And Now, COVID…

Reactions to yesterday’s announcement that the President and First Lady have both tested positive for COVID-19 have been mixed, to put it mildly. A significant number–noting that the President rarely utters anything related to the truth–suggested it was another attempt at disinformation and/or distraction.

For those who accepted the accuracy of the announcement, most of what I have seen–especially on Facebook–invoked the concept of karma. To say that reactions aren’t overwhelmingly sympathetic might just be the understatement of the century. This is, after all, a President who has shown absolutely no concern for other people, including his own supporters. He has ignored and ridiculed advice offered by medical experts, including those in his own administration, and he has touted unproven and frequently ridiculous “cures” (ingesting bleach, anyone?). All of that is on top of the fact that he is one of the least likable people on the planet.

But quite apart from whatever our personal reactions may be,  the diagnosis raises some thorny legal and political questions, and the answers to those questions are unclear.

With a month to go until the election, Trump will quarantine for two weeks. He probably will not be able to attend the second debate–no loss there, considering the spectacle he made in the first–a consequence that will require the debate commission to decide whether to simply cancel the remaining two, or allow Biden to appear solo (unlikely).

We can already predict that Trump will attribute an election loss to his inability to hold rallies and otherwise campaign for the requisite two weeks.

Those consequences are predictable in the event that he suffers a relatively mild case of the virus. Far less predictable is what happens if this morbidly obese 74-year-old with an unhealthy diet who is known to ingest quantities of “uppers” becomes critically ill or even dies–and if so, when.

Pence has evidently tested negative thus far (“Mother” probably wouldn’t let him get too close to Hope Hicks, who presumably was the source). How sick would Trump have to get before Pence assumed the duties of the Presidency? If Trump were to become critically ill after the election but prior to January 21st, that would be one thing (and arguably not a bad thing–as vacuous and smarmy as Pence is, he’s less flat-out nuts than Trump).

The most chaotic and unpredictable set of events would be triggered by Trump’s death from COVID prior to Election Day. Would Pence automatically become the Republican nominee? Would Republican defectors be more comfortable returning to the fold if that were the case?

In a Presidency characterized by daily distractions, is this the mother of all diversions? Or does the diagnosis bring voters’ attention back to the President’s horrendous incompetence in containing the pandemic, and his obvious lack of concern for the over 200,000 Americans who have already died?

If Trump proves to have only a mild case, does he then use his own good fortune to further minimize the danger and dismiss expert advice?

I am not a praying person, and if I were, I doubt I’d find enough grace in my heart to pray for a psychopath who has done so much harm–a man with absolutely no redeeming human virtues.

I would, however, pray that his spitting and yelling during the “debate” didn’t infect Joe Biden. In fact–just in case I’m wrong and there is a personal God–I may go ahead and offer up that particular prayer. Call it covering my bases.


  1. Superb! At such a strange moment in our already impossible to imagine political reality,
    this covers the moment and its shaky future with honesty and accuracy.

  2. Medical Chart: Diagnosis “Hoax”
    Get this man some Bleach, and stick a light bulb in somewhere — STAT

  3. I really find it hard to believe!

    Considering POTUS and his family are self-preservationists to the enth degree, I find it extremely suspect that they didn’t know this virus was spreading through their clutch! On Tuesday during the debate, they all showed up, the clutch that is, without masks! When the doctor, no less, in a white coat, showed up and offered masks, per agreement previous to the start of the debate, they refused to wear one, refused the offer!

    It’s possible, I suppose anyway, it’s possible, that there were no positive tests, but, Hope Hicks at the very least was obviously sick. And it seems like they decided to pretend Covid away! Or at least, felt that being the son of God and all, he wouldn’t die, but he would infect Biden and therefore get rid of the competition or move it to Kamala Harris in which they could target with their new birther attacks! Would they risk it?

    It seemed that Trump was dosed up on steroids, which could partially explain his rabid behavior during the debate, even more rabid than his usual insanity.

