Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You Today’s GOP

Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would be his running mate.

Harris is a walking, talking embodiment of the America that so terrifies white nationalists: an Indian mother, a Jamaican father, a Jewish husband. She’s also a whip-smart lawyer and a seasoned public servant. Harris is one of a new generation of highly accomplished, very diverse Democrats–and by “diverse” I don’t simply mean that their ranks include many men and women of color; they are also ideologically, religiously and geographically diverse.

Then there are the Republicans.

Yesterday also saw primary elections in a number of states. In one of those, in Georgia, a white loony-toons conspiracy theorist handily  won the GOP nod for Congress. (In all fairness, it was a female loony-toons conspiracy theorist, so maybe that’s progress.)

Conspiracy theorists won a major victory on Tuesday as a Republican supporter of the convoluted pro-Trump movement QAnon triumphed in her House primary runoff election in Georgia, all but ensuring that she will represent a deep-red district in Congress.

The ascension of Marjorie Taylor Greene, who embraces a conspiracy theory that the F.B.I. has labeled a potential domestic terrorism threat, came as six states held primary and runoff elections on Tuesday.

Greene has also made a series of videos in which she complains of an “Islamic invasion,”  claims Black and Hispanic men are held back by “gangs and dealing drugs,” and pushes an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. After her win was announced, Trump gave her his “full-thoated support.”

The Brookings Institution , as well as the FBI, has confirmed that (despite Trump’s rants about “antifa” and Black Lives Matter) members of white supremacist organizations and adherents of widespread conspiracy theories like QAnon (largely embraced by white nationalists) are responsible for most of the terrorist attacks in the U.S.

In the last four years, violence linked to white supremacy has eclipsed jihadi violence as the predominant form of terrorism in the United States. Beyond high-profile terrorist attacks in the United States like the 2018 Tree of Life synagogue and 2019 El Paso Walmart shootings, white supremacists have also tried to seize on the protests following George Floyd’s death to foment chaos.

In the Georgia GOP primary, Ms. Greene defeated a neurosurgeon described as “no less conservative or pro-Trump.” She held a lead of nearly 15 percentage points early Wednesday.

The New York Times story, linked above, reported that Greene’s victory “is likely to unsettle mainstream Republicans.”  But there really aren’t many–if any– “mainstream” Republicans left, a reality that seemed to escape the authors of the report (and continues to escape most of the Times political reporters).

The reality–especially painful for those of us who spent years working for a very different Republican Party–is that Donald Trump is not an anomaly, and today’s GOP is no longer a political party connected to a set of governing principles and policies. Today, to be a member of what is now the GOP cult is to adopt a tribal identity –an identity characterized by white grievance and a furious rejection of scientific, demographic and moral reality.

Not to mention sanity.

QAnon is a wild, unfounded belief that Donald Trump, of all people, is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping pedophiles in government, business and the media–a war that will lead to a day of reckoning on which prominent people like Hillary Clinton will be arrested and executed. A troubling percentage of today’s GOP base believes it.

I keep thinking back to that great–and prescient– speech from the 1995 movie An American President, when Michael Douglas, playing the President, thunders

We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things, and two things only: making you afraid of it, and telling you who’s to blame for it. 

Today’s Republican Party has become a cult composed of lightly-tethered-to-reality know-nothings who have uncritically and enthusiastically embraced the party’s only consistent, remaining message:  “You should fear ‘those people’ –the ones who don’t look or worship like real (i.e.white Christian) Americans. They are to blame for all of your problems and disappointments.” 

And so it goes….


  1. This is the same Republican party I has seen for decades. They use Hate & Fear to get working class people to vote for them. Then they take care of ONLY the super rich. They have used same playbook for decades. It seems to work for them, so why change?

  2. The strongest working point for the GOP is their UNITY; they openly support the White Nationalism or sit mute and idle giving their support by omission. Trump and his minions know this and depend on it to continue unhindered in their escalating dictatorship; they support whoever claims the name “Republican” no matter how illegal or life-threatening their actions are. I harped and ranted on the importance of the local and state level elections but got no feedback; now people are worried about removing Republicans from both houses of Congress at all levels after they have taken control of SCOTUS and federal judgeships nation-wide.

