Encouraging Signs

As we count down to Election Day, I am looking for signs of sanity. One of those signs is the number of Republicans coming out publicly against Trump.

It isn’t just  the Lincoln Group or Vote Vets or Republicans Against Trump. It goes way beyond Cindy McCain, or the letter signed by 500+ former national security officials whose number included numerous Republicans.

Political science research tells us that some people affiliate with a political party because  they agree with the party’s basic approach to the issues, but others join because they identify with the people in that party. To an extent, that’s understandable; humans are hard-wired to be tribal, to prefer to associate with those they see as their “own kind” rather than those who register as “other.”

When you think about it, America’s entire history–our struggle for civic equality– might be characterized as an effort to develop a more inclusive understanding of who we are talking about when we use the word “we”–an effort to enlarge our definition of who qualifies as a member of the “tribe” we call American.

Admittedly, we have a long way to go.

Our current political tribalism, abetted by media bubbles and geographic sorting, is extreme. Political scientist Lilliana Mason argues that “A single vote can now indicate a person’s partisan preferences as well as his or her religion, race, ethnicity, gender, neighborhood and favorite grocery store.” Democrat and Republican have become our new mega-identities.

Because American tribalism is so pronounced, this election presents the remaining thoughtful members of the Republican “tribe” with a wrenching dilemma: do they ignore the multiple dangers posed by a lawless and corrupt President of their own party, and elevate partisan loyalty over all else, or do they place the good of the country above partisan advantage?

In last week’s Indianapolis Business Journal (behind a paywall) two notable local Republicans–John Mutz and Scott Newman—opted for country over party, endorsing Joe Biden and arguing that Trump should be defeated.

Mutz and Newman joined an unprecedented number of “defectors” nationally–including Indiana’s Dan Coats, who served as Director of National Intelligence and has been quoted as saying he believes Putin “has something” on Trump. (Wikipedia has an impressively long entry titled List of Republicans Who Oppose Trump). For people who have been lifetime Republicans—who have campaigned as Republicans, held office as Republicans, and embraced what used to be Republican ideals—people whose friends and families remain devoted to the Republican “tribe,” a decision to publicly endorse Joe Biden has to be incredibly difficult.

The behaviors that have prompted all of these defections are too numerous to list. I have previously characterized the Trump administration as a combination of the Mafia and the Keystone Kops—the degree of self-dealing and shamelessly criminal behavior has been matched only by the daily displays of incompetence. (One of my favorite FB memes is “I’ve seen better cabinets at IKEA”)

Most of the Republicans who have publicly “defected” are pundits or previous office-holders whose partisan allegiance was rooted in political ideology: preference for free markets, fiscal restraint, limited but effective governance. That today’s GOP no longer embraces any of those principles became too obvious to ignore this year, when the party didn’t even bother to produce a platform.

The Republican Party I belonged to for 35 years no longer exists, and a chilling White Nationalism too obvious to ignore characterizes what remains.

If the survey research and polling are correct, a majority of Americans agree with Mutz and Newman and strongly disapprove of Trump. Assuming a free and fair election—something we cannot, unfortunately, take for granted—the task for Republican defectors will be to rebuild their party into an adult, sane, non-racist GOP. America desperately needs two responsible, thoughtful parties with contending, evidence-based ideas about what constitutes workable public policy.

What we don’t need are tribes fighting for the dominance of male “Christian” Americans with white skin.


  1. I was growing disenchanted with the GOP and conservatives during the Obama administration. When I went to look for facts to back up my GOP supporting talking points there weren’t any. After watching how McConnell engineered the theft of a SCOTUS seat, try to repeal ACA without bothering to produce anything to replace it numerous times, sell off or “transfer public lands, and then produce the worst possible person to run against Hillary for the highest, most powerful executive office in the country I left. 4 years later I joined the democrats. The GOP wasn’t the party I thought I joined and looking back I realize it was never the party I thought it was or it claimed to be.

  2. The only way I would put faith in or trust “the number of Republicans coming out publicly against Trump” would be if I could go into the voting booth with them and watch who they vote for.

