for the end of the United States and its Constitution that I have so loved my whole life. I sense that I will not see its likes again, not in my life time. So I am sad and mournful.

  4. Yes, to all of this – I agree wholeheartedly. Sheila, You have quite accurately summed up the current climate in the country and are correct as to the causes.

    But the big question is what can we do about it? I vote in every election, have been actively canvassing to make sure folks are registered and am planning to take a day off work to help drive people to the polls. I donate to Democratic causes as I’m able and I try to stay informed and engaged in local issues.

    I say all this not to solicit praise but because I don’t know what else I ca do. As you mentioned, gerrymandering and voter suppression along with the defunct electoral college have rendered my vote almost meaningless. I’m burned out and beyond pissed off. It seems that the playing field is unfair and the game rigged by those in power. What can we do? The old saying that the Democrats are playing checkers while the Republicans are playing chess seems pretty accurate. The Democratic National Party seems as woefully out of touch as the old white guys in Washington.

    Perhaps the French peasants were right when they finally had been pushed too far and fought back against the aristocracy. I wonder if Amazon carries guillotines?

  5. What concerns me is that the Constitution does not have any provision to address this kind of situation peacefully. The right wing have basically taken control of all of the branches of government, so checks and balances no longer functions. The left might be allowed to vote, but the right have set it up such that voting is increasingly difficult and increasingly meaningless. I’m all for a big blue wave in a month… but even with a majority of the House, we can impeach but not convict, we can pass bills but not laws. We cannot un-gerrymander the state legislatures and therefore cannot stop the next census / redistricting process from just being the next iteration of project redmap. This Supreme Court process was a powerful re-enactment of rape and slavery — they are no longer even bothering to pretend that they want anything but to rule over, they are openly demonstrating that they no longer need to accept any limits, and their base is gleefully celebrating. Voting is important, but I don’t see a realistic path forward here. So now what?

  6. I had to finally turn off the TV on Friday morning after Chuck Grassley shouted that the Democrats needed to be role models for civility and that they were inciting mob rule. What hypocrisy and disregard for the First Amendment. This is indeed a frightening time when those proclaiming the right to own guns are also condemning those who speak out for justice.

  7. It is ironic (and deeply depressing) that the electoral college was created because the Founders wanted an elite group to make the decision of who should be President. They did not trust the rank and file to make important decisions. The electors were to make their own decisions. So what happened? The rank and file in a few states tipped the scales so that the electors, who went along, gave us a chaotic government instead of a smoothly running one.

  8. For me it started when I, living in Florida, saw country roads blocked, coincidentally on Election Day, & watched white women telling old black men how to mark their ballots and pulled away when I started to say something when a man asked “Gore ?” and the woman pointed to the word “Bush. “ Not until later did I realize what our then governor Bush had done to us. We’ve been robbed many times in the past several decades. It’s a deep and growing anger we feel here in the land of the “free.”

  9. My thanks to Shiela for thought provoking words that spoke truth to rightful despair and then pose “what next?” I know what I feel now. I most probably will never see one particular face on the Supreme Court during my remainder lifetime and be confident justice is being served. I will see a cry baby wannabe war horse of white privilege ushered through by the last standing wannabe war horses of white privilege. They have demonstrated and exposed their weak flanks. Even the FBI was played. Every guard rail has been compromised in our nation by a President who is neither partisan influence but a demonic creature of his own making. What’s next? I will support an emerging candidate who speaks truth to moderation who has capacity and will to carry the issues and concerns of a majority from rural, suburban and urban America. A vision that nurtures a future for our grand children. Even though the numbers indicate lowest unemployment in decades, the numbers do not reveal jobs that under cut the American dream that provide a future for our children. Privilege will not prevail unless it provides strong bridges built to last for the prosperity for all of generations to come.

  10. I lived through 1968 at the age of 20. This too shall pass. But I share all the anger and sadness.

  11. I know Pascal is being sarcastic but he generally speaks the truth. The Oligarchs have run this country since its inception.

    “We the people…” was nothing but marketing and the people quickly learned when it came to important matters.

    Howard Zinn was mentioned yesterday several times. I can still remember Mitch Daniels reaction to his death. He ordered all of his books to be removed from classrooms and Indiana libraries while calling Zinn a fraud. Then Mitch rigged his appointment to run Purdue.

