QAnon: Nazism Repackaged?

I haven’t written about the QAnon conspiracy, because it has seemed so ludicrous. Remember the deranged believer who traveled to a DC pizza parlor to rescue children being held in the basement–only to discover that not only weren’t there any children, there wasn’t even a basement…?

Most rational Americans dismissed both the shooter and the conspiracy that motivated him as elements of a small wacko fringe.

Still, a growing number of reports suggest a troubling growth of the cult, and I read somewhere that  at least 80 self-identified adherents had run for Congress in GOP primaries. (At least two emerged victorious–one for Congress in Georgia, one for Senate in Delaware.) And in a recent poll, 33% of Republicans responded that they believed QAnon was “mostly true,” while another 23% said they believed it was “partly true.”

If–like me–you’ve been vague on the disturbing beliefs and origin of the conspiracy, a recent article from Salon provides details:

QAnon, known for their outrageous conspiracy theories, believe that the U.S. government has been infiltrated by an international ring of pedophiles and Satanists and that President Donald Trump was put in power to battle them. And Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch and an expert on the history of anti-Semitism, believes that there are parallels between QAnon’s outrageous views and the views that Nazis promoted in Germany during the 1930s.

Describing QAnon’s views in an article published by Just Security on September 9, Stanton writes, “A secret cabal is taking over the world. They kidnap children, slaughter and eat them to gain power from their blood. They control high positions in government, banks, international finance, the news media and the church. They want to disarm the police. They promote homosexuality and pedophilia. They plan to mongrelize the white race so it will lose its essential power. Does this conspiracy theory sound familiar? It is. The same narrative has been repackaged by QAnon.”

The parallels are certainly frightening. The anti-Semitic 1902 pamphlet, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” is apparently central to both. Stanton points out that QAnon’s ideology is a “rebranded version” of that pamphlet, and that its membership has grown especially rapidly in Germany. (Others have connected QAnon to the Fundamentalist Christian belief that before Jesus returns, believers will be “raptured” to heaven and will  avoid the “tribulation”–a period in which the Antichrist will attempt to rule via a “one world government” and force people to adopt the “mark of the beast.”) 

Drilling down: QAnon members core belief is that a secret, Satan-worshiping cabal is taking over the world. They believe that the members of that cabal kidnap white children– just white children– and keep them in secret prisons (like the one presumably located in the pizza parlor’s nonexistent basement) that are run by pedophiles. They also believe that the “cabal” slaughters and eats children to gain power from the “essence” in their blood. It’s here that we can clearly see the parallels with the blood libel charges against Jews, who presumably needed the blood of white Christian children for our matzoh. (These are clearly people who have never eaten matzoh, which is utterly devoid of moisture of any sort…)

This mythical cabal controlled the American presidency under Clinton and Obama, and it lurks in a ‘Deep State’ financed by Jews, especially George Soros and the Jews who “control the media.” Its members want to disarm citizens and defund the police, to promote abortions and homosexuality, and especially to open borders and allow brown illegal aliens to invade America and mongrelize the white race.

The racism embedded in all this is hard to miss. It’s also hard to believe that people who actually believe any of this are sufficiently competent to tie their shoes in the morning, let alone function otherwise.

Yet we are told that this “movement” has grown by the millions.

Like Donald Trump, who appears to be a fan of QAnon because it worships him, and like the Nazis before them, the followers of QAnon seem bent on revenge and retribution for mythical offenses. They babble endlessly about “The Storm” that is coming, by which they appear to mean a coup followed by a bloodbath. That, too, is reminiscent of Nazi style. Maybe they should just call themselves Storm Troopers.

One reason for QAnon’s explosive growth may be that–according to the FBI– promulgating QAnon has become a project of the Russian intelligence services, which have their internet armies spreading it online. So far, at least, Republican leaders have refused to denounce it, essentially acquiescing to its ongoing influence in the marginally less insane cult that is today’s GOP (although, as more outlets have been reporting on the conspiracy’s influence within the Republican Party, Talking Points Memo reports Pence did drop his planned attendance at a Montana fundraiser hosted by QAnon supporters.) 

