The Inmates Running The Asylum

There really is no end to this. Every day, we are reminded that everyone in or around the White House is either a White Supremicist (like creepy Steven Miller) or a nutcase invested in conspiracy theories. Of course, the two categories are not mutually exclusive.

Case in point.

The wife of White House communications director Bill Shine went on an anti-vaccine tirade while spreading conspiracy theories about an outbreak of measles in the Pacific north-west.

In a series of tweets, Darla Shine lashed out against a CNN segment detailing the outbreak, which has seen more than 50 unvaccinated people contract measles in Washington state and Oregon.

“Here we go LOL #measlesoutbreak on #CNN #Fake #Hysteria,” Darla Shine tweeted. “The entire Baby Boom population alive today had the #Measles as kids. Bring back our #ChildhoodDiseases they keep you healthy & fight cancer.”

“I had the #Measles #Mumps #ChickenPox as a child and so did every kid I knew,” she went on to claim, adding: “Sadly my kids had #MMR so they will never have the life long natural immunity I have. Come breathe on me!”

Shine is a former TV producer. She’s married to Bill Shine, the former executive at–where else?– Fox News who is now Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications.

When she was criticized for her comments, Shine not only accused “the Left” of attempting to smear her, but suggested that measles can cure cancer (mischaracterizing a complex case from 2014 that did not reach that conclusion.)

This isn’t her first visit to whack-a-doodle land. She has “debunked” use of sunscreens and spread several conspiracy theories warning of the “dangers” of vaccines.

Other unearthed tweets found Darla Shine making profane remarks about race, questioning why white people were considered racist for using “the n’word” given its use by black people and defending the Confederate flag.

She has repeatedly struck a dismissive tone when discussing allegations of sexual assault, be it in the military or at Fox News.

Granted, this woman is the spouse of a White House staffer–not the staffer herself. (Her husband departed Fox News after he was found to have suppressed allegations of sexual impropriety against Roger Ailes and Bill O”Reilly.) Nevertheless, her looney-tunes tweets reflect upon the administration and are highly inappropriate.

Of course, so are Trump’s.

In fact, I can’t think of anyone who is still in the White House, from the President on down, who isn’t an embarrassment to humanity.


  1. There is an old saying that birds of a feather flock together, so we shouldn’t be surprised that a crook and sex nut like Trump has attracted a flock of like birds. That observation, in isolated context, solves nothing. Our task is to remove this entire flock at the earliest opportunity and install some new birds of a feather who will bring us out of the Stone Age in matters of race, the environment, science, etc. It, unfortunately due to the need for money, comes down to politics, but so be it. We must just keep pounding away with the truth day and night, giving no quarter, as though our future depends upon it – because it does.

  2. If these are the people refusing to vaccinate themselves and their kids, maybe this is a good thing–think, Law of Natural Selection. 😉

    The fodder coming out of D.C. is endless. What’s the point of all this chaos?

    IMHO, it’s exposing the underbelly of this corrupt nation. On Twitter last night, Mike Pence was summoning support for the military coup in Venezuela. All his Tweet comments supporting the military intervention were English and Spanish speaking followers. I read through them, and occasionally I would read an intelligent comment against a military coup and then more pro-war support. I started looking at the pro-war, pro-coup, Twitter profiles…surprise, surprise.

    They would only have 4-6 followers…Twitter bots. These are fake Twitter profiles used to give people the appearance of support or a following. Trump’s candidacy used bots regularly…his primary sponsor, Mercer, owned the company who used fake profiles all the time.

    It’s another version of “Deepfakes.” Media was manipulating viewers to give them a sense of support for military intervention.

    I hope all this is waking up Americans. I also hope they’re ready to abandon the whole damn corrupted system.

  3. I am wondering if Ivanka Trump Kushner herself is embarrassed after Daddy announced she has created millions of jobs when, in fact, she voiced support for corporations who were going to provide job training programs…NOT JOBS. He doesn’t know the difference but, does she?

    “In fact, I can’t think of anyone who is still in the White House, from the President on down, who isn’t an embarrassment to humanity.”

    Pence has “hinted at military involvement” in Venezuela; on Trump’s orders no doubt, as Trump is in Hanoi REPORTEDLY to strike a denuclearization pact with Kim Jong-Un whom he “fell in love with” via Kim’s letters. What are OUR chances of avoiding war on any continent due to the inmates running loose around the world while, here at home, we wait to learn what deflecting inmates and their former lawyers are willing to tell Congress and the courts?

    To the world at large we appear to be a live version of that great old movie, “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. Slapstick comedy with very real, very painful and dangerous “slaps” by those on leave from the asylum. And here at home; the beat goes on.

  4. I woke up at three this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so I finally gave in and picked up my phone to check a couple news apps. Right up at the top were stories attacking trump for claiming that his daughter Ivanka had created millions of jobs.

