Electile Dysfunction

I have posted several times about the importance–the absolute necessity–of Congress passing the voting rights act. Among other important things this law would accomplish, it would do what the Supreme Court has shamefully refused to do–outlaw the gerrymandering that makes a mockery of democratic systems.

I am certainly not the only person advocating for passage of legislation that would  protect “one person, one vote.” Apparently, the message is less effective when delivered via textual arguments in columns or on blogs by people like yours truly–so when I saw this video, I knew I had to share it.

A favorite line: “passage may cause a Federal condition called accountability.”

Click through and enjoy, then pass it on!


  1. Why use medication to heal a unity issue when you can always start with war propaganda?

    Nothing brings Americans together like a common enemy. So we all pull out our flags and carry them around with us. Walmart will even have promotions of red, white, and blue clothing and accessories.

    I suspect the next several bills signed will all be related to the war with China – directly and indirectly, while the social agenda gets placed on the back burner.

    The MIC made the decision, so now our politicians and media align with a steady stream of anti-China rhetoric.

    What’s hilarious is the Taliban kicked our asses in Afghanistan. So now, they want to take on a high-tech nuclear-armed country with 1.5 billion people? LOL

    Methinks it’s just a ploy to get massive spending bills approved to grease the profits of the MIC/IC while our social agenda gets tossed on a shelf. But the “progressive caucus” and “moderates” raised a lot of cash. 😉

    Shakespearian. Smoke cover while the oligarchs head into the Treasury to help themselves.

  2. I am always touting/shouting FOLLOW THE MONEY; I have been doing that this morning regarding my personal income level(s). There is no “Erectile Dysfunction” in the Indiana Republican Senate because those old white men have managed to screw me this year and will continue into 2022 and perform that “function” monthly.

    Keep in mind these are approximate figures; the Indiana Republican Senate ended all Public Employee’s Retirement incomes this year when they ended our 13th Check, received in lieu of the yearly COLA since 2009. Figuring mine on a monthly amount; I lost $22.91 monthly when they ended my 13th Check this year with the promise of a 1% COLA beginning in January. Mine will amount to approximately $2.80. Now move on to the promised 6% COLA on our Social Security checks; 4% of that will go to cover the Medicare increase leaving us 2% increase on our monthly SS checks. Mine will amount to approximately $17.00 per month plus the $2.80 COLA on my PERF check results in an approximate LOSS of $3.00 monthly beginning in January…with TWO COLAs considered an increase.

    No “Erectile Dysfunction” in the Indiana Republican Senate and due to possible gerrymandering changes in our local voting rights; I still don’t know if I qualify for Absentee Ballot to enable me to vote or who I will be voting for.

  3. I wonder how Senator Manchin is feeling about this bill that he is largely responsible for. He was absolutely certain he could get ten Republicans to go along with it. He got none. Will he carve out an exemption to the filibuster to protect this constitutional right? We’ll see, but I fear it won’t come soon enough to offset the damage being done by Republicans in the statehouses around the country.

  4. Thank you, JoAnn; as a retired state employee, I share your pain and anger at the best legislature money can buy (both state and federal). Follow the money indeed. Great video, Sheila; thanks for sharing.

  5. max; you are surely welcome. Do you remember in 2017 when we had to reregister to continue receiving the retirement money we paid in? That was when the disbursement of our checks, meaning control of our money, was privatized/outsourced to State Street Bank Retiree Services. The last posting I could find regarding our PERF budget balance was for 2017; there was either a 37 or 39 BILLION DOLLAR BALANCE. Can’t find a recent accounting for that budget.

    Specifically, the bill expands voter registration (e.g., automatic and same-day registration) and voting access (e.g., vote-by-mail and early voting). It also limits removing voters from voter rolls.


    THE BILL DECLARES THAT THE RIGHT OF A U.S. CITIZEN TO VOTE in any election for federal office shall not be denied or abridged because that individual has been convicted of a criminal offense unless, at the time of the election, such individual is serving a felony sentence.

    THE BILL ESTABLISHES CERTAIN FEDERAL CRIMINAL OFFENSES RELATED TO VOTING. In particular, the bill establishes a new criminal offense for conduct (or attempted conduct) to corruptly hinder, interfere with, or prevent another person from registering to vote or helping someone register to vote.

    ADDITIONALLY, THE BILL SETS FORTH PROVISIONS RELATED TO ELECTION SECURITY, including by requiring states to conduct post-election audits for federal elections. The bill outlines criteria for congressional redistricting and generally prohibits mid-decade redistricting.


    THE BILL ADDRESSES CAMPAIGN FINANCE, including by expanding the prohibition on campaign spending by foreign nationals, requiring additional disclosure of campaign-related fundraising and spending, requiring additional disclaimers regarding certain political advertising, and establishing an alternative campaign funding system for certain federal offices.

  7. It, unfortunately, is not unusual to buy something, enjoy using it, have it break, and then find that what we thought was warranted performance was more sham than guarantee. This is what Trump showed us about our vaunted freedoms through self-government. It turns out that while the Constitution puts the performance we can expect in words, they are now just paper promises.

    The Freedom to Vote Act makes our rights enforceable.

  8. HAHAHAHA!!!! I watched the last episodes of Secretary of State. They tried to impeach her once she was POTUS but hundreds of thousands of people came out to protest the impeachment. They were shouting “She’s my president!”

    I think the only way we could get the Senate to change is if there was massive turn out of citizens at D.C. stating they want their voting rights protected. We, the people, need to make it clear to Congress that we are sick and tired of the electile dysfunction.

    So now what will happen is that it will be a state by state battle with the courts which may eventually end up with SCOTUS.

    What the GOP does NOT understand is that they may have disenfranchised many of their rural voters. What they also do not understand is that disenfranchised minorities will mobilize to help people of their communities vote. Every state will need someone like Stacey Abrams to help them strategize a plan that allows people to vote despite the GOP’s attempts to restrict voting. The GOP is intensifying the resistance to their voter suppression. You really should not stir up a bee’s nest!

  9. I saw this video yesterday, and thought it to be wonderful!
    Without the voting bill passing, the fascists will be in control, ASAP!
    Without the voting bill passing we will witness McConnell going through the rest of his life with a priapism

  10. Nice video, Sheila. If only it was shown 50 times a day on Fox.
    Maybe Fox viewers wouldn’t get it.

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