Speaking Of America’s Decline…

As long as we’re talking about the decline of America’s political life, let’s talk about Herschel Walker– a human representation of that decline.

Walker–for those unfamiliar with him, as I happily was until recently–is the Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia. His nomination owes much to America’s obsessions with both sports and celebrity; he was evidently once a good football player.

At least he was good at something…

I can’t describe Walker any better than The New Republic.which headlined the linked story with a question: Is Herschel Walker Running to be the Senate’s Dumbest Liar?

Last month, the two-time All-Pro running back from the University of Georgia won the Peach State’s Republican Senate primary. A rabid right-winger, Walker has fully backed Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was stolen, going as far as to say that Joe Biden didn’t get “50 million votes.” (Biden received more than 80 million.) He has urged revotes in a number of close states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and his home state. In chilling fashion, he called on Trump to conduct a “cleansing” of the country in the days leading up to Biden’s inauguration.

Walker is, even by recent GOP standards, an absolute firehose of lies. He’s also, to put it bluntly, absolutely godawful at lying. His deceptions seem to arrive in the news pre-collapsed—they are easily uncovered and incredibly numerous; his falsehoods have been repeatedly revealed over the last several months. At this point the “False Statements” section of his Wikipedia page is longer than the one recounting his ongoing campaign to be Georgia’s next senator.

The article enumerates a number of the lies Walker has peddled. For example, he has boasted that he was proprietor of a food service business that was a “mini–Tyson Foods,” claiming that it employed more than 100 people and generated nearly $100 million in sales. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the company’s profits were less than $2 million; that Walker didn’t own or run it, but had simply licensed his name to the business; and it had only eight employees.

In February, meanwhile, Walker boasted that “I still have about 250 people that sew drapery and bedspreads for me.” That sounds impressive! There’s just one problem: It isn’t. While Walker has claimed on his website that “[Herschel Walker Enterprises] and Renaissance Hospitality provides major hotels, restaurants and hospitals with custom fabric bedding, drapery and window treatments,” the truth is that Renaissance Hospitality doesn’t exist anymore—it dissolved a year ago. Moreover, Walker didn’t even own the business—a friend did.

There’s lots more. On several occasions, Walker claimed to have worked in law enforcement, although he never did. He has repeatedly railed against single-parent families, especially absent Black fathers.  Small  problem: The Daily Beast initially revealed that Walker has a son, now 10 years old, whom he never sees, and subsequently found others–there are (at least) three children for whom Walker is an absentee father

The portrait that emerges is a pretty simple one: The guy is a liar and a dummy. Walker spouts off in interviews and the campaign trail, inflates his successes, and makes bold claims that are comically easy to disprove. His campaign occasionally acknowledges them or tries to walk them back—it acknowledged the parentage of his son, for instance—but Walker has managed, either by wit or by accident, to keep following the Trump North Star, charging forward, headlong into the next incident. This candidacy is ultimately a test of how much Trump broke our politics—and how much a lesser facsimile of the former president can lie again and again and still succeed in American politics. Perhaps our politics are sturdy enough to survive it. It’s still no fun watching voters have to stomach this sort of stupidity and deceit.

If Walker was just a one-off, that would be dispiriting enough; he is, after all, the nominee of a major party for the Senate of the United States. But he has lots of company. (And let’s be clear, virtually all of the bumbling, moronic, ego-driven narcissists who embarrass America daily come from the once-Grand Old Party. Marjorie Taylor Green, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert…In the Senate, you have Tommy Tuberville (who didn’t know there were three branches of government), James Inhofe…and those are just the ones who come immediately to mind.)

Dick Lugar is spinning in his grave.

How did American politics descend from debates over the common good and sound policy–from issues of governance–to today’s version of “let’s make a deal.”? When did celebrity come to be more important than competence, anger and bile more important than intellect, self-aggrandizing bluster more important than verifiable truth?

For those of us who are worried that the country is in decline, the rise of the idiocracy is compelling–albeit depressing– evidence.


  1. Speaking of moronic Republican dumb ass liars, please include the idiotic Ron Johnson from WI. He needs to be replaced this fall.

  2. Gosh! Sounds like a former senator from Delaware and look where he is now!
    How racist to attack Hershel like that.

  3. Walker is placed so there will be constant spin about his lies.
    Talking about him gives him free coverage.
    NPR did that for trump, I finally took NPR off my radios in 2016.
    Don’t give the same constant coverage to this candidate. Name recognition will get Walker elected. Why would you help?

