What White Supremicists Are Also Voting Against

There’s a theme emerging in the depressing story of current American political behavior. Call it karma, irony or profound stupidity leading to a boomerang effect.

A couple of days ago, I described a local election campaign in which the dishonest and unethical efforts of a State Senator who had previously had a reputation as one of the more honorable contemporary Republicans had instead brought disrepute on a family name that, until now, had identified admirable members of a Hoosier political family.

Tuesday, Paul Krugman pointed to yet another example of probable karma–in their determination to re-elect Donald Trump and their haste to co-opt the Supreme Court (ostensibly to “save”  babies they refuse to feed once they’re born), the GOP is facilitating the death-knell of Obamacare and the ability of both Republican and Democratic Americans with pre-existing conditions to obtain health insurance.

If you or someone you care about are among the more than 50 million Americans suffering from pre-existing medical conditions, you should be aware that the stakes in this year’s election go beyond abstract things like, say, the survival of American democracy. They’re also personal. If Donald Trump is re-elected, you will lose the protection you’ve had since the Affordable Care Act went into effect almost seven years ago.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made this even more obvious. In fact, it’s now possible that coverage of pre-existing conditions will be stripped away even if Trump loses to Joe Biden, unless Democrats also take the Senate and are prepared to play serious hardball. But health care was always on the line.

Naive members of the GOP base either don’t understand this, or don’t care, or believe Trump’s repeated promises to issue a “wonderful plan” that will replace the Affordable Care Act and protect those with pre-existing conditions.

As Krugman points out, we’ve been hearing about how imminent that plan is for four years, and there’s still no sign of it. (Krugman suggests that  administration officials may have been” too busy botching their response to the coronavirus” to get to the task of crafting a healthcare plan. “Did I mention that, as we pass the 200,000 deaths mark, cases appear to be rising again?”)

In 2017, the last time Republicans did offer their own health care plan, the Congressional Budget Office calculated that it would cause 32 million Americans to lose health insurance, and others would face much higher premiums. That calculation didn’t come from “fake news” sources, but from the budget office of a Republican administration.

And what about that promise to people with pre-existing conditions?

The Trump administration is backing a lawsuit, now before the Supreme Court, claiming that a fairly minor provision in the 2017 tax cut somehow rendered the whole Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. It’s a ludicrous argument — but Republican judges in lower courts have backed it anyway, and a court without Ginsburg is more likely to let partisanship override any pretense of respect for logic.

The odds that the court will destroy Obamacare, and with it protection for pre-existing conditions, will obviously go up if Trump is able to install a right-wing partisan to replace Ginsburg.

For many members of the Trumpian base, loss of their health insurance would be karma– their overwhelming desire to hurt people who look, love and pray differently would have brought disaster on themselves. Much like the situation with masks–if the only people being hurt were the selfish know-nothings and bigots refusing to be inconvenienced to save the lives of their neighbors– the rest of us could probably live with that result. (I know–that’s horrible. But I never said I was nice.) Unfortunately, however, the trite sentiment is also true: we really are “all in this together.”

Dishonesty, stupidity and bigotry do come back to bite their promoters–the problem is, they get the rest of us, too.


  1. The poor guy. He hijacks the Regan/Bush system and now he gets all the blame. I must be the only one who has any sympathy for him. How was he supposed to know it was malignant?

  2. There were people-on-the-street interviews shortly after Trump’s inauguration asking if people were in favor of ending Obamacare or the ACA. Many actually chose to end Obamacare and maintain the ACA; they are the very people who do not understand, along with some Democrats, that if Trump ends the current health care system and enacts his own, ALL illnesses, diseases, injuries, life-support systems, et al; will immediately become “pre-existing health issues” and none will be covered.

    Does Trump understand this and is this his goal; billions in monthly premiums being paid along with all medical care needs paid by the patient with nothing going out of the health care corporation coffers. The current level of this business tactic is appalling enough and bankrupting many without making it total.

    “Dishonesty, stupidity and bigotry do come back to bite their promoters–the problem is, they get the rest of us, too.”

    Sheila’s comment above is actually like a Cover-All Bingo game regarding all issues of Trump & Company’s current administration.

