Mayor Pete And The Long Shot

My husband keeps telling me he’s not falling in love with any of the Democratic candidates for President until the field is narrowed. I know he’s right–and I also know that no matter who emerges at the top of the Democratic ticket, I’m going to work my you-know-what off to get that candidate elected.

I’d vote for my cat if it was running against Donald Trump–and I don’t have a cat.

That said, I’ve been blown away by Indiana’s own Mayor Pete Buttigieg. I was first impressed by him several years ago, when I attended a South Bend hearing on the addition of sexual orientation to the city’s human rights ordinance, and heard his eloquent, off-the-cuff testimony. I’ve been even more impressed by his recent performances on CNN and in various interviews.

And I just finished his book: Shortest Way Home. 

Most books by politically ambitious politicians are predictable “PR” efforts. Here’s why you should vote for me; here’s why I’m a good guy/gal. Here are my somewhat-fudged-in-order-not-to-piss-people-off policy positions. See my somewhat forced smile on the book’s cover?

Mayor Pete’s book isn’t like that. (For one thing, it’s readable and enjoyable–I finished it in less than two days.)

Not only is the book extremely well-written (wouldn’t it be nice to have a President who actually is familiar with the English language? the other seven languages Mayor Pete speaks are just icing on that cake), but it avoids both the typical “look at me” approach of such books, as well as the equally common phony modesty. It is basically the story of a learning curve, as he recounts lessons learned through his academic life, business and military experience, and personal tests.

Because I once was part of a city administration, I particularly liked the discussions of the challenges and rewards of his years as South Bend’s mayor, and the growth in his understanding of both the technical, data-driven aspects of the job and the  symbolic value of appearances that he had initially viewed as time-wasters. In large part, the book is the story of his success revitalizing a city that had been left behind by previous economic trends, with plenty of examples that other struggling urban areas might adopt. (Smart sewers, anyone?)

In fact, the book is a chronological story through which Mayor Pete shares life lessons–including forthright acknowledgments of what he learned from mistakes made and losses experienced.

If the book was written with his current Presidential campaign in mind, it doesn’t show.

I know that Mayor Pete is the longest of long shots for the nomination. But I’m so hungry for authenticity, for intellect, for someone who is smart enough to know what he doesn’t know, and human enough to demonstrate compassion and self-awareness. It helps that I agree with every forthright (non-fudged) policy position I’ve heard him take. It helps that he understands the issues of urban governance and the conservative Midwest. It helps that he so clearly understands the complexities of policy. It helps that his book reflects a thoughtfulness, emotional maturity and value structure that is so obviously missing, not just from Trump, but from most members of the current political class.

I know my husband is right–that it is too early to fall in love with a candidate. But I’ve certainly fallen in passionate like with this one….


  1. He would definitely be a long shot at this point, but he is so very impressive. I am also in serious “like” with Pete!

  2. I agree that it’s way too early to fall in love with a candidate, but Mayor Pete ticks all the boxes for me in terms of policy, intelligence and humanity. Being a gay man myself, the fact that an openly gay Millennial is running for office is thrilling. My brain tells me that he’s a long shot but my heart can hope.

    When Obama was first running, I had the opportunity to hear him speak and was blown away by his message. He was a little known political entity who I thought didn’t really have a shot. (Was the country ready for a black president?) While the answer to that question may still be debatable, it was thrilling to see him win Indiana and the presidency. My hope is that history will once again repeat itself and a long shot can bring the change this country so desperately needs. Let’s hope the mayor from South Bend gets his shot.

  3. I love him, too — now, if I could only pronounce his last name.
    Hoping it will become so commonplace that every American will be able to pronounce it!

  4. I finished Mayor Pete’s book yesterday! I really enjoyed it. I have to say your take on him is as cautious as mine was when I first heard he was running. Having grown up in “The Bend” and living more than 40 yrs there, off and on, I totally understood the parts in the book where he described the old Studebaker buildings as skeletons of their former selves. My grandfather retired from there and lost his pension when they went bankrupt (which still isn’t illegal in this country, damn it). My father worked there the last 3 months before they closed up shop. My Mother still jokes about Dad finding dead end jobs until he got the one at Dodges in Mishawaka.