    Of course, many of the tweets making fun of his outrageous lie were posted within the stories. One tweet was especially funny because it mentioned that she actually may have created hundreds or thousands of jobs, but they were all in China!

  5. The ship of state has lost its rudder, it’s adrift on the stormy worlds seas, and being blown on to the rocky shores of America’s enemy’s.

  6. I’m so glad AOC is on your side… she’s a walking joke and embarrassment to the left every day and is fabulous for the conservative moment. Trump 2020 – he’s going to win again.

  7. There it is for all to see, the mind set of the conservative movement. It is always a battle between sides. My side. Your side. As if they cannot see that there is only one side, the American side.

    Life for those folks is nothing but an endless contest for control over everyone on the other side and politics not a way to find consensus, but a blood sport in which name calling, lying, and manipulation of the population are the weapons used. Pitiful.

  8. Ahh Becky is back! Still clinging to the dead ideas of Donald Trump and his followers. Becky: explain what is wrong with promoting and supporting the development of clean energy alternatives to petroleum and coal. And BTW, what Conservative movement? The one that put us further in debt than ever before in our history? And for what? To give Trump and his billionaire buddies more money to spend on their mistresses? And to prolong the destruction of the planet and its resources? That Conservative movement? It’s all political theatre and you’re paying for it but you just don’t see it.

  9. IMHO Andrew Wakefield didn’t receive the punishment he was due for his spurious research into vaccines and their relationship to autism (there isn’t one). However, I do believe that we have gone overboard in our fanaticism about germs. Please don’t wipe everything, including your children, with antiseptic wipes every five minutes. Some exposure to germs is good for all of us.


    It’s not a bad thing to aspire for a better world, one in which everyone has a good paying job and we aren’t poisoning the air we breathe and the water we drink. If you think it’s a joke, then I feel sorry for you.

  10. I keep wondering if we are at an evolutionary crossroad where we develop more cooperative human lifeways or face extinction.

  11. Ohh Becky you must be reading the daily smear campaign on Face Book about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Here are some facts about AOC from Wiki:

    Ocasio-Cortez attended Yorktown High School, graduating in 2007. She won second prize in the Microbiology category in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair with a microbiology research project on the effect of antioxidants on the lifespan of the nematode C. elegans.

    She graduated cum laude from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011, majoring in international relations and economics.

    After college, Ocasio-Cortez moved back to the Bronx, while she worked as a bartender in Manhattan and as a waitress in a taqueria. Her mother, meanwhile, cleaned houses and drove school buses. After her father’s death, Ocasio-Cortez and her mother struggled to fight foreclosure of their home.

    Ocasio-Cortez began her congressional campaign while working a job waiting tables and tending bar at Flats Fix, a taqueria in New York City’s Union Square.

    Ocasio-Cortez explained her campaign strategy:

    I knew that if we were going to win, the way that progressives win on an unapologetic message is by expanding the electorate. That’s the only way that we can win strategically. It’s not by rushing to the center. It’s not by trying to win spending all of our energy winning over those who have other opinions. It’s by expanding the electorate, speaking to those that feel disenchanted, dejected, cynical about our politics, and letting them know that we’re fighting for them.

    We are happy to have AOC on “our” side.

  12. I’m in the middle of reading “Columbine” by William Cullen. On page 265 he reviews the clinical analysis of Eric Harris, the deeply disturbed genius who was behind the slaughter at that high school about 10 miles from where I now live. The clinicians who reviewed Harris’ writings and postings he made years before the shootings showed the classic symptoms of a psychopath.

    What was most disturbing, was that, irrespective of violent expression, almost all those characteristics fit our current president perfectly. The #1 trait for a psychopath is LYING. They lie in order to con their audience. I also looked up “malignant narcissistic personality disorder”. Guess what? Those characteristics also fit, to a great degree, those of a psychopath.

    In order to understand what’s going on in that clown car in the White House, one must understand the so-called leader of the pack. The head psychopath will surround him/herself with sycophants and supplements to their disorders. Oh, and it seems that psychopathy is as often inherited as it is a learned behavior pattern. The clinical studies showed that a psychopath exhibits the traits irrespective of, but not exclusively, his/her upbringing environment.

    Sleep well tonight, folks.

  13. Todd Smekens @ 6:43 am, yes I wonder how many of these Pro-War Types with Venezuela are going to be “hitting the beaches” in that first wave of the invasion???

    Bernie Sanders last night was on CNN for a town hall. He is opposed to US military intervention in Venezuela. He pointed out the disastrous unintended consequences of the US invasion of Vietnam and Bush the Younger’ Gulf War 2.

    The McMega-Media, Neo-Cons and the President Agent Orange – Pastor Pence cult, on one hand want to instigate a coup and even threaten a military invasion of Venezuela. Yet, President Agent Orange wants the North Koreans to give up their Nukes – Fat chance of that as the North Koreans watch the USA bullying a non-nuclear Venezuela and Iran.

