Indiana’s “Pro Life” Liars

Those of you who read this blog with any sort of regularity already know that the Hoosier legislators who wrap themselves in the “pro-life” label are anything but.  They are either pro-birth or anti-woman or focused on pandering to far right constituencies–usually, all three.

Nowhere is the hypocrisy of that label more vivid than in their devotion to instruments of death. I recently received the following email from a university staff member; I am sharing it in its entirety, in the hopes that many of you will take the indicated actions (not that our legislators listen to the broader public, which favors more gun control by massive margins.)

House Bill 1077 passed the house last week despite broad opposition, including from law enforcement. This bill allows for anyone, 18 or older, unless otherwise prohibited, to carry loaded handguns in public without a permit. Senate Bill 14 is similar to House Bill 1077; it allows anyone, 21 or older, unless otherwise prohibited, to carry loaded handguns in public without a permit. Senate Bill 14 will be heard by the Judiciary Committee on January 19th. Indiana has nearly 1,000 gun deaths a year, and gun deaths have increased 30% in the last decade, compared to an 17% increase nationwide. Indianapolis has seen a record number of homicides in 2021— many of which were gun homicides. Repealing the permitting requirement is irresponsible, reckless, has led to increased gun violence, and guts essential permitting standards for carrying handguns in public.

What you can do:
Sign and Share the Petition:
Text INDIANA to 644-33 to tell your lawmaker to vote NO on HB1077/SB14 when it comes up for discussion and a vote before the full Senate chamber.

Senate Bill 143, Self-defense, specifies that “reasonable force” includes the pointing of a loaded or unloaded firearm for purposes of self-defense and arrest statutes. This is a dangerous policy as pointing a firearm does not deescalate a confrontation. This stand your ground expansion will likely disproportionately impact communities of color. When white shooters kill Black victims, the resulting homicides are considered justifiable 5 times more often than when the shooter is Black and the victim is white. Senate Bill 143 has a hearing on January 18th.

What you can do:
If your senator is on the Corrections and Criminal Law Committee, tell them to vote NO on SB 143.Corrections and Criminal Law Committee: Sen. Michael Young, Sen. Susan Glick, Sen. Mike Bohacek, Sen. Aaron Freeman, Sen. Eric Koch, Sen. Jack Sandlin, Sen. Kyle Walker, Sen. Rodney Pol, Sen. Greg Taylor
If your senator is not on the Corrections and Criminal Law Committee, tell them to vote NO on SB 143 if it comes up for discussion and a vote before the full Senate chamber.

Senate Bill 228, Acquisition and storage of firearms, prohibits a person from keeping or storing an unsecured firearm on any premises controlled by the person under certain circumstances; it also requires a person wishing to transfer a firearm to another person to transact the transfer through a firearms dealer. Senate Bill 228 has yet to have a hearing scheduled. Unsecured guns in the home pose a substantial risk to children who may find and use them against themselves or others. Estimates suggest that modest increases in the number of American homes safely storing firearms could prevent almost a third of youth gun deaths due to suicide and unintentional firearm injury

What you can do:
Email or Call Senator Young ( | 317-232-9517) and ask him to hear SB 228 in the Corrections and Criminal Law Committee.

Something else you can do, if you live in a district (mis)represented by one of Indiana’s pro-death, pro-gun cowboys, is vote against them at the next election and get your rational neighbors to do the same.

And be sure to let them know why.


  1. Well, when all you peddle is fear and propaganda, you have to console them with god and guns so they’ll feel safe.

    I saw a guy put on his gun belt out in the parking lot before entering Meier to grocery shop. It’s not too hard to figure out the kind of media he listens to all day. Fear. Fear. Fear.

  2. Yesterday, the Republicans in the Colorado legislature issued a proclamation to thank and honor one of their own who participated in the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. You can’t make this up.

    The Texas legislature, controlled by a super majority of Republicans, has been strumming its collective lips on gun control and other ludicrous issues for decades. Nothing new there.

    So, Hoosiers, you are not alone in suffering through a political period when Republicans have kicked open the door to their closet insanity. They are now PROUD to be called INSANE. This is what happens in a cult when the cult leader is a raving psychopath.