    Oh wait sorry, I got sidetracked.

    Anyway, I really admire this guy and think he’s going to be an amazing contestant in this race if he can get the nomination and I’ll be rooting from afar for him all the way over here in CH (otherwise known as Switzerland). I think I’ll set up a recurring donation to his campaign which I have NEVER done before.

    I was just in SB last month to celebrate and mourn my dearly departed brother that died unexpectedly and picked up Mayor Pete’s book before I flew home. I read half of the book on the flight back because I simply couldn’t put it down. It’s an amazing read. I recommend it to anyone that has ever visited “the Bend” and knows about the local and state politics of Indiana. This guy is one to root for and that’s no April fools joke.

  5. I agree the Mayor Pete is a real breath of fresh air. Smart is a nice change. He seems kind and centered also. He knows who he is and he is good with that. WOW. What a guy.
    I have been encouraged by the lack of stupid questions from the media (for now)
    They have NOT focused on his personal life at the exclusion of his professional life (for now)
    Who knows. I did not think America would get behind Obama .
    I KNEW America would not vote for the Pu**y Grabber either.
    But here we are.
    This is going to be a L O N G Process. Hang on.
    I just had a flash – I imagined what the lynch mob at a Trump Rally would be chanting when the Orange Menace started gay bashing . UGLY Scene.

  6. Last week I questioned my grandson who had just moved back to Indianapolis after living in South Bend for two years about general living conditions in that city. He said about 1/3 of the city was “bad areas”, streets and roads in poor condition as they are everywhere in this state, crime is a problem and the unemployment rate is rising. A few people responded praising Mayor Pete and said that conditions had improved since his election as Mayor…there was no information as to what conditions had improved or the part he played in bringing change about. We need specifics right now; such as his voting record on issues and his works leading to his election as Mayor at such a young age.

    The mention of President Obama brought back my memory of questioning “who is this man and where did he come from?” so I contacted my best friend, a political activist for more than 50 years at that time. She said his record leading up to his Senatorial election was good, her only concern was his lack of experience. She sent me both of his books for my birthday; “The Audacity of Hope” hooked me and I am still hooked on the man and his belief that this country CAN return to the days when both parties sat at the bargaining table to find solutions to our problems. That is a physical, mental, emotional and political impossibility at this time and in the extended future as far as I can see. Does Mayor Pete have the “stuff” to take us in that direction?

    As for Joe Biden’s “kiss on the back of her head” accusation as making her “uncomfortable” and “invading her space”; I find her a silly, vacuous ex-politician who is seeking the public eye. After the second time I used the same plumber for work; we were laughing about the messy conditions of the earlier sewer work and gabbing as he totaled up the current bill we were talking about a criminal incident in my area. I told him about being mugged and robbed on my own driveway at 11:00 in the morning a few months earlier and showed him the resulting dent in my forehead. He said he was so sorry I had been injured; and impulsively leaned over and kissed the scar. I was not uncomfortable, did not consider he had invaded my space and I was not offended; I was touched that he was obviously a caring person.

    As for Joe; let the mud-slinging begin, sadly by his own party members as happened to Al Franken, still a loss to the U.S. Senate. When will it begin; and it WILL begin, against Mayor Pete Buttigieg due to this country’s unfounded predominant homophobia.

    It is too early to be making any final decisions regarding the current long list of presidential wanna bes; the list will lengthen, some will drop out and we are still not seeing a primary campaign issue other than to rid the White House of Donald Trump and his extended family.

  7. I didn’t want to “fall in love” so soon either. He has clearly risen to the top for all the reasons you gave.

  8. “But I’ve certainly fallen in passionate like with this one….” What a great line.