    This is what happens when there such a group self-delusion, so deeply woven, reality is not even in the rearview mirror. Just as we have, on the right, a pray the gay away thought process, it’s been adopted for the pray Covid away manifesto, LOL! Yes, there’s a manifesto on the right.

    I’m wondering what happened to the hydroxychloroquine? He claimed he was taking it all along, and, it’s a possibility, if he was taking copious amounts of hydroxychloroquine, he’s damaged his heart! It wouldn’t make much sense anyway, to take an immunosuppressive medication such as hydroxychloroquine! After all, you would need to boost your immune system instead of suppress it. My wife suffers from several different autoimmune issues, where her immune system is overactive and it attacks her body! Hydroxychloroquine slows down her immune system, thereby giving her some relief to her severe autoimmune maladies! When she gets sick with a virus, she’ll stop taking the hydroxychloroquine for a few days, and her immune system destroys almost every single viral node invading her person.

    I guess, Trump wasn’t aware, that if you take hydroxychloroquine without an autoimmune issue, and that includes malaria, it can really damage your body! It can destroy your autoimmune system and leave you open to any number of diseases.

    So, another Trump myth debunked, along with drinking bleach and swallowing infrared light! Which by the way, there actually were bleach tablets being sold on Amazon, LOL, at least that was the claim on the bottle! Probably, more like soluble chlorine, they add to the drinking water or use to shock filthy pool water!

    If anything, it proves that there is no concern for anyone other than themselves, as they fanned out across the country even after being aware of the burgeoning illness in their clutch, meeting supporters and donors who obviously would gladly offer their life up for their Messiah! Kelly Ann Conway was diagnosed late yesterday along with Trump’s campaign manager, maybe old fat boy Bill Barr got it, because he was right up Kelly Ann Conway’s backside during their celebration and nomination party concerning Supreme Court nominee (Amy Coney Barrett)! Which Chuck Schumer now requests that she self isolate!

    Maybe Vernon could write a novel on this, heck, all of the research has been done, LOL! Because, just a few years ago, this biographical existence would’ve been considered fiction!

    And, from what I’ve heard, he’s taking, REMDEZEVIR, REGENERON, FAMOTIDINE, amongst other supplements. So, he has access to all of these experimental treatments, unlike most of us slowly average citizens.

  4. It’s a sad commentary on the last 4 years to say that speculation by rational people on whether this is just another of the short-fingered vulgarian’s ridiculous distractions isn’t unreasonable. I don’t care if he recovers tomorrow and finds Jesus, we don’t need 4 more years of this shit. Vote him out. No, more than that, vote sanity and normalcy in.

  5. I find it odd,

    All the laying on of hands that Trump is had from his boot licking pastors surrounding him in his office and at the resolute desk, he could actually get sick from anything, LOL! With all of that activity, why worry about dying, they’ll just resurrect him! LOL, not!

    Trump, being the son of God and all, must not have gotten the memo!

    The other son of God Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 5:43-45 which reads;“You heard that it was said: ‘You must love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 However, I say to you: Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may prove yourselves sons of your Father who is in the heavens, since he makes his sun rise on both the wicked and the good and makes it rain on both the righteous and the unrighteous.”

    Romans 12:20 reads; “But “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by doing this you will heap fiery coals on his head.”

    Proverbs 25:21 reads; ” If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat;
    If he is thirsty, give him water to drink”

    Exodus 23:5 reads; ” If you see that the donkey of someone who hates you has fallen under its load, you must not ignore it and leave. You must help him release the animal”

    Matthew 5:23, 24 reads; “If, then, you are bringing your gift to the altar and there you remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar, and go away. First make your peace with your brother, and then come back and offer your gift.”

    So there are a lot of standards on how you are to relate towards your enemy, or, someone that you have disagreement with! Unfortunately, Trump, his family, and the evangelical hordes that follow them, seem to not be aware of, or have not gotten the memo!

