If This Doesn’t Terrify You…

Little by little, media outlets have begun reporting on a variety of really horrifying “movements”–most embracing Neo-fascist and/or crypto-Christian beliefs–that have been accumulating large numbers of adherents despite their underground status.

One such movement is the New Apostolic Reformation.

On July 1, 2022, inside a packed Georgia arena, four religious leaders stood on stage as they recited a blood chilling Prayer Declaration called the “Watchman Decree”:

Whereas, we have been given legal power from heaven and now exercise our authority, Whereas, we are God’s ambassadors and spokespeople over the earth. Whereas, through the power of God we are the world influencers. Whereas, because of our covenant with God, we are equipped and delegated by him to destroy every attempted advance of the enemy, we make our declarations: … 3. We decree that our judicial system will issue rulings that are biblical and constitutional. 4. We declare that we stand against wokeness, the occult, and every evil attempt against our nation. 5. We declare that we now take back our God-given freedoms, according to our Constitution. 6. We decree that we take back and permanently control positions of influence and leadership in each of the “Seven Mountains.”

Not only was the arena “packed,” the video of the recitation–which you can see at the link– was viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter alone.

The Watchman Decree is a product of something called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). The relatively few media outlets that have reported on the movement tell us that it is a rapidly accelerating worldwide Christian authoritarian movement, one that includes practices of faith healing and exorcism. It also promotes dominionism, the belief that Christians must take control of government, business and the culture before Jesus can return to earth.

The men on stage included NAR apostles Dutch Sheets (who wrote the decree) and Lance Wallhau, along with two close colleagues, pastors Mario Murillo and Hank Kunneman. The fifth man, pastor Gene Bailey, hosted the event for his show Flashpoint on Victory TV, a Christian network that platforms the NAR and pro-Trump Make America Great (MAGA) influencers.

Those relatively obscure individuals are joined in NAR by Trump supporters with far more familiar names: former Trump National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who has appeared on Flashpoint several times, and longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone. Stone, Flynn, and other MAGA influencers were announced as participants in a Pennsylvania tour called the“Reawaken America Tour” (RAT). That tour was founded by a far right podcast host from Oklahoma, and was sponsored by an NAR apostle through something called Charisma News.

Leading NAR apostles are blatantly pro-Trump, and claim their view is supported by God, whereas opposition to Trump is satanic. “Fighting with Trump is fighting God,” Wallnau declared in October 2020. “God does not want” Joe Biden to be president, Sheets claimed in December 2020. “All those witchcraft curses that did not land on Donald Trump are trying to take out his kids,” Wallnau raged in a 2017 video. In a 2017 tweet, he wrote, “Praying for the President-elect at Press Club in D.C. with Lou Engle. Prophetic location. Trump must keep wrecking media witchcraft.”

The NAR also opposes freedom of religion, teaching instead that Christians must exert dominion over all aspects of our society. The NAR isn’t the only movement that espouses dominionism, but it may be the most influential. As explained by Wagner, who fathered the NAR:

“Dominion has to do with control. Dominion has to do with rulership. Dominion has to do with authority and subduing. And it relates to society. In other words, what the values are in Heaven need to be made manifest on earth. Dominion means being the head and not the tail. Dominion means ruling as kings.”

The specific pillars of society over which the NAR plans to “rule as kings” are seven-fold: 1. business, 2. government, 3. family, 4. religion, 5. media, 6. education, and 7. entertainment. NAR leaders call this the “Seven Mountains” mandate.

I find it hard to get my head around the fact that thousands–perhaps millions–of Americans can hold and act upon such beliefs in the 21st Century. I can only speculate about the fears and/or resentments that might account for a person’s  embrace of such a worldview. The fact that the NAR and its ilk have largely flown under the radar adds to the danger. These are people who believe they are privy to the will of a deity they have created out of their own inadequacies, and that they are entitled to exert “dominion” over the rest of us.

We live in very scary times.


