Petty feuds, Outsized egos, and Monumental Ignorance

About a year ago, my sister urged me to subscribe to Robert Hubbell’s Substack newsletter. I did, and have appreciated his lawyerly approach to the issues we wrestle with on this blog. I’ve also appreciated the clarity of his writing–but the other day, that writing hit a new high!

Hubbell was reacting to reports that Kevin McCarthy is “warming” to the idea of impeaching Joe Biden.

I took the headline of this post from his introductory paragraphs:

Speaker Kevin McCarthy is reportedly warming to the idea of an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. Do not waste time fretting over that possibility. Don’t get me wrong; such an inquiry would be an outrage of grotesque proportions. But it would be a counterproductive clown show that will further damage GOP prospects in 2024. And if recent history is a guide, Democrats will run circles around hapless, outclassed Republicans attempting to manufacture a crime out of swamp gas and wishful thinking.

          Like the Wizard of Oz—who created distractions from behind a curtain to conceal his impotence—House Republicans must distract the public’s attention from their inability to legislate. Republicans hold the majority in the chamber of Congress that must originate all spending bills, but the GOP caucus has been rendered impotent, riven by petty feuds, outsized egos, and monumental ignorance. What better way to distract attention from their shortcomings than to chase wild conspiracies that forever recede into the distance like mirages, conveniently disappearing when Democrats demand evidence to support baseless charges?

Hubbell proceeds to analyze the likely consequences of a (further) GOP descent into irrelevance and lunacy: as he notes, the grounds for impeaching President Biden are unclear (to put it mildly–perhaps just being Hunter Biden’s father?), but that really doesn’t matter to the far Right crazies pursing this approach.

Any excuse will do because the point of the exercise is to create soundbites for Fox News that contain the words “Biden” and “impeachment” in the same sentence. The vote on a resolution to initiate an impeachment hearing will further damage Republicans elected in districts Joe Biden won in 2020.

Hubbell references leaked reports coming out of a GOP caucus meeting, in which  vulnerable Republicans argued strenuously that they should not be forced to vote on a resolution to initiate an impeachment inquiry.

Hubbell argues that–given the performance of the GOP pro-impeachment House members– hearings would be disastrous for them. Among other things, Democrats would certainly call on Rudy Giuliani’s co-conspirator, Lev Parnas, who has already offered to testify that the “allegations about Hunter Biden and Burisma were fabricated with Giuliani’s encouragement.” Parnas has promised to testify that “Never, during any of my communications with Ukrainian officials or connections to Burisma, did any of them confirm or provide concrete facts linking the Bidens to illegal activities.”

The truth is that everyone, from Giuliani [to] Devin Nunes and his colleagues, to the people at FOX News, knew that these allegations against the Bidens were false. There has never been any factual evidence, only conspiracy theories spread by people who knew exactly what they were doing.

And about that laptop….Commentators familiar with the GOP’s extensive efforts to “prove” Hunter Biden’s culpability (and by implication, his father’s) have pointed out that Rudy Giuliani and the repair shop owner would inevitably have to testify under oath about Giuliani’s efforts to get Hunter Biden’s laptop from the Russians years before it turned up in the repair shop. (I have no idea where the Russians fit into this recital, but it certainly sounds interesting…at least, if one cares about the problems of pathetic Hunter Biden, who–after all–is not and never has been a government official.)

More interesting, such testimony “would require forensic experts to say that additional folders were created on Hunter Biden’s laptop after Giuliani obtained it, and months after the FBI got a copy.”

Hubbell quotes Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo who summarizes GOP insanity:

Impeach Joe Biden? Go for it. See you at the trial. And good luck with that.

I see nothing wrong with a trial based on transparently nonsensical claims. In fact, every time Freedom Caucus weirdos hold the floor and national spotlight it hurts Republican standing. Public opinion polls and election results leave little doubt about this. Air the whole thing. Remove whatever sting it has left.

Hubbell clearly relishes the prospect of allowing the Democrats’ “skilled lawyer-legislators” like Jamie Raskin, Adam Schiff, and others the ability to torch the “incoherent yammerings of vapid culture warriors whose only strategy is to stamp their feet and shout.”

As he says, in a world where Republicans are willing to mimic those old Soviet show trials, Democrats shouldn’t fear impeachment.


