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Let me begin this post with an admission: I am older than Joe Biden, so I know a little something about the diminishing energy levels that accompany aging. I sometimes (okay, often) blank on words. On the other hand, I have a significant well of life experience to draw on, and so far, at least, I’m reasonably confident that the lessons of that lifetime have more than compensated for the relatively minor deficits of aging.

And I am over the constant media handwringing about Biden’s age. 

Sure, given the challenges of aging, I wish Biden was younger–but after looking at what he has accomplished over the past three years by drawing on his lifetime of political and governmental experience, I realize that significant trade-offs would be involved. (Unlike Trump–who is only 4 years younger– Biden spent his time acquiring the knowledge and skills that have made him a very consequential President.)

In the last three years, America’s economy has added more than 13 million jobs—including nearly 800,000 manufacturing jobs. We’ve unleashed a manufacturing and clean energy boom. In 2021 and 2022, more than 10 million applications were filed for new small businesses—the strongest two years ever recorded.  Since the pandemic, America has had the strongest growth of any leading economy in the world. Inflation has fallen for 11 straight months.

As my middle son observed, “Biden is the first President I’ve voted for who has exceeded my expectations.”

And as an article in the New Republic argues, there needs to be more recognition of the skills Biden brought to the job.

Nobody seems to have noticed this, but over the course of the spring, the country’s four leading freight rail carriers agreed to grant the vast majority of their workers paid sick days.

Everybody remembers what happened last December. The workers threatened to strike over such days, among other issues. President Biden, generally very friendly toward labor, made it illegal for the workers to strike. He was criticized by unions and workers and fellow Democrats and liberal media outlets, this one included….

When the workers prevailed, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers  explicitly acknowledged that the Biden administration had

played the long game on sick days and stuck with us for months after Congress imposed our updated national agreement. Without making a big show of it, Joe Biden and members of his administration in the Transportation and Labor departments have been working continuously to get guaranteed paid sick days for all railroad workers.

As the article argued, the administration needs to start “making  big show” of such accomplishments.

Biden has been a terrific president. The big legislation. The way he played Kevin McCarthy on the debt deal. The global leadership against Putin. The plain human decency restored to the White House after four years of self-obsessed thuggery. Oh—the 13 million jobs created since he took office, which is more jobs in 28 months than created under any other president, in all of our history, in a full four-year term.

As Jennifer Rubin recently wrote in the Washington Post, Biden has an economic record that has been working far better than most people anticipated but that the electorate doesn’t yet recognize.

The economy has created 13 million jobs, inflation has been more than cut in half, huge investments are being made in infrastructure and green energy, wage growth has begun to outpace inflation, the first drug price controls are going into effect and the biggest corporations will finally be forced to pay something in federal taxes. Yet polls show voters incorrectly think we are in a recession and remain negative about the economy.

As Robert Hubbell recently reminded us, “The constant hum of investigations into Trump’s many crimes is obscuring one of the great modern presidencies.”

Historians will look back in wonder at what Biden achieved in a presidency that began mid-pandemic before the smoke of a failed coup and insurrection had cleared. Despite those obstacles, his legislative record rivals or exceeds that of every president since FDR—a president who was mired in controversy throughout his tenure. 

The Biden Administration has a three-part vision: targeting investment, empowering workers, and promoting competition. That vision includes enforcing antitrust rules and allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices. (Recent results: cheaper insulin and real wage growth.)

As the New Republic reminds us,

Liberals have a list of 50 things they want government to do, and they want those things done fast and to completion. Conservatives have a list of about two things they want government to do: Cut taxes, and punish people they disapprove of morally. For a presidential administration, satisfying that first group is a lot harder than satisfying the second

As someone has pointed out, It’s not how old you are. It’s how you are old.


  1. I have no problem with Biden running for another term; he’s done an outstanding job – and before I make my next comment let me add I have a master’s in Women’s Studies, a doctorate in Comparative Studies that included gender in it’s research; and I am a feminist. While I support and admire Kamala Harris, her presence on the ticket may stop some former Republicans and Independents from voting for Biden in 2024. It is far more important to preserve our democracy even if it means pandering to some (perhaps many) who find gender and/or race a negative factor. I sincerely wish the Biden/Harris ticket would earn their deserved second term, however, I worry that many do not share my hopes.

