Early Voting In Indiana..

Yesterday, in Indiana, early voting for the primary election started. My husband and I walked over to Indianapolis’ City-County building and cast our votes–including our votes for Marc Carmichael for U.S. Senate. In case you haven’t read my previous posts about why Marc deserves support--and why Jim Banks is a MAGA nightmare–I’m pasting in a video from Marc, and his own written perspective on the race.

Now, from MARC:

Dear Fellow Concerned (Scared) American,

To be blunt, on Tuesday, November 5, Indiana’s new United States Senator will either be me or MAGA Trumper and bomb thrower out of the US House Chaos Caucus, Jim Banks.
We get just this one chance to beat Jim Banks or he will be an Indiana incumbent Republican senator and we will never get rid of him or the constant shame he will bring on our state and the United States, not to mention the forced march he will lead back into the Dark Ages.
Fortunately we have a good chance to win this race.  First, it is an open seat with no incumbent.  Second, Banks is not known outside his 3rd Congressional District and intensely disliked within it.  Third, thanks to Republicans inability to govern in DC and the Dobbs decision striking down Roe V Wade, this is shaping up to be a good year for Democrats, even in Indiana.
Trump’s MAGA (Make America White Again) base continues to shrink from a high of 42% to 35% and Jim Banks only appeals to that base.  His Indiana Senate seat was gerrymandered for a Republican and so was his Congressional seat.  He knows nothing about campaigning except pandering to the Trump MAGA base.  He is boxed in between Trump and the NRA.
If elected to the US Senate I pledge: to work with President Biden to restore Roe V Wade; to ban the sale of assault weapons; to battle climate change; to enact Medicare for all including our LGBTQ kids who are being denied critical medical care by narrow minded, mean spirited Republican legislators;  to confirm fair and impartial judges to counter the unqualified partisan judges foisted on us by Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party; to work for an immigration law that protects our borders and is fair and enforceable; to work on answers to our shortage of affordable housing; to help create good union jobs that help restore the middle class; to never vote for a tax cut for the rich; to address the inequity of pay for women; and many more things left undone by a do nothing Republican Party.
I (we) can do this.  In 1986 I first ran for the Indiana House from Delaware County and my opponent was the Republican Speaker of the Indiana House, J. Roberts (Bob) Dailey.  He was in a 60% Republican district, had been Speaker for 6 years, and was considered the most powerful person in the Indiana Legislature.  No one thought I could beat him, but I didn’t know any better so I made up a cheap brochure and started walking door-to-door in July.  It was hot and there were dogs, but when people found out I was running against Bob Dailey they were very glad to see me.  That reception continued as I walked through August, September, October and November, and on Election Day I won by 18%, 59-41.
With your help I can win this race too.  I can’t walk all of Indiana door to door, but I can go to every fair and festival and take my 1971 VW bus to every parade I can fit on my schedule between now and November.  I can advertise on social media to reach various groups, I can send text messages, emails, and direct mail too, but in the end I will need to be on TV and that’s expensive.
Will you help me?  We get just this one shot.  I can do it if you will support me financially, otherwise we might as well just give up and accept Jim Banks as our US Senator.  I refuse to give up.  Please look me up at marcforindiana.com and see what I stand for.  Provide a donation at www.actblue.com/donate/carmichael-for-us-senate-1.  Please help me help you not suffer the fate of Senator Jim Banks.  
Marc Carmichael


  1. Once again Marc does NOT offer an option to Donate by Check via USPS Mail.
    Many (older) donors will NOT put their credit card on the internet. Do they not want checks? It seems so.

  2. patmcc, I recommend mailing your check to:
    Marc Carmichael for US Senate
    211 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 2400, Indianapolis, IN 46204
    (found at the bottom of his web page)

  3. I have already provided several hundred dollars for Marc’s campaign and you can rest assured that my daughter (one of his fundraisers) and I will be voting for him. He is an outstanding candidate and his opponent if successful would take us even further back into the MAGA cave of Trumpworld.

  4. I appreciate Marc’s story about defeating Robert Dailey in Delaware County. That’s where I live now, and the stories about Dailey’s destruction of Muncie still linger. He almost single-handedly destroyed downtown Muncie when he helped construct a bypass around the city. He owned farmland, which he stole from local farmers before the announcement of the bypass. Dailey made a fortune.

    Marc has my vote if he’s on the ballot in my district. I still need to check the ballot, so I’m not sure. I never vote early because I like voting in my precinct down the street.

    Is “Uncommitted” on the Indiana ballot for the Presidential race? At this time, I can’t even hold my nose to vote for #GenocideJoe.

  5. I’ll be happy to vote for Marc, however I don’t hold out much hope.

    I haven’t seen much, if any, coverage of his running – I think Indy Star even left him off their list of people running the democratic primary. His biggest hurdle may be winning the primary.

  6. Todd. I am going to start calling you Suicide Smekens since you keep insisting that we would be better off throwing our votes away than voting for Biden. If we all followed your example, that would elect Trump with fatal results for our civil liberties. Since you boldly write incendiary content, I expect you would be an early victim of the resulting police state. Hence, “Suicide Smekens.”

  7. patmcc @ 6:40 a.m.; this is all part of forcing us to use credit or debit cards, pushing us closer to that cashless/checkless financial control by banks that we were warned about in the 1960s. I had to meet with my banker yesterday on another issue and we discussed this; she admitted that is exactly what is happening. Spectrum mails my monthly statement 9-10 days before due date, then on due date an E-mail reminding me I owe the payment. Haven’t been charged a late fee yet but who knows how far they will push this issue? Target no longer accepts payment by check; also Save-A-Lot and Aldi and probably many I am not aware of. Both CVS and Ace hardware have problems running my checks through their system, usually need to contact a Manager to make it work.