  1. The “incoherent yammerings of vapid culture warriors whose only strategy is to stamp their feet and shout.”
    That sentence started my day off with a smile. Meanwhile, for what seems like forever, I’ve been scratching my head wondering what the horrible, deep dark secrets that the HB laptop holds that are of such grave importance to our national security. Folders added AFTER Rudy got his hair-dyed mitts on it? That also brought a smile. Normally, I’d just grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the clown (sh*t) show that is Kevin McCarthy and his keepers, but we have serious issues that need addressing, and all we have are a bunch of culture warriors running around, all claiming to be the Emperor, and not one has a stitch on.

  2. When I saw the title, I thought it was about Blinken in Australia and Africa. “Hunter Biden is a front man for the Biden enterprise.”

    Who knew?

    Everybody in Washington sought to make a dime in Ukraine over the years, earning that country the most corrupt in Europe. Would it surprise anyone here that Hunter and his dad joined the chorus?

    We know how kickbacks work, and I suspect it’s continued in Ukraine with all the billions being sent. Not just weapons but cash. How many shell companies have been set up to wash the money in that country have been set up?

    Africa is growing a spine and telling the collective West to get lost. How many LLCs were in Africa benefiting the boys and girls in Washington? The thief of natural resources is over. And it took a military coup.

    Maybe a military coup is justified here. LOL

    Who am I kidding? The MIC already controls Biden and the rest of Washington. I thought that was the “Swamp” Trump was going to destroy.

    All I know is Pence better order additional security. 😉

  3. The freedom caucus creeps know they can count on fox, newsmax and their favorite lying radio hosts to focus only on their accusations and to never ever mention any of the existance of proof that it is all just lies to distract their willfully ignorant watchers/listeners.

  4. I view this shambles of American Republican party as a pissing contest, my Dad can beat up your Dad, my schlong is bigger than your schlong and my red button is stronger than your red button. The weakening of this nation from within has weakened us globally with our allies and dealings globally. While it is comprised of the petty minded, wealthy egos and the ignorant; it all leads to one male (I cannot call him a “man”) who should have been in prison decades ago. What was and is in the minds of the once reputable Republican party to ignore the 80% of their own party who voted against him as their nominee in 2016 and joined the 20% of the RNC who purged his decades of criminal history to nominate him against all intelligent thought?

    Kevin McCarthy is but the tip of the Freedom Caucus iceberg; he is the one they can control tightest and Marjorie Taylor Greene as his named Deputy is waiting behind that curtain to take over when he is pushed beyond even his limits by the Trump foundation. Don’t believe it is a shaky foundation with this current indictment; how long has Stormy Daniels’ issue been an issue? Former attorney Cohen has been arrested, convicted and served his prison sentence for paying her that $130,000 and still hasn’t been paid his legal fees as that shit Stormy lingers on appearing to be a real issue regarding Trump. I’m not afraid to call it the shit show that it is and Turd Trump is not circling the bowl yet.

  5. Count me in as one of those who would be delighted to watch the Impeachment of Joe Biden. I really love comedy. This would be more fun than a stand up special featuring all of my comedy heroes, including George Carlin, Rita Rudner, and Robin Williams, all of whom would be in a hall of comedy fame.

    Just so it doesn’t go unnoticed, I want to adopt Jack Smith.

  6. Speaking of ignorance… How about the recent poll showing Biden and Trump even for President?

    Even? Really? The orange hairball has more indictments pending trial than any mafia mobster I’ve ever read about and yet… And yet, millions of “American” dolts continue to drool on their shirts and say they’ll vote for Trump – again.

    Then, of course, there is the dark web. The latest I saw was that the majority polled by these cretins want to secede and/or start another hot civil war. Gee, maybe that’s what all the gun sales and fondling has been about all along.

    It’s good to be too old to fight in one of those things… at least on a hot battlefield. I just want to write another book. Novel #10 will probably do it for me.

  7. As the realist NYT political stat guy noted, if Biden an The Duck remain that close, it means a sure win for the GOP – it is all about where the votes come from, and go to…i.e. the Electoral College. Keep joking and laughing at the GOP crazies and then see who rules.

    The largest “Party”, independents and “sometimes voters” get more and more turned off to politics day by day as the antics increase and therefore, are less likely to vote.

