Rejecting Science

Watching the Trump Administration, I am reminded that there are many kinds of collusion.

The dictionary defines collusion as secret agreement or cooperation for an illegal or deceitful purpose. The  Mueller investigation is pursuing a particularly egregious form–one that, if proven, would legally be considered treason. Americans are focused on that allegation to a degree that overshadows other activities by this Administration–activities that involve a more “homegrown”variety of collusion, and tend to carry less serious legal labels.

Trump’s war on science in cooperation with favored industries is, in my view, every bit as treasonous as his relationship with Russia.

The Guardian recently documented that assault.

Donald Trump’s administration is cutting programs scientists say are proven to protect Americans, from pollution safeguards to teen pregnancy prevention and healthier school lunches, with effects that could last for years.

Experts who have worked in the federal government under Republicans and Democrats say both have sometimes put politics ahead of science but none have done so as blatantly as Trump. And they warn the consequences could continue long into the future.

“It’s as egregious as I’ve ever seen it, starting from the very top with the president just denying the existence of science, manipulating the system on behalf of special interests,” said the former surgeon general Richard Carmona, who testified to Congress that the George W Bush administration pushed him to weaken or suppress public health findings.

Science writer Timothy Ferris has noted the connection between science and liberal democracy; in his book The Science of Liberty, he also documented the historical connection between anti-science and totalitarianism.  As he writes, new scientific knowledge exposes prior ignorance and error, a process that doesn’t pose a problem for democratic regimes, since fallibility is a given in such cultures, “but it leaves totalitarian leaders clinging to outmoded doctrines in a changing world.”  He quotes China scholar H. Lyman Miller,

Just as the scientific community operates according to anti-authoritarian norms of free debate…so science prospers in an external environment that similarly tolerates pluralism and dissent…Scientific dissidents espoused a strong form of liberal political philosophy that grew out of the norms of their profession.

The assault on science, on evidence and on the proper process for achieving reliable data is an assault on liberty and democracy. Refusing to act on the basis of scientific evidence that inconveniences political allies not only causes significant harm to public health and the environment, it is an attack on reason, progress and the rule of law.

In my view, such behavior is every bit as treasonous as taking orders from Vladimir Putin.


  1. It’s not just anti-science, it’s also anti-peace, especially domestic, which is the present and greatest danger, this “deviant monster” represents.

  2. Treason post Benedict Arnold was very much on the minds of those who drafted our Constitution, but they made it difficult to prove by setting out certain standards of evidentiary proof in that hallowed document. However, it appears to me that proof of both treason and sedition may be provable against Trump and some in his inner circle, and if so, Trump will be getting off easy if he is merely impeached and removed from the Oval Office.

    Those such as Trump are selective in their rejection of science. Thus who among such deniers would turn down penicillin and/or its derivatives in the treatment of a potentially fatal though treatable condition? Who would deny the law of gravity? Who would deny that water runs downhill? Electromagnetism? Darwinism?

    Let’s not let preachers and politicians select what we know from the world of science to further their own manipulative purposes – ever.

  3. “The dictionary defines collusion as secret agreement or cooperation for an illegal or deceitful purpose.”

    “Trump’s war on science in cooperation with favored industries is, in my view, every bit as treasonous as his relationship with Russia.”

    In all of Trump’s overt scientific rejections regarding public health and the environment we must not fail to include he, Pence and DeVos’ collusion in taking over our education system and the treasonous plans to replace education with creationism as an accepted scientific fact. The powers of the Catholic church in this county alone continuously and repeatedly covers up child molestation like a cat covering its dirt in a litter box. Collusion and treason against our children. Occasionally a bit is uncovered and the stink is briefly obvious but it is quickly covered up again. Long before the DeVos plan to turn our education system into “God’s Kingdom” the reports became headlines briefly in a few big cities, only to be quickly forgotten as the Catholic church pays off the victims through the church system, rarely if ever through our judicial system.

    “Refusing to act on the basis of scientific evidence that inconveniences political allies not only causes significant harm to public health and the environment, it is an attack on reason, progress and the rule of law.”

    Sheila’s quote above bares the deliberate exclusion of reason, progress, rule of law and the Constitutional separation of church and state at our most vulnerable level; our children’s right to a knowledgeable education. As Muhammed Ali’s movie theme song so simply states, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Only then can our future expect to end the harm to public health, the environment and reestablish our diplomatic relations with allies who now have no trust in this country at any level.