  2. This Administration has truly been working quietly behind the sensational headlines.

    Thank you Sheila for enumerating their accomplishments.

    The polls seem to be showing the negative bias which the general public is gripped with.

  3. I am older than President Joe Biden and Sheila Kennedy; the only “hand wringing” I have done over the past months over the attacks on Joe’s age has been over those who are so hung up on his age they want him out. Math has always been my worst subject through all years of schooling but; at 86 years old, deaf, disabled, with COPD, 3rd stage Kidney disease and numerous severe spinal and joint problems and constant pain; I knew when I helped elect him at age 78 that in 2 years he would be 80 years old. If you want to concentrate on his body ailments, consider President Franklin D. Roosevelt who couldn’t even stand up on his own two feet. Making public that President Biden is now using a CPAP for sleep apnea is meaningless to his cognitive abilities; my friend Carl died of sleep apnea in his mid-40s before CPAP was available for him. Sleep apnea is NOT an old man’s disease.

    Those who are so concerned about President Biden’s age who are younger, you all have his aches and pains to look forward to. Will you be able to think and function to get through your days…and your nights with only yourself and your family to consider; he has the weight of the nation on his shoulders and so far is doing his job?

    Concentrate on what President Biden has accomplished, as Sheila’s son stated, “Biden is the first President I’ve voted for who has exceeded my expectations.” and he continues today to exceed all our expectations and will continue to do so.

    To those who want to oust him from office and will work, campaign and donate to remove him; you are all working for Donald Trump and will assure he is returned to the White House to finish his deconstruction of our government and this nation. All I can say is “FU” if you continue your determined efforts to remove him.

  4. For me … whose working parts exceeded warranty decades ago, President Biden leads by example to age with dignity and grace. I am proud to call upon him as my President.

  5. I have two brothers with whom I stay in touch mostly through e-mail. A couple of years ago, I commented to them that it seemed to me that Joe Biden has been seriously underestimated for fifty years. I’m not sure many Americans understand that. However, I would like the wrong wing to make up their minds. Is he a dottering old fool, or a clever criminal mastermind? Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for what is right; they shall be satisfied.

    God bless and keep our President.

  7. Thank you, Sheila, for enumerating Biden’s outstanding accomplishments in just 28 months in office. I agree with your son. While I voted for Biden enthusiastically, he has far exceeded my expectations. While I am five years younger than the President, he is in much better physical shape than I have ever been, and his mental acuity is far better than most of the elected GOP officials; i.e. Boebert, MTG, Kevin McCarthy, all decades younger. As for TFG, the only physical exercise he gets is swinging a golf club. He rides the course in a golf cart. As for his mental abilities, his actions both in office and post White House, have shown he doesn’t really have any. My prayer is that President Biden’s campaign staff does as good a job as you have of informing the electorate of his accomplishments.

  8. After reading the first sentence of today’s blog post I immediately thought that “Biden needs to spend a lot more time in front of the cameras to brag about his accomplishments” – and then you mentioned that halfway through the post. It has been very frustrating to watch/hear republicans constantly spew lies about this administration. There are just too many voters that want to be told what to think and believe and the Rs know this and use it to their advantage.

    I realize that Biden has a stuttering issue and probably prefers or needs to limit his time with public speaking, but he could surely appoint someone in his administration to be his mouthpiece to frequently be in front of the cameras telling the viewers about his accomplishments. This would need to be someone other than his press secretary because her job is to answer reporter questions.

    The republicans in Congress and state legislatures selfishly care only about keeping their own jobs and shamelessly lie to voters to maintain their positions of power.

  9. Re my prior comment – even though Pete Buttegieg is doing an excellent job as Transportation Secretary, he could have been an amazing Chief of Staff for President Biden.

  10. Great list of accomplishments Sheila. I wish this message could break through the old news that Trump has been indicted and rehashing Trump meltdowns on Truth Social.

  11. The last few paragraphs where the “average person” thinks the country is on the verge of recession is telling. I think it reflects the right-wing echosphere where lies are taken at fact and those lies leak into the public discourse. Listening to NPR the other day, I almost had to laugh or cry. I’m not sure what would have been appropriate, but they had a piece about a recent poll where Americans are negative on the economy and think we might be heading into a recession. Two minutes later a different story was talking about a consumer confidence poll where Americans, when questioned about their personal finances, said they’re doing good or even great. It amazed me that nobody was going to explore why there is such a big disconnect between personal experience and perceptions.

