Bring In The Clowns..Don’t Bother, They’re Here

If there were any lingering doubts about the lack of seriousness or the intellectual dishonesty of the GOP Representatives who stormed the room in which Impeachment witnesses were being questioned, one fact should put those doubts to rest: the 22 members of the House conducting the interviews is made up of 13 Democrats and 9  Republicans.

As Politico put it: “More than 45 House Republicans — nearly a quarter of the House G.O.P. conference — already have full access to the depositions through their membership on one of the three panels leading the impeachment inquiry.”

Worse still, 13 of the 41 Republican lawmakers who engaged in this bit of theater–who were protesting a supposed lack of transparency in the inquiry–actually sit on committees with the authority to question witnesses and review documents.”

As Huffington Post, among many others, reported,  interviews were being held in the Intelligence Committee’s “secure area.” Because the Republicans who engaged in the stunt brought phones and other forbidden electronics into the (awkwardly named) Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), Democrats said the room would now have to be “sanitized.”

“They not only brought in their unauthorized bodies, they may have brought in the Russians and the Chinese,” said Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), a member of the Intelligence Committee.

The interviews are being conducted in accordance with House rules, and in a manner consistent with previous inquiries; furthermore, there are prudential reasons to do initial interviews separately and in confidence: for one thing, it denies witnesses the opportunity to co-ordinate their stories.

Not only do the Republicans have access to the information being provided in these interviews, the Democrats have made it very clear that once the initial round of questioning is over, the proceedings will all be made public.

The hostile takeover of the committee room, which was endorsed by GOP leadership ― the chamber’s No. 2 Republican, Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), even participated in the charade ― is the latest in a string of attempts to distract from the actual Ukraine scandal. Republicans are trying to get voters to dig into their familiar partisan foxholes and disregard any new information.

But storming through the “Restricted Area” doors of the SCIF, bringing their phones, occupying the committee room for hours — even ordering pizza ― are all charades that unbiased voters should see through.

The problem with that last paragraph is the phrase “unbiased voters.” In our polarized political environment, there aren’t many of those, and it is obvious that the GOP’s theatrics are an effort to distract their own voters from very damaging evidence, much of which has already come out. Unfortunately, rebuttals of that evidence are increasingly hard to come by, so in the absence of any substantive defense, they are screaming about the process–despite the fact that it is a process they considered perfectly appropriate when they used it.

As the Daily Beast reported,

House Republicans have held—and even supported—the use of closed door hearings for past congressional investigations, including the select committee that they spearheaded to investigate the 2011 consulate attack in Benghazi. That larger inconsistency and the timing on Wednesday’s gambit struck some Democrats as telling about the direction that the impeachment proceeding is heading.

“When you don’t have the law or the facts, you attack and disrupt the process,” said Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA). “And you may wonder why is it happening now? Because Bill Taylor gave a devastating opening statement yesterday. They’re freaked out. They’re trying to stop this investigation.”

What they clearly aren’t doing is honestly evaluating the evidence that is emerging. And they sure aren’t subordinating self-interest and partisanship to justice or the interests of their country.

These clowns aren’t amusing.


  1. Lindsey Graham stated, “The Impeachment Inquiry is dangerous to the President.”

    The GOP repeatedly demands a full House vote on the Impeachment Inquiry; a full House vote requires a “list of charges” as reason to vote for impeachment which is what the formal Impeachment Inquiry is seeking at this time by questioning witnesses.

    Well duh!

    In any criminal investigation, and this is a “high crimes” investigation of Trump, witnesses are NOT questioned in public but “behind closed doors” and by those qualified to conduct the investigation…or inquiry.

    About those “qualified” Republicans on the investigating committees who were among those disrupting a formal government hearing; they have proven themselves unqualified to remain on the committees. Conflict of interest? And was the “storming of the citadel” actually witness tampering, an attempt to scare off the administration member to be questioned? AG Barr has now started a criminal (re)investigation of Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election; this is an investigation of the investigators, ergo…they are investigating themselves.

    And Trump has extended his border wall to include Colorado. Trump and Erdogan, with Rev. Pence sitting in for Trump, reached a “cease fire” in which firing did not cease, to remove Kurds from their border homeland in the country of Syria; neither Kurds or Syrian officials were included in this meeting, the only country these decisions involved was not involved.

    “What they clearly aren’t doing is honestly evaluating the evidence that is emerging. And they sure aren’t subordinating self-interest and partisanship to justice or the interests of their country.”

