A Bonus Post Because I Can’t Help Myself

When I was a member of a very different Republican Party, it was easy to laugh at the way Democrats tended to self-destruct. Now, with American democracy and the rule of law teetering on the brink, it’s far less amusing.

It is hard for me to believe number of people who should know better who are undermining the party’s chances of winning in November by clutching their pearls and indulging in pious, handwringing pleas for Joe Biden to withdraw. Talk about “virtue signaling” while giving talking points to the Trumpers.

It’s one thing for people like those who comment here–most of whom are unfamiliar with political calendars and the arcane legal constraints on campaigns. It’s another to see presumably knowledgable pundits display their total ignorance of what is even possible.

Permit me to take you on a visit the real world: any effort to “swap out” candidates would have to take place at the upcoming Democratic convention on August 19th. While all states don’t have early voting, many do–in Indiana, early voting starts October 8th.

Even if the delegates could quickly agree on a replacement candidate–highly unlikely–there would be no time for that candidate to mount anything approaching a campaign, which requires money and messaging and field offices staffed with workers devoted to and knowledgable about the candidate. But of course, there is no single alternative acceptable to the entire party. The obvious choice would be Kamala, as Vice-President, but thanks to racism and misogyny–not to mention Republican and intra-party efforts to paint her as a floundering “diversity choice”–she couldn’t win either the delegates or the election. Of course, passing over a Black Vice-President would immediately jeopardize the essential Black vote (not to mention a significant part of the female vote.)

A two-month campaign with a divisive candidate is only part of it. The substantial funds Biden has raised couldn’t easily or rapidly be transferred to the new candidate (if at all). And much as I believe polling is badly broken, most polls do show that the only person who can defeat Donald Trump–and yes, save democracy–is Joe Biden.

Biden has been an excellent, even transformational, President. His cabinet is composed of talented, knowledgable, traditional public servants, and his Vice President is far more accomplished and adept than the nay-sayers paint her. If Biden had the oratorical skills of an Obama, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, but as a FaceBook friend noted–under a photo of Hitler addressing a rapt crowd–deciding who to support on the basis of oratory isn’t necessarily a great idea.

But even if Biden were as senile as his detractors claim, he would be monumentally preferable to the alternative.

The job of patriotic Americans in the four months between this post and the election is to defeat Donald Trump and the MAGA fascist movement.  Nothing else matters. A Biden victory will allow us to deal with a corrupt Supreme Court and protect reproductive choice; a defeat–made more likely by the know-nothing naysayers–will facilitate remaking the nation in the form the authors of Project 2025 have mapped out.

There is no choice. This is our civil war, and we have to win it.

If Biden is truly impaired, he can step down after the election. Yes, that would give us a Black female President, and that would once again motivate the haters who crawled out from under their rocks after Obama was elected.

Right now, our marching orders are simple: defeat MAGA up and down the ballot, or lose America.


  1. There is an old-time fiddle tune I like a lot. It is titled “We Will Go Down on the Barnyard Fighting”. I can’t find it anywhere but I like the attitude it implies.

  2. The only way to replace Biden is for Biden to take the initiative and declare that he won’t run. I believe the chances of that are zero. So, for better or worse, the Democrats are stuck with him so they better support him with enthusiasm and money. Presidents now have immunity and the power to pardon those they send out to break the law. Trump committed 91 felonies (that we know of) when he thought he should obey the law. How many will he commit when he is immune from prosecution — 910, 9,100, 91,000, or 910,000? I’d bet on at least 910,000. SCOTUS has set the stage for a dictator. We better not elect one in November.

  3. Indeed, we should stop with a hand wringing and embrace the fact that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the country’s first Black female president.

  4. On July 4th, the UK will have another election and the Labour Party is set for a landslide victory. They announced this election 6 weeks ago. Why do our elections cost so much (to us) and why are they multiple years long? They have a platform set for each party and somehow, the country manages to start and end an election in less than 2 months. WE ARE DOING THIS ALL WRONG!

    The most corrupt anti-American supreme count and the most corrupt human to run for potus and yet, here we are 4 months out from November and somehow it just can’t be done. I love Biden. I love what the administration has accomplished. Step down before we lose this one. Newsom or Mayor Pete need to take over. Harris is done. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Sheila; any idea how many commenters on this blog have actually worked inside government at any level? My experience began in 1972 under Republican Mayor Richard Lugar whose administration reeked of the old political patronage system of racism, sexism, nepotism and required a swearing in ceremony and signing a document agreeing to support and work for the Republican party in front of a Precinct Committeeman and witnesses. This included the required “donation” of 2% of our paychecks, in cash, by the end of every payday. I was also told when and where to appear to work for the “Reelect Nixon” campaign. Being in the midst of divorce with 5 children and desperate for a job, I agreed.

