Will Tomorrow Ever Come?

Speaking of Ukraine…

A few days ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a post directing me to a YouTube of Broadway entertainers gathered to sing in support of Ukraine. I’m embarrassed to admit I teared up. The large crowd sang outside despite the rain, and umbrellas partially hid the Ukrainian flags and the tee shirts with pro-Ukrainian sentiments.

The lyrics to the song–“Do You Hear the People Sing” from Les Miserables–were eerily appropriate to the genocidal assault we are witnessing. I’m just going to share those lyrics and refrain from commenting further, except to say that what is happening in Ukraine to people who were just going about their lives–going to their jobs, sending their children to school, cooking dinner–is heartbreaking evidence that much of humanity hasn’t come very far on the road to actual civilization.

The resistance of these brave people is evidence that many other humans are fighting and dying for a better tomorrow–a tomorrow that–fingers crossed!– will be civilized.

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?

Then join in the fight
That will give you the right to be free!

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

Click through and watch the YouTube.


  1. The system evidently blocks things I put on Facebook, so I am not able to bless you again.

  2. I’m not going to mock emotions, but let’s not fall for the West’s war propaganda over the Ukrainian conflict. I hope reason still has a chance in the US with more level heads, although actually finding facts takes more work than sitting on our couch at 6 and 10 pm.

    Here is clue number one – censorship of all media outside of Mainstream sources that have any reach whatsoever. The government and Big Tech have eliminated anything but their message about Ukraine. They are dictating the message about Russia and China right now.


    Rational minds know why.

    They are even selling the message that the working class should be ashamed for demanding higher wages to deal with inflation because “we must all make sacrifices.”

    The shit being peddled by AP and Bloomberg is hilarious. The IMF tells Central Banks what to do in the West, and the propaganda is being laid on thick.

    Striking workers across the planet will be shamed, including the victors at Starbucks and Amazon.

    The American people are extremely gullible and will hug their flags over the drop of a dime, and the Oligarchs know it.

    Bring out the violins…

  3. Thank you for sharing this Sheila. It gave me a chance to clear my tear ducts this morning. Very uplifting. A tragedy is unfolding in the world, and we cannot be reminded too often.

  4. Ardy saw this and mentioned it to me. She was surprised when I started to sing the song. But I am multi-talented.

  5. Thanks Prof. Good stuff. I am taken by how little serious coverage I see on TV. It is mostly
    OH MY GOD – GAS IS UP 1.00 / gal. as if THAT is the take away. Meanwhile, gas is UP that much NOT because of a supply issue, it is just war profiteering by the oil companies.

  6. Through the international non profit I worked for my entire career, we have footprint and a base in both Russia and Ukraine. We expect delegates from both countries at our world conference in Denmark this coming July. While Ukraine is not on the agenda, we do anticipate open dialogue to raise issues of international concern. This is an international reset on relations with Russia as long as we understand and appreciate dissent in Russia over Ukraine is alive and well despite government sanctions.

    Todd, you have God given talent to articulate your opinion what’s on your mind even when it is wrong.

  7. patmcc; I agree with you. My Citizens Energy Group monthly budget payment increased by $11.00 this month, I’m sure due to increase in gas prices. If the increase will help lower or stop paying Russia for gas, I don’t mind but we have no way to know if that is the reason or if they are price gouging before there is an actual shortage or increase in price of oil.

    My heart is with the Ukrainians all the way. Yesterday watched a 1943 movie, “The Edge Of Darkness, about a small Norwegian village occupied by Nazis. Supplied with arms from Great Britain and like Ukraine, men and women of all ages and young children battled the Nazis till they were all dead. I kept thinking, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. But will we eventually celebrate the victory of Ukraine over Russia or will we mourn their deaths and the destruction of their country?

  8. You know,

    I definitely am not going to criticize Todd for his opinions. He actually brings up some extremely serious issues!

    I might not agree on the delivery, but the context, in most cases, is not out of bounds.

    Timothy 3:13 reads; “wicked men and imposters will advance from bad to worse, leading and being misled.”

    Discernment; a person needs to do the work to acquire discernment. A mind that is stimulated towards truth of a matter. A mind that is able to cut through the chaff so to speak. A mind that is able to make Keen observations. A well developed conscience is necessary in this endeavor.

    We hear all the time, with all of this insanity, people claiming that they offer their thoughts, “And Prayers” but are at a loss to actually come up with a solution to the problems society faces, and the grief caused by the slaughter of Innocence/the innocents!

    Those who use discernment are not quick to be judgmental, those who use discernment are also those who will delve into issues and find out the facts through any means necessary.

    But alas, very little discernment is used! We pound on the table and expound on our beliefs concerning those damned Liars! Or, the know-nothings that really don’t have a clue and go along to get along!

    I see the supposed enlightened repeat obvious untruths or misleading evidence to prove a point or to sound intellectual. Evangelical zealots spout unconnected drivel as some sort of dogma. Black lives matter? they’re basically hypocritical! Along with their opposites in the Evangelical ranks. The anarchists, the anti-fascists, the ethno fascists, man oh man! One can go on and on and on!

    It’s great to read everyone’s opinions, but these same opinions have been written in Blood for millennia. And, actually, things would have been much easier to control in the past, but, it’s way too late with the social media connective tissue attached to anything and everything. You can’t cut it out, and you can’t stop it.

