Can A Pandemic Have A Good Side?

Pollyanna here! (I know– this is a rare appearance of my positive side…)

What prompted my question was a series of posts on my neighborhood listserv, which is usually dominated by complaints about trash pickup, potholes and porch thieves. The first of the series was this one:

If there are any elderly or immunosuppressed neighbors who have an errand they cannot run, I’d be happy to help! I work in a nursing facility and know there are many elderly that are fearful of getting to the store.

That was followed by one titled “Be Kind,” which read

Please keep an eye out for neighbors, friends, kids, even people on the street that look stressed. Be kind to everyone since we cannot know the problems they are having with the stress of this slow moving crisis. Whether emotional or financial, it will bring out depression in those trying to keep it together. Domestic violence is likely to increase. It is unlike a hurricane in that we don’t know when, where, how, or how long.

Forty-nine neighbors had responded to that post when I last checked, and the comments were uniformly positive, thanking the poster for the reminder, suggesting ways to be helpful to neighbors, and indicating an intent to check on the well-being of older residents or those with medical problems.

I live in a downtown neighborhood–often referred to (scornfully) as “the hood” by people who assume that urban life is dangerous, faceless and anonymous. I actually know most of my neighbors, who are unfailingly pleasant and helpful, so I was gratified, but not surprised, by the attitudes expressed in these posts.

Also on the potentially positive side is growing recognition that a robust social safety net doesn’t just help “those people”–i.e., the poor or marginalized. If people living paycheck to paycheck (and there are more of them than you think) don’t have paid sick leave, they are likely to come to work when they shouldn’t, and to infect “us.”

And it probably goes without saying that if everyone had access to healthcare, it would be easier to identify and isolate sick folks and thus contain pandemics. Perhaps the virus will help more people understand why a society that protects the most vulnerable is actually better for everyone.

Finally, despite the best disinformation efforts of Faux News, there are signs that this public health challenge is creating a renewed appreciation for the importance of a properly functioning government.

Periodically, America’s historic penchant for anti-intellectualism and distaste for “pointy-headed” experts facilitates the election of a “politically-incorrect” public official.  Previously, this has been a more common outcome at the state and local level, but in 2016 it elevated a toxic and profoundly ignorant man to the Presidency.

When resentment of knowledge unites with fear of social displacement–in our case, the escalating panic of less-educated white “Christian” males facing loss of their dominant status–it creates an opening for the con men and would-be autocrats who view government office as an opportunity for graft rather than a call to serve.

Unfortunately, when an emergency arrives that requires a government solution, the utter inability of these bozos to perform–to use the powers of government for their intended purpose– becomes too obvious to ignore.

The Trump administration’s multiple transgressions against science, the environment and the most basic principles of good government will be responsible for many deaths that  might have been avoided. There isn’t much average Americans can do about that at this point–but going forward, we can and must learn a lesson: competent government matters.

And at a time where so many Americans have displayed their ugliest sides–their racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and more–we can take comfort in the humanity and genuine goodness of so many ordinary citizens.

It may not be enough, but it’s important.


  1. Timely post, Shiela. Ditto. In our neighborhood there have been similar acts of kindness and generous offers to help those more vulnerable to contagion. Everyone is encouraged to remain calm guided by healthy skepticism to carry on. Be smart. Be well.

  2. Thanks Prof. Along these lines, the nice young couple who live next to me, wrote an email to me last night. They were checking to see if I need anything. People are still nice and kind. I am grateful for that.

  3. It has amazed and confused me for decades how American men and women of all ages, races, religions, political affiliation and general personalities can come together in natural or criminal disasters of all types and work together to save lives. They are the first responders at disaster sites; locally the Richmond Hills explosion of an entire neighborhood is an excellent example when even the wounded sought those who needed help. The same is true of the mass shootings; even in schools where classmates respond to protect and help their friends. Sadly; it isn’t long after the disaster has eased that they move back to their separate groups, or tribes, to maintain the earlier separation.

    Trump’s refusal to take action in the beginning of the Covid-19 Epidemic helped the situation escalate to Pandemic levels. He continues to refuse to take responsibility, not only for his earlier inaction, but for the holdup of all forms of aid to get an accurate count of victims, their location and need for testing and treatment of symptoms because there is no actual treatment for this virus due to the lack of information regarding the cause. Buddhists believe life is based on cause and effect; in this case not knowing the cause, the effect is a matter of life and death.