    AND..the Electoral College is sitting and waiting to again make the presidential election decision for us with Republican states still bought and paid for by the 1% due to Citizens United and closed polling sites no mater how many voters are registered in any area in all states. Rudy Giuliani warned us repeatedly the last two weeks before the 2016 election but we ignored him for a fool. The GOP is tightly united in using the Covid-19 Pandemic to their benefit; and if it takes destroying the 245 year old United States Postal Service to accomplish that, they will continue sitting mute and idle and allow it to happen.


  3. What is truly disturbing is that Ms. Greene’s poll numbers went up after her opposition began playing her posts about the Muslims and the blacks, and all of the other people the good folks of northern Georgia are supposed to hate and fear. Also disturbing is that she is not the only member of Q-Anon who will likely join the Congress next January. There are about 11 others.

  4. The GOP has not wreaked this havoc on America by themselves. They have partnered with our Christian churches (especially Evangelical churches), full well knowing that deeply religious people are much more willing to believe what they are told without any proof from their church leaders. They use their faith as a tool to manipulate and instill fear, even if their message steers them away from every teaching of Jesus Christ that supports love, tolerance, and charity. Donald Trump is the antithesis of a good Christian and yet Evangelicals line up in droves to vote for him. Even if Biden wins, our country will still be broken and divided. Who knows if in a time of social media posts that promote hate and distrust and “news” networks that work to divide, we can ever get to a place where Americans are unified and willing to work together again

  5. Sheila writes, “Today, to be a member of what is now the GOP cult is to adopt a tribal identity…”

    Meanwhile, Biden chose a cop during the largest anti-cop movement in the USA. Why?

    After reading several articles about Kamala, she is both female and a person of color. She is also a major fundraiser for the DNC. In other words, the DNC is interested in money and a voting bloc consisting of women and minorities. Admittedly, a large bloc of voters needed to win a presidential election.

    However, what is her history of policy-making decisions? She doesn’t support Universal Health Care like a good DNC-controlled candidate. What about UBI? Nope.

    What about any progressive policies? Nope.

    All this means is while the cult of the GOP does their thing for votes, the cult of the DNC does their thing for votes. And then what happens after the votes are counted?

    It’s kind of interesting when you consider that Wall Street has reached record highs because Trump’s administration has promised unlimited easy money from the FED. That was the same policy call made by Obama. Does anybody think it will be different if Biden wins?

    Meanwhile, the working class has been subjected to the highest unemployment of record and been forced to work during a global pandemic. Look at the bailout packages of Wall Street versus the bailout of the working class. The FED is even buying corporate debt to clean up the Donor’s balance sheets.

    Has either party offered to use the FED to buy back student loans or credit card debt? What about assistance with rent or mortgage payments?


    Let the scamming continue…

  6. Todd,

    Dial it back, buddy. You’re starting to sound like the left’s version of QAnon. Harris was NEVER a cop, only an AG that instituted SUCCESSFUL programs that helped kids stay OUT of jail.

    The GOP has been allowing these right wing lunatics to trickle into our Federal government for a long time. The ones I know about include the current chief of staff, Mark Meadows, an original Obama-hating Tea Party looney. Next we have Ted Cruz who will kiss any ass on any street corner to get five seconds of free air time. He also used campaign money to buy 10,000 copies of his ridiculous book so it would be a best-seller. Meanwhile, the rest of us legitimate authors scuffle along trying to sell a book to the senior citizen across the hall. Add Louis Gohmert and the easily corrupted Mitch McConnell to the pantheon of traitors like Johnson of Wisconsin, Kennedy of Louisiana, Graham of South Carolina and Jordan from Ohio, and you have the basis for the idiocy of QAnon and white supremacy. Oh. One of these female “Q”s won her primary in Colorado too.

    We are becoming a nation of fools and haters. Well done, Republicans. Stop touting red, white and blue and go directly to bright red.

  7. Todd, a story on Market Watch today appears to me to contradict you about Kamala on UBI and universal health care.

  8. Wayne,

    Do you have a link?

    And don’t forget, a politician is allowed to lie all they want. Most of them do during campaign season, but once elected, they serve their donors and stiff the voters.

    In case you’ve forgotten, this was Obama’s strategy in 2007-8. He told progressives one thing during campaign season but allowed Citibank to pick his administration and underwrite his policies benefitting guess who?