    The anti-vaccine types fit in with the other conspiracy types, birthers, Bernie is a communist, etc. They also fit in with the anti-science types who inhabit the evangelical cult.

  14. The only good news here is that people like this woman may end up dying from things like melanoma and wait for measles to cure their cancer LOL!! Unfortunately their children will spread these illnesses to high-risk kids. Yes, I had all of the scourges of childhood illnesses too –it wasn’t fun and I didn’t get an immunities!!

  15. I’ve been reading The Bulwark. I’m curious about anti Republicans, hoping they’ll have some influence. I expect you read it already but item #2 today is about online comment sections. I think you’ll find it interesting.

  16. Becky,

    Really? Turn off Fox News and start learning something….anything. You have swallowed the entire worm of the Republican disinformation machine. Shame on you. Has your education been wasted on self-serving attitudes based on the strong father model?

  17. Becky, has the value of your portfolio reached several million or even some billions?
    IMHO that’s the only reason for being a Trump-supporting Republican. See Trump laughing on his way to DeutcheBank?
    In the words of The Bard, all the rest is dumb shows and noise.
    Even the GOP is bailing. Get on board, Becky, or be drowned by the Blue Wave.

  18. I had mumps as a child and wonder if it caused my infertility. I have read that it usually just affects males more but I wonder sometimes. I also had measles and chicken pox and have the vaccine mark on my rear end that I got in the hospital on my 4th birthday when I had my tonsils out. I can’t remember which vaccine that is from, maybe polio? Hmmmm.

    I believe that all should be vaccinated because with my compromised immune system in my later years, I seem to catch everything anymore. I want to be protected by the herd mentality, please and thank you.

  19. Becky you don’t have a good track record of predicting. Remember all the long faces on this blog you predicted after the midterm election?

  20. FOX news! the news, stuck on a spin cycle. bought to you by, any loathsome advertiser
    who,believes the listener will buy anything fox sells!
    well truth in advertising is a must ya know… if the listener cant pick up a journal,and read,its the fact,the spinners are to lazy to read, and understand a issue. lazy has a problem also.they will never change their minds, they cant,they have moved themselves into a corner with associates,who will,shun their so called friendship..after many years talking to such people, save the studies, im out here living it, they will believe to follow,and not be alone.. such a state of mind comes from not having intrest in isssues,but to follow bubbas cheap rehetoric and never look back. in the above title/todays subject,its a plan to keep such minds on the voting rosters,at any rice.and its the republican party as a whole,with some corp demos for sauce..
    we never talk about a overall plan here,and we dont want hearsay either. from my readings and look around i can only come to a conclusion,its for control of the money(currancy),hense,total control of the working class…. like china,its a practice the suits have seen,and like. after all, they dont gamble their money,only yours…and life is cheap in china….. does fox have a chineese channel?

  21. Trump is who he’s always been. He’s the privileged son of a wealthy family who has been given whatever he’s wanted from the beginning including ultimately the US Presidency by his friend Putin.

    He has no idea what the word “earn” even means.

    He’s irrelevant.

    Some people like Becky complete fell for his empty shell just like so many people do with celebrities of all different stripe. They are also irrelevant.

    Those who are relevant are Americans with high expectations for their country and willingness to unite for it.

    2019 is our year. 2020 is the year that we bring back the country that our Constitution defines.

    What happens to Trump and Becky is of no concern to us.

  22. All: Becky’s playing you. She knows better, I trust. There is life after DJT and also Becky. It’s really dark where they are.

  23. It’s obvious Becky is an agent of Russia seeking to influence readers in supporting Donald Trump.

  24. Wanna see something really scary?
    Now the anti-vaxers don’t have to worry about science debunking their claims because God is against vaccinating anyone. Among other reasons, it’s because vaccines contain aborted fetuses.

  25. Sorry gang, I’m bad. I totally forgot you don’t realize there is a world beyond MSNBC or the N.Y. Times. Ever heard of distinguished author and professor Victor Davis Hanson? He’s got a terrific new book coming out March 5 you might find insightful. But sorry, I’ve no time to discuss the nefarious undertones of socialist and infanticide policies; I’m headed out of town to attend CPAC. Have a great week and try to find something to cheer up about. You all are way TOO negative for your age. You’ve only got 12 years left, at the most, according to AOC.

  26. In the midst of worries about Venezuela and the “summit” in Vietnam, we are ignoring the fact that India dropped bomb into Pakistan. Pakistan and India are both nuclear powers. How would we all feel about having a nuclear neighbors on our border flinging huge bombs at each other? I don’t think China is going to be sitting on its hands.

  27. Unvaccinated children and adults are a threat to expectant mothers and babies too young to have been vaccinated yet as well as to anyone else who is not vaccinated.

    It’s hard to imagine that someone of Mrs. Shine education and wealth is so ignorant of how dangerous these diseases can be including blindness, infertility, and even death. I have to wonder if she also proclaims she is pro-life.

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