  3. Who the Republicans ARE
    “selfish know-nothings and bigots ”
    Their behavior indicates
    “Dishonesty, stupidity and bigotry”
    Why is this even close?
    Good grief

  4. Nothing has changed from a SYSTEMIC standpoint. It’s FASCISTIC. We’re just having to face the REAL TRUTH. And the visits of john S. keeps us straight, at least for a moment.

  5. We have a RACIST CORE and like the quote from the KKK leader in “Conversations with a Kleagle” the off-Broadway, award-winning play: It’s all the fault of those Nigger love’n Jews.

  6. Met with an old friend from Pennsylvania yesterday over beers and it didn’t take too many of them for us to reach the conclusion that there are a LOT more racists in the country than anyone ever imagined and that their racist beliefs run DEEP. Even their disdain for Obamacare has its roots in the trope that it’s just goodies for welfare queens. Marv is right – Trump hijacked the Reagan/Bush crazy train, but he’s also amplified it to a cartoonish level. Marv is also right in that he’s likely the only one who feels sorry for him.

  7. Yes, why is this election polling showing a margin of “only” 10 percentage points. EVERYTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES has morphed into EVERYTHING REPUBLICANS TOUCH DIES. The sad fact is they are WILLFULLY setting people up to die sooner than they ordinarily would. Why are they doing that? Dead people don’t pay taxes, especially if they are corporate moguls or friends of Steve Mnuchin.

    There is something more than sinister about the coming removal of the ACA. Yes, it is pure racism cloaked in the sheep’s clothing of fiscal responsibility and bogus legal arguments. So, now Trump is going to appoint a reactionary, religious-based ideologue on SCOTUS. She will vote to allow Trump to “win” the election no matter what the voters say and do. She will vote to end Roe v. Wade. She will vote to end the ACA. She will vote to end environmental controls that protect the environment.

    I thought the word “conservative” meant to save and protect things like health, life, our planet and the Constitution. Silly me. The minority rule on the court will end up destroying us just as Marx said we would. Capitalism, left to its own, unregulated devices will destroy itself from within, and here we are. We are eating out all the things that benefit our citizens, our nation’s security and the health of our planet from the inside. How did this happen? Republicans went full Trump and sold themselves to corporate/banking America.

    And didn’t all this happen quickly? Beginning in 1971 with the Powell memo, Milton Friedman and his idiotic “Supply-side Economics” theory and followed by Reaganism/Reganism and we have this downward spiral that will destroy everything. Trump is “merely” the end game for Marx’s prophecy.

  8. “In 2017, the last time Republicans did offer their own health care plan, the Congressional Budget Office calculated that it would cause 32 million Americans to lose health insurance, and others would face much higher premiums. That calculation didn’t come from “fake news” sources, but from the budget office of a Republican administration.”

    I seem to remember when President Barack Obama announced the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was referred to as “Obamacare” as a derogatory name; he also announced that much of the plan had been written by Republicans during George W’s administration but Democrats voted it down. President Obama’s “Audacity Of Hope” included the Democrats in his hope that BOTH PARTIES could once again sit together at the bargaining table and find solutions to our many problems. That hope has gotten lost by both parties; especially where white supremacy is concerned; even our health care is hinging on racism as evidenced by the current Covid-19 Pandemic effect on black and brown skinned Americans.

    We are currently living in an America where even toilet paper became a political issue as it disappeared from shelves in all stores. Our priorities need to be reexamined as we await that light at the end of the tunnel, which is the November 3rd General Election. It is barreling at us and our doubts of any results being known within a reasonable time frame due to Trump’s White Nationalist administration, Congress and the fearful possibility of a white supremacist, evangelical Supreme Court hangs over our heads. What are White Supremacists voting FOR is also in question.

  9. The orange menace makes a big show of signing executive orders. In fact, just the other day he signed one to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. I’m not sure if he understands what an executive order does, but I am absolutely certain that his believers don’t have the faintest clue. I would advise them to take copies of that order to their insurance companies, if SCOTUS tosses the ACA. They should be encouraged to take a liberal friend with them to maintain a record of the event, because we’d all love to see videos of the insurance companies’ reactions.

  10. Donny wants to change the name of ObamaCare to TrumpCare, so he’ll sign an executive order to that effect. Voila, problem fixed.