    I for one think things are going great. The news stories I read confirm this. My personal situation confirms this. I guess if you can convince people to stage a coup, you can convince people, despite their own personal situation, that the economy is bad.

    Another thing that makes me laugh or cringe, is the right-wing need for labels that can be shouted out as one word put down. “Obamacare” comes to mind. I think it started as derogatory label where a black man with an Islamic sounding name was going to destroy your health care, to what is now a lifeline to affordable health insurance for millions of Americans. It still didn’t fix a completely broken industry, but it was a good start. The newest label is “Bidenomics”. It was coined by the right-wing to scorn what they want you to believe is an old man’s deluded economic polices, but I think in the long run, it may be a more significant and positive shift in American economic polices then the New Deal was. Joe Biden has proudly taken up the label and running full steam ahead with it. Go Joe.

  12. The issue is communication. DEMs messaging is horrific – they ignore the independents and moderates they need; they don’t get out beyond urban and suburban areas; they don’t explain how the accomplishments affect a person’s/family’s everyday life; they don’t call out how the GOP’s efforts do/will affect a person’s/family’s everyday life. Instead, it is all about identity politics of one sort or another.

  13. I’m only 62; I’ve used a CPAP for almost 20 years (rather than indicating someone is old, it allows them to sleep through the night, instead of sending out inane tweets at all hours). I also have trouble finding the right words – rather than being due to age (or perhaps compensating for a stutter?) mine is due to a medication I take. It has nothing to do with my intellect, it’s just moving the word from brain to mouth.
    That said, my being 20 years younger than Biden doesn’t mean I’d be a better President. There’s a lot more to be said for education, experience, lived experience and compassion…much more than for a silver spoon, a life of excess, and a pathological desire for attention and adoration.

  14. I am older than Biden and only voted for him in 2020 because I sincerely wanted Trump out and realized that voting for a third party (as I had done in 2016) was going to get me 4 more years of Trump. I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the results.

    I think that Kamala Harris is an albatross around his neck and hope that he finds a way to shed her from the ticket, but expect that he will be loyal to her and let her run (potential mistake). I just hope that it doesn’t sink his re-election.

  15. As a conservative, I don’t like many of Joe Biden’s policies. But, having said that, I have no doubt that Biden is intelligent, competent, someone who can get things done, even when it requires bipartisan support. I likewise have no doubt that Biden believes in American democracy, supports this country’s institutions, and is a well-respected leader around the world. For me, these are threshold requirements for a President before you even get to the first issue. All these laudatory things I say about Biden, are not things I can say about Trump. Trump’s is extremely ignorant, incompetent and has no respect for American democracy. He wants to suspend the Constitution and be a dictator. Even if you get to the issues, I would quibble with those who think Trump is a “conservative.”

    I’m not really bothered by the fact Biden is old and maybe not as sharp mentally as he once was. He’s still plenty sharp and his experience has given him a wisdom that younger people don’t have. I am not bothered by the fact that Biden might not make it through a second term, and statistically probably won’t. While I like Kamala Harris’ policies even less than Biden, I don’t question her abilities or competence, especially when you consider the alternative of Donald Trump.

    But I think when it comes to the issue of Biden’s age, people are focused on the wrong thing. It’s almost always a discussion of his abilities to serve a second term as President. But what about Biden as CANDIDATE? What if Biden has a major health crisis during the next 1 1/2 years running for office? What if Candidate Biden has a stroke or a heart attack? Or what if he dies?

    And what about this…state laws govern the replacement of candidates on the ticket. Many states don’t allow you to replace candidates on the ballot when you get a month or two from the election What if it’s late September or October and Biden passes away and you can’t replace him on the ballot in several states? You’re stuck trying to convince people to vote for a dead Joe Biden so Kamala Harris would become President. Even if only 5% of the people balk at voting for Biden under such circumstances, it might be enough to hand the election to Trump (assuming he’s the nominee, of course.)

  16. Your list of accomplishments for the Biden administration is very impressive and appreciated. I just wish the sources of information were cited as well, but realize it would make the blog rather cumbersome. But I know that if I were to cite some of these same statistics in a conversation with my anti-Biden friends and relatives, they would simply disagree and ask where I got my information. They all chant “Joe’s gotta go”, but give only misinformed generalities as to why, and no reasonable alternatives.