    Just another reinforcement of the hypocrisy, after all, they just assume everyone else is a sacrificial lamb so to speak, sacrificing themselves for the greater good! After all, have any of POTUS click or clutch, conducted themselves in any sort of scriptural manner even though there supposedly the party of God? This is not going to turn out well for them at all.

  6. “We can already predict that Trump will attribute an election loss to his inability to hold rallies and otherwise campaign for the requisite two weeks.”

    I’m waiting for his public announcement that it is all President Obama’s fault he and Melania are infected for not providing him with guidelines to follow in case of a Pandemic. He has already made that accusation in general about current Covid-19 Pandemic conditions. We who have been paying attention since January 20, 2017, are aware he long ago destroyed the President Obama Pandemic program as useless.

    “If Trump proves to have only a mild case, does he then use his own good fortune to further minimize the danger and dismiss expert advice?”

    Unless he dies; we will never know the truth about his actual condition, the level of his infection or the treatment he is receiving. He was suddenly diagnosed as Covid positive but asymptomatic till the sudden photo op of his trip to Walter Reed Hospital and conflicting reports about his current condition. I wonder if the trip to the hospital “for a few days” is one way to prevent him roaming the halls of the White House, maskless and spreading Covid further through the building. He can be better controlled in the hospital setting than on his “home ground.”

    My concerns regarding the “debate” are with Joe Biden and his group being in close contact with Trump’s entire family and friends who refused to wear required masks. I am more concerned about those Trump met with just hours after knowing he had been in direct contact with Hope Hicks who became ill on the plane and was diagnosed positive. Will any of those donors speak out if they are or become infected?

  7. Heather Richardson had some good comments:

    Reporter Chris Wallace of the Fox News Channel, who moderated Tuesday’s debate and so was one of those the Trumps’ entourage endangered, revealed today that Trump arrived too late on Tuesday for a COVID-19 test, as the venue required. Instead, there was an “honor system.” Organizers assumed the people associated with the campaigns would not come unless they had tested negative.

    Trump’s people arrived wearing masks, which they had to have to enter the auditorium, but then removed them shortly after sitting down, and refused to put them back on. During the debate, Trump mocked Biden for his habit of wearing a mask.

    The campaign did not tell the Biden camp that Hicks, who attended the debate, had tested positive for coronavirus the day after the event. The Biden organization learned it from the newspapers. The White House did not even tell former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who spent four days in close quarters with Hicks and Trump, helping the president prepare for the debate. He, too, learned the news from the media.

    This crisis shows how the administration’s refusal to share information and its insistence on its own version of reality creates confusion that leaves Americans vulnerable and anxious. Its history of secrecy and lies means that few people actually trust anything its spokespeople say. It was striking how many people did not believe the Trumps were actually sick when the news broke; we are so accustomed to Trump’s lies that many people thought he was simply looking for a way out of future debates.

    So who knows about The Trumpet, given all the lies that he has told and his staff of boot lickers that reaffirm the lies. Is he really sick with Corona??? If he has Corona, I can visualize this cowardly man cowering, lashing out and abusing the medical staff.

  8. It was all over Twitter late last night that the Rose Garden party for ACB’s confirmation has turned into a superspreader event. I believe the President of Notre Dame has tested positive as well. Kellyanne Conway has tested positive too. There is plenty of video of them all hugging each other and not wearing masks. Somebody posted a video of Conway talking to Barr without social distancing, and George is “LIVID.”

    Folks are claiming that RGB argued her first successful case in front of God.

    Let’s see how the news shapes up today since there was an indoor reception after all those hugging GOPers finished outside, and ACB was right there in their midst.

    I also don’t think Hicks infected them, but Trump infected her. The timeline of events is questionable.

  9. The Trump/Covid19 brou-ha-ha is a HOAX, an easy plea for pity. His handlers have contrived a way to gain forgiveness for the utter failure of his debate performance and to cancel future debates that would add insult to injury. He has shown the world that he has no idea of debating rules and is unable to display a scintilla of respect for ANY rules of conduct.