    “Most of the Republicans who have publicly “defected” are pundits or previous office-holders whose partisan allegiance was rooted in political ideology: preference for free markets, fiscal restraint, limited but effective governance. That today’s GOP no longer embraces any of those principles became too obvious to ignore this year, when the party didn’t even bother to produce a platform.”

    We have seen their public statements against Trump and what he stands for but later vote in his nominees no matter how much proof of their unqualified or questionable past is presented. The “impeachment” is a primary example of a “moot court” held by the Republican Senate. Today’s Republicans are smart enough to provide “lip service” to the voters when it will benefit them politically or financially.

    The primary “take away” from the fiasco of a presidential “debate” last night was Trump’s refusal to deny his White Supremacist support and tell them to “Stand back and stand by.” An open threat to those fighting the systemic racism which permeates more than police forces in this country. Who are his “poll watchers”?

  3. JoAnn Green – Thanks for the oft-repeated “That today’s GOP no longer embraces any of those principles became too obvious to ignore this year, when the party didn’t even bother to produce a platform.”
    I contend that there IS a GOP platform, the draconian one of 2016 which they tried to kill in 2020 due to its embarrassing content and their fear it would usher in their widespread loss of 2020 . They don’t promote the 2016 Platform but THEY DO TACITLY EMBRACE IT by acting on it.
    But they had not yet heard the presidential debate last night which awakened the opposition and resulted in more headaches for the GOP than the platform ever did.
    And our country blushes while the GOP panics and works on cover up while ignoring the real problems the GOP produces.

  4. Why don’t we all just wait around to the week or so before the elections when all the prayer vigils start popping-up around the country for the “second coming” candidate, Donald Trump, just like those that assured that George Bush would win Florida in 2004?

  5. I believe we have now past the hatred of Nazi Germany.

    During the ’36 Olympics in Berlin, the Nazis temporarily removed much of the outward anti-Semitic evidence. Last night, Donald Trump, our neo-fascist President, didn’t feel that he had to hide anything.

    Why should he? The “veiled” anti-Semitic hatred has been going on full force inside the MAJORITY of the Southern Baptist Convention churches, UN-CHALLENGED, for almost 40 years.

  6. Sorry, but you can’t just be anti-Trump. If this country is to survive, the voters must turn out the GOP from all offices, from dog catcher through the Senate and the White House. We have to decide who has rights. Is it all of us or only those in red states? The next Congress will have about thirty years of work that must get done in two.

    In the states, Gerrymandering (hard G) must be ended in every state. It should be easy to adopt an amendment to end the Electoral College, but the Republicans believe they deserve more votes than Democrats, so we’re not likely to see any amendment to that end succeed until the imbalance affects a GOP candidate..

  7. As I keep trying to wedge a comment in between Marv’s rants, read this column from a friend and fellow columnist from Ft. Collins, CO. John Young is a real journalist and has a very clear insight:
    It’s not just democracy that exceeds Trump’s size in ANY capacity, hell, my meager book royalties are bigger than Trump’s entire suite of character traits, never mind his financial burden. OF COURSE Trump will try to invalidate the election and make people stay home. Last night’s “performance” was all about Trump making people so sick that they would be less likely to vote at all.

    Donald the Don and his protector, Fat Billy, are literally trying to create a monarchy complete with a mad king. I’ve never been so revolted in my life about anything political than I was last night. Disgrace, embarrassment, disgust are inadequate words to describe the unhinged psychopath that “represents” our country to the world. As well prepared as Biden was, he was shocked and dismayed at Trump’s unhinged lunacy.

    Republicans have indeed morphed into the Trump Death Cult. They are not the least bit concerned about governing, peoples’ health or the environment. They are 100% all in for power and control of the money so they can feed it to their corporate/banking sponsors. The Death Cult is trying ever so hard to fulfill Marx’s prophecy about capitalism destroying itself from the inside.

    Try to have a nice day and keep from throwing up.