    The long term game on healthcare and SCOTUS is Medicare For All is dead on arrival. The Fascist owners or the Oligarchs will be happy with this conclusion. It will give the Democratic Party an out for generations — blame it on the unfair SCOTUS appointment and confirmation by Republicans. It will be great theater!

    Trump says ridiculous word salads at his rallies and gets applauded. Joe points out how stupid and unlawful Trump is and receives an ovation. Meanwhile, the American people are getting the shaft, and the Oligarchs are smiling all the way to the central bank where the money is printed and exchanged for corporate debt.

    Why aren’t they buying credit card and student loan debt?

    Every time paying off student loan debt is recommended, the Republican base loses their collective minds chanting that, “The students incurred the debt and must pay it off.”

    Meanwhile, the corporate personhoods get bailed out to the sound of crickets. Nada!

    The role of the media is to keep shuffling the cups. We lose sight of the ball because we start watching the cups being moved.

    No matter what happens in November, the Oligarchs win. They own the cups, the ball, and the guy with the quickest hands in the world. Thanks for playing!

  11. It is impossible to understate the ignorance and animus of the Republican base.

    Years ago I was speaking at a rally for the ACA. There were protesters of course. One, a man in his mid-seventies or so and using a walker, had affixed a sign to it that read, “Keep the Government out of My Medicare.”

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  12. Medicare for All Act of 2019 (H.R. 1384) improves and expands the overwhelmingly successful and popular Medicare program, so that every person living in the United States has guaranteed access to healthcare with comprehensive benefits.

    However, the forces of Corporatism have control and even some “Democrats” will not support HR 1384. There is no improving ACA. The key word is “Affordable”, which simply means a subsidy to the Health Care Industry.

    I would disagree The Trumpet did not hi-jack or take over the GOP. The GOP since Nixon has been on the same track. The GOP train just added the following passengers: Neo-Confederates, steroid Crony-Capitalism, the NRA, Evangelicals and other assorted bible thumper’s.

    The Trumpet just stepped on the train and the passengers were delighted to vote him to take over as chief engineer. Yahooo, and The Trumpet says out loud what the passengers on GOP Train have always thought.

  13. Oh Sheila!

    You’re not nice? Who are you telling? LOL!

    My grandmother, including her daughters which my mother was one, would doctor you, feed you, transport you, anything she your they could do to help. But, if a person were/are a fool, a bigot, a hypocrite, a liar, a cheat, a con artist, or just in general, a miscreant, they would get both barrels center mass so to speak. And you strike me as being of a similar tack Sheila.

    Okay, now that I’ve polished the apple this morning,

    My cousins who are staunch Trump supporters forwarded around an article about Trump signing an executive order to protect pre-existing conditions, this was written in the New York Post, which is the worst boot licking newspaper I’ve ever seen.

    I pointed out that there already is a program in place that protects you if you have pre-existing conditions and from being dropped from your insurance, it’s called the ACA or Obama care. And that there are healthcare plans which are referred to as Trump care, do not cover pre-existing conditions! So, if there is a Trump care out there why don’t they have pre-existing conditions covered already? Of course they can answer that question, but, with all due respect to Bob Woodward, a majority of Trump supporters are actually self-deluded, fearful, suspicious of anyone not like themselves! And because Trump gives credence to those fears, they would self immolate on his behalf!

    They weren’t always like that, they never wanted for anything, they always had everything and more that everyone else had. They came to my wedding, we were all very young and, and gladly danced and engage in conversation with all folks were unlike them. After our wedding, the reception, had over 1000 people. 90% of those folks were Native American, African-American, or mixed race! Of course my wife’s family was all Native American and African-American and much of mine was the same because of my mother and her side of the family. It was amazing! African-American, Native American, southern white, Italian, German, Spanish, and French. One jazz musician that came in from his tour in Africa, who happened to be a white man, Mr. Cox, stood up and toasted my wife and myself and the ambience of the evening, he said that he had never been involved with something so enjoyable. After his toast, he fell backwards because of a massive heart attack. My wife’s aunt was an emergency room surgical nurse, my cousin on the other side of the family was head of the EMT unit in Salem Wisconsin, they worked on him on the floor and got a heartbeat. Unfortunately he expired at the hospital. There was no animosity towards anyone by anyone that night!