    Sheila’s term “their country” is a frighteningly true statement because this is no longer the United States of America as we knew it until January 20, 2017 when Trump made his first official order not to allow the already investigated and cleared immigrants, whose planes were landing, from entering this country. We have been a country of chaos and trauma ever since as white supremacist groups have increased and expanded, mass shootings have increased and our allies have stopped publicly supporting Trump’s international decision as he sucks up to our enemies.

    The Republican clowns are still pouring out of that little clown car in an unending stream, the results of Citizens United open purchase of this country.

  2. JoAnn mentions “white supremacy groups” as well she should. That storming of the meeting of the committee was a KKK tactic used many times to intimidate and break up meetings of blacks. Only this time they wore suites and ties not white robes, and instead of the target being a church it was the U.S. Capitol. What a disgrace!

  3. They were actually hoping the Democrats would call the Capital Police and have them hauled away in front of the TV cameras. They want theater, not government. BTW, the main reason for the closed door sessions is that AG Barr refused to investigate the whistle blower’s report, even though a criminal referral was made by the CIA. This investigation has to replace the grand jury that should have been called.

  4. Role modeling to show what “the base” is to do if Trump is impeached or loses in 2020, except no guns are allowed in the Capital….

  5. So maybe there is no Russian dirt on all of these republicans, how do you explain such unflinching support?

    I think they are now defending their defense of Trump. They have stuck with him this long and this far, that they are in so deep, that to admit they were wrong would be painful in many ways. They would loose face, and they would have to admit a mistake.

    Like that addicted gambler, these guys are all in and have doubled down so many times, that at this point all you can do is defend their defense of Trump.

  6. Dan,

    “So maybe there is no Russian dirt on all of these republicans, how do you explain such unflinching support?”
    They don’t support the Constitution with the Amendments granting equality to those other than white men. So right now we’re in the peaceful stage. Hopefully, we can settle matters at this stage. However, that certainly won’t be the next stage.

    What do you think all those guns are for?

  7. “the Democrats have made it very clear that once the initial round of questioning is over, the proceedings will all be made public.”

    The Republicans are demanding that the Democrats do what they’ve already pledged they WILL do once the evidence has been gathered.
    And that’s at least part of the point.
    They are loudly demanding something. That demand [though not the fact that that was the plan all along] will be reported on FOX News. Then, when the Democrats do what they always intended to do anyway, the Republicans will triumphantly shout, “Aha! See? We forced the Democrats’ hands! We forced them to make the results public! We are the Saviors Of Democracy!

    Then, even if Trump goes down, they can be sure that their voters will continue to vote for them. After all, the whole point is all the lovely power they wield in those halls which are becoming increasingly less hallowed as these stunts accumulate.

  8. We ought to replay the conversation here that occurred in Nov of 2016 when Americans first learned that the unbelievable had happened, we had “elected” a totally unqualified person to be President and we needed Obama or someone to save ourselves from us. We all speculated on the terrible things that would result from this unexplained travesty.

    Then over time the unexplained travesty got explained. It was a combination of Republican anti-democracy efforts both before and during the election coupled with interference from outside the country that was focused on an obvous chink in the armor of democracy, the Electoral College. This hold over from our beginnings was bad policy that law makers had never addressed because in every government the party with the power to fix it had recently benefited from it. Then over time we became painfully aware that in addition to the power plots in play what we had done with our election and re-election of Obama is to stir up the racist cow pie that had been there all along.

    So it after awhile became obvious that we were stuck with this plot against us because we had no laws against it.

    To me the grade that the next administration will earn will be based in part on how aggressively they plug these legal holes that we now know exist.

  9. So apparently we lost 50 nuclear missiles when we bugged out of Turkey. We’re these the nukes Kennedy put in turkey that precipitated the Cuban missile crisis? Leaving missiles and bombing our own bases indicates this was not an orderly military retreat but a rout. Off topic but no ones addressing this

  10. The MINDS of Trump’s base must be attacked in a positive way, but FIRST, you have to know how to do it. For sure, you don’t learn how to do it in the courts of California or New York.

  11. When I first started in the law practice an old lawyer said to me that “When you don’t have the facts you pound the law, and when you don’t have the law you pound the facts, and when you have neither you pound the table.” These Republicans who stormed a secured room (where their number was well represented) are pounding the table. There is substance and there is procedure, and Republicans have neither. The defendants have voluntarily confessed.

