About All Those “Best People”…Again

Talk about pots and kettles…take a look at the resume of Trump’s new press secretary–you know, the person charged with repeating the Administration’s unending accusations of sleaze and improprieties by journalists.

As Juanita Jean reports in her inimitable style:

If you’re wondering why Trump’s new press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, is not talking to the press or holding press conferences it’s because she’s … well… probably drunk or stealing something.

She was arrested for driving under the influence, speeding, and driving with an invalid license in 2013, according to the report, and the charges were later reduced to reckless driving. Grisham was also arrested for driving under the influence in December 2015, ultimately pleading guilty. She paid a fine and was ordered by the court into a treatment program.

One of the DUIs took place while she was a press aid to Trump’s campaign.

There’s more. Juanita notes that Grisham’s performance at previous jobs was–well, let’s just say substandard. She reportedly left AAA under a cloud for filing false travel and expense claims. She lost a job at something called Mindspace for plagiarism. She worked for an Arizona Attorney General who was fined for campaign finance violations, and on his behalf, responded to reporters’ inquiries by accusing the press of “overreaching, an invasion of privacy and abusive use of your role in the media.”

I’ve seen her picture, though, and she is attractive. When it comes to women, Trump’s definition of “best people’ usually revolves around physical appearance. (Big boobs are a plus.)

With men, of course, “best people” means one thing only: loyalty. Which brings us to the despicable William Barr. As both Talking Points Memo and the Washington Post have reported,

Attorney General Bill Barr has booked a $30,000 Gaelic-themed holiday party at the Trump D.C. hotel, the Washington Post reports.

The event is slated to occur Dec. 8 and will feature a four-hour open bar.

Again, there’s much more. (If Barr’s only ethical violation was improper enrichment of his boss, that would be a real improvement.)

Barr has yet to respond to multiple calls to recuse himself from the Jeffrey Epstein case–a case that could easily ensnare Epstein’s former good friend, Donald Trump.

He joined Wilbur Ross in refusing to comply with subpoenas issued as part of the Congressional probe of the Administration’s effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census–a refusal that led to a symbolic House vote of criminal contempt. (Symbolic, because the Department of Justice, which Barr heads, would have to enforce it.)

His pandering to Trump included a highly controversial and obviously partisan decision to launch an inquiry into the origins of the FBI’s 2016 Russia investigation–a decision that  fueled understandable concerns about the politicization of the Justice department.

And of course, there was his utterly dishonest 4-page “summary” of the Mueller Report.–a summary so inaccurate it received a reprimand from the famously taciturn Mueller himself.

A quote from Adam Schiff in Newsweek was focused upon Barr and Rosenstein, but it really applies to any of the “best people” who work for Trump for any length of time.

Congressman Adam Schiff harshly criticized Attorney General William Barr as well as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, suggesting they acquiesced to pressure from President Donald Trump to act unethically.

“What we are seeing is anyone that gets close to Donald Trump becomes tainted by that experience,” the California Democrat who chairs the House Intelligence Committee said in an interview with CNN’s New Dayon Wednesday morning. “And the fundamental conundrum is, How do you ethically serve a deeply unethical president?” Schiff said. “And as we are seeing with Bill Barr, and as I think as we saw with Rod Rosenstein, you can’t.”

 In all fairness, it’s not a problem for most of the President’s “best people.” They can’t even spell ethics, let alone define the term.


  1. I want everyone to consider the results from yesterday’s election in North Carolina’s 9th District. This election was held because the last election was so corrupted by the Republican seeking the office, even a majority Republican Election Commission couldn’t bring themselves to certify the results. This didn’t make the Democrats in the district mad enough to turn out in droves as it should have. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN IN 2020. VOTE!


    That North Carolina election result shows the importance of all local and state level elections if we want to salvage whatever will be left of Trump’s America. If you watched MSNBC’s Steve Karnacki election report you saw that Gary Johnson got 3% of the vote; add that 3% to the Democrat’s 49% for a total of 51%, a true picture of what those 3rd and 4th party candidates do to all elections. In 2016, Hillary won the popular vote with 3 MILLION more votes than Trump; add to that 3 MILLION, the more than 7 MILLION votes given to Johnson and Stein and 10 MILLION votes might have changed the Electoral College give-away to Trump. But try to explain that to those who refuse to vote for someone they don’t like from their own party…or just refuse to vote.