  1. This pertains to Prof K’s message today. (I have not seen it yet )


    PBS Says:
    How did Michael Flynn go from being an elite soldier overseas to waging a “spiritual war” in America? In collaboration with the Associated Press, FRONTLINE examines how the retired three-star general has emerged as a leader in a far-right movement that puts its brand of Christianity at the center of American civic life & institutions and is attracting election deniers, conspiracists & extremists.

    Aired: 10/18/22

    Rating: NR

  2. I would post a picture of the car casing my house (also my business address for my publishing site), but you don’t allow uploads. It’s why this journalist has a carry permit in Indiana.

    We have churches in Indiana preaching the same nonsense. You veer off the beaten path just a bit, and you will find it everywhere. This is why our media outlets leave it alone.

    I have noticed people on Twitter listing actual military ranks among these self-ascribed holy patriot warriors. I’ve read that Utah has become a literal hotbed for these groups. A particular segment of Christianity calls for the return of Christ, and these folks are using it for political purposes.

    Many millions subscribe to this belief, and many more are considering it…

  3. I am so glad I departed the US as it is full on bat shit crazy. This is “Christian” Nationalism on steroids.

  4. What is with conservatives? They seem to always want to form a new organization led by white men claiming to be the true American Christians. They say they will save the country from a changing world. There was the John Birch Society, the Promise Keepers, and now this horror show. Lots of big rallies, fiery speeches, and promises for a “true America” make up the agenda. Just a collection of bible college graduates and mail order preachers who cannot make it in an open society.

  5. In the 19th century, people like these guys went in covered wagons from place to place, which clearly is not as efficient as the platforms provided by modern electronic media. So now they have ways to “preach” their hatred to large numbers of “sheep” who are waiting for the Second Coming. It is scary to think about the large numbers who believe in magic (amounting to blasphemy), which is what this movement is about.

  6. “Whereas, we have been given legal power from heaven and now exercise our authority,” —- Oh gag me. As if there is such a thing as legal power from heaven.

    “Whereas, we are God’s ambassadors and spokespeople over the earth. Whereas, through the power of God we are the world influencers. People of other faiths and cultures (Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc.) are quite content with their beliefs. I seriously doubt they would ever acknowledge, much less agree to this kind of decree.

    “Whereas, because of our covenant with God, we are equipped and delegated by him to destroy every attempted advance of the enemy…”
    If they have a contract with God to destroy enemies, how do they propose to do this? Destroy is a forceful, lust-filled word.

    The specific pillars of society over which the NAR plans to “rule as kings” are seven-fold: 1. business, 2. government, 3. family, 4. religion, 5. media, 6. education, and 7. entertainment.

    Hahaha! Can you imagine all the billion-dollar global corporations allowing this kind of control? The NAR may be able to exert this kind of control over their own family units, home-schools, and churches, but they will never achieve control over the other “pillars”. Jesus never once attempted to control society. He chose NOT TO DESTROY, but to convince and INFLUENCE through the kind of love that changed hearts–not laws. He even said that his kingdom was not of this world. – John 18:36. Regardless, the U.S. Constitution was not written or designed to give one religious authoritarian sect this kind of absolute power and control.

    They are a fearful bunch of malcontents. Perpetual grievance junkies. They love THEIR country only as long as the entire population submits to their vision. In a country as diverse as ours, this will NEVER happen.

  7. Everyone….. these people are not Conservatives, they are autocratic, nationalistic, authoritarians, but never are they conservative, let alone Conservative.

    Nor are they Christian/christian. Are they even religious? Zealots maybe.

    They all have much more in common with Putin and Adolph than any particular religion. They just want to run the world or at least their small part of it.

    So please don’t use words like ‘christian’ or ‘conservative’ to describe what them. They are neither nor anything that comes close.

  8. These words are from The Times of Northwest Indiana today. They were spoken by State Senator Michael Griffin (D), the most knowledgeable person in Indiana concerning local and state finances.

    “I am heartened by the words of Paul of Tarsus who in his letter to the Church at Galatia urged: ‘Let us not grow weary in well-doing for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart.'”