    Pounding the table tells us more about the frustration of the pounder and his/her attempts to divert our attention than it does about appropriate methods of fact gathering. If there were any doubt as to the motive of this gang of elected thugs, it was put to rest when Republican members of the committee who were present and asking questions of the witnesses joined in with the non-committee thugs in their vociferous complaints in re secrecy of the proceedings. Secretive? Lack of transparency? Lack of due process? Hardly.

    I think that those committee members who joined in with their non-committee comrades in arms can be considered more culpable than their antediluvian cohorts, though both committee and non-committee members are plainly guilty of obstructing Congress, especially those who brought China and Russia and our national security into our secure facility with their electronic gadgets. Why the middlemen? Let’s just invite Putin, Xi and Erdogan and/or their surrogates over to sit on the committee and hear all our secrets. GRRRR!

    Though pressed for time with waves of witnesses coming to testify before the committee which is in the midst of gathering evidence to lay out in the Articles for debate and adoption or non-adoption, I think as a matter of housekeeping and establishment of precedent that Pelosi should take a morning off the committees’ efforts to entertain a vote for censure of those who participated in this attempt to end a constitutionally authorized meeting designed to gather evidence of executive overreach. It wasn’t funny and mob rule by any political party should not be tolerated, however politically frustrating to the mobsters, and if there are no consequences, what’s next on the mob front with a terminal authoritarian at the helm?

  12. The common denominator in all of this is the fact that all of us are out to survive. But the problem is that we don’t agree on how to do it. If you can fix that problem, you have what I call: PEACE.

    We all want a “good night’s sleep.”

  13. since the invention of ALEC, the republicans have made a effort to privatize goverment. (take it over)when a corprate hack like trump,appears,any and all respect,per corp monger rule, came out. we have a attack by money to take over goverment,plain and simple. they have used the last 40 years to to lie,cheat and silence anyone in their way.and they won.. the latest from the so called press secty. “were fully transparent in out actions,”how right, its called corruption,via democray,and wall street has mow taken over our goverment….p.s. im the human scum you profess i am…

  14. With the latest “criminal investigation” into the confirmed discoveries that Russia hacked our election process by AG Barr, the plot to overthrow the Constitution by the Republicans becomes very clear. Remember, Rex Tillerson negotiated a half-trillion dollar deal with Putin to extract Arctic Oil. Then the orange hairball picks Tillerson as Sec. State and the State Department is gutted.

    While Putin was consolidating power, he propped up one his lads to run Ukraine, Tereshenko (sic). Then the Ukrainians rebelled and elected somebody else not on the “approved” list. Meanwhile, Putin made all of Europe totally dependent on Russian gas and oil. One of the major pipelines between Russia and Europe went through Ukraine. Ukraine got a piece of the action, but now Russia has occupied the gas shales in the eastern part of that country.

    There’s more. During this power and land grab, Putin and his henchmen conjured up phony crimes against his political opponents, killed some of them, jailed and killed journalists reporting the scandals and leaned on the European countries threatening to cut off their fuel supplies if they interfered with his “operations”.

    Now, follow the bouncing ball to Putin’s hand-picked success story, president Donald Trump. Closed-door, personal conferences with no notes and no American interpreter. Constant praise of Putin and a constant attack against OUR intelligence community AND the press comes from Trump. And now we have the Ukraine “situation” where Trump, as Putin’s apparent surrogate, is leaning on the Ukraines to dirty up Biden. See, it was Biden, while being Obama’s VP, who promised Ukraine that the U.S. would support them in every way to hold off Putin. Hillary Clinton was Sec.State during this same time. Trump despises Obama for insulting his baby-ness. Trump’s pals – the Giuliana operation – are now hip-deep in digging up phony scandals about Biden in Ukraine and, presumably other places. Why other places? Follow Barr’s recent travel itinerary chasing right-wing freaky scandals that have no basis in fact. They are continuing to paint our intelligence community as being in the pocket of Democrats who created the “false” case against Russia. See, according to Breitbart, et. al., it really was Ukraine that ran the election attacks on us, not Russia.

    This whole connected dots story sounds more and more like a weak John LeCarre spy novel. So, we have the gang who can’t shoot straight trying to implement Putin’s instructions to Trump – his eager and willing pupil – to create as much havoc in OUR beloved country as possible. Since oil and gas are Russia’s ONLY asset, Putin needs to use our corrupt business practices, our corrupt politicians and their cronies to help return Putin’s dictatorship to the glory years of the Soviet Union. He has the most corrupt American in history using the most horrific AG in American history along with a debunked clown, Giuliani, to destroy the Constitution and make the Trump family into its own family dynasty.