Welcome to loony-tunes land. If it weren’t so potentially dangerous, it would be hysterically funny….


  1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke
    Surely there must be some good people in the business world. That Business world that supports the crazy crap on Fox and Rush and on and on. Like this crazy Q crap.

  2. “One reason for QAnon’s explosive growth may be that–according to the FBI– promulgating QAnon has become a part of the Russian intelligence services, which have their internet armies spreading it online.”

    Bull Shit! The #1 reason is that the Southern Poverty Law Center, under the direction Morris Dees let the “cat out of the bag.” I’ve been warning about this for over five years on this blog and there has been absolutely no response. So now let’s blame the Russians.

  3. I remember telling a close Jewish friend of mine, twenty years ago, that the Jews were dead and that I’m joining the RESISTANCE.

    “I skate to where the puck is gonna be, not where it has been”
    ~Wayne Gretzky, NHL great

  4. Be prepared [I was a Boy Sout]. I strongly recommend: “The Art of Resistance: My Four Years in the French Underground” by Justus Rosenberg (William Morrow, New York, 2020).

  5. “Most rational Americans dismissed both the shooter and the conspiracy that motivated him as elements of a small wacko fringe.”

    Most rational Americans dismissed Trump as a fluke and refused to believe the conspiracy behind the foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election and are repeating the same mistakes in 2020. How embedded is QAnon in the current presidential polls and how much of QAnon is funded by Russia? Yes; I have become a conspiracy theorist at my advanced age, proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. I have harped on the fact that local and state level elections are the foundation of the federal level White Nationalism we are currently suffering under. And contrary to Marv’s five years of harping against the Southern Poverty Law Center; they are a primary source for information regarding active hate groups, which is at an all time high at this time. QAnon followers are coming from and being lured into the list of SPLC’s active hate groups in all states which they update on a regular basis. They are part of the united and organized local and state level sources of maintaining Red State control over the Electoral College memberships which gave us George W. and will keep Trump in OUR White House.

    “QAnon: Nazism Repackaged?” Why is this just now becoming a major factor in the Trump appointment to the presidency in 2016, his revolving door administration, and his current 24/7 very public presidential campaign with every one of his photo ops? The loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may well be strike three for this country, and we are out. A terrible burden for that woman to bear alone; small in stature but a giant in leadership against all with the QAnon mindset. We must fight harder to try to make up for her loss at this time; as hard as she fought to stay with America till it was safe for her to let go and go to her rest.

  6. When the world as we have known it is being dismantled by nature and mankind, people seek to understand and make sense of what they are experiencing. Some of us do better at this than others, and unfortunately, some among us tip into irrationality grasping onto ideas and beliefs that they would never consider in better times. To say that the world is going mad is an understatement.
    We are all seeing friends, neighbors or relatives unravel under the pressures of the chaos heaped upon us. And the worst part of this is that there are powerful persons out there who are feeding such madness with lies and more chaos in order to gain and keep political power.
    Staying calm and using our critical thinking is the order of the day.

  7. I have previously pointed out, on this blog, the parallels between the rise of National Socialism in 1930s Germany and the current rise of Trumpism in the U.S. Trumpism is the new Fascism; left unchecked, it will gradually gain the dictatorial powers it desires over U.S. citizens. Like 1930s Germany, we are becoming a criminal country that will ultimately have to be dealt with by force if we wish to preserve our ethical values and freedoms.

  8. JoAnn,

    “And contrary to Marv’s five years of harping against the Southern Poverty Law Center; they are a primary source for information regarding active hate groups, which is at an all time high at this time. QAnon followers are coming from and being lured into the list of SPLC’s active hate groups in all states which they update on a regular basis.”

    You’ve been fighting me on this issue for over five years. You should get a medal. However, I’m not saying from whom.

  9. You forgot to mention that Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district has spit up a QAnon hairball on the Republican ticket. This is the same area that produced the drone Senator Corey Gardner.

