Who Are The Domestic Terrorists?

Who should we fear? I’ll give you a hint.

The men (they are almost always men) causing death and destruction are rarely Muslims. They are hardly ever immigrants. As a Texas Department of Public Safety report has recently confirmed, by far the largest threat to domestic safety and tranquillity comes from white racists and Incels.

And who–you would be forgiven for asking–are the Incels? Let Juanita Jean tell you.

Incels are white boys who couldn’t get laid at the Chicken Ranch even if they had a chicken under each arm and fifty dollar bill taped to their forehead. But, you always suspected that, didn’t you?

Or– in the less florid language used in the report,

 Based on the prevalence of recently conducted attacks nationwide, White Racially Motivated (WRM) is currently the most violently active domestic terrorism type.

Although not a new movement, Involuntary Celibates (Incels) are an emerging domestic terrorism threat as current adherents demonstrate marked acts or threats of violence in furtherance of their social grievance.

Wikipedia defines Incels, as “involuntary celibates”– members of an online subculture who are unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom.

A recent article in the New Yorker says that what Incels want is “extremely limited and specific: they want to be able to have sex on demand with young, beautiful women. They believe that this is a natural right.” The article subhead calls this what it is: a belief in male supremacy.

Vox goes further, in an article detailing how a support group for the dateless became one of the internet’s most dangerous subcultures.

Over the past two decades, the incel community, which numbers somewhere in the tens of thousands, has fallen under the sway of a profoundly sexist ideology that they call “the blackpill.” It amounts to a fundamental rejection of women’s sexual emancipation, labeling women shallow, cruel creatures who will choose only the most attractive men if given the choice.

Taken to its logical extreme, the blackpill can lead to violence. The mass media has focused on the risk of more mass killings like Toronto and others before it, and that is indeed a serious concern. But the focus on incels as potential killers risks missing a more subtle threat: that they will commit acts of everyday violence ranging from harassment to violent assault, or simply make the women in their lives miserable.

A column in the Washington Post suggests that the Incel movement is an extreme and worrisome symptom of the struggle men face in a changing society.

Today, the incel subculture has become not just self-reinforcing but self-radicalizing, often with tragic outcomes. At its most horrifying extremes, self-described incels have taken their anger out on the women they believe are refusing them. At least two mass shooters have left behind manifestos identifying themselves as adhering to incel ideology and explaining their actions as taking revenge on the world that hasn’t given them the women they think they deserve.

Meanwhile, in Texas, Governor Abbott is “safeguarding” citizens of the Lone Star State by refusing to accept refugees–who, according to all available research, pose no threat to public safety.

And in the nation’s capital, the Trump administration is caging (brown) children and excluding (and vilifying) Muslims. Worse, they are actively encouraging the racists and white nationalists who, along with the Incels, are responsible for the vast majority of domestic terror attacks.

They’re determined to make America great again– for straight white “Christian” men.


  1. What does a rational society do with the pre-pubescent mental status of the incels? I have no thoughts on how to make them pay a visit to reality.

  2. Substitute the word”incels” with “religious” in Peggy’s comment, above for the perfect statement about a much larger concern. The subjugation of women has its foundation in (at least) the three Abrahamic religions.

  3. “They’re determined to make America great again– for straight white “Christian” men.”

    In my very small neighborhood, especially on my 2 block long street, there were SIX Trump yard signs posted in 2016, none had posted political signs before, I had always posted Democratic signs at election time but never did we talk politics when we visited. Trump was appointed president so, their candidate “won”, but these Catholic Republicans stopped talking to me and most look the other way when I walk past. How do you reach people with this political mind set when you can’t even discuss the weather with them? They may be the new “silent majority” who, by continuing to support Trump & Co., are supporting those white, male Domestic Terrorists.

    They are the ones to fear!

  4. I’ve no idea of what to do about sexually frustrated white males but I do know what to do with their reaction to the rapidly changing demographics today. Accommodate the change, boys, because it’s coming whether you resist it or not with your anti-social acts. Women and those of color are finally coming into their own, and if anyone has a right to be frustrated with the snail-like pace of change in their status, it is these two groups, as in, why should the presence or absence of one chromosome or the accident of coloring by environment have anything whatsoever to do with such groups’ civil rights, voting, credit history etc.?

    Until someone comes up with a means of deflecting anti-social conduct of white males who are
    losers on the love front with some Freudian answer, all I as a non-psychiatrist can recommend is that we stay the course, i.e., jail these fruitcakes for their crimes so as to send a message to others to stay away from the Charlottesvilles and Richmonds of our world.