    “The Trump administration’s multiple transgressions against science, the environment and the most basic principles of good government will be responsible for many deaths that might have been avoided. There isn’t much average Americans can do about that at this point–but going forward, we can and must learn a lesson: competent government matters.”

    Confusion and misinformation will continue to reign supreme in this country unless and until the current administration has been removed from power. IF…IF…IF we vote Trump out in November, we still have until January 20, 2021 until we can begin to purge the Trump Pandemic from this country. What will the death count be from the Covid-19 Pandemic by that time?

  4. I am reminded in these times of a science fiction story I read as a kid where some scientists, fearing nuclear war to end life on Earth, create a fake flying saucer to threaten the world from another planet, drawing the nations together against the existential threat.

  5. Every time there is a disaster, we show what we might be. I have also noted that there have been fewer reports of shootings and robberies than normal. Perhaps cities like Indy can hold its collective breath and hope for a new low homicide rate for 2020. I’m not sure if we should curse or thank COViD19.

  6. I too, through our neighborhood newsletter, have seen the kindness of neighbors toward others who might need some help. I am glad that Sheila has given the attention it deserves on her blog. May this spirit pervade our relationships.

  7. We are all One with the universal God, so when threatened, those in touch with this oneness reach out to others in need.

    Are there enough people in touch with this oneness to make a difference?

    I’m sure John can provide many Christian examples of how this plays out.

    So far, what I see at the federal level is turning over the crisis to the Oligarchs and just providing funding to those Oligarchs. They are all focusing on the stock market versus the people suffering under social distancing and self-quarantine.

    Big Pharma lobbyists wrote the first round of monies to ensure we socialize the costs of test kits and vaccines. Then Big Pharma gets to privatize and capitalize on all profiting from the public-funded endeavors. There was language inserted by the lobbyists preventing the federal government from limiting profits by Big Pharma — they can charge what they want.

    On Friday, Trump’s speech turned over the crisis to the private sector, and all the funding to date has benefitted the private sector and financial capitalists.

    This is grotesque.

    This is what has become of society within the United States of America. We are even trying to lure away German scientists who’ve been working on a vaccine.

    The disconnect between what is good for a society of humans and what has formed instead in the private and public sectors of our economy will be on display for all those with eyes wide open, which excludes the right-wing faction of politics and many democratic party loyalists.

  8. Well, again Sheila, excellent post, excellent starting point!

    We can see what happens when truth is demonized, when honesty is kicked to the curb, when people choose to believe the lie and harangue the truth. An alternate reality, if one chooses to live in it, does not give you special powers! You are still able to starve to death, you are still able to become ill, you are still able to be murdered or mugged, women are still able to be violated, children are still abused, misogyny is still prevalent, selfishness rules the day, love for your neighbor barely exists at all, and it definitely doesn’t put you in a separate lifeboat when everyone else is in the same boat!

    An alternate reality is an absolute mental disorder.

    The evangelical wing of the right absolutely dropped the ball when they decided to be complete hypocrites, not only in the past 3 years, or the past 30 years, but all away back to burning heretics and supporting slavery!

    John 13:34 reads, I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also love one another.

    John 15:13 and 14 reads, no one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his life in behalf of his friends, you are my friends if you do what I am commanding you.

    This was the last time that Jesus Christ actually communed with his apostles, he was put to death shortly after. The reason Jesus Christ mentioned love 30 times on the final night with his friends, is that self-sacrificing love separated them from others. And his followers were routinely put to death.

    Compare this with how the evangelical wing demonizes their fellow man, runs roughshod over women, assumes that they are superior to everyone else breathing this planet’s oxygen, and, their maker is judging their actions! And that judgment will not be friendly because they know what their conduct is supposed to be, but they decided long ago to have their ears tickled; (2nd Timothy 4:3)

    Last night, our friend had her mother passed away in the midst of this crisis plaguing the world, we had gotten the call late last night, complications of pneumonia and other issues, possibly the coronavirus, but everyone showed up at the hospital! The nurses and doctors all had rubber gloves and masks, but Lucille’s grandchildren showed up from Chicago, along with many family members and friends from the entire region. No one was concerned about themselves, but everyone was concerned about our friend Gloria! At a time when your neighbors and your friends need Association, compassion, empathy, do you shrug away because it’s dangerous or inconvenient? When they are too damaged emotionally to prepare food, or to watch their grandchildren, are you available? When you think about it, are your friends and family available for you? Do they have unconditional love? Are they willing to sacrifice even their lives for their fellow man?