    Republicans remain silent about QAnon, because they have nothing that excites rational voters. As Marv would shout: “I’ve been saying this on this blog for years!” REPUBLICANS ARE THE WHORES OF THE CORPORATISTS. The corporatists give not a single whit about the people of this country even though they are the entity that is making them even richer. They crave power as a means to more money and that power includes sowing discord to get their lackeys elected.

    How’s that for a conspiracy theory? Oh. Wait. It’s not a theory.

  10. David, we are not “becoming a criminal country”; we’ve been a criminal country from the inception. We stole land from the Native Americans and used slaves for free labor, remember?

    As for Nazism, I could make a great case that Ronald Reagan and Maggy Thatcher ushered in the final nail of that coffin. The Oligarchs have been working for decades to undo FDR’s New Deal. The trillions being stolen from the treasury by the Oligarchs is a criminal enterprise beyond anything the world has witnessed, and it’s been done with almost no coverage.

    Remember the Panama Papers and how they toppled world leaders, except those in the United States of America. The money is going somewhere, and it’s not going against our debt.

    Anyway, QAnon is another distraction. Roger Stone was a fan and shared their conspiracies often on Twitter before his account was closed. I am sure he also benefitted from QAnon. I see these conspiracies making their way into Trump’s administration, especially Barr. Everyone on the left has Demon Sperm, while the cult on the right is Patriots fighting against demonic pedophiles.

    I saw a nurse post a #SaveOurChildren post attaching an article about gang members getting busted in the USA by federal agents. Despite all the drugs and guns confiscated, the article mentioned children were saved who had been abused. After reading the WHOLE article, it turns out the gang members were pimping their kids off for cash. At least a dozen other people read this nurse’s post and commented about how the Democrats or Liberals were destroying the country and hoped the kids were “returned home safe and sound.”

    NONE of them read the article!

    Meanwhile, the so-called center of the political spectrum (those concerned with comfort over justice) claims, “the right and left are destroying this country and need to come together.”

    One side is fighting racism and fascism, while the other side is racists, fascists, and cult members who believe in incredible conspiracies. MLK was right!

  11. To Marv and JoAnn,

    Like most things in life there are shades of grey everywhere. It is true that the SPLC has a lot of faults, but it is equally true that they do continue to update us on those groups who are organizing to impede our efforts for a just and righteous society. Maybe you both deserve medals.

    At last count there are at least eleven QAnon supporters running for office nationwide. This is a steady downward slide from the Tea Party to the Freedom Caucus finally to the depths of hell for the Grand Old Party. There is only one remedy: VOTE BLUE!

    May Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memory be the blessing that helps us achieve her goal of justice for everyone.

  12. it has its funny side if not for the seriousness of the issues..the NoDakers,here in north dakota, are gaining strength in arguments,for their need to control…im still laughing,,, ive seen where the big trump political social media,of 2016, was alot of ruskies,preying on ignorant minds. ( now imagine the size of these orgs,and how many are )like the big pro trump supporters rally in boston and gainville,fl after trumps win,to find that site closed,after the rallys,and a thank you from the russians.. citizenship isnt a required subject as i see in NoDak, maybe a gloss over,and some words of wit. but overall, if the people who follow the likes of q, must be seriously lacking in any reasonable mindset. and they vote?( they should be sterilized and kept away from public view.., well this subject today is relitive to nazism)gee, isnt that what the republicans want? they sure have made a effort to undermind everything else, why not allow the nut bags run the show too..but when their usefull idiots are used like cheap whores for the power grab by the trumpians,(republicans,the rich,and wall streets mob) then they may,understand what democracy once was, and how their denial of others rights,led them to the private prison or squaller they wished on others… as i said before, i dont social media,or twit, hense i hope that long time journalists and source of information from well educated,(like here at this site) keep me abreast of future and ongoing issues, and how to achive a more informed process to pass on the argument with the ignorant. you may have noticed my use of small case letters and a blue collar mind, thanks for tollerating me and my use of profane thoughts.
    on the subject of who gets what,,,the USDA just annouced 14 billion dollar welfare fund for farmers who are getting less than cost of operation because of present markets. these same people argue here in NoDak about BLM,and other rights orgs,as a parasite on our goverment.
    but allow trump to screw up things and make it harder for anyone in buisness,(exception,corp and big time companies)and ya wonder whos in charge..remember,this is rural America at its finest,er, support for,trump, whereas,main street and people in need, now,just got kicked to the curb by the trumpians… like to thank Justice Ginsburg for her lifetime achivements in the rights of all.. even Qs….

