Priorities, People!

Well, I see that Congressional Republicans bowed to the inevitable–aka looming voter outrage–and passed an extension of the measure to keep student loan interest rates at their current levels. The rates would have doubled without congressional action, and while the Tea Party faction supported letting the rates increase (who cares about those snotty little elitists who go to college?….), the few remaining realists in the party prevailed–at least to the extent of a one-year extension. (Down, Rover! Once the election’s over, then¬†we can screw the college kids, but not now!)

Of course, the legislation had to be paid for. So the “family-friendly” party emptied out a fund that had been established to pay for poor children’s immunizations and women’s health–pap smears, breast exams, silly shit like that.

After all, we couldn’t expect them to take the money out of the massive subsidies we give the oil companies! How long will those obscene profits last, anyway? And god forbid we might raise the marginal rates on those overburdened “job creators” raking in a paltry million or two a year.

We have our priorities!

How unbearably despicable these people are.

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  1. Sheila,

    The NEO attitude is what is causing problems with both parties. NEOCONS and NEOLIBS are cry babies who will sacrafice anything to get their points across, even innocent college students who are trying to better their lives. I am a conservative student and I absolutely hate the Tea Party and the animosity they represent. I want to return to a time when American Values, such as loyalty, respect, and courage were placed over partisan polarization. A time when rational behavior and common sense ruled over reckless attitudes. I would like to see the republican party return back to its progressive roots and I would like to see both parties puppet strings cut from their puppet master ala special interest lobbyists. Finally, I would like see all megacorporations and oil companies “trust-busted” through newly amended anti-trust legislation, which would outlaw lobbying and increase more regulation of subsidies.

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