    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Quarantine is his only hope for survival. Clever move; two thumbs up, GOP.

  10. I hope everyone gets well soon. Sooner for some than others and one of them no sooner than noon on January 20th.

    I share the concern that if he were to pass, R’s might see a a bounce in votes. However, I don’t believe R’s would waste the opportunity on Pence. Haley, Kasich, hell, even Romney would help bring miles of distance between R’s and the Trump crime syndicate in, literally, a heartbeat. It’s worth praying that doesn’t happen if nothing else.

    Also, regarding the matter of praying I’ve always been a fan of “Pascal’s Wager”. He’s considered the father of probability in mathematics. You can Google it.

  11. From Senator Elizabeth Warren:

    “Two Senate Judiciary Committee members tested positive for COVID-19 today. We don’t know when we’ll know just how many people have been infected. The Senate cannot safely proceed on the Supreme Court nomination. We must focus on containing this virus to protect members and staff.”

  12. I am one of those who are torn. I know I shouldn’t, but I keep reflecting on the words of the philosopher, Donald J. Trump, “It is what it is.” I think what it is, is a hoax. No self respecting virus would want to get anywhere near him.

  13. I think it’s admirable that Joe Biden is pulling anti-Trump commercials for the time being out of respect, but I also think it’s a mistake. We simply cannot afford to allow the Trump/Pence regime to use these circumstances to their advantage. This is the most important election in American history. Trumpanzees view kindness as weakness. Please reconsider this decision Joe. Keep the commercials and make a new one showing how the average American could never afford the care Trump is getting. Also, Trump brought this on himself and others by refusing to wear masks and social distance.

  14. Picture it: Trump becomes “gravely ill” and invokes the 25th amendment putting Pence in charge. Trump drops out of the race before the election and the Repubs go with Pence as their boy. Never-Trumpers return to the fold and elect Pence. Pence then pardons Trump, his family and the rest of the swamp. Huzzah! Everybody’s happy! ?

  15. This snip from the blog fits perfectly with my views: “I am not a praying person, and if I were, I doubt I’d find enough grace in my heart to pray for a psychopath who has done so much harm–a man with absolutely no redeeming human virtues.”

    My wife and I discussed our thoughts on this bit of news. As someone who took the oath to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, my opinion was somewhat harsher than hers.

    Todd’s line today about RBG arguing her first case with God is absolutely hilarious. It covers so much ground. Also, Todd, good to bring up the Senate Judiciary Committee’s problems. Do you think Lindsay Graham’s makeup person will allow him to wear a mask?

  16. The emperor has no clothes! Well, except a sheath split open down the middle of his backside. Wonder if they teach: “caste a wide vision “ in nursing school! Call in the Proud Boys!

  17. MARY BROWN; I agree totally with your first sentence, my feelings are mixed about this action by Joe Biden but also about Joe telling the truth, following the rules, listening to sound medical advice and his humanitarian campaign actions. I also fear that those who see him as “weak” for for following the rules in this now even more chaotic presidential campaign will bring about a repeat of 2016. Those against him do not know the strength it takes to be right so it can lose him this election.

    “Also, Trump brought this on himself and others by refusing to wear masks and social distance.”

    Trump’s lies, ignoring all rules, ignoring all sound medical advice and total lack of humanitarianism is meaningless to his supporters; it all makes him strong and it must be the fault of someone other than himself IF he has Covid. I’m expecting a miraculous and sudden recovery and his quick return to the campaign trail, proving to one and all that he is stronger than this Pandemic. There were reports a few weeks ago that his voice was “raspy” and his “doddering” down that ramp after the college graduation earlier this summer has been forgotten. Covid makes a great cover up for a fat old man who wants to remain in power and is possibly in danger of losing it.

  18. Vernon, I think Lindsey is scared for his life while Matt Gaetz is telling people on Faux News that Trump getting COVID is a perfect example of why masks don’t work.

    I sincerely mean this, “Where do these people come from and how do they rise to a position of power?”