    In the movie “Spotlight”; the story of the investigative journalists at the Boston Globe newspaper uncovering the hidden level of child molest by Catholic priests in their city, two lines stuck with me. “Sexual molest of children is not only a physical attack; it is an attack on their faith.” “It does take a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to abuse a child.” Trump’s administration is the leader in child abuse; what are they learning from our daily news? What is the message from the Catholic school in Kentucky (home state of Mitch McConnell) who sent a large group of teenage boys, wearing MAGA hats, to protest abortion and harass young girls at the march?

  4. Trump’s disregard for the scientific community is simple to appease his uneducated base. Intellectualism overrules simple faith in God and what he wrote down in the Bible.

    Liberals are bad because they did away religion or abandoned the world of make-believe for which Trump’s base inhabits. The problem is none of them know anything about the bible they profess to love.

    Could you picture Donald or Mikey washing the feet of a gay man or a person of color?

    Trump would refuse because he’s King and Mikey might like washing the feet of a gay man but he would get way too giddy about it. His hatred toward gays is overcompensation for what he and Mother are denying in Mikey. 🙂

    This sentence from Sheila defines our political class who works for their Donors in the USA:

    “Refusing to act on the basis of scientific evidence that inconveniences political allies not only causes significant harm to public health and the environment, it is an attack on reason, progress and the rule of law.”

    Both parties are guilty of treason. They became guilty of treason the day they stopped serving the people to align themselves with the Donor Class. The quickest way to become a millionaire is to align your interests with the interests of a billionaire and have the power to underwrite laws and policies which benefit your admired billionaires.

    Oh, you didn’t catch the asterisk in Arthur Laffer’s “trickle-down theory”? I bet you thought it was going to trickle down to the working class. #FOOL

    When you take money from the Treasure and hand it over to the Donor Class, they will give the political class a donation to say, “Thank you!”.

    Therefore, the money does trickle, but it only trickles from the Billionaire Donor Class to the Millionaire Political Class where the trickle ends abruptly.

  5. If only we could require all schools to provide Ethics classes and make them mandatory for all four years of high school so that the students might be exposed to enough about ethics that they would care more about the decisions they make as adults and whether they cause harm to others or not.

    By the way, I am jealous of those of you who are in your 80s and 90s because who won’t have to live through the next twenty years, and more, of the hell that is going to be our life here in this country and most likely on this planet that is being destroyed by selfish oligarchs.

  6. Todd,

    To use one word, to sum up our present position, it would be DEFENSELESS. It’s all about masks and deception. Do we have anything in the works to overcome our disadvantage, such as the development of sonar in W.W. II to overcome the German advantage in their use of submarine warfare in the Atlantic.

  7. I have always held that he was a traitor. He spoke treason many times… “President for life, maybe I’ll try that.” “This one is for REVENGE!” “I don’t see WHY it would be (the Russians.) He, trump, in his first international outing spent ONE HOUR with Putin and a RUSSIAN interpreter… one hour alone with him… and then was videotaped on national TV motioning to Putin ‘call me’ – speaking of which does anyone stop and remember when he also said, “Of course, I talk to the man (Putin) every day on the phone!”… oh hell no – nobody seems to remember all this. And we have just realized that OUR ass is in the fire now, because we have an Enemy of the State sitting in the highest office in the land. When does it finally become enough? When he invites the Russian military to train with out troops HERE?… think about it, please but don’t think too long – we are sitting a hairs breadth away from this democracy going down the historical crapper. And the man is still in possession of the ‘biscuit’.

  8. Those who are near to killing truth via talk radio and Fox News want to do the same to data and reason…how do we spell all that? Starts with prop…..

  9. On a more troubling note.

    Whitaker says the Mueller report is “close to be completed”. Barr says it will “be sensitive to the privacy and reputational interests of uncharged third parties”. The Justice Department has a policy of not indicting sitting presidents. Republicans hold a majority in the Senate.

    Trump skates.