  8. The Trump/McConnell/Barr combo is the natural outgrowth, imo, of the trajectory set in motion by Nixon half a century ago when he concocted his Southern Strategy.
    Then, state Republicans came up with the Red State Strategy and began systematically disenfranchising voters — especially minorities and other groups who tend to vote Democratic.

    It became a matter of holding onto power rather than governing —– and here we are.

    If the Republican party doesn’t right it’s ship, and soon, our [somewhat] democratic system is doomed. Either the Republicans would usher in an authoritarian regime by putting the finishing touches on the framework they’ve built over the past half-century or the party would die. And a democratic system cannot survive without, at minimum, two parties.

  9. Back in ’38, there was a movement to remove Adolph Hitler in Germany by high-ranking members of German Intelligence. The British were contacted. But, they refused to cooperate unless the whole Nazi movement was disbanded.

    That was never going to happen. And look at what happened.

  10. (What we don’t need are tribes fighting for the dominance of male “Christian” Americans with white skin.)

    Isn’t your above statement what the Constitution originalists have been fighting for? Because the Constitution declares the white Christian landowning male, the only really authorized authority and power out there. How many in the GOP hierarchy have said that very thing, maybe not always in Word, but in Deed! Of the few who “seemed” to not follow that tack was Mitt Romney, because his father George, although not perfect, fought for civil rights against racism and inequity, and as his father, promised to appoint a civil rights commission in a statement made in 1963. Too bad Mitt has pretty much caved, even though he supported impeachment, he knew he would probably be the only GOPer to do so overtly. If he was trying to make a moral stance, he would not be involved in the appointment of any Supreme Court justice right now. But after all this happened, he is more than happy to support the nomination of an impeached lunatic, to the Supreme Court. Very much unlike his father George.

    Watching the display last night, was so nauseating, it actually made me much firmer and my belief that the man who currently holds the office of POTUS and is the flagship of the GOP, is insane! He is not just a Charlatan, he is not just a self-aggrandizing narcissist, he is a White Nationalist Fascist, “Evil” just like the one who existed in Nazi Germany, the leader of the Nazi party, through blood and tumult. Our currant POTUS, like I said before, was a huge fan of Adolf Hitler’s tactics, not only has Trump read Mein Kampf from cover to cover, his favorite book was Hitler’s “My New Order” which was the sequel to Mein Kampf. This book was even more insane than the 1st, and, if you’ve ever read it, you would see how much more unhinged Adolf Hitler was during his writing of the sequel. And our current POTUS is deeply immersed in such.

    Last night, we hear him refusing to condemn white nationalist fascism under the façade of white supremacy, and the white supremacist groups tweeting back that they are standing by waiting for orders, I haven’t seen much outrage by his lackeys, because (“Some”) are actually afraid of having a spine. Others are goose-stepping to the beat of a reincarnated historical lunatic! The outrage should be eardrum popping on the right, but all you hear is muted moot! Even Adolf Hitler had his loyal hierarchal henchmen who eventually hung for their crimes, at least the ones that were caught that is!

    Last night one of the supposed undecideds that they interviewed on CNN showed outrage at Joe Biden when he finally got fed up and called Donald Trump a clown, he said that this was unacceptable and showed disrespect to the presidency, the office that is, LOL! With a straight face he criticized Biden for standing up for himself. The whole deal last night was just a bully fest straight out of Mein Kampf and My New Order. It’s online, read it, and you’ll see the similarities. The brownshirts, or their incarnate SS of the past, made their loyalty known last night, by swarming social media letting everyone know that they were “Standing By and waiting for orders” you can’t get much more plain than that!

    When he says he’s going to have his supporters flood polling booths across the country to make sure that there are no shenanigans going on, we’ve already seen examples of that during the early voting process in which poll workers had the usher voters in through doors on another side of a facility because it was blocked by Trumps so-called poll watching supporters. Where’s the outrage? …………………. Crickets!