    The transition to Republican Mayor Bill Hudnut ended the old political patronage system and qualified employees replaced the unqualified employees and government ran smoother and made progress. No; I didn’t agree with all issues under the Hudnut administration but I recognized his leadership as a vast improvement for the city.

    There was no “transition” to Goldsmith; there was a takeover by Goldsmith which I later recognized as a precursor to the Trump takeover at the federal level in 2017. His appointees even raided our offices and removed furniture and equipment; I returned from lunch one day to find my computer system and my bookshelves gone. Everything on my shelves was stacked on the desk, chair and floor and my computer was replaces with an older model; had I not have backed up all of my work on floppy discs I would have lost all of my work information. Those who want to make decisions and changes without understanding the inner workings of government…or a business office…are following the MAGAs with little or no idea of what is ahead for America, which will remain in name only unless Trump decides to change that too.

    “Right now, our marching orders are simple: defeat MAGA up and down the ballot, or lose America.” I have those two promised checks to Destiny Wells and Jennifer McCormick out for mail pickup today, my Social Security payday

  6. “ deciding who to support on the basis of oratory isn’t necessarily a great idea.”
    Absolutely, but…great oratory can get out the message. What we need are great orators for our side on the campaign trail, on the talk shows, late night, Sunday shows, every cable news network…getting out a loud consistent message on what Joe has done, on his ethics, why that matters to the American people, and telling people how to vote a split ticket…”if you must”.
    Some will never vote D in their locals, but maybe enough are sickened by Trump to vote Biden just this once.

  7. Biden understands how government works. He is a great fundraiser. He is not a pathological liar. He is not a convicted felon. He is sincere and capable of extending a helping hand to those who need it. This presidential campaign is still a no brainer.

  8. Thanks, best words yet to keep the march onward. your style of writing and reason should become the mainstay of every American who recognizes the real fight.

  9. Daleb writes, “He [Joe Biden] is sincere and capable of extending a helping hand to those who need it.”

    Joe is a mass murderer, Daleb. Instead of helping innocent women and children in Palestine, he is giving Israel 2,000 lb bombs to drop on tents. Every single day, I witness body parts strewn all over Gaza, primarily children. JB would have an arrest warrant on his Oval Office desk if the ICC weren’t so political.

    As a result of his murdering of innocents and the rage our young people feel toward Israel, Biden has lost the youth vote. For 3.5 years, many Americans have shown concern for JB’s health and wellness—mainly his dementia. The rumors have been, “Who is running the country?” Not a single rumor supposes it’s been Kamala Harris. She’s well beyond her league.

    JB refuses to quit, so will that bring more voters to his rescue or not? After that debate performance, which confirmed most people’s fears about JB, I believe he is costing votes up and down the ballot.

    One interesting poll measures how excited potential voters feel about a candidate. Trump is off the charts for Republicans, while Biden doesn’t stir much excitement among Democrats. The DNC made its bed when it screwed Bernie and Pete in 2020 early in the primary. There are consequences for all acts. The chickens are coming home to roost. It’s NOT the voters who need to bail out the corrupt political parties. It’s the party’s responsibility to find the best candidate for the most powerful job in this country.

  10. OK, so trump IS a liar, womanizer, mentally challenged, cheat, bully, and soulless individual. Biden, on the other hand, is a compassionate, decent human being who is fighting off the effects of aging, not always effectively. Would I prefer a younger, more energetic candidate? Of course, but as Sheila points out, and I have read elsewhere numerous times, the odds against Biden stepping down and the political machinery working to set up a replacement for victory are long indeed, if not virtually impossible. It is going to be hard enough to get Joe over the finish line, let alone consider some alternative, but we have to keep promoting his extraordinary actual accomplishments rather than focusing on a dismal and unfortunate debate performance. My belief is that having a pro-democracy Democrat in the Presidency is the most important thing in the world right now. If anything should happen to Biden after that, the democratic machinery keeps running, and we all go on living in our beautiful if not messy democracy. We can then continue on the path to a better America, which we have fought for all these many years, something not possible under the leadership of the other candidate. Period.