  9. The proof will be in the pudding. Will Mayor Pete withstand the long and demanding trials of the campaign trail and the low life assaults from the right? If so… he’s ready.

    I’ll be watching and listening and hoping that we are finally ready to turn over the government to the younger generation. Sorry, Joe Biden, but you are too close to your expiration date.

  10. I think “President Pete” has a nice ring to it… I left SB a long time ago and I have to give “Mayor Pete” some credit, because truth be told, he didn’t have much to work with as Mayor of South Bend. The fact that the City is on any kind of positive trajectory is a real win [I don’t say this as just an anti-SB issue but a fact facing all mid-size cities in the Midwest]. Our world is crying out for the arrival of a trailblazer of consequence to guide us into whatever comes our way tomorrow. If that person is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, so be it! He has my support. Mayor Pete wants to be President but when you think about it, this is far different than Trump who really just coveted the Presidency.

  11. Mayor Pete is wise beyond his years. I first became interested in him a couple years ago when he was interviewed for a PBS show. I can’t recall the show or what it was about, but his wise answers to the questions were remarkable.

    I traveled to South Bend a couple weeks ago to hear him speak in person at the library and was lucky enough to be in the third row. He is actually very funny. He was most likely more relaxed at a home town event, but still gave very thoughtful answers to the questions that were asked. He is authentic.

    I believe, like Sheila, that we are all finding Mayor Pete appealing for his intelligence and his honesty. He feels no need to pretend to be someone he is not and he doesn’t use canned talking points. He doesn’t need to. In addition, it is clear that his goal is to be of sevice. He doesn’t have lofty self-serving goals that are typical of most politicians.

    While he might end up being too much of an underdog to make it all the way to the White House in 2020, I do believe that he will be our President some day. If he does make it to the White House in 2020 his honesty and desire to truly serve this country will be turning DC upside down. If another person is chosen to be the Democratic candidate for President, they would be wise to ask him to be their running mate.

    While I would have loved for him to run for our Governor’s office, that isn’t on his radar. I also heard him say a year ago that he will never run for Congress. He believes that he could not serve the people in the ways that he would like to or have the opportunities to make improvements to this country that he would like to make if he were in Congress.

  12. Wow! Can I take credit for getting this ball rolling? I wasn’t sure who I was favoring for the Dems until two weeks ago. After seeing Mayor Pete being interviewed on CNN. MSNBC, and FOX, I was hooked.

  13. Mayor Pete Buttigieg has went a bridge too far. I would have liked to have seen him run for Indiana Governor. Mayor of South Bend to governor of Indiana would seem to me to have been a more logical and attainable goal. Dems here in Indiana will find some uninspiring John Gregg type to run for governor.

    As far as the other candidates are concerned Bernie and Elizabeth Warren remain at the top of my list. Both are for Single Payer Medicare for all. Both have identified the corrupt practices of Wall Street and inequality as major issues. Bernie and Warren have a history of being for Progressive political ideology. The others as far as I can determine are just shifting slightly to the Left to catch the wind.

    Joe Biden a totally Corporate Democrat, which today is called a Centrist, meaning he stands on shifting sands, kicking up a mirage of being a Progressive.

  14. I, too, like Mayor Pete. Just fear how ugly the campaigning could become. The Russian bots would have a heyday with folks homophobia.

  15. I got to know Mayor Pete when he was running for state office and during several years thereafter and have supported his mayor’s golf outings and the like. When in Indiana at Democratic conclaves he is attending he always comes to my table, sits down and talks to me. He calls me “Dad,” though I could never have qualified for such a position, never having been a professor at Notre Dame. My daughter is currently involved in raising money for his presidential campaign. He is bright and liberal, and perhaps as important these day, earnest and honest.