  8. Checks mailed through the US Post office have been stolen. The advice is to take your check inside the post office to mail. I use the bill pay function offered by the bank to send checks. It shields your account number.

  9. JoAnn Green: my insurance company (Farm Bureau) has changed on line, to where I have to work to find a pdf invoice to print out to send a check. And the address to mail that check has moved from Indy to Cincinnati.
    And yes, it is to force us old oeople to use internet more. Not happy

  10. Happy to get behind Marc, but what about defeating Banks in the primary! Crossover voting?

  11. I will be voting for Marc Carmichael. I appreciate Sheila campaigning for him. I would also like to see Sheila campaign for Jennifer McCormick for Governor against whoever she is against from the Republican nominee.

  12. People who are worried about using credit cards should be even more worried about the upcoming Central Bank Digital Currency, which is about to go into effect any time now. I know I am. It’s going to be like a cryptocurrency, except NOT de-centralized but controlled by the federal government. Every purchase you make will be trackable by the government, and the money it issues can be “programmed” to expire, to disallow some kinds of purchases, or to be confiscated without your permission. My right-wing financial advisory service calls it “Biden Bucks” It’s been in development for several years, but trust the Republicans to make a campaign issue of this.

  13. I wish him the best of luck! I’ve given to his campaign, but now I’m going to be focusing on Florida races. We might have a shot here and my money will be better spent here.

  14. What is Marc’s view wrt Israel and the current genocide of civilians within Gaza? Does he support sending more weapons to support Netanyahu? Does Marc support more treasury notes sent to DynCorp, Raytheon et al, in support of Ukraine?

  15. Peggy, we have a shot in both places, largely because of Dobbs, old time Republicans, and a demented felon Maga Republicans want to see in the Oval Office so he and his son in law can continue to extract boodle from MBS, American zillionaires and poor Republicans.

    Governing? Whut’s thet?

  16. “His Indiana Senate seat was gerrymandered for a Republican and so was…”

    Marc, how did they gerrymander a statewide election?

  17. I would also be curious as to under what circumstances would Marc consider privatization of Social Security?

  18. John–reread Marc’s message. He is referring to the election he won against a former STATE Representative, whose district was definitely gerrymandered. Fortunately, as you properly note, statewide elections cannot be gerrymandered, which makes the US Senate contest less daunting.

  19. I am planning to vote Republican in the primary so that I can vote against Braun, and I had planned to vote against Banks. Knock them out in the primary so we don’t have to do it in November. But the Star, when listing the candidates in the primary, showed Banks as unopposed. Bummer!!

  20. Our Constitution requires me to earn freedom by giving it to all others. Morality also requires me not to live at the expense of others.

    Simply MAGA means the opposite. Hold others down so that Trump can do whatever he wants to do.

    We each choose to join or resist the fall of freedom and morality here and now.

  21. Lol Pete,

    Freedom and morality! So how do we connect those? If people have complete unfettered freedom, are they more morally pious then anyone else? History Pete, history! History shows you the future. Because it’s no different than the past. This is the reason why you’re dealing with all of this nonsense today, the warnings were there in history. The hand was writing on the wall! Unfortunately very few pay attention or wait until The fulcrum collapses on the scale. In other words, you cannot rebalance anything once the blind are out leading the blind! Way back when at least it seems that way now, when Hillary Clinton was running, nobody but a very small minority mentioned that the presidency was less important than the supreme Court. And that you need to watch a supreme Court otherwise they will hold sway even over the presidency. People laughed and thought it was a joke. Now it’s freak out time. The verbal bravado is great, but words never built anything. Those words might feel like someone is actually accomplishing their goal whatever that goal may be, but in reality, it’s just more noise pollution.

    As was mentioned a million times before by many different scholars, the Constitution was written for wealthy white landowners who also owned slaves. They were the only ones that could vote. The Constitution was never written to be fair, it wasn’t meant to lift everyone up together, it was meant to protect the wealthy white landowners. This hasn’t changed in the hundreds of years since the Constitution was written, But people delude themselves into feeling that they have some say and how things actually function, which they really do not! But hey, if doing what you are doing makes you feel better, have at it! Maybe it could become a fancy inscription on one’s tombstone.

  22. John, the original Constitution written by slaveholders and non-slaveholders has been amended 27 times which have removed or added to the rights and privileges of those who live here and others in re, for instance, the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, and other overhanging inequities in that document. As amended, it is to be honored as the organic law of the land irrespective of how its original authors may have fashioned their post-Enlightenment understanding of rights and privileges in 1789.

    There will doubtless be occasions in the future where we will need to amend that document to conform to the then existing understanding of the rights and privileges of those named in the Preamble. Comparing now and then while ignoring interim change is a dangerous exercise in logic.

  23. Linda Robb: You can vote in either party in the primary. I switch between parties when there’s no contested race (I live in Hamilton County) and vote for the most reasonable Republican, which can be challenging to find.
    Unfortunately, Banks is unopposed on the GOP ballot.
    You can find your primary ballot at https://ballotpedia.org/Sample_Ballot_Lookup
    All you need to do is enter your address, which will give you your primary ballot now and your general election ballot for November. You do not need to enter your email (it’s marked optional). Hope this helps.

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