    Mitch also helped JoAnn Gora, former top dog at Ball State University, conceal their $13.1 million loss to a scam artist from a company called Betts and Gambles. No joke.

    Chris Hedges has been writing about our fraudulent country for a long time. Most enlightened truth seekers find it so after devoting time to break down the fraud called USA, Inc.

    It sounds like Marv and Vernon have gone down that path. Sheila is wanting to see but is still a faithful Democrat and hopes voting D will correct our southward trajectory.

    Sadly, and I’ve been pushed to the fringe for making this claim, but sadly, it will require the death of the Boomer generation who watch their Boob Tubes and then call our youth misguided for using Smart Phones.

    Or, the independents and non-voters get sick and tired of both Donor owned political parties and start supporting non-corporate owned candidates. Obviously, this will come from the left because by definition, no matter how hard you try, you will not convince closed-minded people to change.

    Certainly, we all have a family member we can refer to as evidence. I have two in the same household which I study like laboratory rats. 😉

    MSNBC will not connect the USA dots to international dots which suffer under the same rise in populism. It’s happening everywhere and usually, the USA Military is somewhere in the background preventing any shift in power from the Banana Republics toward the people.

    Yet, MSNBC quickly points out Russia and China interference. They both dwarf in comparison to our involvement internationally.

    I’ve read many articles which elude to Russia “sowing discord” in our country as if Vladimir Putin is behind all the angry populists. Any idea how many US citizens believe this crap?

    Look at Brexit and our Mother Country. Jeremy Corbyn, the top dog of the Labour Party sounds an awful lot like Senator Bernie Sanders. Both leaders (real leaders) hammered out raises from Amazon employees. Next target is McDonald’s.

    Progressive movements are building steam and once reasonable citizens see how these policies benefit them personally, we might see the “non-voters” returning to the polls.

    Meanwhile, the status quo and their mass conglomerate media will work double time to keep Americans fighting against one another by blaming R’s and D’s for our problems.

  12. I suspect the founders never dreamed that there would come a time when nearly one half of the country would ignore their franchise and simply not show up to vote. We are their unfathomable nightmare and the lack of remedy within the Constitution itself is proof of that.

    Knowing what they faced, the Democrats made the wrong choice. They should have gone after Kavanaugh for lying under oath, which he did repeatedly in 2006 and again this year. There is plenty of proof for that. We know absolutely that Republicans don’t care about women. They supported 45. They supported Roy Moore. They felt terrible for Rob Porter. How did they feel about his wife’s black eye? They didn’t say, because they didn’t care. By the time we got to judicial temperament (or temper tantrum), they were already in defense of “this wonderful man” mode.

    Democrats need to start fighting back on the Senate floor. They need to take the floor every time they are accused of obstructing and just do the math out loud. Ask if protesters from one’s home state should be labeled anything other than “constituent.” Ask if Senator McConnell and his friends are even remotely familiar with the 1st Amendment.

    If this doesn’t convince you to “VOTE BLUE” we have lost our Democratic Republic.

  13. Like the old adage goes: DON’T GET MAD – GET EVEN! November is coming you know, but with the ugliness we just witnessed – it goes beyond getting ‘even’; it goes to gutting the entire system of all the rats that are chewing on the wires of democracy!!! The ‘democrat’ that voted for Kavenaugh- Joe Manchin – THAT is not a democrat. He needs to be banned from using the word or claiming he is a member of the party because he really isn’t. That is getting ‘even’ – but ridding the government of ideologues of the trump ilk – requires a bit of a stomach for nastiness and the ability to stand in the face of the lies and say NO. It is time these wanna be dictators got some serious lessons in what Democracy means. If the Blue Wave so called materializes – the next step is to undo every presidential order written and all of his appointments revoked of privileges and position(.) And let’s reset the path of this nation back to one that is for progress not regression and elitism and a FALSE moral ground!

  14. Yes. What can we do about this slow-moving coup by right-wing fascists, aka the Republican party? Getting even? Yes. But it won’t be actions that come from these so-called elected officials. What we are heading for, like a soap-box derby entrant, is a rapidly escalating trip to the bottom of the hill of democracy. The finish line, instead of saying “FINISH”, will read, “REVOLUTION”.