  11. If ever there was a time when we needed to remain calm, stick to our principles and have faith in ourselves this is it. Either we truly believe in democracy or we don’t.
    All of the views expressed here today are heartfelt and honest. We seem to be collectively working through the varied solutions to the crisis facing us, and in doing so there comes a clearer picture of what we must do. And what we must do is carry on united and full of resolve to restore the Constitution.

  12. The calls for Biden to step down are really stupid. One bad night has never made such an uproar. I don’t recall anyone saying that Obama should step down after a really bad first debate against Mitt. I’ve been listening to all of the reasons that Biden was so bad. It’s clear to me that Biden gets energy from crowds. He was joyous for the SoU, as he walked into the House, shaking hands and greeting people on both sides of the aisle. When he got to the podium, he was pumped and ready. After the debate he went to a Waffle House in Atlanta and he was speaking with people. He was just fine then. Why? He had an audience! If we had a debate scheduled within the next month, we might not be talking about this at all.

  13. Todd. We are now in the trenches trying to win in a fight to the death. Now is not the time to shoot your own general…unless you WANT the other side to win. You seem to be living in a fantasy world where you can stick by your principles to the death and still live. It really doesn’t work that way. If Trump wins, everyone else loses and that includes you.

  14. The current GOP is made up of entertainers. They’re actors, comedians, singers and clowns. Nothing more. All they want is to bathe in love and adoration. Trump gets the Oscar for his mental stunt work. Its time for the fat lady to sing and bring down the final curtain. Give em a big hand folks! Beware of electric planes falling from the sky.

  15. Kamila is not popular among Blacks. A new ticket could interest the majority of voters who are not “involved” and want CHANGE. A new ticket would not discourage any dedicated Biden/DEM fans.

  16. “…Joe Biden has lost the youth vote…”
    Perhaps. But the truth is that the “youth vote” is often way overrated. They are far too likely not to vote at all – or be fickle – or throw their vote away on a third party. It’s unfortunate, because they really need to step up.

    Look, there are two choices – and only two. We can either be the party of protest, or the party in power. It’s way better to be the party in power.

  17. We know that the mark of a successful manager is listening to all perspectives and making the tough decisions. I believe that Biden has always excelled at this, and he still does.

    On the other hand, if there is one trait that marks Trump, it is that he never listens to anyone. He surrounds himself with those who only know yes, sir, and probably don’t even have an expert opinion. Trump doesn’t care about experts because he has no intention of running the country. He never did.

    Now that his friends at SCOTUS have removed all restrictions on him, if elected, he would be perfectly free to plunder and pillage the country.

  18. The day after the debate, I sent a very large (for me) contribution to the Biden campaign. His performance in the “debate” was, undoubtedly, poor but Joe Biden has proven that he is fully capable and has been an excellent President for 3 1/2 years. As far as the youth vote is concerned, they need to get with the program. A young African American friend of mine was saying he wasn’t going to vote for Biden because he’s old. I pointed out to him that the things he was saying about Biden were the same arguments that had been used to keep black people out of jobs for centuries. Why aren’t we a culture that values the wisdom that comes with age. We couldn’t find a young person with Joes Biden’s character, wisdom, or experience.

  19. It is absurd for us to take 18 months of campaigning and millions of dollars to elect a President. The public is sick of this 5 months before the election! This is system has GOT to be changed!

  20. In response to pointing out that Biden is a mass murderer of women and children, requiring all of Congress to threaten jurists at the International Criminal Court, Sharon says, “You seem to be living in a fantasy world…”

    If you think American voters are just folding their cards on one debate performance, you’re just plain delusional and reinforcing your delusion by listening to Democrat TV propaganda. There is no other way to rationalize it.

    The NYT editorial board wants him to step down, and Congressmen are asking for the same. It’s NOT a mutiny, but a clear sign of desperation because those not exclusively feeding on the blue pill see a disaster on the horizon.

  21. Todd, you need to revisit your tattered college dictionary for the definition of words like “mass” and “murder”. You have skipped over the entire political history between Israel and the United States to put Biden’s AND our Congress’s actions into any context but your own. Genocide Joe is an alliteration for people who are vocabulary challenged. Get back to work.