  17. I have linked to the publications from which I got my data, but further confirmation is just a “google” away.

  18. I find your words overly optimistic! Biden is certainly Far, Far less bad – than any Republican! The bar is quite low, however. Democrats – such as Biden are afraid to confront dirty words like: “Racism” – and even “Abortion” – with more than qualifications – over and over again. He/They strive to pull in the elusive white voters – that tend to vote for Democrats – when the Republicans royally mess up – rather than when Dems do something positive. Black women – were the difference in 2020 – white women – were not helpful and we white men were horrific!

    Economics – mixed bag – as an old, upper-middle class white man – my journey isn’t bad (though we’ve messed things up). Biden and the Democrats are still trying to hold onto both “white power” (not “WHITE POWER”) – owned by monied interests – a little less than the Republicans – but Great fear of the word “socialism” – and similar.

    Foreign Policy – a POWDER KEG – waiting to mess up further. Ukraine – is NOT what we are told it is – similar to the horrific nature of Trump – we have Putin – but – Zelensky and his ilk – are both not – “good” any more than others – manipulated by the U.S. Government. We don’t care about the Ukrainian People (and Russian People) – who are pawns of our – Empire.

    China – and even South Korea – and perhaps India – will continue rising and – while we may “beat Russia” – our power – is diminishing – both related to Foreign Policy and Economics. Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate, Clinton’s Economic Guru in important ways) – People Power and Profits – great book – related to this. ( – my review) –

    Things are heading much more – to Who will mess up the most – related to the 2024 elections. The Democrats need a good 54+ Senators and a majority in the House at least + Biden or another Democrat.

    Biden has done very well – in some ways – but it could collapse easily – and he’s got challenges in the weakness of Harris – as VP – yet – ditching her – would alienate Black People – particularly women – whose turnout in 2024 will be crucial.

    Young People – also are vitally important! Abortion rights and more – will bring out the vote (or not) among younger white women and young people in general.

    The opportunities are there. I wish I could be optimistic as you are. I think it may work out – but only if we avoid a “surprise” during the period of roughly March – July, 2024 – when economic difficulties and/or foreign policy snafus – could sink Biden. I hope not!

  19. CGH; I believe Vice President Kamala Harris, whatever her gender or race, is being underused in her position as often happens with VPs. She was a power in the Senate; if she isn’t being used up to her capacity, it was a greater loss to the Senate than a benefit to the Executive Branch. Not her doing or because she lacks the abilities needed to strengthen the Executive Branch and the Democratic Party.

    At least you realized the danger of voting for a Third Party and wise enough to vote for Biden. I thank you!

  20. We’re largely in agreement about President Biden’s accomplishments. Politics being a competition, if backbiters had a viable candidate he or she would be running now. Look at Ted Kennedy taking on President Carter. Having said that, here are a couple of points others have mentioned. Using a mouthpiece to speak for Joe Biden? That worked for FDR to some extent, but today’s up-close and immediate media demands the president be up-front and in person. Criticism of the vice president? She appears to be doing what she should do. For her to have her own agenda in a policy spotlight could interfere with the president’s sometimes veiled strategic moves and personal negotiations with Congress. How would she perform if she had to step up? We don’t know, but she’d walk into a room filled with top-rate staff. She’ll be on the ticket as long as he wants her there.

  21. I have to agree with Sheila, which I don’t always do, and there were times she let me know that very fact.

    The point she said about verification is only a Google away, it’s absolutely spot-on. It was touched on here, the people are lazy! They want to be told what to do, what to believe, how to worship, or not to worship, morality, what equality is, what fairness is, and if you should or shouldn’t disregard your conscience.

    And JoAnn mentioning the CPAP kerfuffle, the CPAP actually increases cognitive stability by giving the the brain oxygen that it needs to function properly. Also it helps heart health. How many of those naysayers actually use CPAPs themselves or have One or more in their family unit that has this device.

    Are they all useless? Should they be institutionalized? It goes to show folks are either blind as they look at themselves in the mirror or they are irrational hypocrites.

