Take That, Dim Jim Jordan!

If I ever grow up, I want to be Fani Willis. That woman can cast shade!

I just read the 9 page letter she sent to Congressional buffoon Jim Jordan. Jordan had demanded that the hardworking Georgia prosecutor who indicted Trump and others provide him with all documents relating to the case.

Her response was epic. You can read it in its entirety here.

Vanity Fair is just one of the numerous media sources that reported on that response.Here’s the lede:

In a withering letter, the subtext of which was basically “You’re a f–king idiot and I can’t believe I have to take the time out of my day to deal with you,” Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis blasted House Judiciary chair Jim Jordan and his demand that she turn over all documents related to her case against Donald Trump and the 18 other people she indicted last month. If this letter doesn’t cause Jordan such embarrassment or shame that he leaves town immediately never to return, nothing will!

Nothing will. Although Willis’ takedown should humiliate Jordan, his bizarre histrionics suggest he is impervious to shame.

Willis’ letter addresses Jordan’s constitutional ignorance.

Your attempt to invoke congressional authority to intrude upon and interfere with an active criminal case in Georgia is flagrantly at odds with the Constitution … There is absolutely no support for Congress purporting to second guess or somehow supervise an ongoing Georgia criminal investigation and prosecution. That violation of Georgia’s sovereignty is offensive and will not stand.” Apparently operating from the assumption that the House Judiciary chair knows less about how the US government works than a third grader, she added: “As the Supreme Court has explained, ‘the Executive Branch has exclusive authority and absolute discretion to decide whether to prosecute a case.’ Congress, in contrast, is barred by precedent from using investigations for ‘law enforcement purposes.’ You have thus violated the basic constitutional rule that ‘the power to investigate must not be confused with any of the powers of law enforcement; those powers are assigned under our Constitution to the Executive and the Judiciary’.”

For its part, Politico quoted the part of Willis letter responding to Jordan’s contention that, as a candidate for President, Trump deserved different treatment:

An announcement of a candidacy for elected office, whether President of the United States, Congress, or state or local office, is not and cannot be a bar to criminal investigation or prosecution. Any notion to the contrary is offensive to our democracy and to the fundamental principle that all people are equal before the law.

Snarky parts of the letter that I particularly enjoyed:

Your public statements and your letter itself make clear that you lack any legitimate legislative purpose for that inquiry: your job description as a legislator does not include criminal law enforcement, nor does it include supervising a specific criminal trial because you believe that doing so will promote your partisan political objectives….

Chairman Jordan, I tell people often, “deal with reality or reality will deal with you.” It is time that you deal with some basic realities. A Special Purpose Grand Jury made up of everyday citizens investigated for 10 months and made recommendations to me.

A further reality is that a grand jury of completely different Fulton County citizens found probable cause against the defendants named in the indictment for RICO violations and various other felonies. Face this reality, Chairman Jordan: the select group of defendants who you fret over in my jurisdiction are like every other defendant, entitled to no worse or better treatment than any other American citizen.

Here is another reality you must face: Those who wish to avoid felony charges in Fulton County, Georgia — including violations of Georgia RICO law — should not commit felonies in Fulton County, Georgia.

I especially loved this:

Your questioning of the inclusion of overt and predicate acts by the defendants in the indictment’s racketeering count shows a total ignorance of Georgia’s racketeering statute and the basics of criminal conspiracy law. Allow me the opportunity to provide a brief tutorial on criminal conspiracy law, Chairman Jordan.

As I explained to the public when announcing the indictment, the overt and predicate acts are included because the grand jury found probable cause that those acts were committed to advance the objectives of a criminal conspiracy to overturn the result of Georgia’s 2020 Presidential Election.

For a more thorough understanding of Georgia’s RICO statute, its application and similar laws in other states, I encourage you to read “RICO State-by-State.” As a non-member of the bar, you can purchase a copy for two hundred forty-nine dollars [$249].

If we had more public officials with Fani Willis’ smarts and spine, MAGA blowhards like Jordan wouldn’t be embarrassing Congress–and America.


  1. I loved every word in her take-down of Jim Jordan. He had it coming. He has so, so much coming. And you’re right…if we had more Fani Willis in each state (and fewer AG Rokita) it would be a blessing!

  2. I just E-mailed the blog to my political activist friend. The blog and the letter, in entirety, belongs on the front page of the Washington Post and the New York Times.

  3. I actually teared up a little bit. 🙂

    Jordan is despicable, and I bet a lot of Ohio State students could corroborate.

  4. I love every word of Fani’s response. It was a put down in epic fashion, simply by telling the facts. So a women, and a Black one to boot, certainly put the boot to a disgusting white man.

  5. I hope she sent a dictionary with this letter. I guarantee there are words in here Jim Jordan is unfamiliar with.

    Great letter. Shame Jordan will 100% fundraise off it, but it had to be said abdc she said it perfectly. I especially loved all the attachments she references.

  6. Gotta love it! She has all the intelligence, guts, will and authority to be that scary black woman guys like Jordan fear the most. Don’t mess with a strong black woman! Keep on rollin’ Fani!

  7. Fani gets bonus points for snark and hopefully having the law on her side. I am sure she knows the Rico statutes well, but Trump was the POTUS and the crime happened to be a federal election, so I hope wins the matter of jurisdiction.

    I don’t follow the case, but my trusty friend Bard wrote this:

    “In the case of Fani Willis and the investigation into former President Donald Trump, Willis has argued that she has jurisdiction because the alleged crimes were committed in Fulton County, Georgia. However, Trump’s lawyers have argued that Willis does not have jurisdiction because the alleged crimes were related to the 2020 presidential election, which is a federal matter. This issue is likely to be litigated in court.”