  13. Vern,
    well done,,, i agree, ive been on this since reagan,, but others are just begining to understand.
    corp whores,and the people still dont see it… maybe if q said it?

  14. I am very sad that we have lost the notorious RBG. May she rest in peace.

    The Qanon cult members are lost in a paranoid delusion. As a psych nurse and licensed mental health counselor, I can tell you that paranoid people are quite dangerous because they have a fear based delusional perception of the world. They should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization.

  15. Grievance Politics requires that you ignore what your eyes and ears see and hear to make you believe you are the aggrieved party and to stoke the appropriate fear response. This has been going on in the Republican party for a long time.

    The truly dangerous message that everything that does not confirm your world view is “Fake News”. This has been reinforced by right wing media, like Faux News. It is one of the main messages from Trump. It has been hyper-reinforced by social media.

    So the gateway into the QAnon cult indoctrination is the the belief that every thing that would cast doubt on that world view is now Fake News. Once a person has bought into the idea that main stream media is Fake News, they are easy victims for cult.

    It is no small wonder that the Republicans and Trump have primed some 40% of the US population to get sucked into a cult like QAnon, and that many Republicans are even now sucked into the vortex. There is no easy escape when everything that can be trusted is now believed to be “Fake News”.

    Worse yet, challenging somebody now makes you “the enemy” and suspect. That means you have no power to change them. I don’t know how to kill this monster. People have bought into the base idea that everything that should be trusted is now Fake News, are unreachable by those outside of the cult.

  16. While Russians and Republicans are presumably sowing QAnon irrationality because it’s a necessary ingredient in voting for Trump, the implication that is starting to worry me more is what will the time between Nov 3, 2020 and Jan 20, 2021 be like as a result? Irrationality can’t be turned off. Look how many years of chaos it took to wear off in Germany. What do Putin and Trump have cooked up to avoid the transition to legitimate government here and how?

    It seems to me ineffective as a campaign strategy because all that it seems to be instilling is more rage among Trump’s base. It’s hard to see it as a strategy to bring into the flock the few “undecided” voters if there are any at this point.

    It seems that both the UK and the US are severing ties with the European Community and strengthening in very subtle ways ties with Russia. That’s unexplainable in rational terms just like QAnon is but nothing occurs under Putin’s control that is irrational. Trump could well be a puppet in something way larger than he is. His ego tells him every second that it’s all about him and those are the easiest minds to mess with.

    We are helpless at this point in any way but ensuring that every voter gets to the polls. What we must hope is that the entire intelligence community in DC has maintained their integrity, their patriotism, and their professionalism and has found ways around the corruption in the State Dept and AG’s office and now, perhaps, the Supreme Court.

    I am loath to address a conspiracy theory like QAnon with another conspiracy theory like this but sometime conspiracy is a reality.

  17. Right on, Robin, but what can we do about those fear based delusional people given our First Amendment and the right to be “different.” At what point on the spectrum does difference become criminal if non-violent? I can see lots of defenses available to these paranoids.

    In my day we just called such people crazy or nuts or fruitcakes and let it go at that, but in my day they were not organized (contra: Kluxers) and were often sent off to woodmeres as crazies. Today we have a major political party headed for the dustbin of history that in its struggle for survival recognizes such groups as legitimate and even elects “fruitcakes” to office, suggesting that we the (I hope still sane) should (hello Vern) save our political venom for the party that allies itself with the crazies, Nazis or anyone or anything else in order to survive, not understanding that such alliances will only accelerate their descent back to the Whigdom from whose ashes the Republican Party arose in 1854. Our task is to hold our democracy together through the upcoming realignment of our opponents and their allies, win elections, govern well, and with time regain the trust of the people in government en route to the American equivalent of the current Nordic experience.