    Consider Sheila’s other post this morning for Indianapolis residents for the importance of our Mayoral election this November to save historical urban areas as an example of the importance of local elections at all levels in all states. It is local Republicans who refuse to change the tax sale law which prevents ownership of abandoned properties for 1 full year; leaving them to further deteriorate because no one is legally responsible for them.

  3. A guy walks into a talent agent’s office and says, “Have I got a family act for you! You’re gonna love it!” The talent agent says, “OK, tell me about it.” For the next half hour, the guy tells the talent agent everything about the Trump administration, in all its details. When he’s finished, the talent agent, by this time wide-eyed, ashen, and slumped, slack-jawed into his chair, manages to pull himself together long enough to ask, in a hoarse, raspy whisper, “My God! What do you people call yourselves?” And the guy says, with a flourish of his hands, “The Griftocrats!”

  4. JoAnn – so right on!

    Another thing to consider these days….In NC 09 DEMs claim they knocked on 100,000 doors. Well, as in the famous GA 06 special election in 2017, here is more anecdotal evidence that people are sick of politics, especially as organized/funded/staffed by outsiders. Could it be that the only people we want to talk to about a vote are people we know? Maybe we need more “talk to a friend” efforts….

  5. We should not forget the “Sharpie” track of Hurricane Dorian. Let’s look at the record – Lies even gigantic ones by President Agent Orange are brushed off by his followers and the GOP.

    The special elections in North Carolina proves the GOP base, will continue to vote for Republican Candidates no matter how far the the GOP sinks. Republican Dan Bishop who won by a narrow margin – described himself as a “pro-life, pro-gun, pro-wall” conservative and said McCready would fall in line with Democrats in Congress such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who Bishop called radical socialists.

    “Under this president, America is great again. We stand for our flag and we kneel for our maker,” Bishop said in his victory speech, according to NBC News.

    The idea, notion or wishful thinking, that the GOP base will abandon their candidates and flock to anyone else, has been greatly exaggerated. These issues of pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-wall is the bedrock of President Agent Orange and Pastor Pence and the GOP and no matter incompetent this Regime is, the GOP base will support Republican Candidates.

  6. Monotonous,
    Democrats would do well to frame this issues of “pro-life, pro- gun, and pro- wall” for what we see them as, namely “anti- women, anti- safety, and anti- immigrant”.

  7. Monotonous – YUPPO – EXACTLY – so let’s forget about them and get everyone else to vote their souls. And to add to Jo Ann….4M young people voted for 3rd/4th parties in 2016…the “no civic ed” effect…

  8. Well, clearly the Republican cupboard is bare, bereft of thinking people, honest people and patriotic people. Firing John Bolton underscores the absurdity of Trump’s hiring practices. Grisham is just another Trump bimbo who will do and say anything so she can rub elbows at the bar with more powerful people at Trump’s hotel down the street.

    There hasn’t been a 12-step program invented that can cure that kind of addiction to power. People, like alcoholics, will do and say anything to get that next drink. Barr is a key example of this. He allegedly has a great legal mind, yet drops to his knees before Trump to protect him from the law. I say this is key, because it exemplifies what the Republican party has become: A lockstep herd of Trumpites and sycophants who want to feed at the trough of the worst human traits.

  9. if one was to view how porn and young girls are a buisness in europe,mainly eastern euro. epstien maybe a bridge of how the rich avoid issues with their playground. money buys anything,and everything.(ask acosta) russia is a so called gentlemans dream. as is the former block countries. if you seen the so called gentleman clubs around the state,they have clubs in russia and some former block countries that have dancers near puberty. those russian dance schools pander to the sect..if barr is so close to knowing,(er knows),this isnt a hideaway secret,its a buisness,and only money is allowed in..barr seems to enjoy playing a field of cover thouts ass.
    which i would believe,hes making sure no tracks and cover is provided,his buddies ass. how else would one cover,just be the investigator. barr is a blaintant asswipe,ever since covering for former presidents,and getting them to issue pardons while congress is on vacation..try this shit a few decades after WW2 and the public would be enraged. today,were just soft on anything,even the rich,who obvioulsly have no full mark on greed or their need to have ot all.
    trump is part of this mans world where,money buys everything,and the republican party is the purveyor of keeping the elite safe…obviously….

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