The Year Of The Woman?

Are we finally approaching that much-heralded (but thus far elusive) “year of the woman”–a year that, despite previous predictions, has yet to materialize?

Maybe. It’s happening in other countries, even those with a deeply “macho” culture–in Mexico, a woman has been elected President. In the U.S., twelve states currently have women governors.

Here in regressive, Red Indiana, the Democratic Party will run an all-women slate of statewide candidates, a first. I have previously written about my enthusiastic support for Jennifer McCormick, the former Superintendent of Public Instruction currently running for Governor. I have not previously written about Valerie McCray, who defeated Marc Carmichael, the candidate I supported for U.S. Senate, or about the contest between two other women–Destiny Wells and Beth White–who are the only candidates vying for the Attorney General nomination.

So let me get to it.

I’ve previously explained why Jennifer McCormick, who will face Trumper Mike Braun in November, would be an excellent Governor. If you visit her website, you will note that she is focused on issues that actually concern Hoosiers, unlike Braun, who–like all MAGA culture warriors–talks almost exclusively about the federal issues he did little or nothing to address in his six years as a Senator.

I recently sat down with Jennifer and her equally impressive campaign manager, and was encouraged to learn that, not only is she personally compelling and right on the issues, she is running a savvy, organized and well-thought-out campaign.

I have also had the opportunity to meet with Valerie McCray and her campaign manager, both of whom noted the extent to which Hoosiers–at least, Democratic-leaning ones– seem to be favoring women candidates this year. (Evidently, voters unfamiliar with either of the Democrats’ Senate contenders overwhelmingly opted for the female candidate.) That phenomenon failed to help Suzanne Crouch, the only woman vying for the GOP’s gubernatorial nomination–a reminder of the parties’ very different attitudes toward women.

As readers of this blog know, in the primary, I supported McCray’s opponent– an older white guy. (I firmly believe that voters should support candidates based upon their individual merits, rather than voting for an identity. I’ve known some pretty reprehensible women politicians.) That said, I was very relieved to find that McCray, whom I’d not previously known, isn’t only right on the issues  (see her excellent website), but is also energetic, informed, and thoughtful. That said, McCray’s biggest asset is actually her opponent, Jim Banks, who represents the most anti-American, anti-woman, theocratic aspects of the MAGA movement. (As I intend to explain in upcoming posts, Banks is very consistent–wrong about everything.) 

If Valerie McCray’s biggest campaign asset is Jim Banks, Todd Rokita will definitely fill that role for the eventual Democratic Attorney General nominee. I have posted about Rokita’s multiple deficits several times; he has been a consistent embarrassment to the legal profession and to the Hoosier State. He was a disgrace as a Congressman and has ignored his professional and ethical obligations as Indiana’s Attorney General, using the position (and taxpayer dollars) to feed his considerable ego while pandering to the far, far Right of the GOP. (Recently, several state senators called him “a hammer in search of a nail.”)

The specific merits of these candidates is important. Their campaigns, their performance in debates and on the stump, their fundraising–all of those traditional elements will matter, and matter a lot. But in addition to the normal horse-race factors, I come back to the question with which I began this post: will this be the year of the woman?

How angry are America’s women? How motivated? How many women who haven’t previously voted will register and cast their ballots in November? How many “good guys”–men who aren’t threatened by women’s growing equality, who care deeply about the status and health of their mothers, sisters and daughters– will signify that support by voting Blue? 

Hoping for a year of the woman is most definitely not an attack on men. It is endorsement of an equal civic partnership that benefits both men and women– and a refusal to return half the population to the subordinate status demanded by the GOP’s White Christian Nationalists.

In Indiana this November, voters will choose between a statewide slate of three talented and accomplished women and three out-and-proud MAGA misogynists and theocrats. This won’t be an election in which differences are minor. It also won’t be an election affected by gerrymandering–you can’t gerrymander a statewide race. 

Here’s an idea: If everyone reading this who cares about civic equality and women’s rights would send a few dollars to each of these women, we could demonstrate widespread support for a Hoosier year of the woman.

If Mexico can do this, so can Indiana.


  1. I sure hope these D candidates come out of seclusion and find a way to introduce themselves. Most of us can not name them or pick them out of a line up. I am NOT impressed or hopeful at this point.