  5. Dunning-Kruger and incels are enablers for one another. You might say ‘kissing cousins’ for their fantasy land mantra: MAGA.

  6. north dakota,home of gordon khal, Medina,n.d., member posse comatatus,tax evader,convicted,white,and always armed. now dead,after they burned him down in a farmhouse shootout..the local sheriff here today,will not come out to a farm site,unless with another law enforcement partner,and theres imminent threat of lives.. ive met with some of the few survivoirs of this group, i had a friend who was kin to Gordon’s partner killing of two u.s. marshalls,and i got their view persoannally decades ago. when the tea party rose,and claimed its policy,it was no diffrent than posse comatatus. but they made it to washington this time. i paid attention,and i spoke of the nature of their existance. now we have a whole side of congress who is nothing more than the sprouting of this disease. suits,people who support this very regime in virginia tommarow. clowns in uniform,looking to start something, i listen to them,i fall i to their conversation,i look like them per se..and i can mince words,but im not. they complain about goverment, intrusion,spying on them,taxes,race issues,any thing they can blame on something,or some one else. they dont come to a table to discuss,they believe no one but another bigot with the same attitude. when they profess intusion,they only cause it..they cause their own issues,and its in their own control. if virginia sees one pop go off, nail em all,and make the point,we are not germany 1930 we are America,you are not a militia,you are a boring mob of hate..we will not be part of your thinking or move,we are the ones who protect your democracy while you distroy it. the right side of the isle may support your guns and gripe, but America will never support your hate..

  7. JoAnn, im in the same boat,but many now are embarrassed as hell they went that way,and see what its caused. reach out,make some cookies,(really) and share.. at least get a knowlege of who your neighbor is again,a side joke about anything can get a conversation going.. i do this with people i havent a clue how they lean, but, when i do discuss issues they overlook,like wages and inequality, they tend to listen,because its not on trumps radar,but their need to live decently is..my wife makes a decent oatmeal,raisin,wallnut,cocnut choc chip lump. no working or retired man resists..they bust up great in a bowl with milk too..

  8. You know what … I have to love Jack Smith’s iconic posts. But I must really ask. Please forgive me. Before we pass to some other medium, will you, ‘jack’, ever confirm you are really named ‘jack smith’ and not a pseudonym channeling faux duck dynasty shallow grammar to get across such deep brilliant wisdom. You have me intrigued, my man. I have at least one Facebook friend I grew up with in West Texas who mimics your style to the tee.

  9. Let jackasses have guns, and bad things will happen. This isn’t 200,000 years ago, socially, but these pathetic wretches who think they deserve their own sexual desire without earning it emulate the “beta” and “delta” males of those ancient tribes. So the repressed primitive mind sallies forth to kill out frustration. But instead of carrying a stone-tipped spear, it’s now an AR-15.

    Our inherent weaknesses fostered by the lack of intellectual energy to leap into civilization are turned into death machines by Wayne LaPierre and all the other “supremacist” lunatics who don’t have the courage to think about anything except their skin color and their testosterone.

  10. Some folks propose the Toronto van murders were done by an incel and that the movie, Joker, was dedicated to the incel movement.

    However, the Toronto police refuse to call it terrorism for some reason.

    It’s definitely a sub-culture of the alt-right movement based on everything I’ve read about them. Incels hate men and women and they sound more like inbreds with extreme mental illness than anything else. I’m sure Freudian psychologists would have plenty to say about this group — especially their delusions.

    I don’t see them as Trumpians…in fact, Trump would probably be a target since he’s married to Melania. The last thing Trump can claim is that he’s “involuntarily celibate.” 😉

    However, his comments like “grabbing them by the pus**”, would certainly appeal to incels.

    Forget about diving into the “sub-cultures”; we should all fear the Alt-Right. This will become more relevant as we address impeachment and the election later this year.

  11. Authoritarians come in many flavors but feel entitled to take what they want by imposing their will on others. (In this case Willies).

    My guess is that they have seen that behavior modeled at home and on entertainment/social media so have incorporated that into their own sub-culture.

    We can jail them to protect all others from them but only after they have committed a crime.

    Others have appointed our current President who models that behavior too but we have a plan to deal with him too.

    Vote blue no matter who.