    I’m glad I’m old.

  15. The Office of the US Presidency will be forever diminished by the 2016 quasi-election results. That’s terrible from a foreign policy perspective but perhaps not from a domestic perspective.

    Over the decades of our existence mostly due to the complexity of exploding population and technology the Presidency has become steadily more powerful and Congress less so made even more so by the rise in power of the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House. In addition the power of the minority party has waned dramatically.

    We have gone for the expediency of people in charge at the expense of the democracy of we the people.

    The fact of Trump, even if removed from office rather than replaced by election, will cause a reset in the long standing trends towards individual power back towards power of, by and for we the people.

  16. Having worked for the Indianapolis Police Department, the Marion County Municipal Probation Department, worked for private attorneys and with the legal representatives in City of Indianapolis local government…initial investigations for evidence of all levels of criminal activities are NOT PUBLIC INVESTIGATIONS. The Republican “lawmakers” (the clowns) at all levels of Trump’s administration KNOW this; they are simply causing distractions and chaos to cover up Trump’s illegal actions and to keep their jobs by maintaining Trump’s approval.

  17. Based on the facts behind the investigations and interviews, Trump has roused the Republicans in congress (with a few exceptions) to act out his fear and frustration at being told “no” maybe for the first time in his life. It’s going to be a bumpy ride to the Senate.

  18. Pete,

    “The fact of Trump, even if removed from office rather than replaced by election, will cause a reset in the long standing trends towards individual power back towards power of, by and for we the people.”

    You can’t go BACK to something that never was. All you can do is go forward, despite the difficulties.

  19. Trump unleashed his Republican goon squad for one purpose only: to test his ability to trigger his core goon squad to come into the streets with their guns on the day he is impeached. The rump goon squad passed the test, so now we (and he) know what to expect.

    Now that most Republicans have joined Trump in lying about everything all the time, will they have the ability to recognize the truth when they need to know it, or will it seem so strange that they will reject it?

  20. jack smith,

    You are right. The corruption of the system has been laid bare. We have much to do post Trump.


  21. Terry,

    “Trump unleashed his Republican goon squad for one purpose only: to test his ability to trigger his core goon squad to come into the streets with their guns on the day he is impeached.”


  22. Terry,

    The INTELLIGENCE GAP has been there from day one. Americans can’t understand the depth of the problem. They will, though, when it’s too late.

    See “The Battle of the Bulge” by Franklin M. Davis, Jr. (Monarch Books, Derby, Connecticut, 1961) back cover:

    “This battle,” Hitler said, “is to decide whether we shall live or die.”

    Skillfully, secretly, he assembled three German armies—24 divisions, 250,000 men, 970 tanks and 1900 pieces of artillery.

    Taking advantage of the harsh winter, he picked a place where the Allied forces were water-thin—-four Amerian divisions and one armored cavalry regiment—and unleashed a devastating attack to annihilate the outnumbered defenders.

    [ It was the lack of intelligence that allowed this to happen. It will happen here in the U.S. for the same reason because of the 50-year-old INTELLIGENCE GAP.]

  23. Vernon Turner, thank you for reminding us about what Putin hopes to gain (“hoped” – he’s gotten most of it). What I don’t understand is why Trumpsters can’t see it.

  24. Stephen Smith,

    F A R T S; Frighteningly-Are-Republicans-Trump-Subversives-!!!

    Hey, I figured I’d give it a shot too (;-p)

    What ever one would want to call it, I wouldn’t say it’s clownish, I would say it’s dangerous and has been done before.

    Marv hit the nail on the head several times, it used to be, not to invoke Hitler or Nazis in a conversation for comparative reasons. Well, I think it’s extremely relevant to invoke Hitler and the Nazi party. By almost every report, Adolf Hitler was mentally ill, narcissistic, and wanted to rule the world.

    Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric along with the Nazi party propaganda machine, demonized the Jews as being the root of German suffering. Eventually, the Nazi party whittled away at German laws and their conscience. Eventually they were able to steal Jewish properties, along with Jewish wealth, claiming to put those ill-gotten gains to good use for the German people. This started with Kristallnacht, November and 9th and 10th 1938, “night of the broken glass”.