    Christ died for all mankind, and those who claim to be followers of Christ, but shirk their responsibilities, are
    CINO (Christians in name only) and as far as those who are not Christian, we all know what the Mosaic law states about conduct toward your fellow man. (Leviticus 19:18 and 35-37) and what the Mosaic law set about foreign residents in Exodus 22:21 which reads, “you must not mistreat a foreign resident or oppress him, for you were foreign residents in the land of Egypt.”

    And of course the entire 22nd chapter of Exodus it is very very very enlightening and encouraging!

    How will this particular crisis pan out? How will this meeting with the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and China help? This meeting was not talked about much, everyone’s eyes have been focused on the pandemic. Just as the meeting on religion that is supposed to take place in the United Nations. Because of religious leaders not cleaning their house, it’s going to be left to secular authorities, and, no good will become of it! The secular authorities are sick and tired of the religious hypocrisy, the constant meddling in secular affairs, the failure to uphold virtuous conduct and allow rot to infiltrate every segment of religion! So eventually, a lot of guaranteed freedoms are going to be muted because of hypocritical conduct and selfishness!

    Everyone be safe my friends, I hope everyone reflects on this and how they treat those who need our love.

  9. Proof is not needed to those of us who know the GOP is over run with willful ignorance. Let’s just take a couple of recent examples.

    In an appearance on Fox News, Mr. Nunes said Americans should stop fighting over groceries and toilet paper.

    Representative Devin Nunes, a California Republican, on Sunday encouraged healthy people to dine out at restaurants, contradicting public health advisories that strongly encouraged social distancing and discouraged Americans from attending mass gatherings.

    Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, a Republican, also encouraged people to support local businesses. On Twitter on Saturday, he shared a photo of his family at a packed food hall called the Collective OKC in the heart of Oklahoma City.

    In the Twitter post, which has been since deleted, he wrote: “Eating with my kids and all my fellow Oklahomans at the @CollectiveOKC. It’s packed tonight! #supportlocal #OklaProud.”

    Public health experts, however, are urging just the opposite: Stay home if you can.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have encouraged people to avoid highly populated areas to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

    Nunes and Stitt fit in the with the FOX news and The Trumpet’s and Pastor Pence’s scenario of nothing wrong here, it is all under control, no matter how reckless their advice is.

    Coronavirus cannot bullied by The Trumpet so he seeks to blame some one else – Foreigners was a start. I am sure The Trumpet will come up with more scapegoats to blame.

  10. ML –

    “The United States, however, could well become the next epicenter of the pandemic, as the deliberate failure of the Trump administration to conduct any effective response opens up the American population to losses in the millions of lives. In a blunt exchange on the Sunday CNN program State of the Union, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was asked, “There have been estimates of hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. who could die or, in the worst-case scenario, millions. Can you tell the American people that that is possible?” He replied, “It’s possible.”

  11. The pandemic will be over as the virus finds fewer welcoming hosts and meets immune systems that are experienced with it. That means that there are a lot more people who will get sick from it. Fortunately for most the illness itself will be a relative minor inconvenience.

    That’s the best that can be done – let it run it’s course because we have no other options. We will have to accept that all of the current disruption of lives is necessary in order to keep the fortunately small percentage of people for which the disease is life threatening below the capacity of the health care system to save the ones who can be.

    Unfortunately, like anthropogenic global warming, that’s not the end of the story. The nature of viruses, our unsustainable population, and the life style we can lead if we chose to all conspire to make pandemics a problem that won’t go away but will keep returning as viruses don’t give up. They change their look and return to the breeding ground that we have now created for them.

    Both pandemics and AGW will cost lives for sure, but the more broadly shared misery in their wake will be economic and will show up as higher taxes for everyone to pay for recovering from the damages and adapting, like 9/11 forced us to, to new realities.

    Perhaps we should have listened to our parents when they recommended saving during the good times in order to get through the bad times, advice wasted on Trumpublicans who believe that every day is a good one to move wealth up the ladder.