    When a couple members of the Black Panther party showed up at a polling station in Philadelphia, one would’ve thought World War 3 had just begun, and I suppose in a way it had because Bill O’Reilly was on the warpath! They blew it all up out of proportion, and roiled against Eric Holder after Obama won in 2008. Because this was a very small and isolated incident, but that didn’t stop the self-righteous crusaders on Fox, but where are the self-righteous crusaders on Fox now? Because not only will it be couple of individuals, or, one precinct in one city, but across the entire breadth and width of this country! You can see the handwriting on the wall, but you don’t have to read sign language, the words came from his own mouth last night! He’s planning on insurrection to stay where he’s at. And his Reichstag Arsonistic rhetoric using Antifa in the place of Hitler’s whipping boys the Communists, and, eliciting a positive “Standing By” response from his Brown Shirted SS “Proud Boys ” and others!

    Hitler used the assassination and annihilation (Night Of The Long knives) of the SA Nazi paramilitary group by Goring and Himmler and SS and secret police (Gestapo). This was done to eliminate possible resistance and set an example (send a message) for all those who might raise their voice against Hitler!

    We are living the beginning of Nazi Germany right now, there is a divergence from this tack that is still possible, but, just as Hitler could not have pulled off his “Night Of The Long knives” as mentioned above, If, he didn’t have support of his strategically located lackeys, this POTUS could not function without his strategically located lackeys. You can compare the groups of lackeys anyway you like, that that’s exactly what’s happening. This POTUS is perfectly capable, and explicitly proved that last night, of following Hitler’s playbook. I was suggest everyone take a look at (My New Order) and that book is definitely not Fake News (‘Lügenpresse,’)

  11. Against my better judgment, I watched the media’s presentation of an argument between a no-nothing bully and a tired old man. It was symbolic of this country in so many ways. What did become apparent is the GOP under Trump is NOT the DNC under Obama/Biden.

    Trump is giving a voice to racists in this country. The Koch’s used racism to stir up the Tea Party into a frenzy so they could take over the Republican Party. Charles and David thought they could dog whistle the racists to a national party, but Trump used a bullhorn to take them down a different path. Trump’s signal to the Proud Boys last night to “stand by” was chilling, and Chris Wallace let him slide right on by without condemnation.

    Charles Koch needs to apologize to the American people and the world for the damage he’s caused.

    Biden is no savior because he’s been in Washington his whole adult life and crafted this travesty where the rich have giant loopholes to avoid paying taxes. His claims now that he will “tax the rich” to pay for his capitalist-backed platform is way too little, way too late. He and Obama had their chance in Washington and blew it because Citibank owned them.

    My basic theory when I started down my practice is, can you be a leader and a politician at the same time. In this country, you cannot. We’ve been subject to so much propaganda for decades that telling the truth offends everybody. You have to speak in echo chambers or target markets. If truth-seeking is the framework for our free press (media), there wouldn’t be so many different media outlets because at the end of the day they’d all be approaching something resembling the truth.

    When I would send tough questions to politicians in Indy, universities, professionals, etc., I’d get no answer. They’d refuse to answer. I wouldn’t be invited to pressers. It’s because they were spewing propaganda and our media wouldn’t hold them accountable for it. They’d print what they were told.

    Neither political party appeals to all its voters, but at least Trump is more honest about who he is wanting to attract. Joe has a problem because his donors want one thing while voters want something different. He can’t be truthful or he would disenfranchise either donors or voters.

    There is no unity because there is no foundation of honesty. Trump couldn’t denounce racism as wrong because he’d lose too many voters. Biden couldn’t embrace the Left because he would lose his donors. That was our unaccountable Ruling Class in a nutshell last night on international display.


  12. My take away from the “Debate” was a Trumpet that has distilled and concentrated his toxic personality since the debates of 2016. This is no surprise to me – He has been toxic all his life. Why change now, no reason to do so – Toxicity is what won the presidency for him. There are no meaningful checks or balances on him. The idea or notion that he would select the so called “Adults” and listen to them was a farce. The over riding characteristic The Trumpet has looked for in his Cabinet, appointees and in the GOP is absolute total loyalty to HIM – Not to the laws, rules or the Constitution. The Trumpet’s personality is set rigidly in stone – Bluff, Bluster and Bully.