    Now, they act like they’ve somehow been dealt a dastardly blow, they are aggrieved, I ask about what and they can’t answer. It’s like they’re caught up in this echo chamber of hatred, and they forward around all this completely false and ignorant trash, I’ve gotten tired of even attempting to fact check it. So I just forward them all the fact check stuff that is posted on Facebook now through politicafact and snoops and MSN and such.

    There are so many new ones every day, it’s quite enlightening because they do all of the work and the comparisons and the debunking. And then you know what they say? All of these organizations are a wing of the Democratic Party, LOL! So, self-delusion is putting it lightly, willful ignorance or being willfully ignorant is still putting it lightly. It definitely is a mental illness.

    I really believe, that of Biden gets in office, he is going to start writing executive orders! Because of this past practice with Trump. And the fact that the GOP praises those actions. There has been so much precedent set already in this administration, the sky is the limit if Biden decides he wants to go that route. And that includes executive orders on the court system. I think I mentioned yesterday about the whipsaw effect, I think if Biden does pull it off, the screaming and whining and gnashing of teeth is going to reach deep into the vastness of this universe, LOL!

    But right now, I recall this great big Kentucky rally where they were fighting against expansion of Medicaid and roiling against Medicare! Around 30% of the individuals were sitting in their Hoveround’s, with flagpoles hanging from the back, LOL! They were telling everyone that they didn’t want socialism and they should get rid of all of these things and definitely don’t expand, when they themselves were the biggest users of these programs. Mentally ill? Self-deluded? Willfully ignorant? Yeah I guess so! I think we can also say vindictive and tribal!


  14. If you are on Facebook, I would strongly suggest you check out the group “IJR” (Independent Journal Review) for there is NOTHING independent about the group since it’s a haven to promote Trump regime propaganda. Disturbing how many Trumpanzee racists & bigots comment on the group’s news feed. Example…….Trumpanzees’ reply to Brianna Taylor’s family being awarded money after her senseless and unjust murder was “you people need to get jobs” believe it or not. Comments from decent folks are always welcome and indeed a refreshing sight because the nasty Trumpanzee comments demand to be countered. If you feel so inclined, join me there as I counter the pro-Trump garbage. I doubt if any hard-line Trumpanzees will change their minds, but it’s always possible that perhaps someone, somewhere who is still undecided might be swayed by TRUTH instead of the mindless drivel of Trump cultists.

  15. When we noted the Fox News logo burned into the television screen at our parents home it basically confirmed their involvement in a cult. Initially Uncle Walter gave them comfort so why would Fox News pundits do anything less. Recall many years ago a politician who pondered whether he should vote his conscience or follow the will of constituents. With the present state of politics, fear mongering and 24/7 lies it seems conscience has fallen by the wayside in favor of manipulation for the greater good of those who hold the power. All while our parents naively cheer their supreme leader.

  16. Libertarians, anarchists and now Republicans totally miss the point that the role of government is to protect us from nefarious others of us as well as insure us against economic and health tragedies that have always been part of life. We choose who governs in exchange for our consent to be governed, protected, from those eventful possibilities that in themselves challenge our freedom to be self-actualized.

    People who believe they would benefit from a government that would give them such freedom but at the expense of others have been given a single mind like parading identical soldiers rank and file marching in lock step.

  17. Todd rightly calls our attention to student debt as opposed to corporate debt. Republicans insist that students contracted for and must pay their debts with interest while at the same time countenacing corporate bonds and other debt obligation rollovers that are never paid and just lately via the Fed given the full faith and credit of the United States with its purchase not only of corporate bonds and other forms of esoteric debt but even (in some cases depending on the date the debt was incurred and for the first time) purchase of junk bonds! Historically low interest rates set by the Fed encourage corporate bond issuance, of course, while reducing the income on savings those who are retired expected to receive, thus adversely affecting aggregate demand which in turn (along with increasing AI sophistication) reduces employment which in turn reduces demand even further in this round robin exercise.

    Rigged elections have company. We have rigged markets as well. Student debt must be paid but corporate debt need never be repaid and is even subsidized and protected by the Fed as well. Whatever happened to the “risk factor” corporate apologists like to trumpet? What risk factor exists with assured bailouts backed by full faith and credit? Why have Chapter 11?