    New culture will develop adapted to the new reality we have created. We don’t know the details yet but it’s an easy guess that there will be growing pains and benefits. We’ll be smarter about the fact that what’s not sustainable is by definition temporary.

    The road ahead will be very bumpy. Hopefully we learn from that to be more caring for each other.

  12. Well you know somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon is a report and/or analysis of a potential epidemic or pandemic that could arise.

    There is the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. USAMRIID’s current mission statement is:

    To protect the Warfighter from biological threats and to be prepared to investigate disease outbreaks or threats to public health.

    I would suspect there are detailed steps to take once a biological threat is discovered. CDC would have something similar.

    So the idea a Coronavirus event could not be foreseen is not believable. What is believable though is lack of command , coordination and control over our fragmented Health Care System: Such as Corporate Health Insurance, Hospitals, Big Pharma, cities, counties, states, etc.

    Any way Robert Reich has a great column:

    Dr Anthony S Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and just about the only official in the Trump administration trusted to tell the truth about the coronavirus, said last Thursday: “The system does not, is not really geared to what we need right now … It is a failing, let’s admit it.”

    While we’re at it, let’s admit something more basic. The system would be failing even under a halfway competent president. The dirty little secret, which will soon become apparent to all, is that there is no real public health system in the United States.

    Even if a test for the Covid-19 virus had been developed and approved in time, no institutions are in place to administer it to tens of millions of Americans free of charge. Local and state health departments are already bare bones, having lost nearly a quarter of their workforce since 2008, according to the National Association of County and City Health Officials.

    There is no public health system in the US, in short, because the richest nation in the world has no capacity to protect the public as a whole, apart from national defense. Ad-hoc remedies such as House Democrats and the White House fashioned on Friday are better than nothing, but they don’t come close to filling this void.

    Without a single payer, universal health care system, your degree of care will be dependent solely on if you can afford it.

  13. Biden failed to say ‘yes’ to this last night, repeatedly: Without a single payer, universal health care system, your degree of care will be dependent solely on if you can afford it

  14. Ill people are a drag on the economy that is reduced by making them well. Bernie’s moral judgement that health is a basic human right is also sensible economics.

    Given that price and results competition is not possible in the medical profession, capitalism there has nothing to offer.

    The US has no health care system today and that’s a huge waste of resources.

    We need a clean slate and expert system designers to revolutionize the process of disease control.

  15. Wayne, sometimes when pursuing a goal half a loaf is better than a whole loaf. Or no loaf, which would be Trump getting re-elected.

  16. im at home ,farm site rural,and with a month supply of wipe,,and food. depends on how ya rate that eh? my life is good for now, my wife works at a truckstop,,so shes in the throws of whatever comes through the door, my attic,may see a dweller who makes dinner and leaves it for the wife to consume,while i dwell.. im sure gonna miss her,at home…germany may have the first vacine avail, but wall street is sending offer$..see…profits before people,they sure know how to make ya feel like a American…im sending a couple of friends a few bucks to tie em over,via bank case USPO decides to close up shop to..i wonder why we cant have a living wage,where the people dont have to be under water all the time while were doing what it takes to keep the nation wishes,, washdapaws..

  17. My neighborhood has done the same. Neighbors are willing to help each other where they are able. I will always have faith in the goodness of most people to do the right thing. It’s the few bad ones who make the news. I saw a great idea on FB: have your kids write notes and draw pictures for people in nursing homes who can’t get out and who can’t have visitors. Actually, adults could do that too.

  18. Here’s an idea that is going around: While we have to practice “physical distancing,” we need social connection more than ever. So how about virtual happy hours? Meet up with some friends on social media, enjoy the beverage of your choice, and enjoy each other’s company just as if you were out to brunch together! My army officer dad used to call it ” attitude adjustment hour.” Sounds right to me!

  19. Paul K. Ogden; you and I are in total agreement. President Obama and members of Congress stated the ACA was incomplete and would need some adjustments but it was enacted to get medical coverage for those who had been denied for years. It is decades past the time when Medicare for all could be created and enacted; decades before health insurance, health care providers and Big Pharma became the corporate conglomerate we are faced with today. ACA did not cause the cost increases; they have been increasing for 20 or more years with CEOs being paid, but not EARNING, annual salaries in the millions. We are victimized by basic premiums, annual exemptions, rising co-pays and dwindling coverage.