    What I observed of the Trumpet was a person who has no discipline, or self-control. That part of the brain that has a regulatory valve or switch is totally absent in the Trumpet. Standing on the debate stage, it was obvious to see He has No Control over himself. He was in a constant state of physical agitation. This build up of mental and physical agitation could not be contained.

    I feel confident in terms of The Trumpet’s base, they feel his debate performance met and exceeded their expectations. It is what his base has always wanted the Macho-Male standing up and violating all the polite norms of a civilized society.

  13. Todd, lol,
    Again you nailed it!

    I think we’re in the same chapter and verse, just a different page. I absolutely agree with everything you had to say on this subject!!! Did I just hear hell freezing over? Lol, have a great day Todd.

  14. I think that one of the skills that Trump has cultivated in his desperation to satisfy his ego is that like most Hollywood celebrities he can play any role within his range. I saw a man last night whose past has him cornered with no possibility of escape. He’s drowning in debt and crimes and the only way he can avoid accountability is to foment a civil war here. He’s Saddam Hussein back from his underground hidey hole. The anger and indignation was the role he had to play to advance his real agenda which is to get away with massive and public failure.

    I didn’t see the ignorant empty suit that I’ve gotten used to but a dangerous cornered wild animal trying to intimidate tormentors who out tooth and claw him. He’s the very picture of some people’s worst nightmare, the scary clown.

    Please democracy, please give us this one final chance to survive even somewhat intact. We promise to mend our evil selfish ways and try to rebuild a working world.

  15. Thank you, John. Enjoy this Fall weather and rest up. We’ll need plenty of rest for what is about to happen. Anybody listening last night can predict what is about to happen in the coming days.

    Trump’s own people will be providing ammunition for him to contest the election results so his SCOTUS picks can claim him as the rightful winner. When that happens, all HELL is going to break loose in this country. Our military leaders will have to make difficult decisions as we all know where the police will side.

  16. Clarification” It is actually the “Lincoln Project” and “Republican Voters Against Trump” in case anyone is googling.

    For the LP, the focus is not just getting rid of Trump, but getting rid of Trumpism. Therefore, the LP aggressively targets not only Trump but his enablers in Congress, particularly the Senate.

    For RVAT, the focus is entirely on Trump. They believe Trump is the problem and once he’s gone, things can return to normal.

    While I respect RVAT, I think they are wrong and LP is right. I actually blame Trump’s enablers more than I blame Trump. Trump is just an unqualified fool, a person completely unfit to be President. There are a lot of people like Trump out there. I blame the Republicans who worked to put him in office and have refused to hold him accountable. Those are the people who are to blame.

  17. Paul writes, “I blame the Republicans who worked to put him in office and have refused to hold him accountable.”

    I would imagine that a Republican would be dismayed by having Trump as their leader. He is a failed businessman used by a television network (who also owns major media outlets, including MSDNC) for profits. At one point, NBC wanted to do a reality presidential show at the White House with Trump/Pence.

    Here’s a different perspective, the other political party is propping up a tired old career politician who has been in Washington for decades allowing our country to devolve into another Gilded Age except for the easy money crack addicts on Wall Street. Biden hasn’t done people of color any favors while a senator or VP. He’s voted for all our wars and allowed Wall Street to write the rules and regs for Wall Street. The Ruling Class pays no taxes because they write the tax codes. Biden is just another puppet.

    So, while I understand how embarrassing it must be for life-long republicans to be represented by a racist buffoon, just know, it ain’t no picnic when the DNC ushers out a Wall Street stooge who wants to fix the mess they themselves helped create. Sure, Biden isn’t a racist buffoon, but his track record of forty years IS his weakness.

    Joe is the problem, but Trump isn’t the cure. Neither is Joe.

    Let’s face it…neither option is palatable with all that ails the USA.