    Where was Merrick Garland? Why didn’t he seek a grand jury instead?

    Sadly, more free headlines for Trump. Will they ever end??

  8. Todd, Mark Meadows just took the jurisdiction issue to a judge. His argument was this was under his official duties. He made a risky move in testifying on his own behalf. The judge determined he was campaigning for Trump and that was not part of official duties as chief of staff. The determination was that the case will stay in state court. Meadows is now on record under oath about his activities and this will be appealed, and unless the supreme court goes bonkers, he’s in a world of hurt. With this first and resounding failure, there will be little likelihood that anybody else will try the same thing.

    It also came out today that the grand jury recommended indictments against 20 more people, including 4 Senators. It seems that Fani Willis has been pretty selective in only officially charging people that she believes she can successfully prosecute.

    I loved the letter, I was interested in seeing some of the attachments!

  9. Thanks for including a link to the entire letter. It was artfully crafted to respectfully respond to JJ’s ridiculous, bullyingly inquiry. But DA Willis did so with her intellect instead of cussing him out or ignoring his letter. I suspect DA Willis had a good time writing this response. I know I sure enjoyed reading it. And I enjoyed you sharing it, professor.

  10. Message to Jim Jordan:
    Fani Willis quoted you a price of $249 to secure a copy of “RICO State-by-State”. You better grab that deal! I just checked Amazon and a new copy will set you back $500. The best deal on a used copy is $285.99 (with free shipping!). But being used and only in “good” condition, it’s likely to have some left-wing law student’s class notes scribbled in the margins, and half of the text shaded with yellow highlighter. Better go with Fani’s deal.
    By the way, Amazon did have a pretty good price on the newest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (paperback–but don’t worry, I’m sure you won’t wear it out).

  11. I’m so happy you posted this letter as I read it yesterday in the hopes you would cover it. Isn’t it outstanding? That woman is a genius! A true Go-Getter! Whoo hoo! I bet Jordan needed a fire extinguisher after that burn.

  12. Like you, my favorite was her comments on his total lack of knowledge of RICO, especially pointing out that as a nom-member of thee bar her can purchase the book which will explain the laws for $249.00. Perhaps he can get a DOJ grant for the purchase.

  13. After reading Sheila’s opinion and the attached nine page letter written by Attorney General Willis in response to Congressman Jim Jordan, I crafted a letter to Senator Mike Braun via his email portal to call his attention to the AG’s specific detailed actions needed from Congress to effect criminal justice reform in America.

    I appreciate responses to this blog. I always learn something new in insight. However, I trust respondent’s outrage translates to responsible advocacy among our elected officials … Otherwise a fruitless babble in the rubble of outrage.

  14. His actions as a Republican seems to be in direct confrontation with a basic tenet of the Republican Party, that of States Rights over Federal Control. Let’s look at that.

    Perhaps Family Willis might become US AG one day.

    Bravo for Her and Her Staff and those on the Grand Juries in Fulton Co.

    As many in the political circle, Congressman Jordan appears to be constructed in the broadness of his thinking. Perhaps he is in violation of the U. S. Constitution as cited by AG Willis.

    Thank you Sheila.

  15. My auto correct computer still does not trust me. I so apologize to AG Willis for the Family which was intended to be Fani.

  16. Prosecutor Willis’ responsive letter to Rep. Jordan could best be summarized in one sentence: “Representative Jordan, get out of my face!”

  17. I have followed the indictments closely. Many asked what DA Willis meant by imminent. It seems to mean when my evidence is clear, understandable, and effective. She’s excellent. When challenged for a speedy trial, she said she was ready to go, even as early as October 23rd. That took everyone by surprise.

  18. So what’s next? Will this rinky dink congressman from the most gerrymandered district in Ohio demand all the notes and papers of a school district meeting in Maine suspected of fostering “woke based” curriculum? Doesn’t he have any understanding of federalism and the doctrine of Separation of Powers? Has he never heard of James Madison and The Federalist Papers? Tsk! (Never thought I would be defending state police powers and the 10th Amendment, but here I am.)

    While “wrestling” with the dictatorial reach assumed by a wrestling man who should be in prison under a Buckeye exercise of state police power rather than chairing a congressional committee, I did enjoy reading Fani’s tutorial. Jim was in sore need of the education she provided. He should thank her for such edification.

  19. Aren’t we having fun yacking over the “newsertainment” of both these folks…while the democracy burns.

  20. Lester. Don’t diss us for applauding good news. There is little enough of it. Fani Willis is my newest shero. And that’s not a typo!

  21. A genuine shellacking! And I sense that Fani has more where that came from. Any others want a piece of that? Didn’t think so. Most here grasp how good she is!

  22. D.A. Fani Willis just schooled Jim Jordan! She told him how it is played in no uncertain terms! Nothing but complete respect for D.A Fani Willis and her team. Should DA Willis ever decide to run for federal office in the future she has my vote! We are in need of strong leadership in the house. If she choose to run to become President that would be great too. We need people like her in our state & federal government.

  23. She did try to burn dim Jim a new -hole, but I expect that he has such a thick (asbestos) skin that he barely suffered first degree burns

    When Biden gets re-elected, he should appoint Fani as his AG for the second term.

  24. I loved her letter to Gym Jordan. He has no business being in his position. I am sure he was bought.

  25. After reading Fani’s response to jordan, If you ever get indicated by Fani Willis, just plead quilty. Just because you have a degree, doesn’t mean you have any commen sense. And WHY does Jordan have that position???

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