    Can’t be done? Pie in the sky? Think again. There were more Tories than those of revolutionary bent during the American Revolution. Redcoats were not the only adversaries of Washington, but with the help of de Grasse at Yorktown, the Tories saw the light. Our task? Govern so well for so many that the big majority of the people will see the light and the virtues of maintaining and strengthening of our democratic values – and go from there to solve the real issues of the day, such as those concerning the environment, capital/labor, AI readjustments etc., so let’s get on with it.

  18. And our unhinged President Orange, in 2020, brings up the name and excoriates the activities of Antifa, an avowedly anti-fascist organization. Yet the presidential prevaricator never delves into the fallout of fascism, unpleasant things like xenophobia, authoritarianism, dictatorial rule, genocidal policies, primarily because they benefit only him, McConnell and Barr. Fascism is the ultimate destination of the far-right wing of parties that worship power and money. It is the path that today’s Republican Party is unreservedly committed to. It is the last stop on the Republican road to making most Americans too dumb to recognize what is happening to them and too powerless to do anything about it. It is facilitated by the unwillingness of do-good Democrats to call it out for what it is; although Democrats may enjoy the fruits of the next election (or not), fascism is where we all end up as a result of majority inaction against a minority determined to scuttle the noble but transient experiment in democracy.

    Democrats who give a damn must oppose these strenuous efforts to undermine America or they will soon find themselves without options. Latinos and blacks will vote for their slave masters (Trump just sent $13 billion (allocated in 2018 to Puerto Rico and will name a Florida Latina woman to the Supreme Court to assure he wins the state that is most vital to an Electoral College victory) because they believe the demagogic misdirection they are fed on Fox and which is promoted in the only documents they read. Trump has taught us all how weak the institutions of democracy are, and how easy it is to outfox people who rely on them. We must discard our kid gloves and prepare for the bare-knuckled struggle required to rescue our form of government. In other words, my writing and any other writing that appeals to common sense and patriotism will do no good. Democrats have got to cease acting like 98 pound weaklings if we are to have any realistic hope. If not, the 2024 Republican candidate may well be a QAnon member who champions the misguided majority. We’ve just lost our Joan of Arc, but we must fight on in her memory and spirit.

  19. The GOP since Raygun’s time as President has had to consistently appeal to the fringe. The 1% was always in the back pocket of whoever promised low taxes and eliminating regulations.

    Grover Norquist achieved fame and fear among the Republicans. Per Wiki: Norquist is best known for founding Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in 1985, which he says was done at the request of then-President Ronald Reagan. Norquist has been noted for his widely quoted quip:

    “I’m not in favor of abolishing the government. I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.”

    Since Raygun, the more extreme has been added: bible thumper’s, Neo-Confederates, NRA militia wannabes, all fit comfortably within the GOP today. QAnon is just another additive to the already toxic mix of GOP politics.

  20. The terrorists in third world countries recruit people who are poor, hungry, and disenfranchised. The same process is occurring in the country that used to be the leader of the free world

  21. Dan M briefly mentioned the key reason that the Qanon conspiracy is flourishing (Sorry, Marv, it’s not SPLC): “It has been hyper-reinforced by social media.”

    The key problem is we’re at the mercy of the social media algorithms which provide the suggestions on what to look at next. (By leaving it in the hands of the algorithms, I’m sure the companies feel they are at least partially absolving themselves of blame. Which is wrong; they are to blame.) People with any tendency towards interest in conspiracy theories will quickly find themselves inundated with Qanon crap. They are just like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, except that the rabbit hole behaves more like a black hole, sucking in those who get too close. And, a lot of these people consider reading Facebook posts and watching Youtube videos to be “research.” Again, it comes back to education, and I’m going to put a bunch of blame on Christian religious indoctrination. These people wouldn’t know how to evaluate and validate information and sources if their lives depended on it.