    It’s beyond scary!

  19. Trump has talked about an October surprise for a while now. Is this it?

    Much of my anti-trump Facebook feed it about this being a hoax, and for as much lying comes from Trump, that is a real possibility, but for the fact that so many other people are involved as well. The other theory is that the bone spurs are acting up again, and he is excused from the debates.

    Until Mitch McConnell says that having have two Senators out of commission is a problem, I don’t think it is going to be a problem. It does give rise to an interesting tactic. For the Senate to have a quorum, 51 members need to be present. All it would take is for one other Senator in the middle of election season to not show up, along with all of the Democrats and there is no quorum. But we have months until inauguration day, so that is a iffy tactic.

  20. I am a retired RN. I am actually surprised that Trump was not infected with COVID much sooner than this. My fellow citizens, this is simply what happens when a person ignores what the medical experts tell us to do to avoid an infection.

    My sincere wish is that those who have been protesting the directives to wear a mask, will now take the need to do so much more seriously.

    I really do hope that Trump does not die of COVID. Pence, to me, is a huge threat to womens’ rights. And besides, we don’t need more political chaos at this time.

  21. There is a process for replacing a presidential candidate on the ballot. But it’s too late for that…the ballots have already been printed and in many states people are already voting.

    When people vote on Election Day, they are not technically voting for a candidate. They are voting for a slate of electors who are pledged to vote from that candidate. Should Trump die from Covid-19 (and let that please not happen – not only because I don’t wish harm on a fellow human being, but the last thing we need is Trump being a martyr – the best thing would be for him to lose in a landslide) before the Election or before the electors vote after election day, then my understanding is that the electors would be free to vote for someone else. That person may or may not be Pence, but they are not required to do so. If Trump dies after the electors vote, then Pence would move up to be President.

    The above though assumes, Trump wins the electoral vote. If Biden wins, it doesn’t matter.

    In terms of governing before the new President takes over, If Covid-19 were to take out both Trump and Pence, then according to the presidential succession act, 80 year old Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be acting president, followed by Senate President Pro Tem Chuck Grassley, who is 87, followed by a parade of cabinet secretaries, starting with Secretary of State. I am persuaded though that this act may be unconstitutional as the constitution appears to allow only executive officers in the line of succession, so officers from the legislative branch would be excluded.

    Nothing involving these issues is black and white. Tons of gray in terms of the law.

    By the way, Pence, who is a couple years older than me, and I both grew up in southeastern Indiana. Growing up it was very common to hear men refer to their wives as “mother,” assuming, of course, the couple had children. It was considered a term of endearment. I know some people think referring to your wife as “mother” is extremely weird, and I personally would not do it, but where we grew up that was a common practice. It may well now be an antiquated practice…but what do you expect from a guy who still has an AOL email account?

  22. Sorry, I maybe a bad human, I do not have one iota of sympathy or empathy for Trump and his boot lickers who have now tested positive for Corona. Trump as the Woodward tapes dramatically revealed in his own voice – He knew way back early in the year how deadly this Corona Virus was.

    Trump’s reaction was arrogant profound indifference, and willful ignorance. Along with these personality defects his narcissism meant his actions and reactions were all about Him and Him only.

    In fact: In reply to criticism over a campaign rally in Nevada last month, Trump explained to a local paper that the risks from such events were small – for him.

    “I’m on a stage and it’s very far away,” Trump he said. “And so I’m not at all concerned.”

    Translation it is all about Me. All others including The Trump Cult are expendable assets.

  23. Oh, and a medical expert yesterday said that because of the timing of the Hope Hicks and Trump infections, and taking into consideration the incubation period, Hicks was likely not the person who gave Trump the virus. In fact, I wonder if Trump had the virus a few days later, possibly even before the debate. (Trump and Biden were not tested before the debate.) Covid-19 symptoms don’t usually develop so fast that you go from getting infected to hospitalization in just 16 hours or so as Trump did.