    Well done, Republicans. You’ve finally outed yourselves as completely, pathologically out of your f***ing minds.

  3. Two of the know armed carriers (permit status unknown) in my small neighborhood are two houses where police are often seen, one is a registered child molester, but no one is ever arrested. The registered child molester is across the street with his yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” flag flying; his dog is often a problem. My next door neighbor finally resorted to carrying his handgun for protection after problems with the dog and its owner. Yes, my neighbor has a permit but only after repeated problems while walking his dog on a leash, as required, felt threatened enough to begin carrying his handgun.

    Contacting the opposition in Indiana Legislature results in form letters weeks later, if acknowledged at all. The same can be said regarding those we do support who appear to be as mute and idle as those who are the source of our problems. My local Kroger now has an armed IMPD officer standing at the exit door; but each of them leaning against whatever is handy, have been staring into space with a blank look on their faces, waiting for their shift to end. I feel no safer with that armed guard in the overcrowded conditions, too many unmasked, to simply grocery shop.

  4. In a quote attributed to several different authors, it states, “when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carry a cross.”

    When individuals attempt to impose religious viewpoints of a particular persuasion on those who do not believe the same, that in itself is a fascistic stance.

    When those who decry abortion and promote war mongering agendas, how does that actually jibe up?

    You force individuals into a life that will make them mire in poverty, and then refuse to lend a hand after you force someone to do something that is against their will or their choice.

    Can’t get any more anti-democratic than that. And, you couldn’t be more fascistic.

  5. Indiana is just trying to catch up to Florida. If there’s any justice in this life, the monsters who push these bills would suffer for their actions.

  6. As a regular request those should point a gun should be submitted to red flag laws. This will stop those who carry guns and point them to lose their privileges. The red-flag law states those that are violent or show aggressive behavior should be scrutinized or lose their privileges to carry.

  7. Imo if you own and carry a handgun you have murder in your heart… period. Hand guns are for one purpose only… to kill other human beings. Don’t give me that self protection crap; truth be told you just really want to kill. If you really wanted self-protection you would be taking classes in conflict resolution instead of gun lessons on the practice range.

  8. And, here, in Florididia, we have the wonderful opportunity to see our teachers on microphones, able to be monitored by parents
    at home,or wherever. I an just imagine a scenario in which some dunderheaded devout southerner hears a teacher say something
    he/she does not like, and heads over to the relevant school, gun in hand, to “straighten them out!”

  9. Republicans believe that they can conquer the states formerly united one law at a time if they can create majorities state by state. Once they get a permanent majority they can turn what’s left of the country into a wealth redistribution up machine perfect in every way for everyone but workers who will get exploited in every way possible with no protection from the government.

    I imagine the next steps would be to combine with other countries of like economic systems, China and Russia come to mind, and start to divvy up comparatively defenseless neighbors. That will recreate the USSR, it will create One Asia, and, perhaps, One America all working hard to feed an aristocracy grander than the world has ever seen, at least until the greed finds out how powerful nature is in the affairs of men.

    Then, maybe, the dream of living on a strange planet of nothing but indoor spaces, either fixed or portable, required because outdoors will be deadly, will be realized without the need for space travel.

  10. With all the fruitcakes around, permitless carrying is beyond dangerousness. I am opposed to such Tombstone shooting at the OK Corral thinking and will avoid states that allow such perversions of the common good.

  11. So Becky,
    Your Heritage Foundation story begs the question.

    A shooter opens fire on my playground, hidden behind a tree in the woods nearby.
    I pull my firearm from my belt, dive behind the slide and take aim.
    My teaching partner, also armed, hides behind the monkey bars and the two of us begin trying to take down the perp.
    Our SRO officer arrives moments later, but in the chaos, doesnt realize who’s shooting from where.
    He see some person shooting from the slide, and another from the bars.
    Who does he shoot?
    Will he miss the random frightened 7 year old who starts to run from the scene?
    Now repeat this scenerio at our local Wal-Mart, gas station, bank?
    Is this where I include my eye- roll emoji?

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