  10. actully, all three branches have a natch for deliberate disregard for anyones rights,safeguards,health,and economic freedoms. its been this way for so long,we just accept it as it is, this trump mob has opened some eyes,and if your above a third grade reading scale,maybe some will comprehend what those words that journalists have written,and see that you are the story..American freedoms have withered away faster,with mcevils mafiosos,and the halls of,the RNC. i cant believe trump is nothing more than a signature,and putin useful idiot,as is mceviles,useful idiot. Im really glad that a congress of elected liars,have finally been noticed,they do not walk with the working class,small buiness,and have generated a treason,based on capitalism. ive notced lately,and mind you all, i seldom watch tube,i,drive,and i read. but the commercials about the glorious stacked against you markets,seem to cheerfully gain trust,lost in 2008, about how easy our programmis to invest,trust us! along with, bankcards, now saying how easy it is,to deposit your wages in that bankcard,,and use our card(reminder,john otting,comp of currency,is menuchins best bud). last year on c span,(well,o.k. i watch some tube) (free speach,,,bbc,u news,and no corp media at all,except to see who,ads them,and boycott as such)on c span, there was a commitee,mostly republicans as usual,wanting to basically,eliminate the need for cash,reasons,,,,terrorist related crap, tax evaders,(seems most of them would use a card stupid..) drug dealers,and whatever else they threw in thier. one lone democrate(didnt catch his name,from calif,) questioned the said commitee,that had in attendance,bankers,and such as witnesses,or,mouth pieces for unneeded commerce. his comment,”so,were suppose to cause undo,needless problems for the working class bacause of a few who,are dishonest?at the same time find ways to charge the public more money,to use their money?” of course, he was unheard,and everyone went home,ignoring a answer to his questions. if you can see how the curency in this country operates the commerce of,the working class,and how we,use this as a trade between us. you can get a grip on how,any government can also,cut you off,if they need be,for any reason. if the present admin were to impliment such a plan,our true freedom to spend,as we see fit,would be no less than a takeover of our freedoms. treason,plain and simple,the gov would have a way to stop the working class at any time,the congress or pres sees fit. after this admins games, i wouldnt trust them to spit on the ground right. (and you dont need to be a goverment employee,welcome back and ,best wishes..)

  11. hey marv,eventully,trump returns to his temple,and the state of n.y. and the southern dist,fed DA has some real questions to ask trump. money laundering? fraud?taxes? foriegn investmets? melinias divorce.. im sure if the satues didnt runout,maybe we can enjoy the coup.

  12. There are a few things going on simultaneously, one the fossil fuel industry wants less controls so they can pollute and not bear the costs of extraction or proper disposal. Any regulations are attacked by the libertarians and anti-government crowd.

    Second you have the willful ignorance that goes along with Authoritarianism, and rote memorization. The Liberal Arts are attacked by the Evangelicals, because Liberal Arts teaches constructive and critical thinking skills or analysis. The last thing the Evangelicals want is is critical analysis of their Bronze Age beliefs. I have a suspicion that Evangelicals would not engage in recycling since god will fix it, if he wants to.

  13. I do not agree that Trump will skate. He still has to navigate the State of New York and the SDNY if Mueller’s report, limited as it is to Russian meddling, is suppressed.

  14. I believe our only chance left is to PREDICT, as well as PROJECT, the disastrous future before it happens.

    That’s the advantage we all gain from a P.S.S.I. projected picture.

    I skate to where the puck is gonna be, not where it has been.
    ~Wayne Gretzky, National Hockey League great

  15. The next step is to mobilize. See “Marketing Playbook” by John Zagula & Richard Tong, former leaders of Microsoft Windows and Office Marketing (Penguin Group, New York, 2004) p. 40:

    “A Platform Play is a fortress, a well-defended vantage point from which you can see the enemy coming and fend them off. And it is strongest when it is reinforced, it’s strongest when you don’t build it alone.”

  16. Science comes in two parts: a body of knowledge about how natural reality works, and research which is the means by which the body of knowledge is continuously expanded.

    I learned and applied and taught from the body of knowledge as do others here from other bodies of knowledge.

    It turns out that reality is simply complicated so people knee deep in other BOKs normally just rely on specialists to apply what is known and make tools for others that apply those details.

    I run into others of many years who refuse that option. “If I didn’t used to need that, why do I need it now?”

    Agent Orange has slithered through life never needing anything. He has people for everything that he inherited either directly or through the funds to hire and pay. What that “taught” him is that wealth and the power it portends are his reality. Reality is the production of more wealth from wealth and all that is real is that and the power over others that it brings.

    Science competes with that reality more and more. In the field of natural reality money is nothing. Everything Agent Orange is and knows and has is worthless. His entire life is insignificant.

    He is getting his revenge on that truth now. The country is paying for it. So is the world.

  17. Too many conclusions of too many critics of Trump arrive at treason, as if “treason” and “enemy” do not have to be proved.

    Article III, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution: “Treason against the United States shall consist ONLY in levying war against them, or in adhering to THEIR ENEMIES, giving them aid and comfort.”

    Kissing the ass of a competing nation or a hostile nation does not a traitor make, not does it give a legal enemy legally qualified aid or comfort. Why? Because merely being a competing nation and/or a hostile nation does not alone make a legal enemy.