    By the way, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Russians getting involved in these areas, since they have before, but any push they’re providing is likely small, a drop in the bucket. The black hole is powerful, hard to see, and more and more people will continue to find themselves beyond the event horizon.

  22. I just came across several articles on Walmart and Amazon giving money to a Qanon sponsored candidate in Tennessee.

  23. John H,

    Dan M briefly mentioned the key reason that the Qanon conspiracy is flourishing (Sorry, Marv, it’s not SPLC): “It has been hyper-reinforced by social media.”

    This mess didn’t start on the internet. It’s been growing for over 50 years as the SPLC/ADL looked the other way. I believe you’re new to the blog could you give us a little hint to your expertise in these matters.

  24. Let’s see. We have the Russians and now the Internet for the cause of the outbreak of out of control anti-Semitism. And the Christian-Zionist Alliance has nothing to do with it. Why don’t we check back and see what the SBC and the ADL have been telling us about the evangelical Christians especially those inside the Southern Baptist Convention for the past 50 years.

    Could it be that there was a modus vivendi between the Evangelical Christians and Zionist Jews?

    Specifically, non-stop aid to Israel in exchange for keeping your mouth shut about anti-Semitism in America. That deal started in earnest about 40 years ago. I guess the SPLC/ADL hasn’t heard about it yet.

  25. Let me make it clear, the Jews didn’t start this stinking mess. It was the grand idea of racial and anti-Semitic oligarchs in Texas, specifically Dallas, and I had been the General Counsel of the man behind this whole rotten scheme. I wasn’t blind. The truth can get you into a lot of trouble.


  26. Most everything has an origination, in this case, a central node. For example, Nazism didn’t arise out of thin air. It arose out of the Thule Society.

    See: “Hammer of the Gods: the Thule Society and the birth of Nazism” by David Luhrssen (Potomac Books, University of Nebraska Press, 2012).

  27. Although it isn’t the only thing I agree with Todd about, he hit the nail on the head! Virtually none of these idiot people actually read the entire article or post, let alone think a critical thought about it. They just accept the “Headline” attached. And if you try to point out that the article or post doesn’t actually say that, they simply dismiss it out of hand.

  28. Seen on a great T-shirt: “It’s a terrible time to have a terrible government!” Can I get an ‘AMEN’?

  29. It is almost beyond shocking, the spread of this craziness.

    Jews have been dealing with antiSemites for millennia, I don’t know enough American history, but I suspect that we have had waves of craziness over the past couple of hundred years – it is just that this one is amplified by newer technology.

    I still stop and enjoy the irony – Jewish cannibalism – the blood libel –
    Humans aren’t kosher and blood is never allowed – that’s why kosher meat is brined – coarse salt is labelled “Kosher salt” because it was used for that process.
    Christians, on the other hand, have a sacrament where they eat flesh and drink blood – symbolically, or in reality, if their faith includes transubstantiation. (Eddie Izzard has a whole shtick on this)
    Irony – it never fails to amuse me — otherwise, I might want to pull out my hair — whatever is still left.

  30. Len,

    “but I suspect that we have had waves of craziness over the past couple of hundred years – it is just that this one is amplified by newer technology.”

    You’re wrong we’ve never had a “wave of craziness” like this one before. It’s more than amplification, it’s much deeper and is symptomatic of a VIRUS OF THE MIND that’s been circulating since the ’70s and is now morphing into a much more deadly form.

  31. I am sure ecstatic I live in Canada. We are not rich,but we are so far avoiding all the garbage your so called democracy.We have a good health care system,only a rare school murder,our universities are cheap.Unfortunately,we have a pandemic that is not going away,and another one ,people killing themselves.Why are the young so unhappy?

  32. I don’t know about the history of calling out Qanon here, but it is my suspicion that, given the similarity with the KGB’s admitted creation of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” (THEY openly admitted to it some years ago, but as St.Reagan pointed out “Facts are just annoyances!”) this whole thing is a product of that devious soul known as Putin!
    Trump, who has been following the Hitler playbook, assiduously, will not “out” the garbage, as it appears useful to him, and that’s his criteria, Uber Alles!

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