  4. Where to send your $10:
    Evan McMullin, UT (Ind) for US senator
    Dr. Al Gross, AK (Ind) for representative
    Marcus Flowers, GA (D) vs Marjorie Taylor Greene
    Josh Shapiro, PA (D) governor vs Mastriano
    Raphael Warnock, GA (D) Senator
    Tim Ryan, OH (D) rep vs JD Vance
    John Fetterman (D-PA) for senate vs Dr. Oz
    Governor (D-PA) nominee against Mastriano
    Mike Franken (D-IA) senate vs Chuck Grassley
    Stacy Abrams (D-GA) governor vs Brian Kemp

  5. Walker has two qualities to run for public office required by much of the American public beyond the state of Georgia; a set of balls and history, however brief, as a major sports figure. His lies and lack of qualifications to run for office are, like Trump’s, unimportant in the coming election. The southern state of Georgia primarily views him as a vital public personage from the peach state, worthy of a high placed position in government. Look back at O.J. and Mike Tyson who remained revered in much of the public as American heroes. O.J. walked free and Mike Tyson, after his rape conviction here, never served one day of his 4 year sentence in prison. He spent his time in the Indiana Boy’s School’s intake division; was this to place him as an example of American men to boys already dangerous to society. But…they had balls and a sports history.

    What will happen to Brittney Griner who continues being held prisoner in Russia on drug charges for a small amount of marijuana? Wrong? Certainly! She remains a sports figure but is only a woman without the required pair of balls to be deemed important enough to fight for.

  6. Sorry, when people start lauding Lugar, I have to offer a different opinion. Yes, Lugar was extremely well qualified, and was a statesman. But his demise was of his own making and nobody else. He did not bother to maintain a residence in Indiana and voted, repeatedly and, in my opinion, illegally, using as his address a house he sold some 30 years earlier. (And, no, Indiana AG legal opinions didn’t say he could do that. The opinions had to do with qualifications to be a US Senate from Indiana – whether he was an “inhabitant” of the State as required under the Constitution – and that he didn’t lose that status by his service in DC. The opinions had nothing to do with his using his old house he owned in the 1970s to vote from). Lugar lived in Virginia and would stay in hotel rooms when he came to Indiana. He made no effort to keep in contact with Hoosiers or the Indiana GOP. As a candidate, if you took your picture with Lugar, you’d get a threatening letter from his lawyers that you were not to use the photo in your campaign.

    The residency issue is particularly grating to me. I saw how they went after Charlie White for supposedly voting in the wrong Fishers precinct ONE TIME. He ended up with four or five felonies and lost his law license. (White’s real offense was when the “scandal” broke he refused to resign and let Gov. Daniels appoint his replacement. Gov. Daniels vowed he would get White. That’s when the prosecution happened.) Meanwhile, Lugar and Evan Bayh for decades voted using addresses where they clearly did not reside. Unlike Lugar, at least Bayh owned the downtown Indy condo he claimed as his residence…though when reporters asked him the address, he got it wrong.) In 2022, ex-VP Mike Pence voted, claiming the Governor’s Mansion was his residence. There is no law that allowed Pence to do that.

    Lugar, Bayh and Pence never worried about being prosecuted b/c they had political clout. Charlie White did not. Prosecuting someone, or not doing so, based on the political power they have is just wrong.

  7. @gail, where exactly did you hear anyone attack Walker for his race? Is he supposed to be immune to criticism for massively, repeatedly, and obviously lying about his credentials (which Biden has not), merely because he is Black? To suggest that a Black person is somehow not capable of telling the truth is far more racist. Please stop.

  8. You would think that the ace, number one, crackerjack Republican Indiana legislature would have tackled the elected official residence problem since the 1970s. Alas, they are too busy enacting laws to keep women and minorities in their place and sending the state’s revenues to the Catholic Church via a voucher system.

  9. Perfect example of just why we should not worship athletes. Just because they can perform well in a children’s game does not qualify them for anything. Absolutely nothing. I quit watching “sports” decades ago and want nothing of it. I will not waste the electrons necessary to turn on my TV or computer. IMHO sports numbs Americans to the violence on America’s streets and in war zones. (BTW, I’m a disabled combat vet) The connections are wide spread using words such as “the long bomb”, “Blitz the quarterback”, etc. During the halftime they are in the locker room with the “coach” exhorting the “athletes” to “kill” the opposing players especially the quarterback. Make them hurt, break their legs, etc. And this is supposed to “build character”? What a load of &ull$hit.

  10. I can think of lots of reason not to vote for Walker. First and foremost is the obvious quality of his opponent. IMHO Warnock might just be the best orator in the Senate in decades. He is the complete opposite of Walker, bright, obviously well spoken, progressive. If Walker wins, the people of Georgia might just want to hang a sign at the state line extolling the fact that the state is fluent in stupid.