    I speculate that that is the loophole our leaders invented (say, 1950 or thereabouts) in order to conduct massive shootemups without officially declaring war. It enables our princes of capitalism to sell all sorts of aid and comfort to both sides of the conflict, including the not-quite-legal-enemy, and never be exposed to the repercussions of legal treason.

    I noticed that one post today instead of saying Trump IS guilty of treason used the qualifying term “I predict” …something to the effect of an indictment for treason. That is the only post today that sounds reasonable and measured.

  18. Larry,

    I wasn’t necessarily thinking of an indictment when I used the word PREDICT with PROJECT. I PREDICT a social, political, economic, CATASTROPHE for America if Trump is not effectively confronted NOW. I believe many of his followers would wake-up and face reality if they could SEE a CLEAR PICTURE of the probable results from where they are presently heading.

    I successfully practiced law in Raines County in East Texas. I know how these people think. No one likes to lose.

  19. Republicans by their nature and business and military experience lean toward authoritarianism, the idea that structure and authority and order put the natural capability spectrum in play as God intends with the smart people overseeing the less so from top to bottom.

    Democrats believe that democracy puts those who best represent the most of we the people governing all of us.

    Opposing opinions on how to govern.

    A part of authoritarianism is the concept of advertising; the right of authority to “sell” what’s best for the proletariat to them.

    A part of liberal democracy is the need for journalism to keep voters informed in order to empower them to make the best decisions on who to hire and fire in government.

  20. How is Trump not guilty of treason based on prima facie evidence? His brief oath of office requires him to “the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Can he argue lack of ability?

    Every U.S. intelligence agency agreed that our election system was attacked by an enemy state; he has yet to admit it or even suggest the possibility that our best informed people know what they are talking about. And, moreover, he has repeatedly expressed admiration for the dictator who ordered the aggression. Must we wait until he announces by Twitter that he committed treason as Russian tanks hit the Maryland beaches, or are we allowed to use our eyes and ears and reason to come to obvious conclusions? If it smells like a skunk…

    I’d really appreciate an answer to this mystery.

  21. Terry,

    “Must we wait until he announces by Twitter that he committed treason as Russian tanks hit the Maryland beaches, or are we allowed to use our eyes and ears and reason to come to obvious conclusions.”

    Adolph Hitler committed treason early on, but no one successfully prosecuted him either, after he was seated in office.

    Don’t forget Richard Nixon. He disappeared without ever being prosecuted in a federal court.

    The “Court of Public Opinion” can be very persuasive. See my successful prosecution at It, probably, cost George Bush a second term.

    I’m afraid we’re scared [to death] to admit how things really work in our country, the so-called, land of the “free and the brave.”

  22. Richard C. Hoagland said it best when he said that today’s science community forbids any reference to all things that has not been proven true , and transversely anything that has not been proven – false.
    I urge everyone to view “Nobel prize laureate in physics : Global warming is pseudoscience.” It is on YouTube – if they haven’t censored it off, yet.
    There is NO credible evidence to tie anyone to collusion with the Russkies except – the Clinton foundation . She and Obama sold Putin a very large amount of Uranium one. NOW he HAS THE LARGEST STOCK PILE IN THE WORLD.
    Everyone of Trump’s accuser’s who point their finger at him are ALL pointing 3 fingers back at themselve’s.
    His detractors, both public and private are all aberated HYPOCRITES.

  23. Also, keep in mind as Richard Hoagland points out – by limiting Science to all thought and investigation to ONLY those things already proven , THAT is thought control , which is DOGMA , and that lowers REAL science down to the level of just another – religion .

  24. Mark,

    “Everyone of Trump’s accuser’s who point their finger at him are ALL pointing 3 fingers back at themselve’s.
    His detractors, both public and private are all aberated HYPOCRITES.”

    Before you apply for Trump’s defense team, you might consider taking an elementary course in good grammar, as well as, purchasing a used dictionary to make sure you spell your words correctly.

  25. Mark; below I copied this information about Hoagland from Wikipedia. Your comments would be more freely accepted by Trump and his White House administration. You will get little support here.

    “Richard Charles Hoagland (born April 25, 1945), is an American author, and a proponent of various conspiracy theories about NASA, lost alien civilizations on the Moon and on Mars and other related topics.

    His writings claim that advanced civilizations exist or once existed on the Moon, Mars and on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and that NASA and the United States government have conspired to keep these facts secret. Although the government will soon disclose this information, says Hoagland, he believes he is ahead of the curve. He has advocated his ideas in two published books, videos, lectures, interviews,[5][6] and press conferences.”

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