  18. “Assuming a free and fair election—something we cannot, unfortunately, take for granted…”

    Last night Trump all but did a flip chart presentation on his scheme for retaining office. He will get Barrett seated at SCOTUS, declare the election invalid because of voter fraud via the U.S. Postal Service, send White Nationalists and uniformed thugs into the streets (he put them on standby last night) to create the appearance of an insurrection to prove America needs his law and order leadership, use a team of Nazi attorneys to induce the Supreme Court to illegally decide the winner, then settle down comfortably in the Oval Office for as long as he lives.

    If there is some way of preventing this nightmare scenario, I’ve not heard anyone suggest what it might be.

    Will anyone stand up for America?

  19. Todd, as usual, spot on. There is a 40 year context that has brought America to where it is today. Of course we all know about the fact that America was “founded” 237 years ago on less than “ideal” “values.” The subjugation of human beings (anyone non-white, poor or female) for instance. The predominance of those with wealth and the privileges (voting) it gave (and gives) them as another instance.

    Have these internal values REALLY changed??? I ask this in ALL seriousness and to push you to look deeper into your self and our society.

    Indeed, we can all read the “Amendments” that have been added since those first floundering years of “democracy.” Have they REALLY made “amends” of our social consciousness and behaviors as a society??? In other words, has our social experiment in a form of Democracy really amended the “value system” that gets transferred and/or inherited at the proverbial “kitchen table” these last 40 years, 80 years or 150 years????

    To simply observe what is happening in our society does more than inform us to the answer. None of us are going to learn a damn thing in these so-called “debates” by literally consuming what corporate shrills want us to consume: “reality” TV. This is about ratings and shareholder profits. They are betting (investments) on the FACT that it is human inclination to slow down, bend our necks and to see what happened in the head on car wreck. It is nothing less than corporate shock and awe pornography that passes itself off to the consumer as “news.” Laughable if it were not so effective as continuing to dumb down a society that started to go stupid when news went corporate and Walter Leland Cronkite Jr. signed off one last time to sail off into the sunset.

    I would submit that America has always been a keg of dynamite (or a drum of “yellow cake” uranium, take your pick) just waiting for the right time to have our apocalypse. I would also submit that The Civil War was the last time our “kitchen table” values were seriously challenged. That war has never stopped. Small steps (again, amends) have tried to keep the keg from blowing up. But with The Proud Boys and many, many others representing over 60 million voters (Trump’s base) spilling out of the keg/drum, I think the writing is on the wall. The keg/drum is hot to the touch. We see the sparks every week, every month. Trump’s version of The Minutemen are armed and waiting for the official call.

    Good luck and good night.

  20. Todd; Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for president; this election is between Donald Trump and America, Joe is representing America in this election. Donald Trump is representing Donald Trump.

    Your choice! At lease right now it is your choice; Trump hasn’t turned this country into a dictatorship YET. You have until November 3rd to make your decision, it could be taken away from you after that date.

    It amazes me that there are so many people in this country who seem to believe that the candidates must meet their personal needs and must agree with their view on all issues. It also amazes me that so many in this country can’t do the basic math and look ahead to a repeat of 2016 when over SEVEN MILLION voted for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson because they didn’t like either candidate. America lost that election. The Electoral College members are waiting to make up your mind for you.

    America or Trump?

  21. Todd, you are absolutely correct! If you read my earlier comment, rather long even for me, lol, I was trying to do the comparison for everyone concerning history!

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are on the purge of repeating one of the most disastrous times in the world’s history right here and right now.

    If you recall pre-pandemic comments on this thread, people didn’t seem to believe that there could be such an insurrection possible. But the comparisons and the parallels are astounding, it’s almost as if we were all aboard some sort of a time machine ready to plunge the entire planet into chaos.

    You and I have had disagreements in the past concerning the direction of this whole fiasco, but you’ve always been fair about your comments, and I’ve always tried to be the same. We come from vastly different backgrounds to reach a lot of the same conclusions! So in my opinion there tends to be a ring of Truth and both sides of our observations. And yes, it is a beautiful fall day today, I stopped at the food bank today and picked up a car load full of bundles to distribute to those folks who are hungry, I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful fall day than to listen to my tunes, talk to you all, and deliver smiles to young and old folks who are hungry!