    As so many here have said, if we don’t repudiate and eliminate Republicanism, we will no longer have a democratic republic. All the alarm and all the warnings from thousands of pundits, analysts and public figures have done nothing to stem the tide of the horrors that are now visible on a daily basis. As we have also stated, and it was re-iterated on Bill Maher’s show last night, the two biggest destroyers of our democracy is the electoral college and the “deep, deep pockets of corporations” who are funding this usurpation of our Constitution.

    See you at the barricades.

  15. I do not believe enough attention is being paid to the Putin influence on our dissolving democracy. Trump now says he “loves” Kim and that” Putin continues to be “a strong leader” (translation > a murdering dictator like I aspire to be). Our democracy is hanging by more than a thread but is unraveling rapidly with each passing day. Witness the ascension of a privileged ideologue to the Supreme Court and the executive power grabs at the expense of Madison’s other two branches of government, all reminiscent of the early Thirties in Germany. A (I hope) Democratic sweep in a month will slow the move to authoritarianism but will not end the thinking behind it. We will have many years of work to (hopefully) excise this cancer on the body politic, but I see no alternative, so first things first. Win the upcoming election – bigly.

  16. Theresa”s and Aimee’s comments really struck home and encapsulated how I feel–angry and sad. Angry at the evil I see in the right-wing’s actions and sadness for a country that it is increasingly difficult for me to call my own.

    But I’m not leaving the country. I’m going to fight; with my vote; with my social media; with my contacts and any other means I can devise. In one way I am glad I am an old coot. A younger me would be recruiting others and forming a revolt.

    Don’t give up. Don’t let these evil bastards win without a bloody fight.

  17. Todd says, ” Yet, MSNBC quickly points out Russia and China interference. They both dwarf in comparison to our involvement internationally.”

    I agree and have made similar statements. I have found it interesting that the response from comment contributors has been mostly muted on this point.

    Case in point. Referencing 1968 again, we read today that Generals in Vietnam were planning to deploy nuclear weapons until President Johnson stopped them. Now we have Trump.

  18. Todd @ 8:51 am good comments. I would blame the Corporate Establishment Democratic Party for this mess. They have been the Party of “get along” and for decades, they tried to thread the needle of the center while at the same time triangulating. Problem is the “Center” has moved to Right, or least this is what the “experts” tell us.

    In 1990 in House the Democrats 267 vs 167 Republicans and 1 Independent, in the Senate 56 Democrats vs 44 Republicans. There were 28 Democratic Governors vs 20 Republicans and 2 Independents.

    In 2016 we had 194 Democrats vs 241 Republicans, the Senate had 46 Democrats vs 52 Republicans and 2 Independents. There were 18 Democratic Governors vs 31 Republicans and 1 Independent.

    Obama won Indiana in 2008, the first time a Democrat had won Indiana since LBJ in 1964 with 1,374,039 votes. In 2012 Obama lost Indiana with 1,152,887 votes. Donnelly was elected in 2012 with 1,281,181.

    The Democratic Party in Indiana after Obama’s win in 2008, went back to sleep, no energy no new faces. In 2012 the Indiana Democrats selected John Gregg to run for Governor, he lost. He lost again in 2016, along with Evan Bayh.

    I recently received a letter from the Indiana Democratic State Senate Committee. Other than the usual appeal for a donation, there was nothing of substance in it.

    If there is a Blue Wave, it will not be because of the leadership of the Corporate Establishment Democratic Party, it will be a result of the repellent President Agent Orange.

  19. The super-secret FBI Investigation is like the Volkswagen Emissions Fraud.

    From Wiki: The agency (EPA) had found that Volkswagen had intentionally programmed turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines to activate their emissions controls only during laboratory emissions testing which caused the vehicles’ NOx output to meet US standards during regulatory testing, but emit up to 40 times more NOx in real-world driving.

    This super-super secret FBI investigation had to be carefully controlled/programmed to produce the desired result which was to conclude that no further damaging information or noxious emissions on Kavanaugh would be discovered.

    The fix was in from the start and Jeff Flake just provided the time and opportunity for the desired result to be produced.

  20. Andy Austin asks: “But the big question is what can we do about it?”

    What to do about it? In the past there have been wars or assassinations.