    This is the Follow The Money trail with life-and-death in the balance.

  20. It’s the perfect storm is in it?

    Selfishness and antisocial behavior is at an all time high! People flock to the stores and by all the of the toilet paper, or every loaf of bread they can get their hands on, or every carton of eggs they can carry. People have to be shamed into not hoarding? It really is a sad state of affairs when you look at human nature. Everybody really needs to be an a continuous state of readiness, have your GOH (Get Outta Here) bag ready. Have at least a 90 day supply of your meds, a water filtration unit, a compass, a months supply of freeze-dried rations, a firestarter, a 10 x 10 tarp, a rain Cape, a manually rechargeable flashlight, a camping plate, a camping mug, and a camping utensil set and one foldable pot. You should be able to make it on that for quite a while if you have to.

    If you don’t have to GOH, everyone should have a supply of EM freeze-dried rations. I’ll tell you what I did, installed 2-300 gallon cisterns in the basement, purchased freeze-dried rations with a 30 year shelf life, installed an emergency generator, purchased a backup generator, installed some solar panels, and of course copious amounts of rice and dried beans. More than enough for family and friends For a year. If it’s within your ability, we do have to be our brother’s keeper. It’s the right thing to do! Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacin are available through chewy, it’s called fishmox and fishflox, even though it’s for fish, it’s medical grade! That way you can always have a supply of antibiotic as doctors are not inclined to write scripts for a non-illness emergency bag.

    Let’s face it, if you’re not self-sufficient and being prepared, those are the ones that are going to go 1st. When we were at the hospital last night when our friends mother died, my wife mentioned that she was feeling bad for a couple of weeks, and everybody was telling her to get tested said she was already at the hospital. And guess what? The hospital said they didn’t have any tests available and to go to the county health department. She Stopped by there today, And they just laughed. They said they didn’t have any and didn’t plan on having any! And neither does the VA, so I suppose if you’re a veteran and your sick, your up the creek with no paddle just like everyone else. in all fairness, they can get you a test from CDC, but, you might be dead before they get it. Incompetence! Without a doubt!

  21. Thanks to all who are looking to solutions supporting others rather than blame at this time. Love Carol’s idea of Social Adjustment Hour. I am so grateful for the technology which has made it possible for us to enjoy her idea…..even though many time I cringe at how ubiquitous tech has become.

    Hoping all take precautions, get and give support for others, and know all of us are cared for even if we sometimes differ in our vision of how things, systems, and people “should” be.

    And Especially Thanks to Sheila for his amazing connection of thoughtful and caring persons.

  22. I went to the store Saturday night to get some canned green beans for Sunday dinner. The shelves were bare, but I got down on the floor and found 3 cans shoved way back, so I got them. I wanted some frozen breakfast sausages, but there was only 1 bag left, and it was shoved way back on the shelf. A man tried to help me, but his arm wasn’t long enough. Then, an Hispanic woman I never met before climbed up the shelves of the freezer and got it for me. Next, when I was in line, a young woman I don’t even know came up to me and handed me a $3.00 off coupon, saying she usually just loses these in her purse. This crisis seems to be bringing out the best of people.

    I firmly believe that the crisis aspect of this pandemic is 100% due to Trump: he has lied so much that no one believes him, so people are panicking. We don’t have an actual shortage of toilet paper, hand sanitizer or food, but fear is driving people to hoard because they can’t believe anything the federal government says. Because of this, people assume the worst. Just today, we learned that the WHO offered the Trump Administration COVID-19 tests, and the offer was refused. There are Trump supporters out there who really believe that COVID-19 is a hoax created by Democrats to try to bring down Trump, because he actually said that, and this lie was widely broadcast. Then, he came up with the false qualifier: he meant to say that the Democrats using the pandemic for political reasons was a “hoax”. That’s not what he said. He said there were 15 cases, but there would soon be 0 cases, based on nothing, and that the infection would be gone by April. He said there would be a vaccine “very quickly”, but was corrected by Dr. Fauci. There was footage on the news this morning of people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in bars over the weekend, despite the warning to avoid crowds. I saw an interview with a woman late last week who said the media are hyping this infection, that she really believed was just the “flu”. When people hear the POTUS downplay the risk, they are reluctant to change their behavior, which is forcing states and local governments to lead the way.