    You have an awesome day Todd, got some CCR coming on, I can really do some jammin and drivein LOL, adios for now.

  22. I for one like the “rants” of anyone who chooses to “rant,” including all contributors to this blog, and I am able to distinguish between procedure and substance, the difference between how a view is expressed and the substance of what is being expressed. We have far more that unites us than divides us and my unasked for advice is for all of us to focus on removing the Proud Boys scab on our democracy come November 3.

    I am of course delighted to see Republican defections from Trump to Biden but would be even more delighted if their defection were for the down ballot as well, and if I am correct it would seem to me that we should point out to such defectors that Republican representatives and senators who have and are supporting Trump deserve the same electoral fate as Trump since by their silence they are supporting Trump-approved mayhem in the voting process, support of what amounts (with Barr’s help) to trashing our Constitution and, inevitably, a coup.

    I think (especially since last night’s “debate” debacle) it is clear that barring a miracle we are going to win this election, retake the Senate and keep the House Democratic. This will afford us opportunities to come up with initiatives that an ignorant president who twitters and listens to Fox Gnus during the week and golfs on weekend cannot understand much less adopt since they don’t fit into his me-me-me narcissistic Otherworld.

    Let’s go for the jugular from this day forward with no holds barred, remove the Republican stranglehold on our future and, as John Sorg might intone, become not weary in well doing.

  23. Joanne, you and Todd are really not that all far apart, except, Todd is much more rigid! And, as an American citizen, he has the right to be that way, just as you have the right to be a little more lenient.

    the point would be, who would be the lesser of two evils! Not that Biden is an evil person, but I think politics, all the way from the beginning of this government, even pre-constitution, is evil.

    This government was never all inclusive, and, the amendments have definitely not made much of a difference, because too much authority has been given the states to circumvent any sort of unified Federal repair of civil society.

    Why do we cater to the south? Why do we feel it’s important to make them feel better? They haven’t made any of us feel better! They cling to symbols and images of racial inequity and ungodly unbearable unfathomable misery and injustice. Because that represents their good old days.

    But they gladly accept all of the reallocation of tax money coming from the blue maker States to the southern welfare taker States. all because they feel they are owed something and we feel that we need to coddle them! They are the ones who decided to break away from the union, they were the dishes ones, and, in the name of peace, the seditious traders were not executed from their military.

    It’s time to stop that mess! You fight against the superior authorities as it says in Romans the 13th chapter, there is a penalty, that’s just not man’s law, it’s also God’s law!

  24. CALL YOUR REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS and ask them if they “still” endorse Trump after he blatantly REFUSED to call out racist groups that endorse him. He told the “Proud Boys” which is a hate group to “stand back and stand by” and today their social media is celebrating and racists are posting “ready and waiting sir” believe it or not. I fear for my friends, neighbors and family who are of color, other cultures, ethnicities and religions!!

    Hoosier Republican politicians need to answer their constituents! If they claim they don’t endorse racism or violence then WHY do they endorse a president such as this???


  25. John,

    Is politics inherently evil? Maybe you are right. One person having more power than another is unavoidable in any hierarchy (and we know socialism doesn’t work) and the very possession of power seems to corrupt. But if you are right, then how is democracy seen as other than a utopian possibility, since those who strive for it are doing so for equal justice and equal opportunity? Does the rule of law make democracy possible? Theoretically it should. But if the last four years have taught us anything, it is that the rule of law pertains more to law abiders than to law breakers who hold high political office, and that scofflaws often go unpunished. Is democracy repairable and sustainable if sufficiently draconian rules limit the evil that can be done by politicians? Or are there so many permutations of evil that there’s not enough paper to contain all the rules needed?
    So if democracy fades from the picture, what replaces it? Or is this discussion just sound and fury because any of the alternatives would fail, as democracy has, since there are too few good people (meaning those who live by a moral code and can keep the interests of others in mind while governing) to form a majority?