    Before ” Kristallnacht” was “Nacht der langen Messer” (night of the Long knives) where in a couple of days at the end of June and beginning of July, in 1934, Adolf Hitler eliminated (murdered) his competition in the Nazi party. Thereby he consolidated full power. After consolidating his power, the real terror began.

    Hitler’s henchmen were average individuals in German society that had streak which was revealed when they started to gain power. Some were extreme bigots, some wanted worship and power, some had psychological issues that were projected upon the less fortunate that were rounded up, delivered to concentration camps, and used for whatever popped into their heads before being executed.

    One things for sure, they all wanted to follow their Messiah Adolf Hitler, he gave them the license to act upon their darkest and deepest thoughts and desires.

    Matt Gaetz; he’s an example of how this is starting here! Afte the shenanigans at the
    SCIF, and with a microphone in his face, he talked about how much he loved Trump, and he was his most favorite president! Now, what position do you think he would have in a Trump regime? For that matter, what position would Devin Nunez have? And last but not least what about Lindsey Graham? He keeps his secrets well, as did many of Hitler’s lead lackeys. Although, they actively arrested and executed those in the gay community, although it wasn’t called that then, because of some sort of psychological malady concerning their own lives.

    But, it all started, the Reichstag fire (German congressional building), where it is thought the Nazis themselves burned down the Reichstag but blamed it on the communists, and as you can see, Trump and the Republican Party are always invoking communist plots against everyone who is not in their click. 1933 was the year the ball got rolling with Hitler and the Nazis. Hermann Goring admitted that he was responsible for the fire on the orders of his supreme leader and Messiah Adolf Hitler. Of course it was too late to change the fate of the Communist Party in Germany, they were all dead.

    Germany was evolving into a militia state, those elements that supported the Nazi party, those that were infatuated with Adolf Hitler, were allowed to arm themselves after gun laws were relaxed for certain elements of German society.

    Can you see the relationship here? All of these right wing militia groups arming themselves as well as our military? Donald Trump wanting Eric Prince to run an off the books private army under his personal control? You don’t think it can happen here? Why do you think all of these scattergun scandals are happening? Trump and his handlers overseas are telling everyone to chase the squirrel! My dog Sheeba, a sweet 90 pound female pitbull will lose her mind if I ask her if she wants to go out and find the squirrels, even if there is no squirrel outside. She’ll try to run up the trees, she wants to look in the garbage cans, I just laugh because it’s funny. You think Vladimir Putin is laughing? You think Donald Trump and his cronies are laughing? It’s an established fact, Donald Trump was a student of German history, he might be mentally ill, but you can bet the Trump propaganda machine is helping them out quite a bit (Fox). You think Sean Hannity will be the minister of propaganda? He already is!

  25. John,

    Don’t stop! Four months before Barak Obama was elected President, I ran an ad in “The Nation Magazine,” for a seminar on the “iceberg” that Obama would eventually hit. The “iceberg” was the Tea Party.

    The most important part of the seminar was going to be: “Understanding the magnificent Germans of the Nazi Era.” When I further explained, I would also explore the deepest areas of the oligarchic system, most of the participants pulled out.

    This unfortunate occurrence is covered on my website at

  26. John,

    From “22 Cells in Nuremberg” by Douglas M. Kelley, M.D. [Psychiatist to the Nuremberg jail] (Mc Fadden Book, New York, 1961) p.7:

    “One of the most important values in civilization is what Korzybski has called “time binding”—the ability to learn from past experiences, of others without having to go through it ourselves. It is imperative that we appreciate the horror of the Third Reich without experiencing it. The devastation of Europe, the death of millions, the near-destructure of modern culture will have gone for naught if we do not draw the right conclusions about the forces which produced such chaos. We must learn the why of the Nazi success so we can take steps to prevent the recurrence of such evil.”

    “As far as the leaders go, the Hitlers and the Goerings, the Goebbels’ and all the rest of them were not special types. Their personality patterns indicate that, while they are not socially desirable individuals, their like could easily be found in America. Neurotic individuals, like Adolph Hitler, suffering from hysterical disorders and obsessive complaints, can be found in any psychiatric clinic. And there are countless hundreds of similar ones, thwarted, discouraged, determined to do great deeds, roaming the streets of any American city at this very moment.” p. 170

  27. This is the way the GOP plays. Anyone who thinks some Democrat can reach across the aisle is deluded. Any Democratic candidate who thinks they can reach across the aisle will find their hand chopped off.