    We’ve seen this play out time and time again for decades…only the deluded think it won’t happen this time in the USA.

  9. Todd,

    Count me in as your version of “deluded”. I think you should include documented evidence for your “theories” and accusations… you know, like a proper journalist. Oh. And getting more than one source is the usual method, no?

  10. It’s possible, maybe probable, that Greene is merely a symptom of the growing irrelevancy and impending demise of her party. Yes, the disease is metastasizing, but apparently in a way that could destroy the host. There are, based on the results of the 2016 election, many Americans who have difficulty with critical thinking, facts and science. But there are far fewer who will swallow the theory that Democrats are dining on babies – hopefully too few to make up a political movement that might yield power. Of course Trumpers will attempt to exploit them, but to me they are merely a sign that the good blimp Trump has pointed its nose to the ground and is picking up speed.

    Please also take into account the possibility that what I’ve just written represents the kind of naivete that got us to Trump in the first place.

  11. Todd:
    Again. What’s plan B? Vote Libertarian or Green? Might as well vote for Trump and Pence outright.

  12. Terry,

    Your voice of reason is NOT naivete. Many of us on this blog share your rational view. Yes, the GOP has been circling the drain with increasing speed ever since St. Reagan embraced supply-side economics and the idiocy of Milton Friedman. The adult in the room is John Maynard Keynes, and FDR’s administration embraced THAT message to save capitalism from itself. Today’s GOP continues to self-destruct, one overturned regulation at a time. Sadly, if left to complete their job, the entire nation and our democracy will go down the drain with them.

    Read Lewis Powell’s 1971 letter to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In it, he outlines the process for the destruction of capitalism and democracy… all for the sake of power. You can take it from there.

  13. Vernon, and Wayne,

    Yeah, I’ve read that article this morning on MarketWatch, and Todd is not doing his due diligence!

    All things are not equal! She did more than anyone, even Barack Obama, concerning going after banks, especially during the housing bubble collapse.

    People like to point fingers, but I guarantee, there are no Jesus Christ’s running for office right now. So, I suppose one would have to look for an honest broker. Because, there definitely isn’t one in the office of POTUS right now.

    I really envision there being some sort of concerted effort by Q anon followers to throw a wrench into the works, I also think this is going to backfire, and is going to cause a backlash to all of those who follow Q anon and all of those who are admirers or theocratic fanatics.

    This Q anon was originally supposed to be one person who was secretly posting stuff while posing as a member of the deep state, now it’s a whole bunch of folks, you would think if the deep state actually existed, they could ferret out who this Q anon is or who they are! But when you’re willfully deluded or completely & irrationally devoid of reality, logic doesn’t enter into the equation! As a matter of fact, they couldn’t find logic with both hands and a flashlight while hiding in their outhouse, LOL!

  14. Vernon and Terry,

    Actually, Marv used to talk about the virus of the mind, and the virus killing the host, the book by the same name is very interesting, as I purchased it and talks about these very issues!

    Better strap in, because it’s going to be a wild ride! But I think, the right is going to completely self-destruct during this election, because the insanity is going to be so prevalent and mind-boggling, they’re going to be lashing out in all directions with unqualified anger, like when you spray a murder-hornet with poison, and it not only stings and bites everything in its vicinity during its death throes, it stings itself! I really believe it’ll be fascinating to watch! Something for the history books.

    And, lastly I don’t think that is just going to be nasty words, I think there’s going to be white nationalist and supremacist terrorist attacks, just as there are happening right now but on a grander scale. Because, one of the Un-talked about knowns, are the nationalist hunting parties going into black and brown communities, gunning down people on the street as they drive through. Causing retaliation and turmoil. But, that’s for another thread.

  15. Harris has come out for Medicare for All, and I favor such an adoption as well, but only as a temporary scheme on the road to ending all this nonsense with adoption of single payer. Is the question socialism or does it work? If it works (and it does – see the rest of the civilized world) I don’t care what you call it. No es importa!
    I would be among the last to tell anyone he or she cannot speak their mind but I think now that we have our ticket we should cool the intercene disputes, elect Democrats, and argue policy after we are in the Oval Office and control both houses. After such a really happy hour, for instance, I expect to continue agitating for single payer, an end to wage inequality, criminal sanctions for some of those in the previous administration etc., and why cool it? Well, because if we fight around and thereby manage to reelect Trump, (literally) all is lost (and I may be making my move to British Columbia – if not still persona non grata in Canada due to the virus).