  9. What Terry said. What the Philippine resident said.

    These idiots are diseased and enthralled by their own words because they are WEAK. These cowards are NOT willing to die for their beliefs. They are compelled to make this shit up as they go, because they lack any intellect that solves problems. It all comes from down deep in their reptilian brains. Promoting fear, and divisiveness has long been the method humans use to control other humans. The death threats and intimidation is done by the weakest of the weak. If we buy into that fear and hide, we are complicit in the coming storms.

    Stay strong and work to defeat idiot-level “movements” (bowels?) like NAR by being strong and defiant to their mindless rhetoric. See, they don’t really know what they’re talking about, but the cheering crowds of equally brain-dead fools simply reinforces their bullshit.

  10. The streak of MAGAness in the military, police, border patrol, males is well documented. And we have just learned, no surprise, the Secret Service. Think about the fact that in these times the only “trusted” institution by the American public is the military….GULP! We have been warned…all happening right in front of us…

  11. There are authoritarian leaders in every field and authoritarian followers in every audience. The leaders aspire to build an increasing presence of strict followers. That’s how Rush Limbaugh worked, that’s how the entertainers who followed him work, like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone and Tucker Carlson and Micheal Flynn, and of course Donald Trump. They, like all entertainers, say and do whatever holds the authoritarian followers and build an audience.

    The New Apostolic Reformation is no exception, but their stock in trade is Faith, a powerful form of recruitment and loyalty.

    None value freedom.

  12. Pete – respectfully disagree – they value “freedom” above all – the freedom to do anything THEY want for THEIR benefit with no scruples/laws/common decency attached.

  13. It makes me a little paranoid when public social contact can so easily happen with one of these hate-filled people. In Indiana, there are places where I find myself fearful of any interaction with the general population, individually or collectively. tfg has energized and licensed followers so filled with hate and so willing to dehumanize anyone who might be “different” that it feels like infiltrating behind enemy lines to travel within their midst.
    The seven mountains to be conquered, especially in the age of globalism, may seem unrealistic but corporations are only interested in their profits. They have and will continue to use whatever tools come to hand to increase those profits. If the christo-fascists allow greater profits then they will back them until they don’t.

  14. Terry Franzman, you said this:

    “So please don’t use words like ‘christian’ or ‘conservative’ to describe what them. They are neither nor anything that comes close.”

    That’s the lie I told myself for years as a Christian and with some respect for conservatism. They are “conservative,” because that is what they call themselves. They are not, of course, in the classical sense, but it is pointless to argue. They are “conservative” and “The Conservatives,” and the best you can do is alert any actual conservatives you know to stop branding themselves with that label.

    More importantly, I am no longer Christian, not because I do not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, but because these people have redefined Christianity just as surely as the the Romans did. I will not believe in whatever it is they are, and the reality now is that they are the Christians, and this is Christianity. Once upon a time perhaps it was possible for educated people to understand and enjoy the theology while our childlike adult neighbors were at least marginally civilized by the religion’s influence, but long ago the inmates, or con-men pretending to be inmates, took over the asylum. The Christianity I knew as a child is dead, and what is left is a vile expression of anti-Christ sentiments.

  15. Don’t stop being who and what you are just so you won’t be identified with these crazies. Speak out and call them crazy, then ask them where they derive their so-called powers. It’s not from the Gospels, not from the Epistles, therefore it isn’t from Christ.

  16. What Rebecca wrote. Movements seek power above all other goals but need a front for achieving such ends. This group uses religion and more specifically the words of a document finally adopted by the Second Council in 381 A.D. for the Western world called the bible, whose language they adapt to their goal-seeking here more than seventeen-plus centuries later.

    The movement Sheila identifies today is composed of various and sundry criminals, military, preachers, power-seekers, atheists and other real or pretended believers in an ancient philosophy chosen by the Second Council to be best represented by the “books” so chosen. We have no record of the vote at that conclave deciding which books were holy (the bible) and which were held to be unworthy of belief.

    In my view the movement Sheila identifies today represents just another group of power players who would seize all power under the admixture of divine order and a healthy portion of delusion and fear to be fed to the gullible, but with electronic capabilities those Christian bishops did not have in 381 A.D. at their meeting in modern-day Turkey – and I for one consider the results of that conclave and those this present movement seeks to be essentially political rather than religious in nature so I don’t confuse the movement with the cover (speaking of disbelief).