  2. It’s simple. Living in deep red Dubois County, having a couple encounters with Braun, I can confidently say that Dr. Jennifer McCormick is by far is the best candidate for Governor. I have had a few conversations with Jennifer and I am more impressed every time I talk to her or hear her speak at an event.
    I first had the opportunity to talk to Dr. McCray at a Democratic event in Spencer County as well as meeting Mr. Carmichael. I walked away very impressed with Dr. McCray and my conversation with her was my determining factor in voting for her.
    Regarding Destiny Wells, I had a few opportunities to meet her and talk to her. Hoosiers would be nuts not to vote for her over Rokita. She is intelligent, a dedicated public servant, and again will bring respect, honesty and fairness to the office.
    I am an old white male and former Republican who will proudly be voting for these three female candidates who will bring back the values the majority of Hoosiers care about.

  3. I can relate to patmcc’s lament regarding the lack of visibility of Democrat candidates, and I would counter with “what are you going to do about it?”
    I want to see a concentrated effort to get out the vote, and am willing to use what little money I can afford, as well as my time, if there is a strategy that would be effective.
    I have seen several campaigns of writing postcards to likely Democrat voters in swing states, and am participating in one of them. My plan is simple, but I need some support from the IN Democrat party or someone else who has access to the addresses of likely Democrat voters in Indiana, and a design for a postcard. Then host a dinner party for 10 of my friends, and we spend an hour writing and addressing postcards. Then each of my 10 friends commit to hosting their own dinner party with 10 of their friends, etc.
    I think if we did that, we could get 100,000 postcards out to likely voters sometime in October, encouraging them to make sure they are registered, and to show up and vote.
    I think that Indiana is in play for Dems this year. I have several R friends who are fed up with MAGA/t*ump, and say they will either stay home and not vote, vote for a third party, or even vote for Biden in November. If that is a trend in Indiana, we could actually turn the tide this year.
    But I am almost always disappointed by the number of D’s who just don’t show up, due to the “learned helplessness” we live with in this state.

  4. Our State Democrat Party leadership needs to acquire massive out-of-state funding for Valerie McCray’s and Jennifer McCormick’s campaigns so they can actually have a chance to compete. I’ve been fully against the Republican out-of-state funding that sent Jim Banks to DC, but if Valerie and Jennifer are going to have a chance at being elected they will need a LOT more money than we can be raised within the state.

    Since Joe Donnelly has returned home maybe he can help them find out-of-state funds.

  5. Even Pakistan has had a woman in leadership. You had told me when Prime Minister Bhutto was elected, that America would have an African American President before they had a woman President. I wouldn’t have believed you. I really believed that America was more racist than misogynist.

    At this time, although I would love to see the women succeed in Indiana, I’m sending more to the Senate candidate, Debbie Mucarsal-Powell. Rick Scott is a danger to the republic IMHO. He’s pushing to take over for Mitch McConnell and if he’s successful, he’ll really work to tear down everything that doesn’t fit in the MAGA world. He’s the guy who led the company that was found to have ripped off Medicare in the largest case of fraud ever. He’s gone from thief to Governor to Senator! If I recall correctly, Colbert called him the Mayan Snake God. Seems to fit.

  6. Why wasn’t the Wells-White competition for AG part of the Democratic primary?

  7. Great article about the female candidates in Indiana. Sadly, though, MAGA and other brain-dead Republicans would rather sell their mothers into slavery than vote for a Democrat. Only branding matters. Yes, Democrats need to campaign better, but trying to turn Indiana’s politics into something rational simply won’t happen until Trump is pushing up daisies.

    Even sadder, it’s not just Indiana that has a poisoned electorate. Just about every red state is saddled with this intellectual dwarfism. Oh, and then there’s Louisiana’s Republican legislature passing NAZI laws to castrate sex-criminals. How’s that for governing?

  8. Then, of course, there is Marjorie Taylor Greene, proving that incompetence is gender neutral.

  9. It’s early June, and Hoosier MAGA cultists are starting to share anti-Biden memes. However, with all the accurate slams they can use, they share misinformation again. As much as I’d like to blame Biden for inflation, 70% is created by oligarchic price gouging—”recoupment,” which all goes to shareholders and CEOs.

    I haven’t heard what the Hoosier Lady Democrats are planning for the state, but Indiana’s financial condition is fairly rock-solid due to over-taxation. I’m not sure what the Hoosier Republicans are running on, either. I don’t watch TV, so I haven’t seen a political ad this year. It sounds like I should be grateful.

    The top part of my ballot will be all female candidates in November. I won’t penalize the Hoosier Democrats for #GenocideJoe. I’ll be joining the under-35 crowd, which will be shunning Biden, but not for the felon.