  22. Sheila, I do not question your sincerity nor your intellect. I do completely disagree with your belief in desperately hoping that we will vote for Biden and that he is a “good” candidate. I suggest listening/watching this – much more what I believe: https://mitchellplitnick.substack.com/p/video-the-fallout-from-the-presidential?utm_source=podcast-email&publication_id=103609&post_id=146191289&utm_campaign=email-play-on-substack&utm_content=watch_now_button&r=2wavj&triedRedirect=true&utm_medium=email

  23. Pete, those traits you ascribe to Trump are right… to a point. The problem is that Trump _will_ listen to people if it benefits him; specifically, if they are going to make him money or give him power. And the Project 2025 people are smart; they _know_ that. They will be the ones running Trump, not the other way around, and they will make sure Trump gets his share of plunder while they remake your country. You’re also right that Trump doesn’t want to actually do the job of president, and he will happily abdicate that job to Project 2025, while he does all the PR crap that he likes.

    On Kamala, she is very smart, clearly caring, but also realistic, and would be an excellent choice to do the job of president, should that case arise. Her deficits are in the public speaking and charisma departments. (Fortunately, her VP opponent last time was Pence; a person with little speaking talent and all the charisma of a blank, white wall.) Plus, I agree that the potential having her as president would trigger many MAGA people who talk but don’t bother voting, to go ahead and vote. Misogyny and racism are so frickin’ strong in that bunch of lunatics.

    Generally, I can’t see changing candidates. Between the chaos, the difficulty of choice, and the campaign restart, I can’t imagine it doing anything but hurting the November chances. However, what causes me sleepless nights are all the rumblings from people I expect to think similarly but have been shown to be willing to entertain the idea of a switch, like Nancy Pelosi, et al. Plus, there are the rumblings that Biden has been showing more and more of these episodes in the last 6 months and people have been keeping quiet about them.

    It’s a horrible and terrifying situation.

  24. I’m happy to stipulate that President Biden has accomplished more in one term than almost any predecessor and that he’s a great patriot. I agree that he alone should make the decision about whether to continue. I don’t agree that it would be impossible or a disaster to replace him as our candidate. This issue is not about a 90-minute debate in June. Rather, it’s about the longstanding judgment of a huge body of Democrats and others, including many admirers, that he’s too old to run. We have supported him based on his assurances that he’s up for the job. The debate debacle was a test of that promise. He failed. Sure, he’d been flying around the world and dealing with myriad issues. But that’s what president do. Campaigning can be even more exhausting, especially when communication is the primary skill needed. Given the fact that he speaks primarily these days with a teleprompter and that any further signs of decline will be headlined everywhere, it’s a stretch to be confident he can win, especially since he’s been behind so long. We see argument above that changing horses would be too complex and chaotic, but it would better to address those problems now rather than in October. The suggestion that Biden run with a plan to hand over the reins to Harris after the election would be dishonest and not the Biden way. Maybe Joe snaps into shape immediately and stays sharp for the next few months. That would be great, but to me it’s a long shot when Trump is on the horizon.

  25. So glad, Sheila, you provided an extra post because you just can’t help yourself! Your perspective and the comments it generated are well worth a second, even a third read. Thank you. Happy 4th (for as long as we can celebrate it). Once the monarchy is in place, what will be done about a holiday that celebrates the nation’s hard won independence from a king only to make it possible, even likely, that we’ll have one. This one, though, on our native soil. Can’t believe there aren’t significant people in both parties that do not want to see a president as free to do what he wants, including upending the rule of law. I saw a poll indicating that 67% of those polled oppose what the Supremes have done. They don’t want a leader in ermine and wearing a crown, and neither do those who can make the difference we need in either strengthening Biden or recognizing he has to make a triumphant exit (given all his accomplishments) to make way for a solid candidate. The back bench has at least a clear dozen who can pick up, committing to extend Biden’s agenda, retain many of his cabinet and agency heads who, after all, are those implementing democratic processes to govern effectively. The White House is more than one man; it’s more like a corporation. We need to realize that simple fact; indeed we must as even the most ill-informed recognize that the federal bureaucracy, our domestic and foreign policies are not ‘run’ by one man but by, in Biden’s case, a talented, experience and already successful group of public servants.

  26. Jane — you nailed it. There are a lot of very good Democrat orators and they should make it their mission to stump for Biden non-stop until November. And Biden does pretty good when in front of an audience and not letting his campaign staff tell him he needs to memorize a bunch of numbers nobody can digest anyway. He needs to quit spouting percentages and just speak in plain everyday language about what he’s accomplished. That’s what people can relate to. It’s our last best chance.

  27. At this point, at the least, it has to be Biden all the way. I grew up in NYC, and have been a long time fan of the NYT, but that fandom has diminished over the years, and I am not a fan of Oligarchy, and the paper seems to have become a member thereof, long ago. So, their push for JB to step down seems a bit sleazy to me.
    I still read the “Science times,” though, and yesterday’s article about the Gaia principle is a wow!
    We are all in this life together, even the fools who think that fool’s gold is the end all, and be all, of life.