  8. The check engine light went on for most of us observing Republican behavior during the Obama years. It turned to urgent when Trump lied his way to defeat all Republican challengers in 2016. It elevated to lights plus audible warnings when Trump defeated Hillary in the 2016 general election by the slimiest of margins against later proven true rumors of Putin interference in the election. Republicans shit the bed altogether in 2020 trying to criminally steal that election.

    I don’t hate Donald Trump now any more than I have throughout his and my lives when time after time he was revealed to be a swindler. Swindling the Presidency was merely him being who he always has been but as President he just made the entire country victims.

    While we all became victims the biggest ones have been all Republicans who went from a legitimate contender on the US governmental scene to the laughing/crying stock of the entire world.

    He stole so much from so many of us and now the slow turning wheels of Justice have come ‘round to hold him accountable. How should that make us feel?

    In my book, a) embarrassed by our collective behavior but b) glad to have reaffirmed that everyone is the same before the law. Steal from us and we can and will demand restitution through the application of our laws adjudicated by our courts.

  9. It makes no difference what the Senate does. The ultimate goal for Republicans is an Oval Office dictatorship, which will render them as impotent as the ancient Roman Senate. The conspiracy is so widespread and the average American so unaware, that I fear the American experiment has run its course.

  10. How can we get attorneys to sue the radical right liars Fox, Newsmax and various radio personalities for slander and libel when that is basically all they do? It’s one thing to have free speech, but when it is slander and libel they should be held accountable.

    Dominion Voting system sued Fox and won, so maybe the federal government or people within the federal government could band together and sue each one of them. I would gladly have my tax dollars used to stop their daily BS.

    Indulging in a moment of false hope felt so good 😁

  11. Personally, I think Donald Trump is as sick as Charles Manson. Just as Charles Manson conspired to “brainwash” people to his ideology and do his bidding so did Trump. And sadly, a lot of people have been duped and drunk the kool-aid. Now they are sitting in jail. The violence on Jan. 6 proves that. Hopefully, the Justice system can prove that he needs to be out of the general population where he’s doing harm. And Hopefully people will know who his “supporters” are this election season and vote them out.

  12. I went thru the field of rightwing on air media last night,,yawn,mmm. seems the minutes were stacked just right, the only thing being said was a gammit of opinions and conspiracy,(bill, spin it again,orielly) was just what the above was about. no news just a ongoing drivel of biden and his jailing of his political opponets for demo gains. seems they dont believe they are in anyway guilty of treason,unlawful election interference and seditious speach, as they failed to mention as they are the reason why others have been charged for possible crimes and inciting riot. the rightwing news has demonstraited that they are the pervayors of the same array of seditious talk and inciting people to riot,cause injury to groups and demonize our own democracy for thier own shouldnt fail our first amaenment right to free speach,but it shouldnt take much more in what we can claim as contempt to our democracy.

  13. Speaking of dolts, in the Publix parking lot, once again a venue, it seems, for idiots to
    attract my attention, there was a fellow, this morning, with a Trump tee shirt, and on his
    car was a bumper sticker proclaiming him a “Proud MAGA” member.
    Speaking of “Monumental Ignorance,” my GOP rep. of a goose-stepping cousin, in Pa.,
    was telling me the other day about how the Biden family is a criminal group, so any impeachment
    proceeding by the BOZO Caucus can also be welcomed here.

  14. Trump and his minions consistently employ the strategy of accusing their opponents of what they, themselves have done or are planning to do. Thus, they accuse others of lies, corruption, election interference and all the rest of their crimes. How can such a transparent strategy continue to work? We are enmeshed in a circus of the absurd.

  15. Cong. Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Green, and their crazy caucus of over-reachers embarrass themselves time and again. They are so busy listening to each other that they can’t see any forest for the logs in their eyes. One would think that after suffering embarrassment a time or two for their inability to do basic homework, they would learn their lesson, but sadly, they never do.

    In their drive for vengeance against a President whose entire history in public service has been one of reaching across the political aisle to make friends in both parties, the GOP freedom caucus crazies can’t master the art of driving between any guardrails of competence, judgement, or, often, even civility. While this gang who can’t drive straight embarrasses themselves, they are also embarrassing our nation and democracy at home and around the world. So sad.

    It all results from gerrymandered maps of too-safe congressional districts where hyper-partisanship is rewarded with Primary victories. PLEASE voters, stop this insanity.

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