    And, Todd is actually correct when alluding to the fact that self-proclaimed self-perceived Truth tellers (and that includes Julian Assange) sorry Todd, being the worst Liars. We don’t protect the innocent in this country, we never have! Yes, we can point out wrongdoings in other parts of the world, but we like to believe in this country, we live by exceptionalism! But we don’t. The body politic or the greater Theocratic organism, is infected by virile mendacious chicanery. It always has and it always will!

    I mean, we might as well have a swastika mounted on the wall next to the Speakers chair, because that’s actually where the Italian fascist symbol ‘the Fasces’ is displayed! Originally in Sanctuary Hall, the Fasces was wrapped by a snake! Appropriate? Wow, a deceiving or lying snake! Think they were telling on themselves? lol!

  9. Too bad most Americans (except non-“professional class” workers and those in deep poverty) are having too much fun and buying stuff to see the cloud of rightwing oligarchy descending slowly on us via the ’22 and ’24 elections. Their song is “Do What’cha Wanta Do”.

  10. Thank you for reminding us about the humanity and strength of the arts. Locally on March 24, 2022 the Ronen Chamber Ensemble contributed the entire amount of $15,000 raised from a concert amongst three non profit organizations (International Rescue Committee, Direct Relief, and Humanity & Inclusion designated for humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine. Among the wonderful choices we heard that night was “Spiegel Im spiegel” played solo by Zack DePue. I wept.

  11. “Veneer” is the word. What we call our “civilization” is just a thin veneer approximating being civilized, laid over the beastial depths of our mammalian brains. The amygdala, involved deeply with emotion, anxiety and fear, which help our species, and others, to look for signs of danger, still runs much of the show.

    Was it Milosevic, in Bosnia, who worked people up over a supposed ancient (1500′?) “insult” to a former king, leading to a slaughter of epic proportions? Is not the MAGA crowd operating on the same Trump inflamed hysteria?

    Bonobos are more civilized than we are!!

  12. Bonobos are far more “civilized” than we are, Mitch!

    First…they’re female led.

    Secondly, every social interaction begins and ends with some kind of sexual activity. Male/female, male/male, female/female….it’s all the same to them.

    They’re full of happy endorphins and….they’re far more “civilized” than we are!

  13. I was an ardent “fan” of 60’s/70’s protest folk music where the crowds stood up and sang together against war, racism, injustice. There seem to be no protest songs today…caring is no longer cool.

  14. Thank you Sheila. I do not believe there should be any shame in feeling sorrow, in shedding tears, for people losing their sense of security, homes, communities due to war time aggression and inconsideration of what it means, truly and deeply means, to be a member of the human species.

    I join you and others in shedding tears of sorrow for the destruction persons can perpatrate upon fellow humans no matter what your political stance or belief.

  15. The place in the world of the States formerly United was cast by our founders choice to be first in implementation of the European Age of Enlightenment concept of liberal democracy. The next implementation of it was ultimately a product of the French Revolution that was celebrated in “Le Miz”.

    Both countries have fought to preserve liberal democracy since then.

    Now they’ve been joined by equally courageous and determined people of the Ukraine.

  16. “Do You Hear the People Sing?” From “Les Mis” always sends chills down my spine along with a flood of tears. It did today. We often think we have come a long way, but have we? There is much work for us to do. “Slava Ukraine,” (Glory to Ukraine) by Sandy Smollen, was sent to me by a friend, a Nashville singer-songwriter. Find it on YouTube, listen and pass it on.

  17. In Greek Epicurean philosophy,

    Epicurious, penned this little diddy, “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die”

    Or, a more current idiation of the epicurean mantra….

    “Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse!”

    The above is embraced by the youngest or the younger generations, so, when you believe that hope is based on the up and comers? I believe you are way way off the mark. It’s the ultimate Canon in Me’ist worship.

    Why worry about slaughter of the innocent? Hey, we’re all going to die anyway, right? Grab your parasol and take a walk on the sunny side of any street in Mariupol! It will be a hell of a ride, although, your corpse might not be so good looking.

    Has the so-called modern psyche based on religious beliefs? Actually not! They are based on teachings from two and a half to three millennia ago from the Greek philosophical houses.

    Everyone recognizes the names the philosophical names and categorizations of, Platonism, Aristotleism Stoicism, Epicureanism, Skepticism, Cynicism, or the sage Thales.

    They all have been combined Helter skelter in religious dogma by Roman emperor Constantine! So, is it any Wonder that there is no natural direction for anything! We worship these philosophies as if they were a Panacea, or some sort of world saving grace. But in actuality, much of it is divisive, or worse!

  18. Nothing affects me like the little girl in the bomb shelter singing the Ukrainian version of “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. You can see how it affects the others nearby. I cry whenever I watch it. It may be the most beautiful and moving thing I’ve ever seen.


  19. I am just reminded of the most subversive, diabolical exports from the US
    Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll
    Music, and the arts in general, fit into the American ideals of freedom and individual creativity, while also encouraging community.

  20. Thank you Sheila for getting me to finally watch this. But don’t ever resist tears. That is something taught us by the partiarchy, because hiding our emotions means we bury them. The emotions bring you true knowledge and understanding of what is going on. Reason can temper those emotions to keep them honest, but without them “Reason is barren, and a virgin”, as Ursula K Le Guin said in her 1986 Bryn Mawr Commencement Address.

  21. Vlodymyr Struk
    Denis Kireev
    Mikhail & Aleksander Kononovich
    Nestor Shufrych
    Yan Taksyur
    Dmitri Djangirov
    Elena Berezhnay

    Normalizing nazis will have deleterious effects.

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