  24. Munson 10:3 reads: Verily I say unto thee, thou must not succumb to the mirthfulness of irony when thy God visits a diseased body upon a man with an already diseased mind.

  25. “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” quote attributed to Mark Twain.

  26. Apparently exactly four years ago HRC suffered some unsteadiness which landed her in the hospital for treatment for pneumonia. Trump loudly and cruelly made a joke out of it. Now he is being held accountable by Karma for his crassness. About time for accountability I would say. I don’t think that it’s usually wise to account on Karma to deliver but any port in a storm they say.

  27. As the bard notes after his “tangled web” phrase > “When first we practice to deceive.” Trump and his administration and some of his congressional hangers-on have lied so much that we must pick and choose from their offerings to try to arrive at the truth, so here’s what I have picked from such maelstrom of deceit.

    Trump really is sick, more than moderately so due to his age and obesity, and is a candidate for such in-house amenities as close nursing care and monitoring and proximity to ventilators. He will recover, but will add a more damaged physical state to his damaged mental state. He will lose the election, claim a stolen election (to no avail), and walk away from the Oval Office January 20, with or without the assistance of federal marshals. There will be no civil war (we’ve tried that and it didn’t work) and only minor clashes here and there in the post election days, not much more than we are already experiencing day to day. Biden will hit the ground running and by spring a degree of normalcy will begin to take shape as well known Republicans (see Lincoln Project, generals et al) regain substantial control of the remnants of the Trump Party and try to rescue it from its descent into Whigdom with a reconfiguration into a party with a platform, among other such innovations and guiding principles lost during their Trump disaster.

    So could I be wrong about some or all of the foregoing ? Sure! I was wrong in Trump-Hillary and Truman-Dewey, but I have been right more often than wrong since Truman, perhaps a testament to better polling (with the Hillary exception). If I were right all the time, I’d go to Vegas, make a bundle and move to Kaanapali Beach on Maui (which now boasts an international airport, and more importantly, a Costco).

    Perhaps my old World Politics professor at Indiana University in 1948 was right (especially, as it turns out with Trumpists in charge) when he refused to call us homo sapiens. He always used the phrase “homo saps”). Them commie perfessers is shore smart. Perceptive, too.

  28. I’m sure the 100,000 + people who descended on Washington DC for a prayer March last Saturday didn’t make your usual news sources.
    A peaceful beautiful apolitical event filled with people of many races and ages holding hands or raising them to petition God to heal our land.
    2 chronicles 7:14. Thousands more participated online. Those attendees plus hundreds of thousands more are now in prayer for the healing of our president. You see, your disdain for our president isn’t actually about him but against Almighty GOD. HE is sovereign and his will cannot not be thwarted. You mock that they bow to Trump but you truly can’t understand who these people put their trust and hope in. If you have no relationship with Jesus Christ, God does not hear your prayer .
    So, you can jeer, laugh and make fun but I actually pity you. The evil disease in your heart can only be healed by God alone.

  29. I would not be surprised if Trump has himself airlifted to some other non-extraditing country, claiming their health pros are better than ours and less apt to do him in, his intent being to have Covid cover his getaway. In this scenario, he would not return and likely would play the happy exiled victim for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, he would gleefully watch America struggle with the election, since no one would know he intends not to return, hence no effort to replace him in the interim or on the ballet; and my goodness, if he would win in absentia, what a gloating bastard he would be.

  30. Becky, I actually pity you. The evil disease in your heart can only be healed by God alone. Check that. Some ailments, not even God can heal.

  31. Gerold, “…as well known Republicans (see Lincoln Project, generals et al) regain substantial control of the remnants of the Trump Party and try to rescue it from its descent into Whigdom with a reconfiguration into a party with a platform, among other such innovations and guiding principles lost during their Trump disaster.

    Supposing something akin to that happens, I would not be approving of a new Republican Party that holds on to the idea of supply-side economics. We can’t survive the trickle.