    So market capitalism at its best? Hardly. I call it socialism for the rich and corporate class but brutal capitalism for the rest of us, and, ridiculously, amidst the hues and cries today of Republicans not to vote Democratic since such would bring us ruinous socialism – this from pretended capitalists who are in truth selective socialists who are “redistributing the wealth” to their rich and corporate class friends and just enough to the rest of us to keep us pitchfork-armed peasants out of the streets.

    As to today’s topic, the ACA and a prospect for single payer healthcare threaten to “redistribute the wealth” to the masses for health care rather than for corporate bottom lines and cannot be tolerated by our “market economy,” and as far as the forty one percent of all bankruptcies due to inability to pay medical costs is concerned, no problem. Just increase prices to maintain the profit margin. So market rigging? Not according to the WSJ and other market rigging propaganda organs, whose efforts sometimes, if briefly, give me pause on continuation of their First Amendment rights given their abuse of this free press pillar of democracy, all until I remember that what goes around comes around, and that I may be next to be so deprived if not already constructively deprived of such rights in this age of corporate-owned communications.

    So what to do? (1) Tell the truth 25 hours a day in the hope that a change for the better is extended to all in quest of the common good. What else? See Number 1.

  18. “I really believe, that of Biden gets in office, he is going to start writing executive orders! Because of this past practice with Trump. And the fact that the GOP praises those actions. There has been so much precedent set already in this administration, the sky is the limit if Biden decides he wants to go that route. And that includes executive orders on the court system.”

    John Sorg; return to your Bible, which you have virtually memorized verbatim, quotatim and punctuatim. You certainly are not well versed on Joe Biden, his campaign, his past White House history or the current Democratic party standards if you actually believe your own comments. Just another way to slam the current Democratic presidential nominee when we need to be uniting and supporting all Democratic candidates, you are furthering support of Trump’s abuse of power tactics.

  19. Without his sycophantic Senate leader and his hollow-headed band of supporters, Trump will revert to what he was before he became the most powerful man in the world – nothing, or to be more charitable, a hollow-headed oligarch.

    Treason will go out of style when Trump returns to his more customary entertainment like streetwalkers. The pandemic will shrivel when we are no longer leaderless. Lies will go out of fashion when we relearn how much we can gain from truth telling. Putin and Kim and Xi will encounter pushback in their efforts to drive America ever deeper into chaos. The preeminence of science will be restored as the only known way to intelligently tackle problems. Decency will again assume its rightful role as a dignified way of dealing with others. Neurotic personalities may even fall into disfavor as preferred political candidates in certain parties. Hate and race baiting will decline as people throw away their dog whistles. Class and race and religion and economic inequality will cease serving as the hatchets that cleave us along ideological lines. America may even resign its role as the world’s laughing stock.

    O.K. So all of that is a bit Utopian, but with our aspiring dictator ten points behind in the polls, I can dream, can’t I?

  20. Terry – I can remember when we (racist enough) laughed at the Chinese as primitives while manufacturing our own exceptionalist drivel. Now the Chinese have bullet trains and a state capitalist system that is bringing a middle class to the fore while we battle chuckholes, psychotic leadership and greedy enablers. Query > Who are the “primitives” these days?

    Biden has promised us a massive infrastructure project. Perhaps we can catch up with the Chinese. Uh. . .

  21. Gerald, “…and just enough (handouts, subsidies, safety nets) to the rest of us to keep us pitchfork-armed peasants out of the streets.”

    “Us pitchfork-armed peasants” do not exist. Why? We have Freedom of Speech–permission to whine and vent; therefore, we will never revolt, not so long as we are able to cry and scream and squeal and complain and bitch.

    For the most part the Trump administration recognizes this small-print-flaw in the American contract, but occasionally one of them, usually Trump, slips and spits out a threat of stopping all the complaining. Then they catch themselves and wage permissiveness, which lets the great venting relieve hostile pressure… until the next slip.

    In a way, we progressives, liberals, and members of the impotent opposition should hope for a hard right-hand twist to the damper on free speech. We then would find it much easier to get the pitchforks out of the barn and into the steets. We might even get a few other things done…instead of merely talked about.

    We Americans have been infected for over 200 years with the pandemic disease called “oralgenesis” — a term coined by me in the late 1950s meaning, the psychotic belief that everything starts and ends with the mouth. We live and die by that creedo. It makes us fat. It makes us die of cancer and black lung. It makes us boring. It makes us weakings and whiners. We learn to talk a great game, but…

    To paraphrase Marv: When will a few Americans find their patriotic soul, shut their mouth, and do what needs to be done? Before it’s too late.