    As for the Mexican Prez, she’s not just the first female president in Mexico, but I believe she’s the first Jewish female President in the world. And she’s a leftist. AMLO goes out with an 80% approval rating. If only the US voters would wake up and elect a leftist in the US. Just give them four years to see what happens to improve their lives. One can dream, can’t he?

  10. John, the AG is named by the parties’ State conventions. So, too, is the IN Lt Gov for which Hamilton County preacher Micah Beckwith, Le Merde de Poulet, has worked hard to recruit his own delegates for the June 15 GOP State convention.bee

  11. I wonder when men will figure out that the reversal of Roe means that paternity can no longer be denied. DNA testing proves paternity. Financial obligations to support the child are long term. Put women in charge of collecting child support payments. Interesting to contemplate.

    The competition between Braun’s pick for Lt. Governor (a woman with very little political experience in the General Assembly) and Micah Beckwith is interesting.
    “Beckwith is a pastor at Life Church’s Noblesville campus and co-hosts a podcast called “Jesus, Sex and Politics” with another pastor. He also operates a small business — a music school — and remains involved in his family’s dairy company.
    He has also been active in Hamilton County in moving or banning allegedly inappropriate library books.” Indiana Capital Chronicle
    Link to the full article.
    If any of these men gain power in Indiana, look forward to the complete failure of public education, the injury/death to women, censorship by proxy in public libraries, loyalty tests and worse. It has happened before in Indiana, a century ago. History does repeat itself.

  12. It is a sad state/nation when the universal call for democracy is to write a check. “Democracy SOLD”.

  13. Hi all! I am involved with Valerie McCray’s campaign. I invite you all to look at her website Valerie and complete the volunteer form or buy a t-shirt or make a donation. We need all of you to help us spread the word about this wonderful candidate. John the AG is selected at the state convention. James Todd if you will contact me at we can get you what you need to start your postcard party. It takes a village and we need and want all of your help!

  14. Laura Alerding was part of the stink in moving “inappropriate” library books at the Hamilton County Library. I would not vote for her as State Representative of District 29.

  15. Sheila,
    Thanks for telling your readers about Dr. Valerie McCray. I, too, supported Marc Carmichael and was surprised that he lost to Valerie (121,567 to 57,167). After looking on her website and seeing the talented, dedicated, mostly-unpaid campaign staff, it’s no surprise she won. I am now active with her campaign, am planning a fundraiser for her and am sending $100 per month to Act Blue to support her campaign. To patmcc and others, you haven’t heard about these Democratic candidates because they need funds for more exposure, so please donate. Check out Valerie’s website, and then tell 10 friends about her priorities and ask those 10 to tell 10 others. If we work hard, we can elect Valerie, Jennifer, and others in November. If we say “it won’t happen in Indiana,” of course it won’t. But if we actively support these female candidates, maybe we can make it happen. Jayne Thorne

  16. I am a male (called one of the straightest arrow he had ever met by a friend who turned out to be very gay), father of two daughters with two grand-daughters. I also have several friends who have signed up for the Postcard effort who are trying to get me to join in. Giving it serious consideration.

    I can assure you that I will be absolutely supporting the women’s movement in Indiana. They are, in every way, superior to the the BBR slate that the (R)’s are putting forward.

  17. Governments denying a woman autonomy over her own body is one of the biggest human rights violations ever. No one has any business managing a pregnancy except the woman who is pregnant. I have never run for political office in my life … until this year, and I am now running for the Indiana House of Representatives in the incredibly Gerrymandered 35th district. Currently, in Indiana, women have lost all rights, with our current Supermajority Republican leadership refusing to place major important issues on the ballot. In summary, through Gerrymandering, they have chosen their voters and no longer have to worry about the voters choosing them and, as a result, have been able to deny majority rule. To find out more about my campaign, please visit my website:

  18. Todd, I guess you don’t count Golda Meir because she was PM of Israel? Admittedly she probably wouldn’t win today because of the influx of Eastern European Jews, most of whom are Ultra-Orthodox and have no place for women outside of the home.

  19. I don’t think rapists and child molesters merit any sympathy and will not receive.much from the public.

    If that’s the hill you want to die on,go for it.
    You wonder why Democrats get a bad rap.

    This type of crap is why.

    Voting against Biden is a deplorable act worthy of punishment.

    Castration of rapists and child molesters merits the pearl clutching.

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