  28. I have stopped watching all my preferred news channels. I found Scripps News on cable and find it quite refreshing. It also helpful in reducing my rage at the ninnies on the left. It’s Biden and that’s it. Get on board or get out of the way.

  29. Todd, you forgot about the extra 300,000+ Americans that died because Trump politicized EVERYTHING about the Pandemic, including taking the vaccine. There are credible estimates of hundreds of thousands of extra deaths that resulted from Trumps politicization.

    You also forget that Biden doesn’t lead the government of Israel and while he might have some influence, it’s just about the same amount of influence he has over Trump.

  30. This ultimately is not about Biden or the Democratic Party or (REALLY, the primaries where Biden was essentially the only candidate???) – it is about saving what is left of our democracy from the MAGAs. That can only be accomplished by having record turnout. That will take getting the “neither’s”, the “sometimes voters” and, most importantly, the unaffiliates to vote. THAT MEANS A NEW, FRESH TICKET COMPLETELY talking “kitchen table like” about how people’s lives, their children’s lives, etc. would be affected by a MAGA regime AND the very few real reforms that can turn the US TITANIC – adding SCOTUS members, managing the filibuster, cracking down on everyday prices.

  31. I will be 81 years old this month! I stand with Shelia’s opinion. It was too late on January 1, 2024 to determine another person to be our Democrat candidate for our president of the USA. It is totally out of question to even think about it now! It will be handing the presidency to the damn Repubicans on a “silver platter”. From a poll that is exactly what the Republicans want. They say Biden is too old. They sure didn’t say that Trump was to old or a felon of which he is. Our Biden is a decent man and has saved our behinds the last four years that he has been working for us. He has good people working for him and not those that pledge their loyalty to him as Trump requires. We have a plan to continue to work for the American people and the only plan of the Republicans is their “Project 2025”. To me that looks like a Hitler/Putin and you name the others plan. I don’t want to worship the Christian National Jesus. The Jesus that I worship is nothing like theirs. This Supreme Court floors me with their crooked and controlling opinions! Gee! They are playing to the “Project 2025” plan. Take an hour and a half and watch the documentary “God & Country”! It will explain where these people are coming from. I was taught that religion was a freedom to all in our country and a individuals choice. We have to support Joe and Kamala! She is as amazing as Joe and he is an excellent teacher! The hype has got to stop if we want to protect our “DEMOCRACY”. I am a delegate for the Indiana State Convention on the 13th. May “we that are representing you” all have your prayers to who ever you pray to and God please protect our troops! If we don’t support our president, Joe Biden, I believe we will hand it back to the Republicans and that scares the hell out of me and I totally fear for my children and by precious eleven year old granddaughter. May she and other children be given back their freedom!

  32. Sheila I 100% agree with your thoughts on the election. It has to be Joe Biden running against Trump. or else I fear we could very well become a dictatorship. None the less we must keep our wits about us and vote blue like our lives depend on it. Now is not the time to flinch and sit out on the vote or worst make an emotional vote. It is all hands on deck! It has to be Country over Party!

  33. US is in a cold (for now) civil war. To win a war unity, discipline, flexibility is needed to bring full force against the opponents and defeat them. It has to be made clear in understandable ways what’s at stake in this election, Democracy.
    I agree with Sheila that there are many reasons that changing candidates at this point would be cumbersome and cause upheaval.
    I also agree with Lester that to get new voters Democrats have to offer something new. James Carville said in interview last night that 70% of Americans want something new, so Democrats should give it to them. Also, don’t let your love/respect for Biden blind you to his possible inability to bring it to trump. With age we slow down, and we can’t fight it, need to just go with it.
    IMO Biden had a bad night during the debate, who wouldn’t with a monster cold and in the presence of evil incarnate. Biden has years of political/international/business experience in government, and a wealth of wisdom and good intentions for all Americans, and we’re fortunate that he stepped up in 2020 to defeat Maga. I can’t imagine how US would be today if he hadn’t won.
    Biden is scheduled Friday and aired entirely Sunday with TV interview with George Stephanopoulos. I reserve judgement about his thinking, but presently think he had a temporary bad night at the first debate. At this point it’s up to Biden, his advisors and the DNC to make the call. Whatever they decide I’m on board to fight Maga and the monarchists on the Supreme Court. Too bad we can’t bring obstruction of justice charges against the majority of Scotus for interfering/delaying justice for the American people and trying to pave the way for the Maga King.

