Different Worlds

One of my husband’s favorite stories about his college years concerns a wealthy fraternity brother who, upon learning of the pregnancy of another ┬ámember’s wife, congratulated him and asked him whether the happy couple had hired a governess yet.

A couple of days ago, Mitt Romney spoke to a group of college students worried about student loan interest rates. Among other bits of advice, he encouraged those of an entrepreneurial bent to take the plunge and start businesses. How? “Borrow the capital from your parents at a favorable interest rate.”

And while they are at it, perhaps they can borrow a bit extra to pay the governess…


  1. And to pay off their student loans, and for the health insurance coverage Romney would repeal.

  2. Please tell me he didn’t really say this?! Wow…my parents didn’t plan for college and they would also take turns working two jobs…I am still paying on my school loans from 15 years ago and I also worked full time to pay for school. If it wasn’t for loans I would not have been able to afford to go to school. Even w/ interest rates low I still pay $350 per month. College is very, very expensive

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