    Today, when nearly if not ALL the hypocrite GOP-Lite Democrats (think Joe Donnelly) will join with those of other persuasions and the Republicans to “unify” the body politic to appear to be patriots, mid-term voters will be scarce; commentators will praise the peaceful settlement and Justice Kavanaugh, who spoke from the Trump script, will show us his true jurisprudential mettle for the next three or more decades.
    Gratefully I won’t be here, but you young people will be rudely awakened by the coming turn of events. Watch and wait….

  21. I don’t think anyone can begin to fathom how bad it may really get, particularly for non white males in red states…

    For all my frustration over how hard it has been to build a new life across the country from my home, I recognize that San Francisco will always be a place of progressive refuge and I’m lucky that I came out here before the proverbial shit really hit the fan.

    I don’t have much, but my door is always open to those who need a safe place where they are not just accepted but are heard and valued.

    I have long held doubts that this grand experiment would survive the increasing heterogeneity of the people who make up this country. I don’t believe we will see the same structure we have today in the United States 50 years from now. It assumes there can be an agreed upon middle ground that both sides can accept as being fair and just. So much mistrust and disinformation and animosity has been seen that I think we’re past that.

  22. I know there has been talk of stacking the courts for a while and now that seems to be the top of mind for a lot of progressives. Sheila, can you write something sharing your thoughts regarding the pros and cons of that tactic. My gut instinct is that it would just become a cat and mouse game that would absolutely delegitimize any remaining hopes for a nonpartisan judicial system.

    Then again, are there any branches left that haven’t already been delegitimized???

    This feels like a divorce where neither person wants to share the house any longer due to “irreconcilable differences”, but neither wants to let the other person have it, nor do they want to agree to sell it and let the other side potentially profit from the sale so they’re just going around pissing in all the corners to make sure it’s not habitable for anyone.

  23. time for a reality check,,we the people,denied access to so called kavenaugh fbi check list,(they called it and investgation) no one,i mean no one,said, why cant you pick another,out of hundreds of jurists? and why? lets be real, theres a underlying reason why,because kavenaugh will support the rights demise of America as we see it. protection of wealthy,corp influence,and the rape of our working class. women will now be targets,and well as the lgbqt neighbors.the so called moral majority will demand we repent and follow,or they will use the court.. we already,without watching, how the NSA classifys us,via net surfing,by, private enities. (fang)maybe a look at the electronic frontier foundation is in need? how we are unaware of what we are not paying attention too,and how the right has gained a blaintant view of the people..i make my research,as what im able to digest, civil rights,equality,progressive needs,worker and wages,and world affairs that target the people. though im open to other items, making a real effort to target the above items,keeps me in time with the issues. its deep,and i find too many people try and make sense of just a few issues,and cant. our journalists today,the seasoned,and pro,all recount the story,as it progresses,in time. many people feel they only need is what the headline says,and gives the idea to others,thats the whole story.. i enjoy the read,enjoy the facts,and where and who is shaking the table. lets sit back,and take,in the facts, discuss them in real time,make a place in your folder(i phone),for comments,and need to knows,that can be passed down. we all know what fake is,we also know who fake is,time to reread some of the past history,and follow through in discussion. kavenaugh is not the end,its the begining and its a list of who done what,and its signed,seal,and delivered, now like willie said,Vote em out…

  24. The information which came out of the original Senate Judicial Committee hearing was that Kavanaugh is a weak nominee, couldn’t or wouldn’t answer basic questions. He showed his true “self” at the Dr. Ford hearing and it was totally ignored by the Committee…except for Heidi Heitkamp. As usual in this country, when S-E-X becomes one of the topics it becomes the primary topic and the source of final decisions. That was not a trial, no one was there to prove Kavanaugh innocent or guilty of Dr. Ford’s memories of that night; she stated loud and clear that the four friends she remembers being there had no reason to remember that specific party among the many parties they all attended. Nothing “happened” to any of them that night to seal it in their memory. She believed, and rightly so, that this country should know of Kavanaugh’s drinking problem and his denigration of women in high school, college and law school…well documented in their yearbooks and memories of his classmates the FBI was not allowed to question.