    Right now, however, the bumper sticker on my Chevrolet reads Warren. She is also bright and liberal and full of ideas that if implemented could bring us back to a New Deal understanding of the interplay of citizen and government, a government that cares more for people than terminal capitalists. I like Mayor Pete and would vote for him as many times as the law allows, but right now and until further notice I’m a Warren guy, though subject to change as the campaign moves along and policy positions are narrowed from platitudes and generalities to where the promised legislative rubber meets the road. I will know for sure by convention time whose delegates I support, but today it’s Liz with Pete in second place out of our current list of
    outstanding candidates for the office while we wait to see and hear them stake out their claims to be chosen for such high office.

  16. Unfortunately going from the position of mayor of South Bend, Indiana to U S President seems unlikely. Too big a jump.

  17. The fact that Buttigieg has raised $7 million so far for his campaign means he is no longer under the radar. As an unknown in a field of outstanding candidates, he manages to garner a lot of attention. Bill Maher (last Friday night) tried to make him look ridiculous as an intellectual who accepts certain aspects of religion (a sentiment I share with Maher), but Buttigieg gave such a well-reasoned answer that he put Maher on the defensive.

    If he were to run on a ticket with Kamala Harris (regardless of who occupied first or second position) I think their intelligence and warmth would win over whoever takes Trump’s place after he is locked up as a congenital liar and serial tax evader. It won’t hurt that his scholarly and warrior bona fides exceed even those of President Kennedy.

    We need to enable his campaign by putting our money where our mouths are.

  18. The phonetics, for those of us who are challenged in such ways is: BOOT – EDGE – EDGE. All the current Democratic candidates are smart, highly educated and have significant experience at governing. On a sliding scale of 1 -10, with “1” being the least qualified (in my pathetic opinion), but still being eminently more qualified than anything (not anyone) the Republicans could put up, I announce that our openly gay governor of Colorado has received ZERO flack from anyone and is governing for all the people of Colorado. What does that have to do with the sliding scale? Well, I’d put mayor Pete about in the middle of the pack right now. Tulsi Gabbard at a “1”. Joe Biden is a “10” based on his experience, mostly.

    Also, remember that Obama came on the scene as a community organizer before running for elected office. Mayor Pete is a young guy (37) and clearly scares the daylights out of Republicans (Then, strange nighttime sounds scare them too.) It think Buttigieg’s orientation will be a non-issued except for those who won’t vote for a Democrat anyway.

    As long as the DNC and Tom Perez stay the hell out of the way, the Democrats will put up a terrific candidate for 2020, and the PEOPLE will get him/her elected – hopefully in the knick of time to save our democracy and the Constitution from the current criminal enterprise.

  19. A.J. It seems to me that going from a Rhodes Scholar type South Bend mayor (an executive position) to president is not nearly so big a jump as going from a dumb and crooked real estate investor not interested in learning to president. Now, in my opinion, that’s a real leap!

  20. In my opinion it’s critical to not fall in or out of love with any of the Democrat candidates contending so far. In the end any would be a huge improvement over the presumed Republican candidate. Which one runs will be determined by the primary process. That’s the one I’m in love with.

  21. Yes, I’m actively supporting him and thank you for mentioning his book.
    I believe he can make it; he’s phenomenal!

  22. Koch Industries has the money and power to totally ruin people – even tough dudes – who oppose their interests, as does the Blackstone Group.

    The Casino industry led by Sheldon Adelson, has the connections and the will to eliminate any obstacle, systemic or human.

    Investor types like Foster Friess, Woody Johnson and Joe Ricketts have the money to manipulate the downfall of any policy or politician.

    International Private Armies like Blackwater, G4S, Unity Resources, Erinys, DynCorp, Triple Canopy and scores of others have at hand and on their payroll a million trained mercenaries hardwired to crush liberal agendas around the world, assassinations their preferred method.

    Hedge Fund and Tea Party thugs led by Paul Singer and Robert Mercer can organize national resistance to any policy that smacks of cooperation, fairness, or inclusion.

    Retail giants like Ken Langone and the Waltons will support any and all of the above to maintain the status quo.

    White Nationalist Dons like Patrick Casey, who intends to take over the republican party, will use any means necessary, including violence, propaganda, subversive activities and terrorism to attain and keep white privilege.