  22. The only way I get to sleep at night is to indulge my fantasy of a handful of top military leaders standing in the Oval Office and saying, “Mr. President, no one in the U.S. military supports your treasonous, unconstitutional, Stalinesque plan for staying in office. Is there anything you would like to say except ‘Goodbye’? Please make it quick.”

  23. Speaking of frozen in fear: I speculate that Biden is suffering. Imagine being elected — by a squeak or by a landslide — the leadership that must be then waged, with heavy fire coming in from Trumpland and all those Republican-built Maginot lines of impediments and land mines to cross…and all those limp-wristed democrats in Congress “leading” from the rear…and all of us “citizens” cringing at home, whining Can’t we all just get along.

  24. After reading rants from the choir and blog hitch hikers, I completely forgot what Sheila wrote. I went back to read Sheila’s message: “ Dishonesty, stupidity and bigotry do come back to bite their promoters–the problem is, they get the rest of us, too.” I think we got “the get” before the boomerang turned.

  25. JoAnn, lol,
    Read Romans the 13th chapter! What does it say?

    The superior authorities are ordained to be in control so, if Biden is elected president, then he is ordained to be in control of government. Just like Trump is ordained right now.

    Someone has to be the superior authorities or the superior authority. Someone who enforces the law of the land. Now, concerning chapter and verse, there are many chapters and verse that talk about Superior authorities or heads of government who misuse their power. And they are answerable to a superior authority!

    So what is wrong with Joe Biden writing executive orders? he’s going to have to write executive orders to undo all of those that Donald Trump has written and espoused! Donald Trump wrote executive orders to cancel Barack Obama’s executive orders.

    I believe you must be a little on the self delusional or conceited side, considering you think that there’s something wrong with Joe Biden writing executive orders. Either that or you’re just as tribal (I’m using that so Sheila doesn’t get mad) as my cousins who love Donald trump. You’re just on the other side of the uggha buggha meter. How many executive orders did Roosevelt write during a time of conflict? I’ll let you look that up. Suffices to say, he led all presidents in the amount of executive orders. that’s what happens in a time of crisis, unless you don’t think we’re in a time of crisis!

    Don’t bless me with your faux self-righteous quotations, if you have something intellectual to say, then say it! Otherwise, just leave it alone.

    concerning foresight, I would have to say I’ve called it pretty correctly all the way up until this very point today, and if we look back at your postings I think you can figure out who has better foresight! Again, I’ll leave that for you to do in your next homework assignment!

  26. John; expecting Joe Biden, or any honest, rational Democratic or Republican president, to ABUSE the use of Executive Orders as Trump has done because Republicans in his administration and Congress are supporting his every insane action, has not paid attention to how and why past presidents have used that power. It is your reasoning in the statement that Joe will use them because they have become acceptable that is questionable of your understanding and belief that this country accepts it as the norm simply because Trump has gotten away with it.

    As for your belief there is coverage in place which protects preexisting conditions or prevents being dropped from existing coverage; in Indiana applicants were NOT allowed to apply for ACA unless and until they had been denied health care by every company in the state health care system and were required to drop any health care coverage they had to apply. My daughter-in-law began in October 2013 following the Indiana requirements by putting in her application for state health care to find better coverage with lower annual deductible; she checked in December on the status and they found no application in her name so she had to reapply. Checked in January on her status and was told that no applicant would be notified of their status until April or May of 2014. She attempted to apply for a specific coverage to get into the system and was told there would be no applications accepted until after March 30, 2014 which was the deadline for ACA application. Finally in June she was notified she had been accepted for coverage with a $1,200 monthly premium and $12,000 annual deduction. She had been paying $450 monthly with $9,600 deduction and hoped to improve her situation. Because she had dropped her coverage as required by the state of Indiana to apply through the state she was fined for not having health care coverage in 2014, the fine was $900 which was deducted from her IRS tax refund.

    I will ignore your final two condescending, self-promoting paragraphs as coming from a typical Bible thumper who believes himself to be a superior authority looking down on this lower life form who has the foresight to ignore your comments in the future.

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