  32. Becky: “HE is sovereign and his will cannot not be thwarted. You mock that they bow to Trump but you truly can’t understand who these people put their trust and hope in. If you have no relationship with Jesus Christ, God does not hear your prayer .”

    IF HE were not some fantastical ghost of feverish imagination, I would thwart his will on a regular basis. Based on what his boy Donald has done to us in the past 4 years, he must be the cruelest Czar the universe has ever had. But didn’t Donald tell us he himself was GOD? Or did he mean GOP? I’m confused.

    Actually I believe Jesus was a nice guy whose reputation men have used as an excuse to wear robes and to get a free ride for two millennia, including untold thousands of pedophiles and snake oil sellers. This is a great world without lying to ourselves about who made it all possible. I suggest you do some serious fact checking starting with Liberty University, Christopher Hitchins and Sam Harris. A lie is a lie, regardless of whether it comes from a pulpit or a presidential podium or a book that is relies solely on the creative writing skills of cynical old men who would not have believed the science of toilets or sanitation if they had been told about them.

    Did God tell Donald to lie about science so he could use the coronavirus to kill people who thought he might be speaking truth while he lied to their faces (see Bob Woodward’s recent book) and listen to Trump saying that people are losers and suckers).

    I believe, to the bottom of my heart, that people who love Donald Trump despise both the United States of America and democracy. But if they wish to plead abysmal ignorance and inattention to facts I will forgive them.

  33. Dr.s today say trump was dx. 72 hrs. ago. Thurs. night they were saying awaiting test results. Seems like that would be 48 hrs? Hope Hicks’s dx. was made public a half day prior to Potus. Looks like WH wants public to think he caught it from Hicks. In fact many people in trump’s orbit have tested positive & not everyone incubates at same rate. I saw clip of trump returning to W.H. after fundraiser Thurs. evening. As retired R.N. I noticed he looked pale, and his step was plodding. Covid attacks red blood cells that carries O2 which results in extreme tiredness. It was reported he sounded hoarse. He’s got it. Medical wouldn’t fabricate at this level. Looks like the last Saturday Rose Garden event was a super spreader. Pence & Giuliani were right in the middle of all of it. I would be surprised that they weren’t positive. All of this is prime example of this administration’s ineffectiveness leading US. I just wish half the country wouldn’t follow them over the cliff.

  34. Terry,

    You left out Munson 10:4 which reads; “thou shalt not have the sheep pulled over thine face ?”


    I don’t care who you are, and I don’t care how many there are of you, you cannot pick and choose what scripture you want to follow and kick everything else to the curb! Doesn’t work that way! the mentality you all have, is the reason your religious organizations are going to be smashed to smithereens in the near future.

  35. I believe that faith can inform personal behavior and culture but it’s always as personal as sex is. I would not see it as playing any legitimate roll in politics for that reason.

  36. irvin; and the people on this blog are supposedly supporting “separation of church and state” but too often use quotes from the Bible trying to prove their point on all issues.

    Is a puzzlement!

  37. Try this theory on for size:
    Someone on the POTUS staff has stayed in the wings until now. Here is some ample evidence that he/she has come forward, has taken charge with keys to the kitchen and pantry, plus a clue for the near future:

    1. For his own protection, the Obese Orange Ogre has decided to follow NEW W.H. rules:
    a. No More 24-hour WH short-order snack preparation, no more cheeseburgers any time.
    b. Three small nutritious meals a day and one diet snack. Plenty of prescribed lo-cal
    beverages and lo-fat. lo-salt and lo-sugar, hi-fiber foods/salads.
    c. Plenty of cool, clear water. All food and drink items to be directed by W.H. staff.
    2. An exercise program with staff supervision and weight history.
    3. No TrumpComplaints; start listening to and learning from the experts.
    4. Behave like an empathetic human being – you’ll be Don/Melania happier.
    5. Enjoy your new wardrobe.

    Now watch Trumptrimming and Trumpcalming.

  38. From a gentleman commenter on Field Negro blog, “drumpf’s karma just ran over his dogma.” Well said.

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