  16. Hate and blame apparently sell well. Why would that be? My first thought is that they sell well to angry, afraid people. Why do you suppose that they are angry and afraid all of the time? I think that it is about equality and diversity.

    They believe strongly that they were born with and into circumstances that were unfair to them and if they didn’t fight for their fair share it would be denied them. They had to be angry and they were afraid of being downtrodden.

    Guess what? They were right. But therapy was available. Those high emotions that they see as survival motivation have been used by entertainers to sell the reasons for them. If you are afraid of being downtrodden and angry about your lot in life turn the dial to right wing radio or TV or social media or go to your gun club and join the conversation. There. Doesn’t that feel good?

    Of course along with the feel good comes people to blame for your anger and fear. Liberal elitist socialists who wanted to drag your environment to a place where white, Christian, heterosexual angry and afraid males would become at risk for becoming downtrodden because they would loose their protection from it to those “others”.

    Of course it’s possible that the entertainers were wrong. It’s possible that the risk of a world unfriendly to the angry and afraid came from work. Came from Wall Street. Came from wealthy not poor people. Came from wealth being redistributed away from all workers to be used in the yacht and private plane and mansion size competition of the rich and famous. Came from the people who pay the entertainers to blame poor people for the ills that those who pay the entertainers actually inflict.

    Now what? Where does this all lead? Well one answer written in recent history is that it leads to a Republican business selling government influence to those same rich and famous in exchange for campaign donations that gets them into and allows them to maintain their positions to have influence to sell (at a profit of course).

    Free markets are at work in the business of keeping the angry and afraid angry and afraid. Satisfying consumer needs. Ain’t capitalism grand?

    Of course this dream is unsustainable. The golden goose of economic prosperity is the real victim. But it’s the workers who live off of the golden goose, not the rich and famous who are now so much so that they are set for many, many generations.

    Liberals don’t traditionally learn what they know from entertainers but increasingly making entertainers rich and famous has become table stakes for political success. That’s a dilemma.

    Right or left. Never has the choice been more starkly defined. Right to justify the anger and fear, left to return to fair and satisfied for all.

  17. There are arguments that can be made against Kamala Harris. During her presidential campaign, she favored an extraordinary expansion of executive power constantly saying she was going to bypass Congress and issue executive orders on a wide assortment of subjects. I certainly don’t agree with that or think it’s constitutional. But when Donald Trump is taking that exact same approach, it’s hard to use it as an issue against Harris.

    Also, as CA AG Harris apparently worked to keep some people in jail after they were exonerated by DNA evidence. I don’t have any tolerance for that. But when your as President your AG is the disreputable, dishonest Bill Barr, you really don’t have any moral ground to address criminal justice issues.

    A couple other observations. I do not know why the media refers to prosecutors and AGs as “top cops.” Weird.

    And for those who argue they Republican Party has for decades been like it is today, just one big cult, I think you’re really missing the boat about how different and dangerous things are in the era of Trump. We as a representative democracy may not survive Trump and his devoted cult. This is something that is certainly new and it’s a mistake to say it’s just more of the same from Republicans because it is not.

  18. David F; research Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate, and see how right you are about voting directly for Trump and Pence.

  19. For the deluded Democratic supporters, here is the link to their platform which Biden/Harris will support:

    Just to be clear, universal healthcare is not on the list.

    The rest of the platform is lofty ideals that will not come to fruition once elected into office. The only exception is their wanting to spend more monies on the defense industry.


    Progressives like Ro Khanna aren’t signing the platform and neither should Harris or Biden, but I bet they do.

  20. I do remember when political candidates spoke about what they hoped to accomplish, if elected, and not engaging in opponent bashing in their political campaign commercials. We are a long way away from true integrity and the “may the best man win” behavior.

    And why is it necessary to quantify a woman candidate other than to say it’s a woman candidate? We never asked if a male candidate had purple spots on his face, so, who cares if a female is white, brown, purple; she’s a candidate, period.

    I am really tired of all of the unnecessary rhetoric and would rather hear what the candidates propose to do for the American public. Although, I must say that I would never vote for the clown sitting in the oval office at present anyway, no matter who was running against him.

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