  11. Paul K. Ogden; Charlie White had NO legal residence address. He had purchased a home for his fiancee and her child but she did not allow him to live in that home till after their marriage. He spent some nights in his mother’s home and some nights admitted he slept in his car where he kept most of his clothes. Maybe he voted in the precinct where he parked his car. That old saying, “Anywhere I hang my hat is home.” comes to mind. With some of Charlie’s other failings as a politician, I viewed him as Indiana’s Louie Gohmert, maybe he could have given his license plate number as his address. You omitted Steve Goldsmith whose lie about his primary address being in New York City to qualify him to be Deputy Mayor was made public when he was arrested for a spousal abuse charge at his actual home in Washington, D.C. He was, as is the common process, allowed to resign rather than fired. Nixon comes to mind at this time.

    I believe Richard Lugar did own a home here but was not his primary address; how many other Representatives and Senators are currently in that same situation? They live in Washington, D.C. or surrounding areas but maintain their political positions from their home states. During the 1980s into early 1990s, Indianapolis City employees were required to live within the boundaries of Marion County. Republicans managed to get that requirement removed as they were moving outside Marion County to get away from minorities and slum areas which were becoming the norm in their original neighborhoods.

  12. Well, OF COURSE Walker is a firehose of lies. OF COURSE he’s a fraud with the intellect of dryer lint. He’s the GOP’s latest Uncle Tom candidate who has totally given up his pride, his reputation and his ethics (If he ever had any.) to be the Republican U.S. Senate candidate. Think on that, Gail.

    Being a Republican apologist is just as pathetic as supporting somebody who was once a great football player, didn’t graduate from college when he said he did and continues the disgrace by fronting a Republican Senate candidacy.

    Herschel Walker has NEVER been more than a face and a name; it shows how short the GOP bench is in Georgia and everywhere else. Brian Kemp. MTG. And now Walker. It’s a good thing the Democratic Senators have saved the reputation of the Georgia electorate by being terrific first-term Senators.

    But people like Gail, who have no clue about most everything, will trot out the “whataboutisms” and blame Biden for everything. Since Republicans have NO civic agenda, lying and blaming and lying more is all they have.

    How on earth can any person of color support the Republican party let alone represent them? That fact alone should disqualify Mr. Walker as a viable representative for…anyone.

  13. The current owner of the Republican Party franchise, Donald Trump, has been recently revealed to be a toxically spoiled five-year-old child, residing in a decrepit body feeding an even more decrepit mind. Some people cannot distinguish that from even a President of the United States. The problem is that he owns them too.

  14. Herschel’s opponent in less than two years has proven to be an intelligent progressive and a talented speaker, all important attributes for a senator. Along with Senator Ossoff, Georgia is a well-represented state in contrast with, for instance, Kentucky and Florida, which offer, respectively, McConnell & Paul and Scott & Marco.

    gail’s cheap shot at Biden and introduction of race into an evaluation of politicians by voters are unwarranted, especially when both senatorial candidates, as here, are black. The issue is not color; it is qualification for office, and even if Herschel’s delusionary stories of his exploits were true, Senator Warnock is clearly the superior candidate for this important office – hands down.

  15. Mike Pence recently stated that in his lifetime no presidwent has lied more than Joe Biden. Short memory or just a typical magat liar?

  16. Christopher and all –

    Please also consider donating to these important races with inspiring fresh candidates:

    – IA02 (US House) Liz Mathis – https://lizmathis.com/ – a chance to take out a GOP enabler
    – MI10 (US House) Huwaida Arraf – https://www.huwaidaforcongress.com/ – best chance to face the likely GOP winner, John James – Black celebrity Trump-endorsed GOP
    – OH04 (US House) Tamie Wilson – longshot young woman running hard to oust…Jim Jordan

    Not everyone is enthralled with MAGA-celebrity candidates. We helped yesterday in Utah with a a “red-dog GOP” candidate running against the NFL model MAGA guy, Burgess Owen. Owen won, but only 60/40.

  17. Lol, Vernon,

    Dryer lint? 🤣👍

    Influencers, celebrity, fame, Kardashian! Herschel Walker?All have sprung from Me’ism and, these worshipers of themselves or others are Me’ists.

    Back in 2000, a certain Chinese propaganda executive made a statement, “We have just two principles, one is satisfying demand. The other is making money.”

    It’s easy to get people to spend their money, it’s easy to tap into their pockets by appealing to their Selfishness and Greed. Because, they see it working on behalf of those who they idolize!

    Our “Moral Compass” usually points north, but, what happens when you put a Magnet next to a Compass? Well, that Compass is going to point directly at the Magnet as it overpowers “True North!”