    I have long thought that what kept America going was the willingness of people who recognized their shortcomings to allow those with fewer weaknesses to run the show. Now that that sentiment is behind us, and the shortcomers have ideological allies in the brightest among us (soon-to-be Justice Barrett and Chief Justice Roberts and Alan Dershowitz) , I don’t know how we move forward. People like Mitch and Ted and Marco have accommodated themselves to treason, and have concluded that they will not lose status or wealth in a dictatorial country. To do that they had to abandon the welfare of their families and friends and their country, but they seem to have done so while coping comfortably. Was MLK wrong about where the moral arc of the universe is pointed, or am I too pessimistic too soon? Unlike you, I don’t believe in God, but there is no other explanation for how America got bailed out so frequently in the past, so where is he when we need him?

    Finally, are we being done in because of our inability to spread civic awareness as broadly as we needed to? Who knew that was a fatal oversight? Probably Sheila.

  26. Terry,

    Sorry I didn’t see your comment till I got home. I had finished up delivering those emergency food bundles to folks around the area. Enough food in those bundles to keep a family of 4 going for about 5 days. It’s a good feeling to have, to be able to help, because you receive nothing for doing it but satisfaction in helping your fellow man, woman and child. And, I would have to say there are a lot of folks who don’t even speak English who are starving in this country right now.

    That being said, I do believe politics are evil in the manner in which it’s conducted. There should not be money contributed to these political parties, and I believe politicians should not be paid! If you’re going to be a public servant, then serve the public. I myself have had opportunities to be in office, I’ve been asked to run for different positions in government, but I’ve seen how they will eat their own and throw certain ones under the bus to keep the gravy train rolling.

    You could say, Jesus Christ was basically a democratic socialist, that is if one were to compare!

    He was a big tent presence. Even before Gentiles were considered to be worthy, Christ said that he was to find all sorts of men. The apostle Paul said the same thing. All of Christ’s parables discussed and taught the meaning of empathy and compassion. That it didn’t matter if you were there 1st, you were not elevated above someone who just came in the door. Everyone was equal. That’s the parable of the vineyard workers. (Matthew 20:1-16)

    And also the parable of the prodigal son, in which a person strayed, did a lot of bad things, squandered his inheritance, and a whole bunch of other questionable deeds. But that when his father caught sight of him beat down and tattered walking over the hill towards him, he told the older brother to bring him a ring for his finger and and expensive robe to put on. To slaughter the fat young bull for a feast. The brother was not happy, but the father said his son was home and that’s all that mattered, his son asked for forgiveness. (Luke 15:11-19)

    Or the parable of the good Samaritan, even though they were despised by Jews, the Samaritan was the only one that helped the man that was waylaid by robbers. The priest walked by, the Levite walked by, but the Samaritan who was despised, helped the Jewish man and paid for his lodging and care. (Luke 10:29-37)

    Or the Samarian woman who Jesus Christ asked to give him a drink of water at the well. And the woman was surprised that a Jew would have asked a Samarian woman anything. Because of the ridiculous nature concerning the added on dogma of the Jewish law, a man could not talk to a woman without others around, Samarian women were mistreated by the Jews. (John 4:7-26)

    Christ was always trying to put forth the equality of everyone, that no one was above anyone else, if they were searching for truth and righteousness. Those who were transgressors, not unlike the individual we saw last night, they were not acceptable, they were not allowed to be part of his inner circle. Judas was one, it was prophesied what he was going to do, and he died a terrible death.

    Like I mentioned before, if you read Romans the 13th chapter, it discusses conduct and duty! How we should conduct ourselves towards government, and how government or those certain government leaders who overstepped their boundaries would be treated eventually. So there’s a guideline out there, a guideline that really castigates evil behavior, and tries to be fair towards all. A lot of the stuff going on now with the Christian religion especially, does not originate from Scripture but originates from those manipulating it for their own political reasons. Those individuals have to be held to account. And, I have no doubt that they will eventually.

    Anyway, that’s my take on it,

    I hope you had a great fall day Terry, I love it when the weather cools down some, but I hate the snow, LOL.

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