    The Hysteria Meter today is in the Red Zone, Russians, Russians, Putin, Putin, Nazis, Nazis, Hitler, Hitler. Wow no mention of Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes, yet.

    I find it funny in a gallows humor sense all this outrage about interference in US Politics by someone or some country. Since 1945 the USA is #1 in terms of killed, wounded, missing and refugees caused directly by the USA: Vietnam, Iraq War 1 and 2, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, plus all the Coups instigated by the USA. Do you just brush this aggression off, as American Exceptionalism??

  28. Monotonous,

    “The Hysteria Meter today is in the Red Zone, Russians, Russians, Putin, Putin, Nazis, Nazis, Hitler, Hitler.”

    So it is called HYSTERICAL to be talking about Nazis and Hitler? I don’t understand. I’m also aware of what we’ve been doing since 1945. Does that mean I shouldn’t be concerned about our future, and have to wait for what? Whose brushing off American aggression? I guess you must want it all to come down, so we can all start over.

    Gee, I can’t wait for that.

  29. Marv;

    I have a question!
    Concerning Milania Trump and her father. How did her father get into the United States after he was found to have been charged in Yugoslavia for tax evasion and smuggling/moral turpitude?

    Wouldn’t that have been grounds for not allowing him citizenship? I have no doubt this guy’s son-in-law, the president of the United States, got him his citizenship papers, SMH. On top of everything else, the dude was a registered communist, LOL, but Pres. Trump loves to throw the communism boogie man around to freak everyone out.

    There are a lot of things to unravel, but, I find it interesting, Trump is sending the troops from Syria into the Iraqi oil territory. They’re only supposed to be there for a few weeks, I highly doubt it! Donald Trump said just the other day, “he would see what they would do with the oil.” Now, Donald Trump talked about taking the Iraq oil fields before he was elected president. Rudy Giuliani has been getting money from Ukrainian oil and gas companies, Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen met Donald Trump through Michael Cohen’s father. Michael Cohen’s father was involved in organized crime in the Ukraine.

    See, connecting the dots? Vladimir Putin wields his power with energy. He controls Russia’s vast energy reserves. Vladimir Putin also had his eyes on Middle Eastern oil, control the energy, control the world. Why do we back out of the Paris Accord’s? Because that would cause a sharp drop in the use of fossil related fuels. This is something that Putin worried about, but not anymore, Donald Trump came to his rescue! So now, you can see, all of the dots point to a collusion. Putin may be King, but I’m sure he promised Trump to be a co-ruler of his own territory.

    This is not unlike Adolf Hitler who used propaganda, demonized the press, developed and promoted the German church, and summarily butchered his enemies. Putin is also famous for this, and Donald Trump is learning. The church issue, and troops being loyal to the president instead of America, in 2018, a report said that chaplains are baptizing an average of 70 soldiers a day at every basic training camp.

    Marv is exactly right, everyone better start paying attention, don’t think it can’t happen here. There is more at work here than just a comb-over buffoon. This has been thought out and planned, with the help of the puppet master, the Muscovian Candidate sees his plans moving towards a reality!

    America has a past, it has many unpleasant chapters in its history, there is no perfection in this world. Presidents hold sway over policy of their administrations, some good, some bad… And some point to a lot of other countries that seem to have a better track record, the only problem with that, if it wasn’t for the United States, everyone would be speaking German or Japanese right now. I’m sure the economy would be great, with an endless supply of slave labor.

  30. John,

    I’m not familiar enough with the situation involving Milania and her father to give you a competent answer.

    The Democrats need to come up with an additional Impeachment charge that can turn Trump’s base against him. If not, impeachment might do more damage than good. Especially, if he is not subsequently convicted.

  31. The writing is on the wall and the would be rulers of America are panic stricken (Vernon laid this out well) – Barr, the most anti-American traitor to the Constitution, liar, violator of his oath and eager Trump sycophant who is trying to turn the Justice Department into the Department for persecution of Enemies, Protection of Friends and All Around Abuse of Power should, in a just world, be driven through the streets from town to town until he begs to be exiled to North Korea.

    The other news item that shows where we are headed – Trump wants to sell the lease on his Washington hotel (for a big profit) because he knows it will be empty once he is impeached.

    It may take decades to recover – I hope not, though – I want to live long enough to see it happen

    Vernon – I agree with you, but I phrase it “I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore” — cue Maurice Chevalier


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