    One Nation, Prosperity Alliance, the Tenth Amendment Project, and other ultra-right think tanks and interest groups have the propaganda machines capable of mobilizing opposition to any policy they disagree with.

    The Insurance Industry and Big Pharma will crush any politician who advocates a move toward stronger control of the Health Industry.

    Utility Companies and Big Oil/Defense/Aerospace Industry will do the same.

    These are only a few of the giant bullies with alpha killer instincts the next democratic president of the United States will encounter. Kicking sand in the President’s face is the nicest thing they will do. Electing a mere decent person to be President will only make his or her destruction fun for those bullies. It will do nothing but harm for democrats to nominate and elect a sweet, smart, cherry for these thugs to pop.

    The next democratic president must already have a track record of standing up to these bastards…and sometimes winning.

    Stop looking for policies that agree with your own policy preferences and begin looking for a candidate who has a track record of bringing the tough boys into line. Think Bobby Kennedy and try to find a new face with the ass-kicking power and courage of that man…and then make sure they don’t kill him or her.

  23. Gosh, Larry, your description of the Rogue’s Gallery suggests that any Democrat elected anywhere may be subjected to assassination by their armies of dissidents. Is there any hope for the vast majority of us who are not power-mad idiots with an agenda of bad intent? Moreover, these types of bastards have been around forever. Do you really think any one man can stand up to this array of hate, bigotry, insurrection and mayhem you describe?

    Take a deep breath. Oh. BTW, who is going to defend the next President or the other Democrats who get elected against these killers and revolutionaries? Who is paying for THAT?

    Chill out.

  24. Sheila, I agree 100%. He is VERY impressive. My hubby keeps saying he’s too long a shot. I keep reminding him of Obama. I’m 1/3 of the way through his book and am even more impressed. He learns from his mistakes. I don’t agree with all of his positions but must say his honesty and intelligence are so refreshing that I really don’t care. I do care that we get the orange menace out of office!

  25. I’m not just hungry, I’m starved for intellect, humility and steadfastness in a true leader. And thanks for the positive review of “The Shortest Way Home”, Sheila. I’ll be taking the shortest route to pick up my copy. #ForPetesake2020

  26. The Duck becoming President by the worst alignment of the stars since some plague does not mean that one can successfully move from mayor of South Bend to that office. Likewise, unfortunately, for Steve Bullock. Certainly the scope of being governor is better (and of a red state, too), but the population size is not much different. And neither knows much about the complex “ways” of DC.

    Compare them to Truman, one of our (on paper) least qualified presidents, and you will see that the DC knowledge is what helped get him through successfully.

  27. Pete is another White-man chosen to comfort the Caucasians within the Democratic Party. More Republican-Lite.


    “South Bend African Americans make ½ of what South Bend whites make. They’re twice as likely to be in liquid asset poverty as whites. Their unemployment rate is nearly twice as high. Moreover:

    The median African American household income level in South Bend is $14,000 lower than African American national average and they hold an income poverty rate of 40.2%, which is almost two times higher than the country average for African Americans.

    As the report makes clear, the situation for Hispanic residents of South Bend is similarly disturbing.

    What did Mayor Pete do about this? Well, to do something about it he might have had to care about it, and there’s no evidence from his book that he’s ever even thought about it. In fact, as I started reading about South Bend after getting through Shortest Way Home, there was a lot Buttigieg had left out. The eviction rate has been nearly three times the national average, a “crisis” among the worst in the country. If the word “eviction” appears in Buttigieg’s book, I did not notice it. The opiate crisis, homelessness, and gentrification are all serious issues in South Bend, but Buttigieg mentions them offhandedly if at all.”

    Who cares? At least Pete will makes us feel good!

  28. Pete Buttigieg has so many of the qualities which the current President doesn’t have. Mayor Pete is steady, calm, smart, studied, thoughtful, re-assuring, measured, forthright, articulate, spiritual, charitable and service-oriented, a problem-solver, humble but not intimidated by herculean tasks, and very secure in his own skin.