  17. I admit I know little about Christianity; however, what always pops into my mind when I read about these folks is a strong desire to ask them “What would Jesus say/do (and why)?

  18. Goodmorning , we are at a the intersection in our lives where our choices are entertainment democracy and nonentertainment democracy….(this is where apathy, cynicism, and complacency) converge as one choice…or decide to choose against mediocrity…and work hard to educate (be well informed) for the best interest of the whole(democracy).
    If we choose entertainment (mediocrity) the ending results is catastrophic ( i.e. Gary, Indiana)…let’s sit down and talk? Please…or zoom…
    Thank you for reading this….
    Always with respect, joe

  19. I watched Frontline: Michael Flynn’s Holy War. I knew the man was evil when I first saw him sitting next to Putin having dinner shortly after tfg took office. Yes, I am scared! I chose my 79th age to run for a county office as a Democrat. Now I know why no one else would step up to fill elected positions. It will take a whole lot more people than me to save our country! Campaigning yesterday a man angry in tone called me a “baby killer”. I can still here his angry words! I told him to have a good day….and hurried away!

  20. Yes! Very scary.
    I can not help but think that people who are driven obsessives, especially religiously, have the stamina, because of their obsessiveness,
    to keep at their nonsense until others give in…out of sheer exhaustion. I do not expect that that is what will happen with these fools, though.
    But the spreading of their “gospel” is dangerous, just as is the case with the QAnon garbage.
    Our society does not need still more splintering, nor does any society need splintering.
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire
    In 1981 someone tried to kill the then sitting Pope, an atrocity.
    The followers of the NAR, and ilk, can be expected to try to do horrid stuff…in the name of their god-thing!! Scary!

  21. One of THE BEST books I have read on the subject of “Christianity” in 20th and 21st century modern America is “One Nation Under God,” by Kevin M. Kruse. I highly recommend as not only a good history, but gets to the very core of nationalism today with Trumpism. Here I attach a brief overview from Princeton history department.


  22. Bradford: I read this book a while back, after it was highly recommended by a friend who is an Episcopalian clergyman. You are correct; it’s excellent–and illuminating.

  23. Romans the 13th chapter starting at verse 1; “let every person be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by god; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by god. Therefore, whoever opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God those who have taken a stand against it will bring judgment against themselves. For those rulers are an object of fear not to the good deed, but to the bad. Do you not want to be free of fear of the authority? Keep doing good, and you will have praise from it; for it is God’s minister to you for your good. But if you are doing what is bad be in fear, for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword. It is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath against the one practicing what is bad. There is therefore compelling reason for you to be in subjection, not only on account of that wrath but also on account of your conscience. That is why you are also paying taxes; for they are God’s public servants constantly serving this very purpose. Render to all their dues: to the one who calls for the tax’ the tax; to the one who calls for the tribute, the tribute; to the one who calls for fear, such fear; to the one who calls for Honor, such honor!

    So if an individual is a true Christian and not just in word but in deed, obeying the superior authorities which are man’s governments, is a matter of conscience. A Christian must be in submission to human authorities because he should recognize that it is in harmony with God’s will.

    There are conflicts between man’s law and God’s law. And that’s where conscientious objection comes into play. Say, joining the military or being drafted. A true Christian one who is actually a follower of Christ would take that discipline or correction from the secular authorities because that’s what Christians are told to do. Thou shalt not kill!

    1 Peter 2:13 – 17 reads; “for the Lord’s sake subject yourselves to every human creation, whether to a King as being Superior or to governors as sent by him to punish wrongdoers but to praise those who do good. For it is the will of God that by doing good you may silence the ignorant talk of unreasonable men. Be as free people, using your freedom, not as cover for doing wrong, but as slaves of god. Honor men of all sorts, have love for the whole association of Brothers, be in fear of god, honor the king.”

    1 Peter 2:21 – 23 reads; “in fact, to this course you were called, because even Christ suffered for you, leaving a model for you to follow his steps closely. He committed no sin, nor was deception found in his mouth. When he was being insulted, he did not insult in return. When he was suffering, he did not threaten, but he entrusted himself to the one who judges righteously.”