    Trump was interviewed about the decision to dismantle the rapid response pandemic team, and he denied knowing anything about it. Maybe some of the good that will come from this crisis will be that even hard-core Trumpsters will finally see the truth so that we can be rid of this albatross. This country cannot take 4 more years of his arrogance and incompetence.

  23. the trucking industry has a bill past,whereas, if you are hauling for the needs of the pandemic,we are allowed to forego the electronic log,and get safely to desination…im looking into wether toilet paper is in that catagory…corn cobs anyone?

  24. being i have no,odea if the USPO will shut down
    ,I sent A interbank wire transfer,cost 15 bucks on my end,,for a c note,,at my bank, recieveing bank, not related,will charge recipitant 10 bucks,,, ya just gotta love the banks for their concern,eh?

  25. I choose to think that most people are good folks. I have had total strangers come to my aid without hope of recompense. Thus the sense of the term “tribal” is not always bad. We know that x number of people will be bad and the suspicion that they are in fact bad actors has led at least one person to say that if he is walking down the street and someone says hello to him – that he feels like calling a cop. I have noticed for years how we walk past people coming the other way and take on an air of what I have called “studied indifference.” Even a head nod is suspicious.

    How did we get this way? I think it has something to do with urbanity. The smaller the town the more likely one will howdy or at least nod at a passing pedestrian, and in really small towns where most everyone knows everyone it is considered indelicate NOT to howdy a passing acquaintance. The reason? I don’t know. Perhaps a sociologist can dissect this phenomena and enlighten me.

    Behind Trump while he spoke during yesterday’s Covid-19 briefing, the paralyzed faces of his task force team leaders hinted — at first lightly — to me that they were petrified with fear that he would screw up whatever good they could do.

    Yes, at first, I thought all those stone faces were just the garden-variety dull, insensate, pitiless faces of Trump’s usual crowd of surly incompetents.

    Then Trump left the podium and we heard from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci and Amb. Deborah Birx, the White House’s point person on coronavirus, as well as a couple other members of the team, even Mike Pence. Gradually, those paralyzed faces in the rear began to affirm the team’s outline of strategic moves and recommendations with smiles, nods, and generally most other signs of life we expect from sentient individuals.

    I don’t know if the virus team is detailing an honest or winning strategy, but I’m pretty sure the change in their facial expressions was telling us something dangerously honest.

  27. Before I read your note I thought about what can be positive about this virus–my area (Nashville, Mt. Juliet, etc..) was hit by a massive tornado and so I have witnessed the outpouring of neighbors and others coming in to help.

    My thoughts are how this pandemic is going to highlight the holes in our current healthcare system and the holes in our ‘safety-net’ programs and maybe if it is dire enough some actual improvements and changes will be made.–hey one can hope. (I state this as I roll my eyes to my own statement of hope)

  28. Todd — Failure? Failure? Our Glorious Leader gave himself a “10” for his performance in this crisis.

    Trump makes that too easy.

    Monotonous – You are so right – many people knew something like this would happen eventually.

    Pete – Ill people are such a drag on the economy. Some Ayn Randians would recommend a simpler solution. Put them out to sea on ice floats — if there are any left after global warming finishes melting everything.

    Carol – great idea – My brother was just told that there will be no more visits with his granddaughters because of the virus. Now I notice that the oldest one has a “child’s account” on Messenger so she can keep in touch “virtually” with her grandparents — and great uncle.

    Sheila – thank you for this – working from home, having the news on in the background – uplifting thoughts are much appreciated.

  29. In Italy musicians are playing music for their neighbors. I will bet this is happening in New York. I wish i could share some upbeat music with you on this blog.

    And I am thankful we have things like Skype and cell phones so we can all stay in touch. I’m planning on recording a song on my cell phone tomorrow so I can send it to my friends and family.

    Meantime I keep wondering how much the carbon foot print of the human race is going down due to COVID 19.

  30. Robin,

    “Meantime I keep wondering how much the carbon foot print of the human race is going down due to COVID 19.”

    and might be totally erased if we don’t do something, right now, about Donald Trump, Mike Pence, & Steve Bannon.

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