  12. Norris, im real and the name is faux. the local is real,i do no social media except here.. and i seldom write with caps etc,sorry..
    im on the road most of the time,when i get time,i write fast,and bring my experience directly,i dont usually follow a theme,as my life is honest,and sometimes to a blunt cold point,my apologies to those i have steeped on,and my grammer. i sometimes have to chuck my i pad for a get out now and move my truck(if your in the way,help the next person get their job done)..i read well, and follow a few items,wages,inequality, political smerfs,and the likes of corporate influence. im not to be over burden many subjects.i read the likes of the best journalists,and have depended on the facts,opinions,and past history of their work. im stone cold on the wage and inequality issues..and i dont throw stones at those who didnt get a fair shake at life. if you work, and help the person next to you get a place in life,your doin your job helping others,,the ones the wall street gang, couldnt care le$$ about..recent readings from Robert Reich,supports this theory. davos is talking about the shareholders,,i have something for them to hold,and its in a trash bag,and its full of what dog owners in cities have to clean up…..we want our wages back,and our status as the people,for the people…best wishes all,
    I sent Mrs Kennedy a bumper sticker i had made up. i hope her students get the message..

    TRUMP/PUTIN 20/20

  13. Oh man, miss a little miss a lot, LOL.

    So, these guys, The Incels, ROFL, feel entitled? No wonder they love the Donald, they admire his misogynistic and dismissive opinions of women. So, the only thing women are good for is gratification? Well, the Donald basically said as much, and if the Donald was in a so-called celebrity, how many would have given them the time of day anyway. Some of these folks that he’s dismissed, used him also. Of course I’m sure he doesn’t see it that way.

    Barefoot and pregnant, like Len brought out the other day, pregnancy is a punishment for women who “do it” for pleasure and not procreation. But, all of these positions don’t jibe so to speak. All of these guys think that beautiful women should be available for them at any time, at their beck and call. So I suppose these guys want to live a polygamist lifestyle? All of these beautiful women are just going to “do it” with them because they want to procreate? LOL, ROFL, what a bunch of ignorant Schnucks! Talk about self-delusion, talk about alternate realities, talk about the bizarro world, I would bet a majority of rapes are committed by these losers.

    Somehow, each of them are a self aggrandized Adonis? A superior gene pool? My girls, (PITTIES), love beggin strips (?) And snack sausages, they could eat all day, LOL! In all seriousness, this is disgusting! My daughters and granddaughters are attractive ladies by any standard, let’s just say, there was an example of one person that tried to take advantage of my daughter, he’ll never be able to do that again. I have learned to react differently later on in life. But it still would be a very hard call for me. I’m still learning!

    I suppose, this is just part of the disintegration of society. Whatever you want, whatever comes into your mind, “just do it” but, the moral decay of society has happened in every great societal power in history. Why should this one be any different? It’s probably on an accelerated pace because the amount of technology connecting all of these imbeciles is at an astounding level, it only takes weeks instead of centuries.

    An example of this mentality is in 2nd Samuel 13:1-39 quite interesting if you’re not familiar with the circumstance.

  14. The incels behavior proves the righteousness of the women to turn them down. Pitiful losers, who lacked proper care and affection as children.

  15. There is a simple solution to the Incel problem. It is condoned in the bible, so they shouldn’t object to it. It is a practice that, perhaps, we should consider reinstating as a practical solution to the problem. We could turn them into Eunuchs. Then they can consort with as many women as they want. They might even get a good paying job in a choir somewhere.

  16. Making America great again has little or nothing to do with being a Christian but a lot to do with being male, white, bigoted, and alienated. There are a lot of angry folks out there who think Trump feels what they’re feeling. But Trump is alienated in large part because HE is so alienating. Trying to buy and insult his way to affection has worked with a minority of voters who unfortunately comprised a majority of the electoral college.

  17. Mark Goodner – “The subjugation of women has its foundation in (at least) the three Abrahamic religions” – that may make a good meme, and may be true about some streams of those faiths, but that generalization, like most broad sweeping generalizations, is off.

    Sheila – I don’t know whether to thank you for enlightening me about incels — or saying “Oy – another group of pathological crazies to worry about” – I’ll go with knowledge, however disheartening, is good – so thanks

  18. Apparently, it never occurs to incels that their beliefs and attitudes make them unsuitable mates for any woman. The beautiful young women who so infuriatingly reject them are shallow because they choose good-looking men? Whether this is true or not, these dopes can’t see the irony in their complaint. They don’t deserve relationships because they have no idea what relationships are, or what a decent one requires.

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