    So obviously as a person who considers themselves a true Christian, they are not to work against man’s government, and if they do, the penalty is willingly accepted.

  24. Since my first computer, and its 9.6kbps modem, I’ve been pointing out that the real foundation of American political lunacy is religious education, specifically Christian.

    THAT’S what forms one as illogical, uncritical and faith-based. The teeshirt bumper-sticker condensation is “God said it, I believe it, that settles it!”

    It manifests itself as stubbornness, violence, misogyny and hard-heartedness.

    It’s an expression of long-outdated evolutionary traits that lead me to state that evolution can trip over its own temporary successes when brains are involved.

    We’re still doomed. We have invented our downfall. I’m glad I’m old.

    “We can see how all the pieces fit as we watch them fall apart.” Willie Nelson

  25. One point all the posters and Shelia are missing is that Nazism was in part a religion evoking the ancient/pre-Christian German/Nordic Gods of Germany & Scandinavia.

  26. Yeah Dr Stan, no!

    The Nazis were involved in mainstream Protestantism. Adolf Hitler went to Catholic school as a child. The Nazis had the sign of the cross on a lot of their Regalia. There was a lot of Christian Protestant and Church of England Regalia associated with the Nazis and their uniforms.

    On the flip side, the Nazis were very interested in the Jewish occult kabbalah. And other occult or mythical artifacts that might give them power.

    They might have loved the idea of a Valhalla, or they pushed the issue concerning Valhalla and Asgard, but really more as a tool for Propaganda and Patriotism.

    Many Christian faiths hated the jews, they hated the Jews because they said the Jews killed Christ! Therefore, going after the Jews would probably put them on God’s side if Jesus Christ was God’s son. Obviously, that didn’t work!

    After all, Protestants and Catholics amongst others were blessing weapons on both sides of the pond, and therefore, they invoked God’s good graces on both sides of the war. You know, Christians involved in wholesale slaughter against other Christians! So would God bless the Allied forces and the Axis powers? Really, there was a great similarity on both sides. The Germans copied American tendencies and the Americanistic Dogma concerning many issues.

    If you really would dig through history, you would see the relationship between the German Fascist Nazi movement, and the Italian Fascist movement! The Italians were descended from Romans of course, and the Roman form of government which included the symbol of the Fascia, this is displayed prominently next to the speakers chair in the American congress. Hence the term Fascist.

    The United States is descended from one of the Roman provinces, Britain, so are the basic laws of both countries. The form of government is similar, and the beliefs the same. I could go on and on about it, but as a doctor, you should know these things already!

  27. ; “let every person be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by god; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by god.”

    John P. Sorg; for some reason that quote took me way back to Frances Farmer’s autobiography, “Will There Really Be A Morning”. Maybe because the title reflects the feelings of fear and insecurity we are living in today. Frances was a high school student in Seattle, Washington, when the newspaper held a contest for students to enter essays, Frances submitted her essay “God Is Dead” and won. (Strangely, her first prize was a trip to Russia) She wrote about being upset because she lost her favorite red hat; at the same time her best friend’s mother was dying. She found her red hat and her friend’s mother died; Frances concluded if she was allowed to find her red hat and her friend’s mother was allowed to die, God must be dead if God what the great authority over all. Republicans are deeply concerned with their red hats and uninterested in the cost of lives as they pursue their red-hatted leadership. I view Frances as being “woke” and “coding” during those long ago years and many of us are asking the question in different terms, “Will There Really Be A Morning”…after November 8th. Being “woke” and “coding” is nothing new in this world; it has just gone unrecognized and unnamed.

    Ormond, your comment, “…evolution can trip over its own temporary successes when brains are involved.” I believe you and I know which part of their anatomy Republicans are tripping over today. I don’t believe their brains are involved in this mass hysteria they have brought about and none of them are “woke” or “coding”.

  28. JoAnn:
    take god out of conversation,then listen to the other side. they dont care as long as its their voice and reasoning. religion is being used like a cheap whore. as they are by the monied side.

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