  34. There is one person who MOST wants Biden to run – THE DUCK.

    Make it about “Party” and those without “Party” will stay home.

  35. The Democrats have the advantage in that Republicans convention is this month (July) when they lock in their candidate. Dems can then plan accordingly for their convention in August. Dems. for the win!

  36. My thoughts exactly. Every time I noticed one of those dump Biden mentions, I thought: How?!
    I love that you couldn’t help writing the double posts. What a wordsmith!

  37. Sheila – Bravo – You said it all.
    Lester – good strategy; wrong diagnosis – The Republicans want nothing more than the current chaos, a future fight for the nomination (with residual bad feelings), and a wimpy, short campaign by a Biden replacement
    Sorry for shouting

  38. Ian, I love the Hitler videos about the characters in our political world. The one about Kamala is hilarious.

    It is amusing to watch the blue sheep point at the red sheep and the red sheep point at the blue ones. Defending mass murderers of women and children is something I’d never thought I’d see from Democrats, but apparently, your minds have accepted it and blamed it on Bibi. Biden told the country repeatedly that he was angry at Israel, and then privately, more shipments of bombs took place. The UN voted for an immediate ceasefire, and Biden is still delivering them bombs.

    Putin and Zelenskyy arranged a peace deal in 2022, but the US/NATO deep-sixed it. The US doesn’t want peace; it wants infinite war. Assange called it perpetual war. Ukraine had a moratorium on selling its farmland to outsiders, but Zelenskyy lifted it. Now, the Top three Big Ag US companies almost own 50% of the world’s bread basket. Amazing how that happens! LOL

  39. Todd should not be weighing in on foreign relations. He looks through a single lens at problems that require multiple and complex negotiated solutions. Yet another reason to support Biden.


    First: Todd, grow up and shut up – please. Hectoring your audience helps no one, except, perhaps those looking for a reasonable excuse to ignore and distain you. It is a complex – beyond belief and understanding – complex reality. I, you, all of us, have hold of different parts of the elephant. No possible outcomes appear wholly plus or minus; none of the actors appear free of questionable motivation especially you, though you at least, lack power.

    Second: the President is 81. I am 79, I believe Joann is older, and that many of us reacting here are also old, but beating the alternative is not a tragedy in our cases as we collectively and individually appear to have our mental and physical stuff together. That could change for the worse in a breath. I hope each of us is connected to and supported by loving, competent others who can step in.

    Do we imagine that the President lacks that strong support at every level of his existence? That he refuses to listen to or accept such support? Are we painting him with the evil colours that 45 takes such pride in? I believe that Biden’s self confidence is not inflated by hubris. He is a smart, thoughtful, humble man, not afraid of responsibility, not avoiding it. His team is characterized by intelligence, compassion, collaboration, respect, deep understanding of a myriad of complex, confusing, conflicting issues, patriotism, ‘whole picture – ism,’ and more … qualities he and they share. Remember, he chose to place himself, and the entire world, in the care of these folks. Trust them, trust him. Rest in confidence and support these people – ALL OF THEM.

    Set your own egos aside and go to work.

  41. Ok, this is what the head of the Heritage Foundation said yesterday regarding Project 2025. They expect us to take this lying down:

    “We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be,” Kevin Roberts said in an interview on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast on Tuesday.

    Looks like a declaration of war to me. We must vote BLUE all the way down the ticket, and convince others to do so also. I will vote for Biden even if he is on life support.

  42. President Joe Biden is a good and decent human who cares about his family and his country, unlike the thoroughly corrupt Herr Orange who wants power for all the wrong reasons.

    The malevolent Machiavellian-inspired forces who hold him up as their golden idol are perhaps even more dangerous because of their willingness to destroy America in their ruthless clawing for power at any cost.

    For now, the main solution is to VOTE BLUE FOR EVERY OFFICE, from school boards to city councils, to legislators, to President of the United States of America. VOTE BLUE, AMERICA.

  43. I think whenever we hear someone we know start talking about how Joe Biden is too old to do another term, we have one response: Maybe, but he’s not Donald Trump. The mainstream news media keep talking about Biden’s missteps, age, whatever, but they say nothing about Trump’s status as a convicted felon, serial liar, corrupt businessman, and sexual abuser. (Not to mention his autocratic mindset…). This election, just like 2020, must be made into a referendum on Donald Trump. The choice is simple: an imperfect candidate who means well versus a candidate who believes America is a shithole country.

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