    After years of economic and population decline, South Bend is rebounding under Mayor Pete’s leadership. He’s partnered with Notre Dame to address city problems. The decades-long vacant Studebaker plant has received much needed attention. Part of it has been restored and re-developed. More restoration is on the way. The plant now houses new high-tech jobs. South Bend is now gaining population. After more than 50 years of despairing over the closure of the city’s manufacturing icon – Studebaker – a very young mayor was the unlikely person to replace the local rust-belt mentality with hope in the air. Trump promised to ‘Make American Great Again’ but Buttigieg has actually been doing it.

  29. Thanks Sheila,
    I too am very impressed by Mayor Pete. Even if he is the long shot of long shots his measured and very thoughtful rhetoric might, at the very least, help the Dems come up with a very coherent platform to run against Trump on. Right now they’re all over the place and I cannot help but think of the people that they need to reach that remain in the center or in the uncommitted camp solidly while they fight with each other on the margins. Nevertheless, we need someone like him, if not him, to help galvanize the widest possible array of voters to take Trump down next year, provided he lasts that long in office, and break the back of the current version of the Republican Party at the national level particularly and the big money bag jerks that back them up.

    I wish him the very best.

  30. Back in 2010, I went down to the Democratic Party’s annual retreat in French Lick. The place was overgrown with signs telling me to “Meet Pete”. I had no idea who he was, but I did. I actually got to meet with Pete one-on-one for about 15 minutes.

    At first I thought, “This guy is young. How is he running for state-wide office?” That impression was quickly replaced by an understanding (beyond that this was a throw-away, sacrificial slot). Pete understood the issues, explained complex issues in an understandable way, and never talked down. He seemed genuine and really nice. Brains and personality.

    A friend once created a “Farber for Office” sign for my brother. I felt that way about Pete. Mayor, Governor, President – I am for Pete.

    Can he win? Maybe, maybe not, but until he drops out, he is my first choice. Is he Bobby Kennedy? No, but neither was Bobby at his age. He does have the potential and he is one of the best office seekers I have seen. Maybe he will end up as VP to a Harris or Warren candidacy. Maybe he will get a cabinet post. If he doesn’t make it the first time, I hope to be around for his next presidential bid.

    A note on white men – Sparrows have wings; Hawks have wings; Therefore all sparrows are hawks.
    Not all white men are the same, and gay white men face homophobia which can be as deadly as racisism. Learning to “pass” isn’t an answer.

    FDR did a lot to help poor Americans, rich and poor. Truman desegregated the armed forces because it was the right thing to do. LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act knowing that he had alienated the Dixiecrats and guaranteed Democratic losses for years. All White men. I had to run along side the motorcade for Bobby Kennedy as he drove through Black neighborhoods. My job was to keep people from falling under the wheels while trying to just touch him. Another White man.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream where people would be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. I want to live in that world.

    There are four politicians that I have met in Indiana that I have told “call me when you run for office and I will support you”. Two are women, two are black and two are gay. None of them “looks like me”. Character, not color.

    Sorry for the digression – Thank you for your mention of Pete’s book Sheila. I hadn’t read it, but now I will.

  31. Mayor Pete (yes, I have read his book) is a very attractive candidate in many ways. His personal abilities to address issues and answer questions directly when interviewed, instead of talking around the point, is refreshing. He was re-elected to his office after publicly coming out in the South Bend Tribune. He talks about his successes and failures as Mayor quite candidly. The book is his personal story, not a political policy statement. The one thing that stood out to me was his experience as a canvasser in the Iowa primaries. He listened and learned about the concerns of rural voters in that deeply Mid-western state.