    I don’t need anyone to tell me where they found a particular quotation or a fact of interest. I actually prefer to trust but verify. There’s a certain satisfaction and reading and researching. But that takes energy! That takes actually doing something. That’s the curse of entitlement, it sounds good to you even if it is delusional.

  22. I am probably the dean of Sheila’s blog as a WW II veteran and an avid listener of FDR’s radio fireside chats when he gave us hope over despair during the Great Depression in the Thirties. We need an FDR now to communicate because (as some have noted) we are not doing a good job in communicating our successes of his New Deal and Biden’s Bidenomics (which have much in common) though FDR’s “nothing to fear but fear itself” was played out in the depths of the Great Depression while Biden has us in an economic boom Republicans are successfuly telling the masses is a recession. Strange. Up is down? Black is white? Orwell was right. . .

    I took a degree in economics before going to law school and (no, Adam Smith was not one of my professors) I learned something about externalities, one of which today is the huge increase in tax revenues resulting from 13 million new jobs, an improved wage scale, and the persistent increase in BLS’s new job numbers month after month to the dismay of the Fed, even though inflation is on the wane and I see Help Wanted signs all over the place.

    These millions of new jobs at increased wages bode well for Keynesian demand (economic growth) and reduction of our deficit and, I believe, are important factors in Biden’s reduction of our deficit by 1.35 trillion dollars (following Trump’s historic increase in our deficit of trillions, exacerbated by his nearly two trillion dollars in tax cuts for the rich and corporate class – which should be repealed). Parenthetically, I here note that Biden’s 400 billion for tuition relief is more than four times smaller than the tax cut Ryan and Trump engineered through Congress in December, 2017, just before Democrats took over Congress, but then larger yachts for rich donors serve the common good far better than the education of millions of students. GRRRR!

    The Fed is charged with control of two items, i.e., unemployment and inflation. It appears that both are under control. Perhaps it’s time for a laissez faire treatment of non-existent problems manufactured by Republicans, a treatment Webster’s defines as “noninterference; specif., absence of government control over industry and business,” but perhaps not, not until we add price-fixing of corporate America to the Fed’s short list of responsibilities.

  23. According to a very recent Pew poll, the items of most concern to more than 55% of all Americans are: inflation, affordability of healthcare, drug addiction, gun violence, violent crime, the Federal budget deficit.

    Less than 40%: climate change, racism, infrastructure, domestic terrorism, unemployment (24%).

    What’s the GOP talking about? DEMs?


  24. The very real possibility of a disabling health issue or death during a campaign or term of office exists for tfg maybe more than for President Biden, especially considering the difference in lifestyle between the two. If elected (oye!) to a second term, tfg would be approaching 80 to start the term. Allowed the kind of unscripted access that the President has 24/7, the media might see just how significant are tfg’s physical limitations, to say nothing of his intellectual abilities.

    This country is deeply misogynistic. If you have any doubt about to what degree, be sure to read Prof. Kennedy’s and Mr. Marcus’s book, “From Property to Partner”, for documentation and data showing just how deep that ideology remains. Vice President Harris’s abilities were clear in the Senate. They haven’t diminished since and may be even be expanded due to her exposure to other world leaders and new experiences.

    In many communities throughout history, the elders are/were revered for their life experience and hard won wisdom, sought for advice and counsel. Unfortunately, in our current culture, elders are regularly disdained, denigrated and demeaned, their life experience and wisdom dismissed as irrelevant or worse, based to some degree on their supposed inability to be held captive by mass media and technology, but even more, based on a constant stream of “news” that centers on the aging brain’s slide into dementia. The isolation that grew during the pandemic and working from home has just made the age divide wider.

    The days of families living in the same neighborhoods, offering the opportunity for young family members to enjoy the love, support and wisdom of the older members diminishes with each passing year. Instead, older family members more often get considered an obligation that is burdensome and dependent, emotionally, physically and financially.

    By viewing the older members of the community as a burden to be managed, the obvious comparison to how women have been viewed and managed looks very familiar. What a waste.