    I kept waiting for qualified psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts to speak out regarding the normalcy of Dr. Ford remembering parts – but not all – of the events of her attack that night. Did the Goldwater Rule go into effect about Dr. Ford as it did to prevent them speaking publicly about Trump’s mental instability from which this entire nation is now suffering? As with Anita Hill; Dr. Ford has been demeaned and shamed for telling of her victimization while the person she reported to the Senate Judiciary Committee will spend the rest of his life making decisions about others as he sits on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.


  25. What you have here is the best examples of political gamesmanship that I’ve ever seen, no doubt thanks to Kellyanne. Dr. Ford comes forward with credible testimony that she was assaulted by Kavanaugh, who was drunk at the time, and she’s firm on his identity. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee asked him about his drinking to excess , and about corroborating evidence written by Kavanaugh himself, and Kavanaugh exploded with accusations of a partisan political hit job orchestrated by Democrats and the Clintons, turning the hearing into a circus. To placate women who would have stormed the polls next month, an investigation, completely controlled by Trump as to scope and content, was done, and the conclusion was predetermined, based on the limits that were placed. Of course, we’re not going to be allowed to judge for ourselves whether the investigation was valid, thorough or intellectually honest. To prevent leaks, it was maintained in a vault. Can’t let the truth get out, can we?

    Kavanaugh’s little “righteous indignation ” performance was bought by Collins, hook, line and sinker, because, after all, the “investigation ” turned up no corroborating evidence, so Kavanaugh must be innocent, and therefore Dr. Ford, Ms. Ramirez and 40+ witnesses must be
    have been recruited to lie by the Clintons and the Democrats . So, Collins has cover, Dr. Ford is a liar, Kavanaugh gets onto the SCOTUS, and Democrats get demonized for daring to even question Kavanaugh about his high school sobriety. Political theater at its best, but at least people like Collins can feel they did the right thing.

  26. In my neighborhood in South Carolina there is no mystery to Trump’s appeal to the vast majority of residents. In general, the stock market and the economy are doing well, and nothing else matters. Republicans have no other arguments for supporting a socially retarded, narcissistic, compulsive liar, and they feel no embarrassment at doing so. That means, or at least implies, that they reject the Constitution, our nation’s values, the environment, science, human dignity and decency, freedom, civility, the international order and anything else that gets in the way of their acquiring more wealth. Whatever the new world order turns out to be, they are confident that they will be part of the ruling, or at least the affluent class.

    Those of us who don’t share their view (they have only one) are regarded as naifs who have no meaningful relationship with reality. Reasoning with such people is not an option. The possibility that they have anything to learn from people like us is regarded as laughable. They are as certain of the correctness of their closed minds as we are of our openness to new information.

    Once before in American history we arrived at a similar impasse. No middle ground existed. That resulted in a civil war. Unless we somehow vote our way out of this stalemate, today feels similar to 1861. For us that is indeed unfortunate since the enemy controls most of the weapons in civilian hands and all three branches of government and, by extension, the Army, Navy, and Air Force. That limits our options to protests, unless, of course, we learn our opponents are in the majority. That would limit our options to …who knows?

  27. Jon Meacham, in his book The Soul of America, lays out the political history of our country with different insights than I have noticed before. Perhaps it only seems so different since it rather looks like we seem to be having the opportunity to personally retrace/relive the pattern of 100 years ago. Perhaps culture and society patterns tends to repeat in 100 year cycles, and we are being given the opportunity to see if we will do it different this time round. For me, this has been an interesting perspective, especially as our country and the world survived the century ago actions and perspectives.

  28. Sexual Assault in the United States

    One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives

    In the U.S., one in three women and one in six men experienced some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetime

    51.1% of female victims of rape reported being raped by an intimate partner and 40.8% by an acquaintance

    52.4% of male victims report being raped by an acquaintance and 15.1% by a stranger
    Almost half (49.5%) of multiracial women and over 45% of American Indian/Alaska Native women were subjected to some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetime

    91% of victims of rape and sexual assault are female, and nine percent are male

    In eight out of 10 cases of rape, the victim knew the perpetrator

    Given these numbers above, the odds on knowing someone who has been sexually assaulted should be common. However, there is the Authoritarian System, which is controlled by Men, in particular White Men. The sexual assaults over decades against young boys in the Catholic Church could not have been suppressed without the convenience of higher ups in the church.

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