    Unfortunately, a recent experience with a couple who moved back to Indy after many years in South Bend made me understand what he will be facing if he does win the primary. Their take on him was that South Bend was a “mess” because it votes for Democrats while the surrounding counties vote for Republicans (sound familiar). They also said that he came from the “rich” side of town whatever that means, also not true. Their final nail in the coffin was that he would never win because he was a “twinkie-dink”. I responded that they should read his book, listen to what he says, Of course, their bias will not change with facts. ( I was not shocked to hear that description as they have shown racial bias in previous comments. I push back every time but to no avail.)

    I have not found any stated policy on public education or healthcare on his website. Those are very important issues for me. My financial support would be very modest if he addresses those issues in a way I can support.

    His age is not an issue for me. In fact, as others on this blog commentary have indicated, we need new ideas and perspectives. His experience is far in excess of many who are older. He has lived out of the country, is highly educated, worked in business and served in Afghanistan, often “outside the wire”. Big money has not enter the picture (yet).

  32. Vernon,
    You win the pronunciation prize! BOOT EDGE EDGE is perfect! I chatted with a cousin today about how to pronounce Buttigieg, and I couldn’t come up with anything as clear! Thanks! Yes, President Pete has a nice ring to it!

  33. I am absolutely a fan of Mayor Pete. He is currently my #2 behind Kamala. I enjoy his positive enthusiasm, his nuanced, intelligent responses. Sadly, I already see a group if progressive purists trying to take him down.

  34. I’m also a fan of Pete, almost in love. Gosh it is early. The current affairs article people are posting reads like a manifesto, and if you look at the author’s idea of what people should be, Pete doesn’t fit the bill. The fact remains he is attacking Pete for the 1000 home project. Pete admittedly made some mistakes, adjusted, listened and learned. Was re-elected in sb with 80% of the vote after the period of time the ca article addresses. 80% in a city with 45% POC, 80% in a city where Clinton beat Trump by .4 of 1%. This is a long audition. He will have to win this. I think he might. He has something others do not.

  35. I’m investing in Pete. If he doesn’t make it I won’t feel like I didn’t put forth enough effort to make that happen. I have created Bay-Area and East-Bay specific Twitter and FB profiles for Pete and purchased the corresponding domains where I’m going to collaborate with the Silicone Valley For Pete supporters to do what we can to support his candidacy. It’s not as critical an area as a more conservative state, but I’ll be beating the Pete drum heavily and frequently when I’m home for a month this summer.

    If he doesn’t make it I’ll support the party, but I prefer to put my full weight behind the person I feel could best represent my ideals and values before I have to compromise and pivot to supporting whoever the party selects.

  36. I had a long visit with Mayor Pete when the city councilperson for whom I was treasurer put on a fund raiser in 2010. Not many people which delighted me only in that I had a long time to talk with Pete. he was running for State Treasurer. So we had over half an hour to just sit and talk. I had to coax his resume from him, with which I was duly impressed and suggested he run for Mayor if he did not make Treasurer. He had not come out yet at the time, so we did not discuss that issue – not an issue with me. I came away very impressed about the Democratic bench in Indiana. I would do whatever I can to help him this year. Donna and I are both impressed deeply.

  37. I am seeing a fair number of Republicans or those who are still claiming to be Republicans but not Trumpkins stating they are giving Mayor Pete money and would vote for him. Its been interesting to see those comments.

    He has my vote thus far

  38. I know a lot of folks are saying that Mayor Pete should run for governor instead of President. I respectfully disagree. Strategically it is more effective that he run for President. If he was governor he would never have control of the state legislature. Our legislature is a super majority without hope of ever turning democratic. He can be far more influential at the federal executive branch than at the state executive branch.

  39. Mayor Pete is my definite favorite so far, and among my top picks including Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro and Jay Inslee. If you havenʻt seen it yet, hereʻs the link to his interview with Mike Wallace at Fox News. Reading the YouTube comments was like being in another universe where conservatives and liberals were actually getting along and being civil to one another, united in their admiration and respect for Mayor Pete. Wow. As many of them said, it made me hopeful that we Americans can transcend parties and work together in the near future.

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