    These celebrities and politicians who lie, cheat, steal, jeopardize not just a democratic society, but also the health and welfare of its citizens! These Magnets have to be “decoupled” from Society. At least a Democratic Society, a free Democratic Society. These influencing, Autocratic, Political, and Religious Fascist Magnets completely overpower the True North of Compassion and Empathy, and point directly at the Magnetic Enigma!

    But, not only are these near-do-wells, Enigmatic and Ambiguous Me’ists, they are also peddlers in Obscurantism. After all, why would a Me’ist and an Obscurist want those Lemmings to be enlightened?
    Because they need those useful idiots En’mass! Mindless cannon fodder that only has an eye for the bright shiny lie, they become the Intellectual Suicide Bomber or Shrapnel, which not only destroys their Mission Assignment, but in true Lemming style, “themselves” in the process! Collateral damage and innocence be damned.

    Delusions of grandeur, the Grandeur of Celebrity and Selfishness furnishes their much craved “Confluent Rapture” with their chosen idol of worship!

    These self-aggrandized and selfish Manure Spreaders (Mouths of Lemming Wannabes ) have an “Endless” supply of Crap, straight from its “Endless” source, that they can regurgitatingly fling upon the “Endless” supply of cannon fodder! See? It really is “Endless!” There’s going to be a need for a much bigger Hammer to even attempt a fix!

  18. We once elected a “B” actor as our president, twice, and his best role was acting like a president.
    Walker is a living farce,as is Graham, etc., but, he’s taken a page from the Orange Ogre’s playbook,
    and is running with it…never miss an opportunity to lie…it covers your incompetence.

  19. Patmcc, I’m glad you mentioned Ron Johnson. The recent issue where he tried to bluff being on a call to avoid reporters’ questions was hilariously stupid.

    On Herschel Walker, I can’t believe no one mentioned his recent interview where he said about Georgia:

    “If it’s the worst state, why are you here? Why don’t you leave ― go to another? There’s, what, 51 more other states that you can go to?”

    But perhaps everyone figured there was no need for more evidence.

  20. desprite republicans. herschal. token black, in line with their EEOE. i can go on after seeing minorities gain noteritey of this scam in this party. seems it isnt deprite, its just exploitation and greed. wevw seen a commedian,flop,or movie standin rise to office, its obvious anyone can be,er, president. if the republican party indorces the likes of green and booberhead,
    its failures are at full view. when the cause of taking control again is that close, any failure will do as long as theirs a long line of ignorance now to follow them to the polls. sad but hilarious how one whole party in DC will sell their plan like a carney barker,for the rest of the world to see.
    putin is obviously laughing his ass off…

  21. republicans no matter who they are in office,had bleeding teeth after the kill in 2016.
    now its a different matter after the 1/6 commission yesterday. seems the maga,ets ready in 2016 are
    now grasping for straws as numbers sink. some polls show diffrent slants for the question.
    after yesterdays quiz on the hot seat, Liz made a point,your ass is showing now…

  22. Peg – the almost daily “racist” rants on this blog attacks any conservative for their views based on that pretense. It’s predictable – it’s liberals answer for everything- so it’s quite HILARIOUS you didn’t get my point – ahhh but maybe you did and couldn’t handle it….
    I’ll be pulling the lever for Hershel -and sending money to his campaign and Ole joe wouldn’t know integrity or honesty if it hit in the face. The GOP will control congress after the midterms and either Trump or Desantis WILL be the next POTUS. This little J6 clown show exposes their level of insanity and dishonesty and FEAR of Trump – while their “star” witness yesterday has already been discredited . 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
    Cheney and Kinzinger are gone in November.
    Chew on that for awhile!
    You, my dear, are going to need medication!

  23. Gail,

    Lol, you are a perfect example of the Lemming on its “Mission Assignment!” What’s your upshot here gail, what’s your end game? What is your vision? Obviously it’s not to display your dynamic intellect, so, is it to detonate your un’intellectual I E D? Well you’ve succeeded! Your Manure Spreader has obviously attached it’s mindless umbilical cord to its Source Crap! Well done, yes, well done!

  24. John,

    I do smell a TV in the mix somewhere! Maybe a radio or a magazine. 😉

  25. Christopher and Lester I’m 💯 with you on supporting non-R candidates for federal offices in other states and I have picked a few to whose campaigns I have contributed.

    But I DO ask that you get behind Destiny Wells (D) for Indiana Secretary of State. She’s enormously qualified, her opponent comes with self-documented evidence that he’s NOT qualified, AND it’s a winnable race!!

  26. Sheila – You ask “When did celebrity come to be more important than competence, anger and bile more important than intellect, self-aggrandizing bluster more important than verifiable truth?”

    Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, army officers? A long time –
    For dated comic relief – from 1965 – Ton Lehrer singing “George Murphy”


  27. Apparently, the only people dumber than HW are the ones that have voted and will vote for him.

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