  25. He is getting my vote again and I too am sick of hearing about his age–we Dem’s do suck at messaging but I am also a little perturbed w/ media. Even if we were a tad better at messaging who will pick up the message? The ‘news’ will not pick it up–they are too busy talking about Trump all DAY long. When they speak about Biden it is on his age w/ a side bar on accomplishments and this CPAP thing is a nothing. Shoot I have been on one since I was 40–I work w/ doctors who are in their 30’s who are on CPAP–apnea and the use of CPAP is underutilized–

    We have an ageism issue in this country and I know all of us have experienced it. I am 54 and just through the HR process I was getting job turn downs because I was ‘over qualified’ which I have learned is code word for old. Our society is not set up for the aged. My patients are mostly 65 and older and there are so few resources for them and I can’t help but think our obsession w/ being younger is at fault.

  26. Nope not buying it.

    Heres a factcheck article that dtstes the GDP grew by 33.8% before Biden became President. Yrs jobs are added, but thats because trillions are thrown at the economy. Causing inflation. If the economy is foung so well then why is Walgreens closing 450 stores.
    Heres a factcheck article

    And about climate change? China who gave the Bidens millions is getting a pass

    Its circle the wagon time once again, this time for one the most corrupt Presidents ever.
    Yes his age is a problem as President. But he is President. Nobody remembers how the previous President responded at his age and the whole of the news media went after him. Bidens making more mistakes in his speech etc.

    He is the leader of the free world and the main reason why Russia went into Ukraine after his terrible withdraw from Afghanistan.
    Heres the BBC on Biden

    Our country is failing because no one reads the lines deep in the papers and creates myths about people

  27. JD,

    “The very real possibility of a disabling health issue or death during a campaign or term of office exists for tfg maybe more than for President Biden, especially considering the difference in lifestyle between the two.”

    I totally agree. Given his diet and lack of exercise, it’s a wonder that Donald Trump hasn’t dropped dead of a heart attack already.

    Unfortunately, many people see Biden as much older than Trump even though they’re just a few years apart. If anyone has seen Trump on the campaign trail recently, it’s clear he’s lost a step. Of course, Trump wasn’t that sharp to begin with so the fact he’s not mentally sharp isn’t as noticeable.

  28. Ah – John S is at it again – Yes, all versions of alternate reality are to be found on the web.

    However, as Sheila ended her post, “As someone has pointed out, It’s not how old you are. It’s how you are old.”

    That says it for me.

    Addendum for yesterday’s topic – I am a contractor at Kaiser-Permenente – whatever you think of them, they issued a statement (shared in our inboxes this morning) stating the Supreme Court’s decision increased their determination to address the unequal representation and inequities of the healthcare system. In other words, FU Supremes. We will find a work around.

    I hope our universities do the same.

  29. What’s the big deal about the President using a CPAP? It’s not age related. My brother has used one for the last 40 years, since he was 30 years old. I’ll wager that other people have, too. This is just more right-wing bluster to make our President look bad.

    And John S, you’re full of baloney.

  30. I am 80 and will hit 81 two months before Pres. Biden, have no problem with Biden being my age.
    In fact, I have very little problem with me being my age, you know what they say about the alternative.
    Pres. Biden has been very good for the country, could he have done some things I’d like to see done? Sure, not that his term is over, but there are no indications that he will go where I’d like.
    Still, compared to ANY of the competition, he’s way out in front. Also, his VP would beat the heck out of any VP Mr. Indictment might come up with.

  31. Here is a NY Times Editorial (July 4th,2023) that say better what I tried to say about people’s view of the economy:

    But are people noticing this improvement? Traditional measures of economic sentiment have become problematic in recent years: Ask people how the economy is doing, and their response is strongly affected both by partisanship and, I believe, by the narratives conveyed by the news media. That is, what people say about the economy is, all too often, what they think they’re supposed to say.

    But if you ask Americans more specific questions, such as whether now is a good time to find a quality job, they typically say yes. At the same time, their expectations about future inflation have declined substantially.
    Can Biden Change the Economic Narrative?

  32. Esse est percipi. What is perceived is what counts. Not what is. BThe first thing learned the first time I ran for office. That was 52 years ago. When the electorate was more informed and paid more attention. Also, voters seldom vote FOR anything. The vote against an issue or personality.

  33. Enthusiastically voting for President Biden and for an all blue House and Senate in 2024. Itʻs amazing and heartening how much he has accomplished and especially, how he garnered bi-partisan support for most of the bills. There were lots of doubters and naysayers, but as Sheilaʻs son says, he has most definitely “exceeded my expectations.” Everyone, if you are able and willing, please donate to the Biden Victory Fund. I just did 🙂

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